Crazy or Compromised

Promoting a book, disgraced and fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is giving interviews to friendly television journalists, in which he admits to instigating both a criminal as well as a counterintelligence investigation targeting President Donald J. Trump. Amazingly, McCabe provides no facts or evidence, no probable cause, to investigate a sitting president. Instead, McCabe appears to have bought into a ridiculous conspiracy theory, suspecting that President Trump was a Manchurian candidate, a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

McCabe admitted in interviews that he was privy to conversations in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered, more than once, to wear a wire and record President Trump’s conversations in the White House, in order to gather evidence that the president is unfit to carry out his duties or, alternately, to prove he’s a puppet of the Russians.

Andrew McCarthy sums it up well:

No one was in a joking mood when these discussions took place. McCabe was in the midst of formally opening a criminal investigation of the president, and Rosenstein was handwringing over the possible appointment of a special counsel.

McCabe and the FBI’s leadership had been trying to make a criminal case against Trump for months, and McCabe thought – wrongly – that the firing of Comey might be a sound legal basis for an obstruction prosecution. …

Right after he fired Comey, Trump intensified the controversy by rebuking the former director in a White House meeting with Russian diplomats.

Rosenstein and McCabe both concluded that the president was either unhinged or had possibly removed Comey in order to derail the Russia investigation (notwithstanding McCabe’s Senate testimony, right after Comey’s firing, that “There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date”).

That is why the two men talked about “wiring up” against Trump – i.e., having someone covertly record him. This was neither idle talk nor dark humor. It was a logical aspect of their 25th Amendment brainstorming.

If you’re going to convince people that the president is unfit, you need evidence of his unfitness. McCabe and Rosenstein were clearly considering whether they could secretly capture Trump saying things that were incriminating or crazy (or both). They could then use such recordings to try to convince top administration officials that the president needed to go. …

It is understandable that the deputy attorney general wishes he hadn’t talked about removing the president. Legally, it was a harebrained idea. As a matter of civics – unelected bureaucrats brainstorming about how to reverse a democratic election – it was remarkably arrogant. But it happened, nonetheless.

Arrogant? I could think of a much better and more appropriate word.

Interestingly enough, a new poll demonstrates that more and more Americans are finally coming to the realization that over the past few years the “Deep State” has indeed been conducting a witch hunt against the president and hoping to pull off a bloodless coup, in order to eliminate President Trump from office before all the Deep State mendacity is revealed in full.

A story about the Rasmussen poll reports that

more voters than ever think it is likely a crime was committed against President Trump, and want a special prosecutor to investigate the investigators.

Fifty-six percent (56%) of likely voters believe senior officials at the Justice Department (DOJ) likely broke the law planning to oust the president, including 36% who say it is very likely and another 20% who say it is at least somewhat likely. …

The 25th Amendment was meant to answer a series of questions raised by the original U.S. Constitution’s treatment of presidential and vice-presidential vacancies, and presidential disability.

It was not meant to remove a president with whom the federal bureaucracy disagrees. Text and email messages show top officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and DOJ wanted an “insurance policy” for themselves in the event Donald J. Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

So McCabe’s propaganda, disguised as a book tour, isn’t having the rehabilitative effect that he apparently expected, despite the friendliness of the journalists who interview him.

Some in the media are now trying to convince the public that McCabe, Rosenstein, et al, are patriots, not potentially treasonous conspirators, because, after all, anybody can see that the president is indeed unhinged and/or maybe a Russian puppet.

Rod Rosenstein was not Attorney General, nor a member of the cabinet, and Andrew McCabe was only deputy director of the FBI. Neither unelected bureaucrat had the Constitutional authority to determine, all on his own, that the duly elected president of the United States was unfit for the job that over 60 million people had just elected him to do. Nevertheless, they set out to gather “evidence” to support their crazed partisan conspiracy theory.

Let us hope and pray that newly installed Attorney General William Barr will drain the Deep State swamp and put an end to this injustice perpetrated against the President of the United States and all who supported him.  Let President Trump do his job, unencumbered.

MAGA, President Trump!



192 responses to “Crazy or Compromised

  1. DIG ..this ….ha’ …. whitey Cory ….as HE TRASHES us WHITE MEN!

    In 2002 the Booker family found a HandWritten memoir from the Mayor’s Maternal Grandfather, Limuary Jordan. In it, Jordan wrote about visiting
    a doctor with his mother as a young boy. As they left, Jordan’s mother
    revealed that the Doctor was Actually his Father. & He was WhitE.

