Mardi Gras, 2019

Today is Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras is French for “Fat Tuesday”, reflecting the practice of the last night of eating rich, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season.

Fat Tuesday was originally known as Shrove Tuesday, and in French, it is called Mardi Gras. Among the English-speaking peoples of Great Britain and her colonies, Fat Tuesday is often known as Pancake Day, because they used up their dairy and eggs by making pancakes and similar pastries. Likewise, Fat Tuesday is known as Paczki Day, after the rich, jelly-filled donuts made by Poles in Poland and the United States.

The period from the last Sunday before Lent through Fat Tuesday is known as Shrovetide (and, today, the term Mardi Gras is often applied to the entire period of Shrovetide). In the Mediterranean countries (where the languages are derived [from] Latin), Shrovetide is also known as Carnivale—that is, “goodbye to meat” (from carne, meat, and vale, farewell).

Why not make some traditional Polish Pączki for Mardi Gras? There’s a good recipe at this link. A lot of work, but worth it because they’re so delicious.

Have a safe and happy Mardi Gras!


105 responses to “Mardi Gras, 2019


    ~ Rae from Minnesota#1257368 ….^^^^^^
    Well, we knew this was coming. Why do you think these leftists DON’T want to Secure the Border? As far as I’m concerned, these corrupt politicians should all be in J A I L. >>>> Disgusting.

    ~ WendzPNW#1257364
    Of course they do – it`s their Voting Base after all

    ~ Susitna#1257362
    This is getting surreal…… this the Dems collusion with illegal trespassers into the country?
    No MS-13 member Left Behind………or what?

    • Just keep it up. That’s what I say. The further they go, the more adamant We the Deplorables become and the larger our numbers become. By HUGE MARGINS people of all backgrounds in this country WANT THE WALL AND WANT THE BORDER CLOSED. We the People do NOT want illegal aliens taking our jobs or, especially, usurping our rights and canceling our votes. They just keep digging their holes deeper and deeper. It’s a pleasure to watch.

  2. About that traitor Jussie Smollett, yeah.

    The chosen catalyst to incite a civil war.
    Epic Fail, Kamala and Company.

    Just like Kavaugh, that set up.

    We’ve been Coup’d. Just know it.

    I have been enjoying the Treehouse a lot lately, I love a good mystery and investigations. Its all about the usurper and hiding the treachery that we have endured since 2007. Yeah, hijabs, foreign accents and the commie-fascists in our faces on a daily basis. A Somalian Palestinian from Minnesota is ruling the roost?

    The Fundamental Transformation has arrived. Coup d’Etat in our natural born, native American faces. We know.

    • hmmm.I think I’ll write a song.

      I love a good mystery and investigations. Its all about the usurper and hiding the treachery that we have endured since 2007. Yeah, hijabs, foreign accents and the commie-fascists in our faces on a daily basis.
      A Somalian Palestinian from Minnesota is ruling the roost? The Fundamental Transformation has arrived. Coup d’Etat in our natural born, native American faces. We know.

      I’ll have to make sure I put in a few bars about Reverend Whathisface at TUCC and the 20 years Soetoro and the Jessie Jackson wife … oh yea, right, Wright.

      ~ ~ Genesis
      hmmm. @ barky. Definitely related to Pop, the hobo commie SAD… born by a woman of Polynesian descent…… the girl named Stanley was the beard. As was the fly-by-night drunk Kenyan. The commie sister dropped the kid back with his Dad and went on her merry way with the Ford Foundation. Plus, she had her own Daughter, Maya ,to take care of.

      Thinking this broadly, poly-indonesian, ironically.

      Stan the Man is Barry Soetoro’s father. The University of Hawaii was the Hub. The Birth Certificate is a FRAUDULENT fake.

      The End.

      • You’re really, really onto something with that theory. So much of it fits, doesn’t it? All the way to his claims of being “desi”, too. Looking like the Subud guy because potentially similar ancestry, depending upon who and what the “Polynesian” was herself. Sister? Yep. That fits, too, and also why “Pop” had no choice but to take him in and raise him. Then there’s poor old MAD. The one who was most victimized by the whole scenario and yet the only one Barry obviously did not revere. Why? She’s white.

