Pro-Life Juxtaposition

Two stories in the news form a curious juxtaposition. There’s the case of a rescued rat, purportedly female. We won’t delve into how one sexes a rat, but perhaps her sex is serendipitous to our juxtaposition–pertinent that she is a she and that she’s probably also pregnant, which may explain her unfortunate encounter with a too-snug sewer grating. [emphasis added to quotes]

Oh, just look at that pitiful face.

In Germany, a fat rat got trapped in a sewer grate. … It took several volunteer firefighters to rescue the animal. Animal rescuers said the rat likely got stuck because of its size. Pictures and video of the rescue mission look intense. The rodent has returned to her glorious sewer home.

Watch the video at the link to see how valiantly the team of firefighters took up the challenge, working hard, preserving the life of that poor creature and perhaps also the lives of her unborn offspring.

Then there’s this story:

A moral catastrophe unfolded on the floor of the U.S. Senate on Monday. Forty-four Democratic senators voted against legislation that would have required doctors to give the same care to infants who survive abortion procedures that they would give to any other infant.

One after another, Democratic senators took to the floor to smear the bill as an attack on women’s health care, a baseless criticism that they failed to substantiate. In the process, they revealed their belief that allowing unwanted infants to perish after birth constitutes a form of women’s health care. …

No part of the born-alive bill limits abortion access or regulates abortion methods in any way. It involves abortions only to the extent that the infants in question survived them. Nor does the bill mandate any particular kind of care for these infants; it merely requires that these nearly aborted newborns be afforded “the same degree” of care that “any other child born alive at the same gestational age” would receive.

Why would anyone vote against providing medical care to a living infant?

Oh, just look at that sweet face:

To gloss over the despicable implications of their vote, Democrats cited the alleged infrequency of live births after an abortion attempt.

Doctors’ and abortion-rights groups say it is extremely unusual for live infants to be born during attempted late-term abortions, which they say usually occur when the baby is extremely deformed or deemed unable to survive after birth.

In such cases, families sometimes decide they want to induce labor so they can spend time with the infant before it dies.

“It only happens in instances in which we know that the baby will not ultimately survive, and a choice has been pre-made to provide just comfort care” to the baby so the parents can be with it, said Dr. Colleen McNicholas, a fellow with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Is late-term abortion rare? Hardly. For example, there were 8000+ deaths from late-term abortion in 2015 alone.

How many infants are born alive after an abortion? Statistics are sketchy, deliberately so, but this story from 2013 gives us an idea:

“We do have some sense in that with perinatal infant mortality data it is recorded,” Rep. [Cary] Pigman [an emergency medicine physician] told legislators … “In 2010, there were 24,586 perinatal deaths in the United States. Perinatal defines as being from the 22nd week of gestation to seven days post delivery.”

“Those are all coded by international classification,” he noted. Regarding babies who die after a botched abortion: “As of 2010, 1,270 infants were reported in that category — and I emphasize reported,” Pigman explained.

In other words, more than 1,200 babies died following a failed abortion and their … deaths were reported as “mortality subsequent to an abortion.” As the representative emphasized, those are only the number of reported deaths following botched abortions, and the actual figures could be higher.

If a single child survives abortion, that child deserves his or her chance at life. That child deserves–is endowed by our Creator with–the same constitutionally protected rights that all human beings enjoy. Life being first among them.

In such cases, the “choice” is obviously not about the mother’s body. The choice these people wish to make is the choice to ensure that the living child dies from lack of health care that would have been provided had the child been wanted by his parent(s).

Anything less for a wanted child would be called child neglect and abuse. Such children would probably be made wards of the state, on an emergency basis, and care would be given, as it should be.

Consider the implications of what that doctor said, above:

Families sometimes decide they want to induce labor so they can spend time with the infant before it dies.

Are families deciding to abort a fetus? No. They’re deciding to “induce labor” to produce a living child. Once the child is born, then, their chance to “choose” abortion is over.

There is no such thing as post-birth abortion!

When labor is induced, a child is born, just as thousands of children are born every day via induced labor.

What these parents and doctors actually want to “choose” is a “right” to ensure that the deformed or unwanted child does indeed die, but after birth, not before.