    His Varied ancestry includes slaves, slave owners, Native Americans & Confederate Soldiers, & he finds his unique background astonishing,
    calling the complexity of his heritage a “wonderful reality.” <<>>> intertwined than we Think,” he said.
    O’ 4 SURE White MAN … & as U say …White Man RULE?

    • What utter nonsense. Another fake Indian? Trash genealogy. Doubtless there are few documents to back up the claims. There’s no such thing anymore as legitimate genealogy. That program on PBS is a perfect example. When they can’t for sure validate something, they just go with it and keep on tracing a “line,” even without proof that it’s the correct line to trace! I suppose they’re not trying to be partisan, either, with their choices of who they feature on this program. The host has seldom, IF EVER, had a conservative actor or politician or celebrity on the show. Disproportionately, also, people “of color.” As an aficionado of genealogical research DONE CORRECTLY, the show leaves me cold. It’s similar to OTHER “reality” shows. It’s typical of progressives, though. The NARRATIVE is more important than facts.

  2. ~ To: precisionshootist

    THIS WAS ….. the B I G-Gest HOAX… pulled ON US!!!!
    They got away with it so they think they can continue trying to Hoax US. They’ve been getting Caught lately however.

    • They’re working very, very hard to change history and laws and policies in order to retroactively make him “eligible.”

      • This concept escaped me at the time and I didn’t pick up on this when Zullo said it. It’s very likely an explanation for WHY Barry never held the faux birth certificate at that press “gaggle”:

        “Zullo then recalled for the audience the transcript of the private presser held by then-White House Counsel Robert Bauer whereby “copies” of Obama’s purported birth certificate were handed out to reporters. When a journalist asked if they would be provided “the real one,” Zullo commented, “To hold a press conference…how Pfeiffer is describing this, how this event was supposed to go down — he would have walked in with the real certificate and said, ‘Here’s the president’s birth certificate; I’ve given you all a copy of it; case closed.’ But they could not do that, because they couldn’t legally bring it in there. Once they brought it in there, it was going to have to get archived.” …”

        It would have become an official “presidential record.” It would have had to be archived. This scam they ran means that it never went to the archives because with Barry not holding it, it wasn’t an official presidential record. Amazing.

        Check out this one:

        “The claim that Obama wasn’t born in the United States — the so-called birther conspiracy — first cropped up during the 2008 presidential campaign, when the then Illinois senator was campaigning in Iowa. The story originated in conspiratorial emails that were forwarded by fringe groups in an effort to undercut Obama’s candidacy. [btw, PROOF of that? And who wrote the emails?]

        While the mainstream media mostly refused to amplify it [complicit even then], “birtherism was gaining a disturbing amount of traction among some of the voters in rural Iowa,” Pfeiffer writes. “Our field organizers were getting questions from the voters they were contacting.”

        Most of the questions were “well-intentioned,” according to Pfeiffer.

        Democratic primary voters were scarred by two consecutive losses and were reviewing the information through the prism of Obama’s electability,” he writes. “If we nominate Obama and this information comes out, will the Republicans win again?” …”

        So is Pfeiffer saying that it was DEMONCRATS who began the “conspiracy theory” but in a “well-intentioned” way? It’s obvious from reading the story that as of “early 2011,” Barry did NOT have a birth certificate! Why else would he go rooting through boxes at his house, looking for it? Obviously, also, then, since he directed his flunkies to try to get an official birth certificate from Hawaii, before he ALLEGEDLY found a hospital ceremonial copy at his house, he wasn’t SURE he was born in Hawaii and had a BC there. Right? I mean, this whole scenario is so bogus. He was trying to SMOLLETT us. What a tale.

    • Free Republic probably will and SHOULD be a go-to place for patriots for the 2020 election. The social media companies are working over time to stop what they call “fake news” but which is actually anything that doesn’t match the line that the partisan, mainstream, DemoncRAT-loving media are putting out. Even email systems are sending what looks “conservative” into spam folders because they know that people are going to use email to circumvent the social media bias and censorship. Even the encrypted messaging app that Facebook conveniently purchased, WhatsApp, is going down that route. Conservatives find they can get the word out using that app. The owners can’t actually “censor” the messages, or so they claim, but they have decided to restrict people from forwarding a message to more than 5 people at a time. Thus, they hope to at least stifle the spread of conservative, alternative information, especially about people like Harris, Cortez, and Booker.\
      Did these “researchers” even TRY to look at progressives and their attacks on conservative candidates via FAKE NEWS (such as the entire two-year false narrative about POTUS)? Of course not, because progressives simply spread the “news” that’s reported in the mainstream, partisan, pro-progressive news that, by THEIR definition, is the REAL news and NOT fake news. See how that works?

