Cohen Clown Circus

Florida Memory Project photo

While the Cool Cat’s away, the Clowns will play. Step right up, folks, the Cohen Clown Circus is now in session.

Convicted liar, disbarred lawyer and clown Michael Cohen testifies openly today, at the invitation of the colluding, clown leaders of the House of Representatives. The farce was convened by the Democrat carnival barkers, in the hope of knocking coverage of the Cool Cat’s accomplishments off the front page and TV screens everywhere.

Step right up, folks. Hear the known liar lie some more.

Grab some popcorn, folks.

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113 responses to “Cohen Clown Circus


    • These kids just got a reality check on the joys of socialism, which the young THINK they support:

      The comments from the kids are priceless. I especially like the one about how the teachers themselves can still drive their various private vehicles and, if any of them is fortunate enough, show off their Lexus or Mercedes to the less-wealthy teachers driving Fords. But that in itself is yet another lesson in the joys of socialism:

      Some pigs are ALWAYS “more equal” than others. In every socialist or communist regime, there’s an elite to which the rules don’t apply. Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Kim, etc. ALL OF THEM lived high on the hog and NOT the way every other citizen of their doomed regimes were forced to live. Still the “elite” live AS elites. They control AND ENJOY all of the wealth.


  3. Good question ? 🤨

    After $7 Trillion dollars spent in the Middle East, and we can’t land Air Force One over there with the lights on. How bad is that?

  4. Like Most Climate Hysterics, Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Practice What
    …..She Preaches

    The New York Post published a story yesterday about the campaign for Congress by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that shows how the author
    of the Green New Deal Refuses to Practice what she Preaches.

    But the woman who boasts of a “Razor-Sharp BS Detector” seems to have trouble sniffing out her own.

  5. RAND PAUL .. what a Dick-STER! ..U BEST VOTE “YES” …U Fool
    when ALL is said and DONE ..MILLIONS will FLOOD USA … GET IT?

    ttt ~ So she lied; when did that make any difference to a Liberal Dem?
    Ted Kennedy lied,
    LBJ lied,
    Hillary C lied,
    Bill C lied,
    B S’ …. O’Bama …. lied,
    Janet Reno lied,
    Eric Holder Lied etc.
    I think the only DEm in my 84 years that didn’t lie was Harry Truman, & sometimes I wondered about him.
    Thought I would add the following for the last day of Black History Mo.,fl_lossy,dpr_3,c_limit/v200/10885c05ebb1159c7b5017fcbf9bbc24

  7. Chairman Elijah Cummings has changed the name of his committee from House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to just House Committee on Oversight and Reform. Cummings & his committee show no intention of limiting themselves to the proper, constitutional role of government oversight. Instead, they are shifting gears to probe every aspect of Trump’s business & private life — and that of his family and his associates — in order to impeach him or prevent his re-election. It’s amazing they don’t realize that disgusting displays like this hearing will have the exact opposite effect.
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    • Wow. And we’re told “no go zones” are imaginary. Now wait for it. UPS will be sued for discrimination and will probably lose.

  8. Occasional Cortex wasn’t just someone who entered politics.
    AOC answered (actually her brother did) entered a “casting call”
    for people to be trained as radical leftist politicians to take over the
    democrat party.
    She was not the only one trained
    Also Rashida Tlaib.
    I found this information in a presentation by deceptionbytes
    but this radical left organization is easily findable by any search engine.
    I don’t have the patience to wade through all the glowing tributes that the usual search engines bestow upon it but make no mistake,
    AOC didn’t invent the “New Green Deal” . Up until she answered the casting call her only job was bartender in a new york restaurant.
    Their mission statement is to take over the democrat party and transform it into a party of the very far left.