How early is labor induced? We’re talking about late-term abortions here, but inducing labor to bring forth a living child so the parents can spend time with the child isn’t abortion. Is it?

Or is that the point? Are they trying to preserve a fiction that it’s not an abortion, but at the same time ensuring that the result is the same as an abortion? It’s sick.

Again, we’re talking about late-term abortion here. If the pregnancy ran its full course and if the baby would indeed “ultimately” die, wouldn’t the parents still be able to spend time with the child before that sadly happens?

Why then induce labor? Why an abortion at this late date? Why not allow nature to take its normal course? Forgive me for wondering whether labor is induced in these cases to ensure that the child dies from prematurity, because the child may not actually “ultimately” die or because a “deformed” child may not necessarily die from the deformity.

What would happen to a doctor who induced labor to prematurely deliver a wanted child, whose life was then put at risk from premature birth?

Is there a difference between feticide within the womb and inducing labor at a point at which a premature child would require medical intervention to preserve its life, but then “choosing” only comfort care to ensure that the living child will die (aka infanticide)?

One has to wonder if children with Down Syndrome are meeting this fate. Read here about a German abortion survivor who had Down Syndrome.

In Germany an estimated nine out of 10 Down syndrome diagnoses lead to an abortion.

Yet there’s a good deal of compassion for rats in Germany.

One also has to wonder what happens in this country if a child stubbornly refuses to succumb. Is the child starved to death? Does it, will it, die of thirst? What exactly constitutes “comfort care?”

For whatever despicable reason, the Supreme Court and state legislatures have invented for women a “right” to abortion. The “right” to choose what to do, as the saying goes, with their own bodies. 

Once born, however, even “extremely deformed” babies or babies expected (by someone) to “not ultimately survive” are without doubt still human beings who deserve their God-given right to life.

By the way, every last one of us will “not ultimately survive.” Does that fact make murder okay?

If all of this makes you queasy, join the club.

Below are two videos featuring Gianna Jessen, another real-life abortion survivor, who was born alive, and thankfully remained alive, after an attempted abortion.

Consider again the juxtaposition:

Our world has room for compassion and mercy for born and unborn rats–plague-carrying vermin, cute though they may be.

And yet the Democrats seem to have no room in their hearts for compassion and mercy for born and unborn human beings.

Preserve the lives of abortion survivors!

And pray that the unborn get back their right to life.

Human lives matter!


74 responses to “Pro-Life Juxtaposition

  1. And pray that the unborn get back their right to life.

  2. Friday was my birthday.
    To celebrate I took the day as vacation and made a reservation at a hotel in the country.
    To make the reservation, I contacted the hotel over the web and gave my work email address to receive the confirmation.
    That all worked fine and I had a very happy birthday in beautiful mountain surroundings.
    What I hate is the day before google calendar sends me a reminder of where I am going and how long I am staying!
    I complained to the company IT department who said google reads
    all of your emails and extracts whatever info they feel like extracting.
    At home I have a non google internet presence but even that wouldn’t help if the hotel sent me an email through gmail which would be read, my name extracted, and all relational connections established.
    google and facebook are both DARPA programs – ok.
    The only work around at the moment would be to make the reservation by telephone and decline to offer an email address.
    That might work.
    If that didn’t work, the last work around would be contact by the Mail and
    of course that’s the way things were done for many many years.

    • Happy Belated Birthday!

      Wow. That is UNBELIEVABLE. I had known that they read/scan emails (isn’t it one of their algorithms?) but didn’t know they tied it to the calendar. Seems to me I read something else about that calendar function recently. That’s scary–they are keeping track of everyone. Recently, at a grocery store, I was asked if I’d like an email receipt, too. I paused a moment, but then said no. Had I said yes, would they have kept info on what I bought, where I shop, and the date and time? They SPY on us everywhere and this is the deal: Big Brother by proxy. Government Big Brother isn’t necessary so long as the complicit social media companies simply HAND OVER all this information to the government, upon being asked. I don’t believe they need a warrant.

    • Wow!

  3. Happy Bday!

    • This is a very curious story. Why now? Why the emphasis in the government statement that this will show nobody is above the law and that there aren’t two separate systems of justice in the U.S., which we know is B.S. because if there weren’t Hillary would be behind bars like Paul Manafort?