      Look into this guy and see how nonpartisan he is:
      View at

      Talk about collusion.

  3. Kamala Harris attracts crowds in Iowa, but leaves questions about what she believes ???????? YEP !!! YEP! Trash is HARD 2 talk About!!!
    Kamala is, OF Course, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, the closest thing the Democratic presidential primary has to a front runner. Nor R the Obama similarities confined merely to an apparent attention to physical fitness. She is, like former President Barack Obama, Biracial, the daughter of academics from India & Jamaica. Like him, she served for about 2 years in the U.S. Senate before declaring for the presidency. And her celebrity, like his, is
    such that many refer to her simply on a first-name basis. ..O’ WOW! O’ NO

  4. BRAINS of SAND …..”SANDY” be-longs 2 the DEMOCRATS! YES SHE DOES …. U KEEP ….. IT!

    • What an insult to teachers. Did you catch the elitism? She had something better to do–be a representative. It assumes a fact very much not in evidence that she would qualify to teach high school. I doubt she could teach pre-school. She obviously didn’t learn much herself in school. Certainly not Civics 101, as in: The Constitution and how our government works.

    • Quite obviously, the bulldog thing was staged. She wouldn’t be rolling around on a filthy sidewalk grate in her white designer clothes, otherwise; and she’d be likely to expect cleaning bills paid for by the dog owner, if she didn’t sue.


    In May 2018, Jussie Smollett appeared as the narrator and correspondent in an episode of the Epix documentary series “America Divided” that explored the subject of hate crimes, specifically lynching, in the state of Tennessee.

    Now that the “Empire” actor has been charged with filing a false police report and Chicago police are convinced he staged his own hate attack because he was “dissatisfied with his salary,” Smollett’s involvement in the show is cast in a different light. ...

    Epix has since pulled the episode from its network and released the following statement:

    “In light of – and with respect to – the sensitivities around recent events, we can confirm that Epix is no longer making available the episode of ‘America Divided’ featuring Jussie Smollett.”

    Each episode of the show consists of a celebrity host (everyone from Norman Lear to America Ferrara) exploring important narratives such as inequality, education, healthcare, and criminal justice through expert interviews and the testimonies of locals across America.

    In episode four of Season 2, Smollett visits the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Ala., which is “dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized by lynching,” according to its website. He talks with its founder, Bryan Stevenson, about the lack of recognition for this terrible part of American history in a moving segment, and later sits down for a tense conversation with the local spokesperson for the family of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general whose statue was removed from a park in Memphis last year.

    During an interview with 98-year-old Charlie Morris, whose older brother Jesse Lee Bonds was the victim of a lynching in Arlington, Tenn., in 1939, Smollett discovers that the men who committed the hate crime were briefly charged with murder, but then acquitted.

    “I pray that in your lifetime you see justice, but I promise you that in mine, we will,” the actor says to Morris. …”

    The episode was PULLED. WHY conceal reality? WHY conceal the truth?

  6. HERE WE GO>>>>> ” F – U ” ….

    ~ To: robowombat
    We should pay for her lobotomy…

  7. the GOOD BAD & UGLY .. the GOOD old… DAYS in so many ways!

    How Sweet It Was-A Fond Memory
    It seems that the Great One … was a memorable passenger.

    “One of the most remarkable stories I liked hearing about was how when “Jackie Gleason” would ride .. all the porters wanted to be on that run. The reason why? Not only because he gave every porter $100.00, but it was just the fun, the excitement, the Respect that he gave the porters. Instead of their names being George, he called everybody by their first name. He always had like a piano in the car & they sang and danced & had a great time. He was just a fun person to be around.”
    –Walter Biggs, son of a Pullman porter

  8. Crowder Beats Anybody in the Legacy Media — Change My Mind ^^^^

    Steven Crowder might be my favorite internet personality. He’s Hilarious, Intelligent, extremely Articulate, & expresses a conservative point of view
    in a very entertaining fashion.