        • But fortunately we know that she was the driver and had the connections. Stan was the roving hobo whilst she was the Commie-In-Chief. That’s why she was killed when her hip injury turned into terminal, immediate cancer the night before the 2008 election. She had a visit on or about October 4th and was not able to attend her own Birthday Party. By November 4th she was dead. We can pretend we don’t know that Jackson’s pick, Michelle LaVaughan was left out of the whack. She was busy telling us how well MAD was doing anf that poor barky’s mother was very sinle.

          Stanley Ann Dunham is a moniker and she’s barky’s big sister. RIP, fictional character with no heallh insurance.

          • Such timing! I remember the media explanations–how the hip injury was actually the cancer. Don’t recall any such speculations with regard to RBG, though. Almost forgot how Moo was out there lying through her big teeth. (Not that lying isn’t second nature to them.) Remember that visit where Barry was caught skulking in the alley by the dumpster? Oh, to know exactly what was pitched into that dumpster. I wonder if his Secret Service detail, which he got early, in an unprecedented fashion, will EVER get the nerve to speak up and out? Do they know what was going on during that visit? She was under house arrest, basically, as was the other “granny” in Kenya. I do think SAD was a fictional character, whether or not “Ann Soetoro” was, I can’t say. Remember how they were passing off a photo of her cousin as SAD? The one who went to school in Oklahoma, iirc. My memory is shot on all these details. So long ago, it seems.

      • Always thought something along these lines too. Doubtful at all that O’s mother was Stanley . Looks poly-black or some sh– as that. Also think there’s been a bunch of adopting going on. Last time I checked the people living at the old lady’s apartment (there were quite a few “inmates” using her address) were numerous and didn’t have the Dunham last names.
        Feel certain that Corsi needed sperrying off from Nairobi cause he was likely in close proximity to some enlightening information, had he stayed around much longer. I expect he’s been in Brennan, Jarrett’s, and O.’s crosshairs since 2008 too, along with Trump.
        Did you know that Madari Kindergarten is for sale now…..since August of last year. I guess once school was out for the year. Once Ruth is gone, I can guarantee she’ll be hard to find again, unless she shows up for a visit with Bill Ayers or Joseph in Texas! Or somewhere in China , who knows but I bet with her English degree, she may have added some text to the Barry O. fantasy.

        • I do believe an adoption is probable, which explains why they hid all the facts. Has it ever been adjudicated to determine if someone who’s born overseas or to foreign parents here, becomes a “natural born citizen” upon adoption by perhaps just one American parent? I don’t think so. I’ve been pondering a post about natural born citizenship. Stay tuned (if I get around to it). Wow. You’re keeping on top of things. I didn’t know about Madari. That’s interesting. What’s Mark up to these days? He’s dropped from the scene. I wonder if all the “brothers” have reunions now that Barry’s no longer busy with pretending to be POTUS.

          • facebkwallflower

            They are naturalized only. Had friends who adopted an infant from Nicarauga. The boy was a convicted arsonist in his teens. Once he was eighteen, he was deported. They tried so hard to get for him to go to prison instead of deportation.

            • facebkwallflower

              Well, I seem to recall adoptees of foreign birth had to fill something out at eighteen to be citizen or something. Memory not great.

              • I understand. My head spins when I think back to all the things we researched and “knew” but which I’ve now forgotten the details of.

                • I seem to recall that he was required by a certain age to renounce any other citizenship IF he wanted to keep his Kenyan citizenship, so it would be quite interesting to know whether he did so, in order to be an “international student” and to be able to visit and stay in Kenya for months at a time when he was in his early 20s.

            • That’s a shame. I feel for them. Sad to raise a child and then see him gone. It would have been more merciful for the parents to have him in prison, instead. What did he know of Nicaragua?

              If Barry was adopted, then that’s why they would have hidden that fact, provided he was born not on our territory, which is possible, even IF he was born in Hawaii. What if either “Pops” (Frank or Stan) was his dad but his mother was Polynesian or Filipina or Southeast Asian or Indonesian or any other person of like ancestry who happened to live in Hawaii? Hawaii was divided into U.S. territory and land belonging to the kingdom of Hawaii. What if he were born off U.S. territory? We suspected before that he was born earlier than he claims, before Hawaii became a state.