      Consider that these celebrities will probably get a slap on the wrist, just like Jussie will. Then consider the military member who took a photo, unwittingly, with top secret equipment in the background. He gets cashiered from the military and goes to the brig for a year.

      Unwittingly. Without intent. Unknowingly. Didn’t matter. It was the SLAMMER for a low-level grunt. Then look at Hillary. Private server in her own house. Classified info on it. She allows the MAID to have access. Her body woman forwards classified info over Yahoo! to her convicted pervert husband’s laptop. HUGE national security threat. HUGE violation of MULTIPLE laws. Does Hillary go to jail? Of course not.

      Is she frogmarched, handcuffed, to jail after having her fancy home raided in the middle of the night, with almost 30 SWAT members armed with assault rifles aimed at her? Of course not.

      Was Bill rousted out of bed in his PJs and made to stand in the street barefoot, a la Roger Stone’s wife? Of course not. Consider that ALL Stone is accused of is misremembering and thus “lying” to the likes of Adam Schiff.

      But they think that by charging a few celebrities in a college admissions scam, We the People will say, “Hey. The FBI and the DOJ aren’t biased, after all. There aren’t two separate systems for the elites versus the little people. There aren’t two separate systems for the progressive politicians versus the deplorables. We can relax now. Bill Barr has our backs.”

      RIGHT. They really do think we’re stupid.

      Of course, they said this scam was going on since 2011. Was the DOJ sitting on it all this time until Barr got in and he found out that these LIBERALS (the actresses are notorious liberals) were being given a pass just like Hillary was?

      Enquiring minds want to know. Did Holder, Lynch, Obama shut this investigation down until now? WHEN exactly did it begin? The stories don’t make clear. WHY NOW are they indicting these people?

      • The most fascinating angle I saw was how they photoshopped the faces of the favored students onto genuine high school athletes in order to give the impression to the college recruiters that the elite youngsters were sports stars! Does THAT sound familiar? This began in 2011, iirc. Now, also in 2011, we got Barry’s fake BC. And after his B.S. about being a basketball star, when people vetting his lies discover no stories in high school sports pages about him, suddenly photos of him show up all over the place that suspiciously look as if his head was photoshopped onto that actual Hawaiian H.S. basketball star. Kamana. Wasn’t that his name? I wonder if they used the same photoshopper?

        btw, Wm. Macy’s birthday today. What a lovely gift from his wife.

  4. ~ Thomas W Arnold …. Monday, March 11, 2019
    Amen, Sharon!
    Now, I hear this morning that there is Sentiment afoot to PAY REPARATIONS to Descendants of Slaves.? I thought WE, as a country, have been rectifying (& properly so) the inhumane, constitutionally incompatible treatment of African Americans for the last 150 years or so. Oh well.
    NOW, ANSWER ME THIS- WHAT ABOUT REPARATIONS/JUSTICE 4 THE THEFT OF OUR COUNTRY’S PRESIDENCY & ARMED FORCES BY “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA,” IN A WORD, “TREASON.” “OBAMA” & HIS BLINDLY OBEDIENT & FANATIC SUPPORTERS CLAIM THAT “HE” WAS AMERICA’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, BUT, ALAS, HE WAS “NOT”, IS NOT, & NEVER WILL BE. He was/is a foreign-born, undocumented (the forged “birth certificate” & other IDs do not qualify as valid documents!), terrorist-affiliated, serial-criminal, primarily ethnically Arab-American USURPER!
    SO, GUESS WHAT? I JUST WANT EQUAL TREATMENT & JUSTICE 4 ALL (How’s that for “reparations.” It’s a bargain!). Thomas W Arnold.

    BRING on the WRECKING CREW it’s SO ..PAST READY! .. go get um!

    • facebkwallflower

      No decendents of Tories who bevame Americans after Revolutionary War, nor descendents of slaves, are willing o pay reparations TO ME for my ancestors killed during the two wars. And how about Americans of Mexican heritage pay reparations for those Americans lost in all the wars against Mexico. Shoot, there also is Canada; need to bill them for reparation for the French-Whatever War we fought while still England.

    as WTP R drowning in BS! this is WHAT FEAR of the DEVIL LOOKS LIKE!
    YEP ….the ride of a LIFE TIME …is 4-ever NOW .. DOWN HILL FAST!