    Louder with Crowder is absolutely hilarious, but it’s also very informative & provides a brilliant contrast of the approach of liberals & conservatives to public discourse. Steven Crowder is able to communicate conservative ideas with humor & respect that is a marvel to behold. Just check out this video.

    In this particular episode, Crowder is conducting an open interview in public where he knows people with opposing opinions are likely to be found. He invites them onto the show to participate in civil debate of the topic. This particular segment addressing the transgender issue is titled: “There “R”
    Only ……. 2 …. Genders. Change my mind.” ….. …. NEVER EVER!!!!
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  9. Off Topic. way ~

    AOC reminds me of Fidel Castro from way back when I was child. The 2 Faces. I had to brush up on my recollections of Cuba and the crap our parents were freaking out about… The Kennedy killing, the pasty with Cuban ties…

    Looking at this photo I see the Canadian boy, Justin Trudeau… and so I remember Margaret. She was in all the papers and magazines. Who was she? Was she ever in the Trump circle? She definitely was in Cuba.


  10. allowed ? …WTP KNOW WHY!!! …everyone knows WHY! + comments

    Because Obama & his two DOJ goons, Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch, would deem …. U … a Racist & go after …. U… !!!

    Eric & Loretta have the perfect last names..
    Holder & Lynch in describing a perfect action for them. CON-SNOTTERS’

    Limbaugh: ‘She is tremendously deficient in maturity development’

    YEP! ….HUMAN SEWER L I P S !!! …. it’s a BIG JOKE 2 HER KICK up
    DIRT …. what a special MESSED up child …

    Bless your heart <<<>> Insult to soften? the Blow. <<>>> A O C WINS the PRIZE every TIME!!!
    sometimes used to >>>> Mean
    “you are Dumb or otherwise Impaired, but you can’t help it”
    by individuals who wish to “be sweet” & do not wish to “act ugly”. <<<< O' SURE ..she KNOWS WTP KNOW HER inside&OUT & does NOT CARE!

    • She’s a fugnn Commie, Z. Yep. Cuba/Soetero/ Weather Underground plant.

      Ayres, Dorhn spent the summer of 2008 there – during the campaign… Jaze and Bounce had a ball there…the usurper partied there as ‘Potus”… that woman Chesmard, … Ayre’s sons are involved in everything South America.

      Man, it’s a Revolution, People. 1959

    • Let’s hope she does the human race a courtesy and refrains from reproducing herself.

  12. COMPROMISED, worse. Let this sink in. We’re in Coup. You know I have been saying this for years. Probably a hundred times. Whilst you and I played jax and Double Dutch. Oh yeah, then our President was dead.

  13. …that’s the TRUTH ^^^ …as WTP who KNOW ~ KNOW IT …
    I wish our positive goodness could CURE the ILLS …BUTT’ ha
    NEVER EVER .. can old’ Humpty be re-stored ..if it EVER WAS? SO
    ..we play with ourselves that 1 DAY .. were All on the SAME PAGE?
    as we pass thru this life .. 50 years it started getting ROTTEN… WTP
    HOLD out HOPE ~ FAITH ~ LOVE ~ DESIRES the deaf & dumb awaken

  14. CHECK OUT how she FLYS !!! .. $$$$ HE GETs SHE GETs $$$ ???

  15. There are two opposed schools of thought amongst those who would like to say they know what is happening. On one side are those who say Trump has caved and given into the deep state, those would be represented by Ann Coulter, Millenium Report and Dave Hodges at the common sense show.
    These people say all the Q stuff are LARPers where LARP means sort of Live Action Role Play, ie. a pimply kid in his mom’s basement.
    They say the envelopes given out at the Bush funeral actually was a message from Trump saying “I won’t prosecute you – I give up”
    On the other side is a pretty wide bunch of “Q” reporters.
    Whose side is true?
    We have to wait and see.
    The Q guys have the advantage of being proven accurate by the revelations of history.
    In any case the Mueller report is due imminently.
    Little Adam Schitt is threatening to sue to get his hands on something – anything.
    Here’s some stuff on the Mueller report

  16. Ivanka – classy, intelligent, poised, knowledgeable, gorgeous, talented, great diplomatic skills, successful business woman, mother –
    Kushner ….. is one lucky man.

