St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2019

A safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

One thing we can safely say about Irish-Americans, you probably won’t find many of them grousing about cultural appropriation this weekend.

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

So enjoy some “traditional” Irish-American food.

Corned beef, cabbage and new potatoes:

And some ale or stout and “sody” bread:


What’s St. Paddy’s Day without Irish music?



82 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2019

  1. Man Who Predicted 2008 Meltdown Has Bold New Prediction

    Democrats Want To Kill The Electoral College Because They Fear The Constitution

    Just Like the Terrorist Wished for in His Manifesto, New Zealand Bans All ‘Military-Style Semi-Automatic Rifles’ Immediately

    R NOT ..the “REAL REASON” …the NUT behind the GUns R SOUL SICK
    Loners that have NO REASON ….NOT 2 HARM U …& U >> & U!!! & ME!

    Dirty Deep Stater, Obama Regime Communist Spy John Brennan Threatens President Trump: Robert Mueller Will Soon ‘Further Complicate Your Life,

    It has been all the Control Wing of the Left side of the Media Highway could do lately to keep Obama’s Identification fraud and Birther Issue out of the headlines.

    On March 16th Drudge featured an article from The American Mirror which has been up and then taken down, up, and now down again as last checked.

    I did manage to catch a couple of screen shots of the article before it went down again. The report featured two tweets from Obama’s half brother which set up a political fire storm all over again, as it came from Family. One might ask what family negotiation failed for Obama’s brother to unleash in 2019 what some would call irrelevant.

    But there is a small little problem with that which is called TRUTH & JUSTICE and if our United States is not ruled by the Supreme Law of the Land and has been dedicated instead to the realms of blackmail, bullying, political convenience, and worst of all an Elite Deferment based on something those in power see as “too BIG to Fail”, then we certainly are not living in the Land of the free and Home of the brave any longer.

    So the question is set to everyone. Are we standing for a Constitution Republic or a facade of it where the elite and elected get passes for criminal acts and college admittance through fraud?

    It reminds us that even the talk show host are saying >>>> ‘Send them
    A L L….. 2 …. Prison!’

  3. MOVE IT!!! ….JUST DO IT!

  4. T pre-read much stuff WTP have NOT yet seen … F’ old dead mac!
    he was a worm …not 2 be TRUSTED …I never ever like that I marked
    a X at his name … long ago …. no other choice then ? ….

  5. that ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ RUSSIA INVESTIGATION ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You May Be Disappointed by the Mueller report ..??????? WHY???
    The special counsel operates under rules that severely constrain how
    much information can be made public.

    • Awwwwww. 🙂

      Never forget that so much that has “leaked” out is supposedly, BY LAW, secret, never to be revealed. I have no doubt that the likes of Comey, McCabe, and others who have admittedly “leaked” will find a way to “leak” whatever’s in that “report.”

  6. President Donald Trump maintained his attacks on John McCain on Wednesday, accusing the late Republican Arizona senator of putting him in “Jeopardy” with the FBI by giving the salacious & unverified Steele dossier
    to James Comey in late 2016.

    At a speech in Ohio, Trump also Faulted McCain for NOT contacting him after receiving the dossier, which was funded by the Clinton campaign & DNC.

    “I’ll be honest with U, I’ve Never Liked him much,” Trump said of McCain, who passed away Aug. 25, 2018, after a battle with cancer…& ! ME 2 !!!

    “But there are certain reasons for it,” Trump continued.

    “John McCain received the Fake & phony dossier. You hear about the dossier? It was Paid for BY Crooked Hillary Clinton. & John McCain got it. He got it. & what did he do? He Didn’t Call ME. He turned it over to the FBI hoping to put ME in jeopardy.”
    (RELATED: John McCain Associate Had Contact With A >>>>Dozen Reporters About Dossier)

    “That’s not the Nicest thing to DO,” Trump added, while also criticizing McCain for voting against a Republican-led effort to repeal Obamacare.

  7. The RAT ? gets LESS CHEESE …BUTT’ of course U ENRAGE that’s

    • “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) staff has reportedly been trained on performing risk assessments due to the amount of death threats the congresswoman has [imagined that she has] received.”

      There. I fixed it for them. PROOF OF THESE DEATH THREATS?

    • The more the mainstream media hypes the meme that POTUS keeps “attacking” the honored war hero McCain, the more we know that there’s something YUGE being hidden there. Collusion? I’ll say. McCain was always a pal of Hill. He was always the big horn on the RINO. You know why he did it, too? NOT out of patriotism or that Putin was his long-time nemesis or that he really believed Trump was in collusion with Russia. NONE of that. It was sheer VINDICTIVENESS from a narcissist who ALWAYS believed his own press and was the first to make hay out of the “war hero” label. Vindictive because Trump beat him and enjoyed doing it, too.

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