    • What is it? Indicted on 16 FELONIES and yet the media almost universally say he’ll cop a plea for a sweet deal and do NO TIME whatsoever. He’ll skate. UNLESS Barr has what it takes to fight for the rights of the 63+ million “deplorables” in this country who were the victims of Jussie’s hate crime and the potentially thousands of others who may have been further victimized by the ensuing violence a la Ferguson. Think about it, though: If/when Jussie gets his slap on the wrist, will Chicago burn like Ferguson did? Nope. Because “deplorables” are, in the end, civilized.

      • Of course, 16 Felony Charges against him. Building that wall to protect the elected officials who hired him to incite an out and out Civil War. His activities will never be investigated and the onion will not be peeled. Maybe the racist anti-American traitor has been promised a “pardon” one day.

        Deluge to deflect. Orchestrated from on high. Just like Kavanaugh.

        • For sure. They continue to leave out the part about the MAGA hats and they continue to allege the non-sequitur of a motive: That he wanted a higher salary. How, pray tell, would being a “victim” of a hate crime accomplish a higher salary at his job? They’re trying so hard to deflect from the obvious POLITICAL CONSPIRACY that would explain the motive. Similarly, they’re saying wishy-washy things about that allegedly islamophobic poster that showed Omar and the burning World Trade Center. They want to deflect from her anti-Semitism, and so they create another fake hate “crime” alleging that criticizing her (and also Ocasio-Cortez) is next to a crime, because to criticize them is to stir up potential violence against them. The story I read today said something to the effect that it’s “uncertain who put up the poster but it WAS outside a Republican event.” IF they include that there’s a question about the source of the poster, then you can be sure that these reporters, who still go on to try to blame the POTUS, Republicans, and conservatives, have at least an inkling that maybe, just maybe, it was a progressive who ran a false flag to blame Republicans, who were criticizing Omar, and to create the false impression that poor little Omar was a risk of evil, violent, white supremacists. They seek to make all of these progressive candidates immune from criticism, just like Barry was, to keep anyone from countering their bigotry and socialist mindset. Otherwise, you’re a bigot, a sexist, an islamophobe, whatever.

          About Smollett: Yes, indeed. They WILL give him a plea deal so there will NEVER be a trial in which there’s discovery or cross-examination of witnesses. I wonder if the Grand Jury, AT ALL, looked at MOTIVE. They have to power to call in ANYONE potentially involved and that would include, at the least, the prosecutor who was in touch with Smollett’s family before the hoax was even discovered and any politician with whom he’s tight, not to mention ANYBODY who was in his phone records around the time of this hoax.

        • We can always hope that if they go lenient on him in Chicago, or even if not, Wm. Barr will see to it that he’s prosecuted for the much more serious alleged crimes of mail fraud and domestic terrorism. Why would he not be? Others have been, some of them feckless “recruits” duped by/entrapped by FBI and DHS agents, especially those “white supremacists.”


        “Obviously, what Smollett is accused of is beyond appalling, especially after we learned he staged this hoping it would be picked up by surveillance video. The social ramifications of that video getting out, of a hate-outlet like CNN relentlessly rerunning video of a black man being assaulted by two guys in red hats, could have been ten time worse than what we saw in Ferguson, Missouri — which was also the result of a media-fabricated hoax (led largely by the far-left CNN).

        Smollett doesn’t deserve 48 years in prison, but for his own aggrandizement, Smollett played with fire, with the well-being of an entire city. If found guilty, he must be punished, meaning at least some prison time. …”

        THAT’S exactly what he needs to be punished for. I do so hope that the feds, during their investigation of the hate mail/terrorism hoax, examine ALL of his recent contacts, especially with politicians and activists. IF this was a conspiracy, it must be rooted out, exposed, and the plotters HAVE TO BE punished. This cannot be allowed to continue. People who pull stunts like this have to be severely punished for it, otherwise it will keep happening. The progressives and DemoncRATS have been pulling this stuff for YEARS. Remember all the fake “hate crimes” before the 2016 election? All fake, blamed on Trump or his supporters, and then quietly (if at all) revealed as made-up kabuki theater created by his opponents to smear him.