    SLIME HERDERS … just DID 2 OUR USA! .. LIPS R SEALED tight? ha’ ?

    Her remarks were quickly denounced. <<<<< O' REALLY NOW!!!

    “Can you stop spreading this false narrative that somehow Muslims hate America or women who wear a hijab aren’t American enough?” Fox News associate producer Hufsa Kamal tweeted. “You have Muslims working at the same network you do, including myself.”

    In a statement, the network said: “We strongly condemn Jeanine Pirro’s comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar. They do not reflect those of the network and we have addressed the matter with her directly.”

    In a statement of her own, Pirro said her “intention was to ask a question and start a debate, but of course because one is Muslim does not mean you don’t support the Constitution.”

    “I’ve seen a lot of comments about my opening statement from Saturday night’s show and I did not call Rep. Omar un-American. … I invite Rep. Omar to come on my show any time to discuss all of the important issues facing America today,” Pirro said.

    In a brief tweet on Monday, Omar shared her gratitude with Fox News for its response.

    “Thank you, @FoxNews,” she wrote. “No one’s commitment to our constitution should be questioned because of their faith or country of birth.”

    • OF COURSE they deliberately misinterpreted what she said, took it out of context, and glossed over the fact she was making an ANALOGY to what Omar herself implied about Jews. I didn’t ANYWHERE see the text of Pirro’s statement. I don’t even have to look it up because I instinctively KNOW what she was trying to say. BUT the progressives DELIBERATELY misinterpret and reinterpret and add their own spin to anything ANY conservative says. They are OUT TO GET Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro. The more intelligent your arguments are against their socialist, anti-American-way policies, the more persuasive you are, the more they MUST work to destroy you and shut you up. It’s what they do. If we’re lucky, FOX will stand firmly behind their people. If we lose THEIR voices, then there’s nowhere else for us to go, which, of course, is WHY the left are trying to destroy them.

  7. YEP game’s OVER M J his money grabbers DENY and & ALL!!! ha’ YEP game’s OVER MJ

    lisa has become a drugged out MESS! .could the LIES B haunting HER!

    • as I wait for the Charge from Californian >>> LAW “BREAKERS” <<<

      Blacks & Hispanics breathe MO' Pollution than they make – but Whites don't

      us WHITIES were cool …chilling ..or the mellow OUT folks? DON'T HOG

      Hispanics breathe in 63% MO' life-changing pollution than they make
      African Americans breathe in 56% MO' pollution than they make
      Whites breathe in 17% …. Less air pollution than they make, according
      to a new study

      African-Americans and Hispanics breathe in far more deadly air pollution than they are responsible for making, a new study said.

      ~ShooFly, NY,
      Golly, I didn't realize air was segregated. <<< ha'

  8. Michael Jackson’s family has strongly denied the claims made against him and says the allegations are about getting money from the singer’s estate.

    His nephew Taj Jackson spoke to Newsbeat on Wednesday to defend his uncle & said the singer would be “Crying” over the allegations.>>>>Haven’t addressed the claims.<<<<<< !!! it will go away?

    His daughter Paris has kept a low profile since the documentary was shown & hasn't spoken about it directly.

    But on Thursday she sent a tweet in which she told her followers to keep calm, saying: "Y'all take my life more Eeriously than I do."

    She went on to say: "I know injustices are frustrating and it's easy to get worked up. but reacting with a calm mind usually is more logical than acting out of rage and also… it feels better to Mellow OUT." <<< OK…U do that!

    Christine Blasey Ford is no poster child for women's rights: A female attorney's perspective
    Catherine Cherkasky, Opinion contributor Published 10:00 a.m. ET Oct. 4, 2018 | Updated 8:55 a.m. ET Oct. 5, 2018

    In the rush to judgment, activists ignore inconsistencies and omissions in
    the tale told by Brett Kavanaugh's accuser. Do they care about the truth?

