Super Bowl Sunday 2019

Oh, yay! Super Bowl Sunday. Is anyone going to watch the game? Does anyone care? The “illustrious” former-St.-Louis-now-L.A. Rams compete against the New England Patriots. Such suspense!

All across the nations (U.S. and Canada, for two), superb Super Bowl parties will take place. Fans and non-fans will guzzle beer and other adult beverages, while scarfing nachos, chili, and other terrible-for-your-health snacks.

Do you care who wins? Many in St. Louis will be rooting against their former team, booing and hissing Stan Kroenke.

But what’s not to like about a team called The Patriots?

Will anyone dare take a knee while the incomparable Gladys Knights sings the National Anthem?

The Thunderbirds will do a flyover as Gladys finishes singing. That might be worth tuning in to see, provided they don’t cut to a commercial instead.

Place your bets! How many advertisers, besides AB InBev, will take the opportunity to preach about “green energy,” climate change or various and sundry other progressive causes?

MUST progressives ruin literally everything? Care for a little propaganda with your Bud Light?

The ad, called “Wind Never Felt Better,” shows the Clydesdales galloping through a wind farm, complete with Bud-branded turbines. On-screen text states that Budweiser is “now brewed with wind power.”

The brewer last year set a goal to ensure that by 2025 all of the electricity it purchases globally will come from renewable sources.

Wind never felt better? Tell that to the birds, bats, and other creatures killed or otherwise harmed by wind turbines.

Ironic, considering the InBev corporate logo.

If you don’t care for football and aren’t curious to see if there’ll be a “wardrobe malfunction” during the “controversial” halftime program (Maroon 5 and  SpongeBob?), you can always watch Puppy Bowl XV on Animal Planet, Kitten Bowl VI on Hallmark, or any of the marathons on various other TV channels.

Or you could turn off the TV, turn on a classical music radio station, and settle in with a good book.

Whatever you do, enjoy your Sunday!



178 responses to “Super Bowl Sunday 2019

  1. A …..V E R Y …… LONG ….LIST …. of Sick-o’s …go SUCK a LEMON!

    Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Very close to several key Communist Party USA
    allies in San Francisco in the 1970’s and ’80’s. Also some involvement with Democratic Socialists of America.

    Maxine Waters (D-CA) Long history with the Communist Party USA. Also ties to some Communist Workers Party and Workers World Party fronts. Has employed staff members from Democratic Socialists of America & League of Revolutionary Struggle.
    & TONS MORE!!!

  2. MAGA gavel: More Trump Judges >>> coming down the pipeline<<<

    Just when the Democrats & the left are Clutching their Pearls over the prospects of the U.S. Supreme Court being WithOut the services of

    ….. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they get hit in the gut.
    It was announced on February 7, that the Senate Judiciary Committee
    under Lindsey Graham has approved 44 More Judges for confirmation.

    Here's the list.

    These men & women are A L L …. conservatives. It is expected that they'll be confirmed by the full Senate, as Republicans hold a 53-47 Majority in that chamber. Once confirmed to their lifelong appointments, another long step will have been take to rein in a judicial system that has so often overstepped its bounds by Making U P !!! …. the L A W instead of Interpreting I T !!!!

    The ongoing makeover of the judicial system is a historic achievement by President Donald Trump. He has been in office just 2… years. America
    will be Benefiting from the president's touch 4.. years & years to come.
    Next up: another Supreme Court appointment.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook


    To: EQAndyBuzz
    “There is a tipping point when something cannot be reversed. “

    That point May B… reached if enough Millennials, Generation X & other youngsters totally forget history & Buy into Crap like AOC spreads & turn government Over 2 the 1’s that Promise the Most F R E E …Stuff. YEP!!!


    ~ SueK
    Love this! The Earth is climate cycling, just as it’s always done. Periods of warming & cooling are the norm however, those who want to make money from it bang the drum & tell us that it’s all our fault & we must ban plastic straws.

    Have you noticed how the original ‘Global Warming’ phrase has been dropped in favor of ‘Climate Change?’ Since the Earth isn’t warming, people like AlGore had to save face (and preserve all the money he’s made from this bull) & call it something else.

    All the ‘Climate Change’ advocates have been curiously absent as Chicago’s wind chill temps have been hovering around -50 degrees F., & people are being robbed on the ….Streets & in the Stores for their winter coats.

    AlGore: Hello? Are you there? ….AL AL ???

  5. ..ha’ …& pounce on a DRUNK… girl …having an URGE ? is THAT SEX?
    SILLY SILLY things WTP ….DO DO DO !!! ha’

  6. MERCY …MERCY as this sure TAKES the LIGHT off > ABORTIONS
    DEAD BABIES vs …make-UP your STUPID FACES !!! REALLY???

    Column: As of today, let’s forgive everyone who has ever appeared in blackface. But anyone who Does IT Tomorrow will get NO ??? mercy.

  7. Ready for the next 5 million illegals getting ready to enter the U.S. in 2019?

    Gallup put out a poll last week, finding that five million Latin Americans plan to cross into the U.S. this year alone. And the total number who plan to enter the U.S., either this year, or later, is 42 million.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    That very dynamic is a good argument for why President Trump should just skip the shenanigans with the Democrats, declare an emergency, and build the wall. The longer this drags on the more the human waves are going to build. And as Gallup reports, we’re looking at a tsunami.

    • …so …. “500” <<>> DAY ILLEGALS are ARRESTED
      76 % do Crimes … & “THEY Think” they WILL be good boys & girls
      after ENTERING “ILLEGAL” …? their EDUCATION level is much LESS
      in the country they LEFT then HERE! …about …8th grade -ish + if lucky
      So they Can’t & Won’t be able to WORK …. WILL THEY??? …?
      may-be they can BABY-SIT YOUR CHILDREN? 4 a few bucks & FOOD?

  8. O’ so CAN WTP do this with the Bunch of political NEW-DIPS 2 ?^^
    as they “drop there new song/album” ..they “drop his speech”…< ha'

    • At least I finally wrote a new post!

      I didn’t watch the Grammys but from the news it must have been hilarious. It’s a shame that the wonderful Dolly Parton had to get her award in that atmosphere. Dolly deserves better and the rest of them aren’t fit to lick her glitzy, glam, “cheap” boots. Now THAT’S a singer, songwriter, and musician. All in one. We may never see her like again. It’s so predictable that after all the whinging last year about how few women were on the show or getting awards, miraculously so many women “deserved” their appearances and awards this year. Politically correct. “Merit?” NOT. Tokenism. It’s insulting to ACCOMPLISHED women everywhere.

  9. Sandy just laid it out for U S & I’m grateful. Now it’s abundantly clear. We can Choose misery, hunger, & hopelessness or we can pull on our Grown U P work boots & make this Country Greater than we’ve ever thought Possible. ?We can allow ourselves to be regulated into oblivion, or live up
    to our potential & in the process help everyone else to do so, too. We can be Cowed into submission by an elaborate lie, proven false over & over, or we can recognize that God made this Planet for us to live ON, to enjoy, to use & develop.
    We can become the kind of craven, listless do-nothings that will SELL their Souls for a mess of pottage, willing to believe Lies & Nonsense — “NOPE”!!

    O R we Can roll UP our Sleeves, thank Almighty God that we are <<<>>>> Americans & start building a >>>> Glorious Future. !!! … “YES” !!
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  10. MOOCH-es her way IN 2 much – insane ..really

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