Here We Go Again?

First it was Barack Hussein Obama. Now it’s Kamala Devi Harris. Is either Democrat a natural born citizen? Obama ran for the presidency without anyone affirming that he was qualified to be president. The Constitution requires a person to be a natural born citizen.

To date, Obama still has not proved his eligibility under the Constitution. To be a natural born citizen, one must have been born within the United States to two U.S. citizen parents.

Despite claims to the contrary by his supporters, including the media, Obama has never provided a verifiable, 3-dimensional, historically accurate, legal birth certificate to any court or to the public. No one has examined the original birth certificate, indeed if one even exists.

An investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of AZ came to the conclusion, based upon expert analysis, that the so-called “birth certificate” posted online in 2011 is a composite document, created digitally, and thus is not a legal document. No court of law or government agency would accept a digital image on a blog as proof of citizenship.

Now comes Kamala Harris, who apparently has pondered running for the presidency. Who knew that, like Obama, Harris also has questionable eligibility? In fact, her eligibility is even more suspect than Obama’s.

Obama, at least, had one U.S. citizen parent (if you believe that the woman he claims as his birth mother truly is his birth mother).

There are many unknown variables that affect Obama’s eligibility. Was he truly born in Hawaii? If so, on U.S. territory? When? Where in Hawaii? Was he, as indicated by school records, ever a citizen of Indonesia? Was he truly born with Kenyan and/or British citizenships because of the citizenship of the man he claims as his father?

Did he officially surrender any or all foreign citizenships before running for the presidency? If he ever gave up his U.S. citizenship (provided he had it in the first place), did he at some point later naturalize as a U.S. citizen?

We still don’t know the answers. Without knowing for certain the facts about each variable, then Obama’s eligibility for the presidency remains suspect.

Harris was born in 1964 in Oakland, CA, if her online biographies are correct. Has anyone seen her birth certificate?

Harris’s mother emigrated to the U.S. from India in 1960, according to online biographies, although Harris once said that her mother emigrated in 1959. Her father emigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica in 1961. Reports are that at some point her father naturalized in the U.S. Unknown is whether or not her mother ever obtained U.S. citizenship.

Despite what some online biographies state, Harris was not raised and educated in California. From the “mid-70s” (grade school age, perhaps earlier) through high school, Harris lived in and was educated in Montreal, Canada.

Because neither parent could have qualified for U.S. citizenship by 1964, when Harris was born, then likely she was born to two non-citizen, foreign parents. Ordinarily, immigrants must live in the U.S. for 5 years before being allowed to apply for citizenship. Is this why at one point Harris claimed her mother came here in 1959?

While Harris would then be considered an “anchor baby” with “birthright” U.S. citizenship (provided she really was born in CA), this would constitute “native” citizenship, not natural born citizenship, as required by the Constitution, if a person wants to run for the presidency.

Unlike Obama (allegedly), neither of Harris’s parents was likely a U.S. citizen at the time of her birth; thus she appears to be ineligible for the presidency.

Harris was (arguably) also born with Jamaican and/or Indian citizenship. Depending upon what happened when she moved to Canada and began school in that country, she may have also naturalized there as a Canadian citizen. Did she? Nobody knows because Harris’s office appears to be ignoring these very valid questions.

Harris had an odd response when asked in 2009 whether she’s ever been married:

Not officially,

she replied.

What, exactly, does that mean? Like newly elected Representative Ilhan Omar, was Harris married “religiously” and not legally? (We won’t address here the issue of Omar’s potential bigamy and/or incestuous and/or fraudulent other marriage.)

But I digress …

Do Democrats and other progressives deliberately seek to circumvent and undermine the Constitution?

Are they deliberately trying to globalize our nation by putting forward candidates who have questionable natural-born allegiance to our nation?

Is this their way of changing what it means to be an American and diminishing the role of presidential allegiance to this nation, as well?