    I Want to believe — Need to Believe — that people R NOT as simple-minded & generalizing as the news media have portrayed. That logic & reason still matter. That it is obvious to others that the Brett Kavanaugh versus Christine Blasey Ford construct is a terrible study for real issues
    with sexual violence in this country.

    If this is the debate, then understand that Ford is a Terrible Poster Child 4
    the cause. Does the cause exist? Of course. Do Terrible Things Happen to innocent people Every day? Of course. Does engaging in a critical analysis of a claim of sexual assault mean you R an anti-woman, pro-rapist nut case? Based on today's narrative, this answer isn’t so clear.

    I am PerPlexed. But as an American, an attorney & a woman, I am also Disappointed. I have continuously heard the argument that if we Don’t “BeLieve” Ford, we somehow don’t “believe” that women R sexually assaulted or that women don't matter. <<<<<????? O' ha' once again

  9. ~ Tristanwitch



    • They should raise it to 40, imho, but failing that, why not 26? According to the progressives, a person is still a child at 26, so kept on Mom and Dad’s health insurance.

  10. ..
    Mrs.TRUMP looks relaxed…. it could be since she got the SUN 2 Shine
    on her’….& him… or that she is wearing her sneak-ers back home…

    • Decades too late. This is probably the type of office that facilitated Barry’s entry into the U.S. Just sayin’.

  11. …… jinks the dems … why not head up azzes & worse…

    The real problem? facing Dems in 2020 is getting maximum turnout from
    the base, many of whom have dreamed of little else than impeachment.
    With Steyer’s money behind them, they could cause a lot of trouble, including a possible third or fourth party candidacy if they feel they have been sold out.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  12. sing LISA SING ….. lalala .. U ROCK that TRUTH …a BIT LATE $$$$
    the old ….CON – firmed’ GAME???

  13. tps://

  14. Fake News Networks Ignore Obama’s DOJ Telling FBI Not to Charge Hillary With ‘Gross Negligence’
    ‘Full House’ Star Lori Loughlin’s Bond Set at $1 Million After Actress Arrested in College Admissions Bribery Scam
    NY Prosecutors Announce Paul Manafort Indictment Minutes After Federal Sentencing
    Obama Regime Officials Grilled Over Crooked Hillary’s Illegal Email Server
    Democrat Woman Slashes Random Vehicle’s Tire Just Because She Saw a ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Inside
    President Trump Flips Control of First Federal Appeals Court

    Crooked Hillary Clinton’s Rogue Email Server Administrator Gets Deposed by Federal Judge Following Judicial Watch Lawsuit

    Facebook Crashes, Leaving Users Unable to Access Their Accounts
    Obama Regime Ignored Public Health Experts Seeking Fentanyl Crisis Declaration

    California Headlines
    Poll: Should Trump Resign As President? …..A BIG FAT F-U …”NO” !!!

    Rand Paul: ‘FBI Mistress’ Lisa Page Confirmed ‘Fake Russia Investigation’
    Crooked Hillary Received What Amounts to a Secret Pre-Pardon From the Obama DOJ

    President Trump: National Emergency Declaration for Border Wall ‘Going to Be Vetoed,’ ‘Hard to Believe’ Any GOP Senators Voting for It

    Democrats: Even Air Is Racist Now
    @Liberty Daily

  15. U R A SICK>>> NUT JOB …what about U NOT SLEEPING? REALLY
    what a F’-ed-up ..WORLD we live in ..If U DID THE UGLY CRIME U PAY
    4 IT …BOO HOO …I COULDN’T SLEEP …. BUTT’ it’s not happening 2
    your PRO-TECTED FAMILY … that WTP ….PAY the BILLS … O’ $ure

  16. Ok Look,
    If ANYBODY other than Dr. Dave Janda posted this warning for the next five days, I wouldn’t even bother to report it
    All the usual conspiracy theorist have been talking about some sort of “financial reset” for years. X22 repport is on episode like 2299! or so.
    Only because Dr. Dave has issued a specific warning for March 15 to March 19 am I giving it any exposure.
    You can’t listen to that segment unless you pony up $9 bucks for a month subscription to his channel but in case you don’t want to do that here’s a short summary:
    Trump has been working to remove the Fed Reserve from the US economy.
    Some sort of financial crash will facilitate that.
    May start in Europe with the failure of Deutche Bank, largest bank in the EU.
    Advice is to have plenty of actual cash on hand
    and as these guys always say ample supplies of gold food gasoline etc.
    If next week nothing has happened, I’ll just say thought so.
    But a lot is starting to happen, from the engineered shutdown of facebook, instagram, whatsapp to the indictments of a major college supply ring of paid for admissions, to the impending release of the Mueller report.
    I don’t just read “Q”. I look for corroboration anywhere and I see it in the sudden shutdown of social media sites and the fake news reports of the threatened indictment of Trump’s kids. People are getting scared,
    Something is UP.