        Did you happen to see the story about the guy who interrupted a conservative speaker on a college campus, by ringing a cowbell loudly and getting in the guy’s face (exactly like that Native American guy got in the face of the kid at the Lincoln Memorial, btw)? I do think this is a PLANNED series of events, with training for how to disrupt and try to INCITE VIOLENCE and particularly to bait the victim into doing something for which then the victim will then be punished or expelled or excoriated by the fake news media. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this is orchestrated and community organized by our most infamous community organizer.

        Iirc, the speaker is someone who is giving speeches about a situation where he was filming an antifa “protest” and “protesters” came up and assaulted him. He happened to have a weapon and he pulled it to defend himself from the mob. As you might expect, HE was charged and convicted of crimes, even though video seems to bear out his defense–that he was being attacked by many people–and it also seems the cops suppressed or misrepresented facts. So now he’s appealing his conviction and speaking on campuses.

        The story was on Gateway Pundit. At the end of the event, the cowbell ringer made an on-camera accusation against the speaker, to the effect that the last time the man spoke on campus, his supporters attacked transgender students. When the speaker said he’d never been on that campus before, the cowbell ringer just laughed and said he MADE IT ALL UP (made the false accusation against the speaker’s supporters) and then he said it’s his “right” to make things up.

        THIS IS WHY people who are victimized by these radical LIARS who create fake “hate crimes”, to blame on conservatives or to incite violence against conservatives, MUST fight back in courts and perhaps even sue. Apparently this clown who believes it’s his “right” to make things up and accuse other people of inciting violence, etc., doesn’t realize that he does NOT have a right to slander and libel innocent people and somebody like him (as well as the colleges that allow this to happen) need to be hit hard in the pocketbook. I wonder who pays this clown’s tuition. Don’t be surprised if it’s US, somehow. I wonder if he’s even a student on that campus or if HE was trespassing.

  3. You know why the COLB and BC are fakes?
    Because, they do not exist.

    Does President Trump know this?
    Yes, he does.

    And that is why THEY have tortured him to no end.

    Because he knows. And the media enterprise knows he knows.

    Its all about the Usurpation of the Presidency in 2008, A.D. known, hence, as the USA. That’ll be the next thing. Some commie will say our Nation’s name is racist.

    John Brennan and Company are the Traitors assigned by Valerie Jarrett and the Louie connection. Cohorts. Running the show as we speak. Its apparent,

    • Brennan was there at the very inception of the BC deception. He’s behind ALL OF IT. Despicable and, you said it, traitor. To whom is HIS allegiance? His, Barry’s, ValJar’s, Louie’s. Exactly. We know. And I guess we can add Omar and Tlaib to that same list.

      • Absolutely. We have eyes to see. Ears to hear the falsehoods which always have the benefit of proof. Lies are most revealing.

  4. Here’s a scene that will be portrayed in the Blockbuster /EPIC HBO movie when the truth be told. Like Egypt, Rome, Great Britain and other great recorded Civilizations yea, meaning civilized, literally, Usurped in the 21st Century. Proof. We probably won”t be alive. But, we will be the Extras. Forever. The pawns.


  6. ^^^ Published on Apr 30, 2016 .. WHAT A – P R I C K …of a D I C K
    As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at 1 of his most memorable moments? when he Didn’t hold back in his final speech
    at the White House correspondents’ dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders & Ted Cruz.

  7. Voters aren’t stupid. A Rasmussen survey this week revealed that a majority of likely voters agreed that we now have people in Congress who hate our country. Omar is certainly one of those people.

    I’ll be traveling and unable to access the internet much for the next three weeks. When I return I suppose the netherworld of the internet will be suggesting that Trump-Hitler, and the Jews hypnotized Omar into spouting anti-Semitic hate.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  8. little miss shit head & worse i meet people like her/them 10x’s a day yikes!

    Ocasio-Cortez’s failed company is a tax deadbeat: warrant filed over unpaid taxes to New York State

    Do Voters Really want to put their future in the Hands of someone this irresponsible?
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  9. Lame Cherry …… SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2019
    And she brought forth the Democratic Marxist Party

    You know Omar that allah can’t save you when you
    sell your soul to the DNC…

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

  10. Judge Jeanine asks whether Omar’s hijab is ‘indicative’ of her loyalty to Sharia law …..????????

    Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday questioned whether
    Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) hijab is a symbol of loyalty to Sharia law,
    which she warned is “Antithetical” to the U.S. Constitution.