    AOC – not very classy judging from records to date, unintelligent by her
    very statements, crude, clueless – again by her own statements, not very attractive, semi-skilled, bull in china shop diplomatic skills, bartender, single – now a congresswoman who to her credit managed to win a primary against an establishment dem rep, & thereby won her election to congress. Accomplishments to date – pulling Dem party to extreme left with socialist proposals & completely unrealistic infrastructure changes (Green New Deal) that would bankrupt the country & leave a poor collective based population ruled by a much smaller party of socialist elite leaders.

    Thanks for the contrast, the majority will take Ivanka any day.

    I don’t know who to believe. Ivanka, serious business woman or bartender gone wild. Hmmmmmmm!

    Thank you, very well stated

    • This is similar to the so-called “best practices” that inner city “prosecutors” (in EFFECT, ANTI-PROSECUTORS) are now using across the country in order to NOT prosecute crimes on some specious claim of “not enough evidence to convict” coupled with “prosecutorial discretion.” iow, it’s okay for them to be biased, to discriminate, either by race or political leanings, so long as they can pretend that it’s just an alternative interpretation of the law. Criminals have rights; apparently the victims (too often We the People) have NONE to protect us from the anti-prosecutors who do NOT want to prosecute certain people, in the name of political power or “social justice.”

  17. The House Speaker …. the CRUEL CLAPPER Suffered Several face Spasms ….
    as she spoke prior to Gov. Andrew Cuomo signing a new gun control bill.

    the survival of our children is much more important than your political
    …… surviv— Survival,” suffering a Face Spasm.
    Another one struck she she tried to say ……“Salute”.
    Pelosi had a jaw problem when she said …….“legislation”.

    She used 1 to many ….. M’s & said ……“minside maneuvering”

    of the so-called “Red Flag” gun control bill, before repeating her words & muttering under her breath, “to make this a success.”

    She had a hard time speaking as she talked about risks…. to society. <<!!!

    “…keeping guns out of the hands of those who are a risk to themselves & others through ex— ext— extreme risk protection orders,” she said,
    ….carefully saying each word … as she tried to Prevent further slurring.

    Towards the end of her remarks,
    “I’m very proud of our, our, our, uh—” before trailing off & staring at the audience.

    “Well, the whole Congress of the United States…” she continued.

    yep …her & Judge RUTH G need 2 GET the HOOK real SOON!!! …??? tic tic tic

    • Ha, ha, Zenway! I wrote my newer post BEFORE I saw this on this post! Amazing synchronicity. We’re on the same wavelength!

  18. a NEED-LESS WALL ??? ….. SHOW & TELL … FOOLS!
    VOTE >>> 4 …. US …DEMOCRATS <<< that's IT!

    YEP ROLL out the WELCOME ..MATT …they R so READY..

  19. WHERE did IT COME FROM??? …..WOW …. she’s kill-in’ME!
    Over the weekend, Ocasio-Cortez released a video of herself cooking in her kitchen. There is a microwave, refrigerator, etc., all the fossil-fueled comforts of home. She pours herself some Wine. She says “like” every other word like a middle school–age child. She misuses the few words she thinks she knows, & her Voice is increasingly unlistenable. She resembles a Wind-Up doll.

  20. look at me …I need you to think I’m COOL…your cool 2′

  21. Miri asked me how to read directly what Q posts and I went like it’s a little hard to navigate so I just use an intermediary but I forgot about this little 30 minute video. It’s called “What is Q?” and is a beginning introduction to the phenomenon, Who or what q might be, the so called proofs that Q is the real deal and how to try to navigate the boards
    Here’s the link to that introductory video:

    • Thanks, Dave. I used to have a link that took me directly to the posts from Q, but I lost it somehow and don’t know if there still is one.

  22. So nothing to do with Q and nothing to do with Ann Coulter,
    Dr. Dave Janda and the failed coup against Donald Trump.
    Dr Janda was with the Reagan admin as health care advisor and basically seems to have large contacts still throughout the government to this day.
    Here he talks about sedition and the whys and wherefores of it.

    Why McCabe went on 60 minutes.
    He knows he has been thrown under the bus.
    The coup has failed.
    But in their revenge they put poison pills in the border bill that is a problem.
    Hence Ann Coulter’s fury.
    Why did the Senate overwhelmingly pass this crap?
    Money is approved for the wall but section 224 is a deep state landmine.
    Trump still has the authority to suspend by executive order to block entry to all immigrants into the USA. That has been approved by SCOTUS.
    You will want to hear this stuff.
    There is a call for everyone to contact the WH and call for the executive order to be issued.

  23. Jim Jordan!!!

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