Bye, Bye 2018! Happy New Year 2019!!!!

Farewell 2018.


Let us welcome the new year and give joyous adieu to the old. Let us embrace 2019 without fear and cherish the great memories we hold.

Here’s wishing a wonderful and happy 2019 to all of our friends here at WTPOTUS.


Stay safe and please don’t drink and drive–we want you here with us throughout the new year.

A song for your enjoyment:

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164 responses to “Bye, Bye 2018! Happy New Year 2019!!!!

  1. I think many Americans who wouldn’t in the past dream of extralegal activity in support of political beliefs are going to take a hard look at what has been done to our society & change their minds.

    And the coming Riots will not necessarily be in support of Donald Trump, although I believe any attempt at indictment & impeachment will be the trigger. People will Riot because they are Sick & Tired of Playing by the
    SICK ….. Rules & being Ignored. They are tired of being Told their vote ONLY Counts if they Vote for who they are Told to vote for.

    Some may say this is dangerous & the establishment will strike back at the Deplorables who dare to defy their orders in a way they refuse to do against Antifa & their ilk. Democrat Eric Swalwell has hollowly Threatened the use nuclear weapons if Americans don’t do as they’re TOLD by our irate Elite. That’s hyperbole & a sign of weakness.

    Deplorables CAN…. rule these streets ANY time they want to — & they won’t be afraid because they OWN…. most of the guns.
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  2. Newly minted House Speaker NANCY…. P elosi said Friday that

    she’s ‘N O T … the “Censorship business” …’ implying that
    she’s OKAY
    with Tlaib’s language … She’s DEAF – BLIND …& STUPID like a FOX!!!

  3. DAY 1: New Congresswoman Tlaib Goes off on Trump…
    ‘We’re Going to ‘Impeach the Motherf*cker’…
    Vulgar tirade…
    PRESIDENT: Dishonored herself…
    PELOSI: I’m not in censorship business…
    New bill requires 10 years of presidential tax returns…
    Dems lay impeachment trap, but will president step into it?


  4. I Honestly Can’t think of Anything Obama D I D Domestically or relating to Foreign Policy that made the U.S. or World safer & stronger. I wish these people that say that Obama was good or great would come up with LIST of policies that were Meant to make the U.S. as a whole better — private sector. Obama came into office saying he wanted to REmake America. I believe that is true. He wanted to RE-make America to Weaken its Power throughout the World & to make the GOVernment Stronger & make more People Dependent on it. >>>>> Those are Lousy Goals. << !!!
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    • I loved that story. It’s hilarious. Such a load of RACISTS in that party. Just check out the Tweets. Who are these people and why aren’t THEY kicked off Twitter for violating their anti-racist standards? Not to mention their rule against personally attacking someone. They can call Pelosi a “white supremacist?” A “pathetic joke?” “Cosmically dumb?” (Talk about a misogynistic stereotype!) What about the tweet saying someone should “smack” Pelosi “upside the head?” Is it kosher on Twitter to threaten violence against a sitting Representative and Speaker of the House? Hmm. Visit from the Secret Service required?

  5. The funniest thing ever.

  6. .. ~ Nancy Pelosi .. SOON 79 YEARS O L D !!! yikes! that’s OLD <
    American politician, first female Speaker of the House of Representatives,
    Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi (; born March 26, 1940) is an American politician serving as the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives since 2011, representing most of… More
    ~ M. Tiro •
    I protest & at the same time laugh at Pelosi's continual "bring up the Children" exercise, which seems to be the only thing she can think to do when she begins a new session of Congress. Everyone has Children, & many have grandChildren, so what purpose does bringing 2 dozen of them up to the dais serve, except to highlight the eternal Childishness of Pelosi Herself? People who have nothing to say always say,
    …… "Let's do this ….. *for the Children* . . . " <<<<< 4 the KIDDIES !!!
    Watching Pelosi assume (again), at age 78, the Speaker's position ought to remind us 1, that elections have consequences, & when the butterfly flapped its wings b/c you voted for that harmless Democrat in Podunk, Nebraska, the maelstrom overtook DC b/c of the combined storms unleashed all over the country. And 2, TERM LIMITS, fcol. 78-year-old Pelosi is Speaker of the House, & 3rd in line to the Oval Office, & 85-year-old Chuck Grassley is President Pro Tem of the Senate, & 4th in line. JMJ, it's time to F I X … this Silly Nonsense. TERM LIMITS!

    ~ JBJ M. Tiro • YEP YEP YEP …make the CHANGE …4 the BETTER
    Amen to Term Limits….. it would Alleviate a Lot of the Crony Issues in DC

  7. ^^^ can’t get the right article ..on NANCY Piss’ no BIG deal all the same..
    ~ squalis •
    Yes, it’s a different House than 2007. The members of the Dem party are far more virulently left wing, determined to destroy the founding principles of this country with their final goal of a police state demanding doctrinal thought. Demanded thought includes (in no particular order of importance):
    -Free speech bad
    -Fossil fuels bad
    -Redistribution of wealth good
    -Single payer health care good
    -Open borders good
    -Judeo -Christian ethic bad
    -Muslim ethic good
    -White male bad, everyone else good
    -Trump bad
    -Obama and Clinton’s good
    -Israel bad

    Unfortunately, we also have a different electorate than 2007. One that seemingly is more & more aligned with the prescribed doctrinal thought.

    • such a DEAL??? SO …. always read the fine PRINT ….2019′ ^^^^

      The Radical plan would Force families to pay More to heat, cool & provide electricity to their Home$. It would Raise the $ame cost$ for businesses, farmers, government & organizations, driving UP their operating cost$ –
      & raising the prices for just about ALL the good & service$ Americans buy.

  8. he said she said they said …. bring it all on …GET the BALL ROLLING

    It sounds to me like Mueller is keeping him in solitary so he will write the words to the music Mueller has written. If I were a juror, I would not believe Manafort. IMO, to not lie to get out of solitary confinement would be proof positive of mental illness, & indicative of a witness who cannot be believed.

    What is the motivation for Manifort to do this, assuming he did? I can only think Manifort used it to Pump up his own resume of how good a campaign manager he is that Trump might be winning with HIS help. And Manifort did need a new contract as his cash flow was bad.

    Manafort only worked for the Trump campaign for 3 weeks to help with an event. And even if he did send a campaign poll to a supposed Russian spy that isn’t collusion. …????? NOW WHAT?

  9. YES IGNORANT .. “POP TART” .. why KNOW just GO AT Umm
    29 & silly MEAT with RED LIPS! ha’ . She’ll look LIKE PELOSI SOON enough …Ah the BLESSING of TIME !!! then turn in-2 “RUTH”…

  10. Mr. President, Here’s What You Must Tell The American People Tonight
    border wall Charles Schumer Corporal Ron Singh criminal aliens Department of Homeland Security Donald Trump drug trafficking Fentanyl human trafficking illegal immigration media bias MS-13 gang Nancy Pelosi national address national security open borders policy overdose deaths
    CHQ Staff | 1/8/19 ~ ~ ~ Trump Wall is Coming

    President Trump is never going to get the wall on our southern border funded & built until the Democrats in Congress feel the Heat for their open borders policy – & the person who can be most effective in putting that heat on the Democrats is >>>>>> President Donald J. Trump <<<<<<<


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