Do Democrats and like-minded progressives prefer a president who has no special allegiance to the United States, all the better to hew to globalist priorities instead of being (gasp!) a nationalist like President Trump?

Why must Democrat candidates have such amorphous, ever-shifting, non-specific biographies?

Why must they be more like progressive archetypes than like real people–real Americans–with verifiable histories instead of blank-slate fantasies?

Both Obama and Harris spent formative years in foreign lands. As a result, it’s mandatory to question whether each holds sole allegiance to the USA, as required by the  Constitution. It remains unknown whether either holds, to this day, dual, triple, even quadruple citizenship.

Also like Obama, Harris grew up as a child of “privilege,” although she, like Obama, has tried to pass herself off as an oppressed child of color.

Oddly enough, like Obama, Harris has a sister named Maya. (Harris’s sister actually worked for Hillary Clinton!)

Again like Obama, Harris’s parents divorced and various time frames have been given for when the divorce happened. Some stories say it was when Harris was 7; others say it was when she was 5.

Also like Obama, Harris traveled as a child to foreign countries, visiting relatives. What passport did she travel on, one wonders?  Canadian? Jamaican? Indian? Will anyone ask Harris what passports she holds?

Despite that progressives claim to love transparency, neither Obama nor Harris is transparent. Repeated queries to Harris’s office have been met with stonewalling. Why is that?

If Kamala Devi Harris run for the presidency, be prepared to hear rabid accusations of bigotry and “birtherism” from Democrats and the media, should anyone dare to question her qualifications, even though every candidate should prove that he or she is fully qualified under the Constitution.

It’s incumbent upon everyone in this nation to honor the Constitution and the rule of law, presidential candidates most especially.

h/t Zenway. See commentary here.


167 responses to “Here We Go Again?

  1. HIDDEN ….just LIKE the PRIEST’s …got away …with MURDER!!! ??

    • NEVER 2 BIG …..4 WTP …. Waiting for a BRAVE SOUL …. 2 spill the BEANS! so WHERE is the KEEPER of the GOLDEN ROTTEN KEYS?

    • Chestnuts’ ….roast-in’ on an open FIRE!!!!
      the NUT 2 CRACK .. Holiday re-reading ..what a mess OUR lives R in

      • ~ QUOTATION GALLERY ~ …..^^^^^
        “Though defensive violence will always be ‘a sad necessity’ in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men.”
        – St. Augustine

        “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous, & then dismissed as trivial, until finally it becomes what everybody knows.” –
        William James

        “This is the real task before us: to reassert our commitment as a nation to a law higher than our own, to renew our spiritual strength. Only by building a wall of such spiritual resolve can we, as a free people, hope to protect our own heritage & make it someday the birthright of all men.”
        –Ronald Reagan

        A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.”
        — Edward Abbey

      • Worthy of another read, for sure.

  2. Women Who Love Trump … His approval among female Republicans
    is 93%—higher than among GOP men. …GOOD NEWS!!!
    ~ D O’Neil
    Women that like President Trump are Hot.
    They like Life.
    They Believe Chromosomes Mean something.
    They love to engage in intelligent conversations about politics,
    money & religion.
    They will even go on a date at the shooting range.
    Fly Over Country Jane in a TRUMP tee shirt is sought after.
    They are Fun!
    A life loving, feminine, smart, God loving, gun racked babe in a
    MAGA hat is a thing of pure beauty.

    • I’d be for pulling our people out of everywhere that they are. Why are we supposed to fight the world’s wars for them? And finally get the hell out of Germany and the rest of Europe. Or at least the places that obviously hate us. Stay in Poland. They’re our pals.

  3. I am out of here me.
    Troops coming home from Syria. Yea!
    I wish all of you a Joyous Christmas and I’ll be back in the New Year.

  4. Fortunately not flying.
    This is a heads up – could be coming to your airport next.
    Gatwick is our 2nd largest airport with thousands of intercontinental flights daily. It has been shut for about twenty hours now. It is still shut.
    Thousands of flights have been cancelled with no idea of when the stranded people might get away. No Idea!