    • Yep. There’s a video posted somewhere here of a guy exposing this same fact. I wonder if Wikipedia has been updated with this information yet? This is no different from when they advertise for fake protesters or for crisis actors for staged events. They’re like ACTORS IN A REALITY SHOW, only sadly this show is too real for comfort. Of course, they probably will think it’s cute to remind everyone that President Trump hosted so-called reality shows. They deliberately chose ACTIVISTS, iow, community organizers just like Barry. No accomplishments whatsoever but to be born female and “of color.” Occasional Cortex was a BARMAID, for goodness sake. Now she claims if not for being a representative, she’d teach high school. In her dreams. And, of course, exactly like Barry, she was handed the “New Green Deal” so she could take credit for it, as if it’s an accomplishment to put on her weak resume. She and the others, however, are PERFECT for the uses they’re going to be put to–as PUPPETS. Figureheads. Looking and speaking and being an IMAGE, a SYMBOL, and nothing else. EVERYTHING done under Barry was written, planned, organized, instituted by a cabal of progressives who pulled his strings. He didn’t have to do anything but show up, be “black,” be “cool,” and speak well. btw, I disagree with that writer who considers Cortez “photogenic.”

  9. Have you seen this?
    The artists seem mostly female so I don’t know whether this is politics
    or BDSM but whatever it is I don’t like it!

    • It is truly preposterous. WHY in the world isn’t this video considered in violation of all the social media platforms? Why isn’t this considered hate speech, since we’re told art is now speech? Why would anyone participate in this? Particularly disgusting is encouraging black CHILDREN to pat the men on the heads as if they’re subhuman. Not to mention just exposing them to that concept–that white men are or should be dogs. Imagine if white men put black women on leashes (whether or not they chose to participate and be paid for their “performance.”) Would the powers-that-be in LA ALLOW such an art performance to take place, or would the artists be arrested and charged with hate speech and inciting hatred, or something?

  10. Politics ……U GO USA!!! SPEAK OUT!!! … STAND your GROUND!
    Not Feeling the Bern? US Voters Turned Off By Socialists, Want President Under Age 40 in Blow to Bernie Sanders

    By A new NBC/WSJ poll has revealed what Americans don’t
    want as president – a socialist or a septuagenarian over 75. Unfortunately
    for Democrats, their two front-runners each possess at least one of those
    two qualities. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, 77, is an avowed socialist, according to Bloomberg. Though former vice president Joe Biden is yet to declare his candidacy, he is 76.

  11. ….ha’ ….SUPER FLY!
    Hillary Clinton: ‘Racist and White Supremacist Views Are Lifted Up’ in the White House

  12. …… TRUMP…. 2nd go around?

  13. Rumors of her Demise, it appears, were greatly Exaggerated. ???
    And Yet, there still are NO Pictures of Ginsburg in action because
    the Supreme Court prohibits cameras in the courtroom. …O’ !

  14. Ocasio-Cortez as an infant with her father Sergio Ocasio-Roman, an
    architect & the CEO of his own company. Died 2008 of lung cancer

  15. SANDY O’ .. O’ SANDY … who’s the sugar DADDY … this time around?

    5. The ongoing Obama Machine, because Obama’s personality can’t allow him to play second fiddle to anybody for very long, which means that his media Silence is the dog that didn’t bark in the night. Meanwhile, they’re checking out Michelle’s numbers. <<<<<< yikes

    6. George $oros, and the 18 Billion dollars he just contributed as "a gift to charity" to his $on's Open Society leftist front group.

    Let's pretend each of those six money sources adds a billion bucks to the New Star is Born campaign. We know that the money is there, just sloshing around in enraged neo-Marxist and jihadist brains around the world. That money is aching to be spent on a get-Trump campaign. Sandy O hates Donald Trump, which is good enough for them.

    That's a working guess in a world of lies. The question is whether Ocasio-Cortez's miraculous career will keep rising, while Hillary suddenly announces she is N O T running, after all, maybe. If Ocasio-Cortez continues her miraculous rise, and if you don't believe in false prophets, well, here is another way to think.
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