    “Omar Wears a Hijab, which, According to the Quran 33:59,…..
    …. Tells Women to cover so they Won’t get Molested,” she said.

    “Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

    & …. Just In………
    … Ocasio-Cortez: Trump sets tone of ‘misogyny, racism, conspiracy
    … Black woman charged with hate crimes after allegedly pepper spraying
    white people due to their race

  11. Pelosi says impeaching Trump ‘just not worth it’ ????……O’ SURE

    NOW WHAT MUST U ALL BE UP 2 ….since impeachment won’t FLY?
    U dirty rotten slugs …can’t get any lower 24/7 …CAN U??? ….. U ALL STINK 2 HIGH HEAVEN …… BAD NEWS …

  12. For his voters, the frustration mounts. We have but one vote to give to the president & only our voices on social media as his Army. Our elected representatives serve not their voters but instead their donors, as evidenced by the immigration stand-off. His army of 60 million plus is strong but with limited effect. Unfortunately, his political army in Washington, DC is largely against him.

    Yet he persists & perseveres, as an army of “1”…… Despite being woefully Outnumbered, he is the odds on Favorite to prevail.

    FORCE TRUMP 2 WIN no Matter What… ONCE M O R E is needed ~
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  13. @Townhall…. so MUCH 2 HATE ON!!!
    Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Democrats’ Reaction to Omar’s Remarks Due to Islamophobia in the Party ..(GET A F’in CLUE .. WTP GET IT! up yours)
    Whoa: Rahm Emanuel Slams Ilhan Omar In Damning Opinion Piece
    Anti-Semitism and ‘Islamophobia’: No Moral Equivalence
    Did Clinton Just Pull Another ‘Hot Sauce’ Moment With Black Voters?
    Pelosi Claims Omar’s Latest Comment Was Not ‘Intentionally Anti-Semitic’
    Rep. Liz Cheney: House Democrats Trying to ‘Cover Up’ Omar’s Bigotry With Anti-Hate Resolution

  14. President Donald Trump, in an exclusive Oval Office interview with Breitbart News on Monday afternoon, said HE does not Want immigrants coming 2
    ….. the United States to B >>>> dependent on welfare programs. <<<< !

    “I don’t want to have anyone coming in that’s on Welfare,” Trump told Breitbart News in the more-than-40-minute interview in the Oval Office on Monday afternoon. “We have a problem, because we have politicians that R not strong, or they have BAD Intentions, or they want to Get VOTES, because they think if they come in they’re going to Vote Democrat, U know, for the most part.”

  15. ….. DARK LIKE LIGHTS OUT >>>>> BLACK OUT !!!


    A DARK $ money group based in California contributed $2 million to The Democracy Integrity Project, the organization that has contracted with Fusion GPS & Christopher $teele to investigate President Donald Trump.
    The Democracy Integrity Project’s founder, a former staffer for $en. Dianne Fein$tein, has acknowledged to the FBI that the group provides information to the press, lawmakers and investigators.
    Fund for a Better Future is the second Democracy Integrity Project donor to have been identified. George $oro$ <<<<< gave $1 million<<< to the group.

  16. WEALTHY $$ Fein$tein? SAME> Democrat who Pulled all those Dirty Tricks to discredit Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh <> HER Staff for 2 0 ‘Years? <>>>> Feinstein Has Had practice. dirty dirty trash….

    In a few days, as Nunes notes, more depositions R scheduled to become Public, from Steele dossier assembler Christopher Steele & another operative. In light of this report, …1 can only Watch it more closely, <<<
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  17. 2020 ELECTIONS ……
    Why Kamala Harris is glad people are asking if she’s Black enough
    The candidate is looking to head off a problem that dogged Barack Obama.
    Harris recounted how she was born in Oakland & raised in California, aside from the time she went to high school in Montreal. She compared the treatment to Persistent questions asked of Barack Obama & his surrogates — including Harris herself — while he was a candidate in 2007 & 2008, & stretching into his >>>> presidency. ???? >>>> ….USURPER- dude ?

    “Look, this is the same thing they did to Barack. This is not new to us & so I think that we know what they are trying to Do,” Harris said. “They are trying
    to do what has been happening over the last 2 years, which is powerful voices trying to sow hate & division among us, & so we need to
    recognize when We’re being Played.”??? <<<< NO LADY WTP …DO!!!

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