  17. On Deceptionbytes I stumble across this link
    This seems to download several hundred pages of what looks to be the OIG report on:
    Is this it?
    The long promised DECLASS report?
    Seems unredacted.
    Released with hardly a murmur of breeze?
    Maybe its the “prequel” but I don’t get it
    so please use your keen legal mind on it.
    Maybe it’s in advance of the election and not what came after it but I thought
    the FISA abuse happened before the election.
    I don’t have time to read it all before I go home.
    Just Sayin’

    • Don’t know or remember what that is but I already have that link bookmarked, so seems it came out earlier, like June 2018? It was probably redacted but maybe not. Maybe if this isn’t redacted, somebody unredacted it?

  18. This looks like the real deal to me.
    It was never going to be headlined on CNN.
    “Q” said It’s all about to happen
    T-5 and counting. according to “Q”
    I’m not sure Mishel at Deceptionbytes knew what she had.
    Did AG Barr just delclass it and put it on the DOJ website with little or no fanfare?
    Looks like it.
    Either I am misreading the report or nobody has much noticed it yet.

  19. that looks like the actual inspector general’s report and it says “nothing much” since Comey, Mc Cabe and the rest just fed him what he needed and they threaded the needle of deception all the way thru. For all the pages it took up maybe a little can be determined to show what was really going on. It sounds ” Oh so ethical” on the DOJ and FBI’s part.

  20. But at least it’s written down and saved for comparison to what the REAL dirtywork looked like.

  21. makes sense to ;me……


    The Justice Department on Thursday announced terrorism charges against five people arrested at a New Mexico compound last year alongside a large quantity of guns and ammunition.

    DOJ officials said in a press release that Jany Leveille, 36, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, Subhanah Wahhaj, 36, and Lucas Morton, 41, would be charged with terrorism, kidnapping, and federal firearms offenses in addition to conspiracy charges the five are already facing.

    Assistant Attorney General John Demers said at a news conference Thursday that the five were plotting to carry out attacks on federal law enforcement officials and military service members, among others. Prosecutors in New Mexico had previously accused the suspects of planning attacks against schools and officials they deemed to be “corrupt.”

    “The indictment alleges that the defendants conspired to provide material support in preparation for violent attacks against federal law enforcement officers and members of the military,” said Demers, according to the news release. …”

    The flying imam’s family gets theirs. Finally.

    Some links where we discussed this family in the past, for background:

    And some other stories we mentioned in the past:

    Most of the stories about these charges CONTINUE to NOT mention the family’s connection to this guy, a pal of the Dems:

  23. Trump Mocks Beto O’Rourke’s Hand gestures: ‘Is he crazy?’
    YEP the OLD HAND JOB …. CON… man ROUTINE …. ha’
    YEP! is the HAND quicker than the E Y E ???

    Reactions Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email
    President Trump on Thursday watched the first event of Beto O’Rourke’s campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. And the president came away with a Curious First IM-pression of the former Texas congressman.

    “I think he’s got a lot of hand movement. I’ve never seen SO Much hand movement,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “And I said, ‘Is he Crazy or is that just the way he Acts?’” !!!!

  24. ……LOCK HER UP >>>>STILL !!! HILL NEEDS 2 DO TIME!!!!

    ~ Stefan Miklos says:
    Never. No way would Obama & the Deep State have done anything to hinder Hillary. <<<<< WHY WHY WHY ??? NOT?????

    Unfortunately the Clinton era is NOT over. Now Chelsea<<<<<<< is talking about running for office. We will never be rid of Bill and Hillary until they
    have crossed over into Hell.

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