    Drones have been buzzing around the airport runways and nobody knows
    what to do. More than one drone and been present for many hours. The police have no weaponry to deal with this and if the Army does they haven’t been called in.

    If you wanted to screw up tens of thousands of people’s holidays, this is a very easy way to do it. No cars full of explosives are needed and it appears very little chance of being blocked. As I say it is still going on as I type this.

    I know, usually I suspect islamic terrorism but in this case I don’t although this is clearly a more determined effort than one pimply kid in a basement.
    I would not be surprised if this turned out to be some sort of environmental terrorism. The timing is suspicious, this being the first day when many people would fly away on their Christmas holiday. It would not surprise me if some carbon fanatics wanted to shut down thousands of flights and claim sore sort of moral superiority. There was some anti global warming march a week or two ago and the rhetoric was about not waiting for the government to do anything anymore but to take direct action.

    I think this is significant because of copycat behavior, I suspect this will not be the only occurrence. Why march around with soggy billboards in the rain when you can so easily screw up tens of thousands of people’s vacations?

    So I suspect this will be the start of a string of these outrages.

    The military and police will need to figure out an effective and readily available counter. As an engineer I could think of an EMP pulse weapon to fry the electronics of the drone or maybe simpler just a radio frequency jammer to saturate the receiver in the drone keeping it from receiving any steering commands and leading to a crash. The military certainly have radio jammers because it is an essential battlefield weapon.

    This is a first occurrence. Glad I am not going by air this holiday.
    Drones against a diesel locomotive – not too worried about that one.

    • Thanks for the tip, Dave. Here’s some more info for readers:

      It could be any number of radicals. I’m suspicious of it being when people are leaving for the Christmas holidays. It brings to mind the terror attacks on Christmas markets. That can’t be a coincidence but more like a statement on Christianity. You’re correct that it may also be “green” warriors. Fanatics, all. Could be a test, too. Ya know? Trial run and then something worse? As usual, they come out and say it’s not “terror related.” Now how can they know minus having the perps in hand? And even then they pass it off as somebody being depressed or just pranking, even if they’re muslim. Isn’t that what happened recently? Some muslim guy found “not guilty” of terror even though he was shouting his reasoning as he attacked a cop with a sword? Is this some kind of perverse Stockholm Syndrome or what? Or do people hate the cops over there as much as too many seemingly hate them over here, such that it’s okay to attack cops, no matter your motivation? Who was on this jury? But I digress … Back to the story I linked: What are “industrial specification drones” and why would they be less ominous than any other kind? You can bring down a plane with a drone, no doubt, considering the number of planes that have been brought down by birds flying into engines. This is really serious and all airports need to do something to prevent this. You’re right, they need jamming or maybe anti-drone drones of their own. EMP sounds good but would it also affect the planes? I’d think a sharpshooter would be able to bring one down, but they do mention concern about something going wrong there. At least the authorities noticed these drones before anything happened. I’m glad I’m not flying but concerned about relatives who are. I hope they get a resolution, meaning that they find and identify the culprits. And then everybody whose vacation was ruined needs to pile on–sue the hell out of the jerk. 5 years in prison sounds good except in practice that probably would never happen. But if the UK has the equivalent of our small claims court, the victims of this prank (or terrorism) should step up and bankrupt the perp.

  5. Great news 👏

    • Maybe or maybe not. We have to see how this plays out. There’s the argument that he was trying to wake Flynn up to FIGHT and not go down in history as a “tradder.” He said he’d never accepted a guilty plea from someone who says he’s not guilty and so he’s not going to start now. I think he KNOWS how corrupt this whole prosecution is but his hands are tied to some extent. HAD he accepted the plea and sentenced Flynn, or dismissed the charges, then Mueller could and probably would have turned around then and slapped Flynn with a felony for not registering as a foreign lobbyist. The plea did NOT include any immunity for that and it’s exactly like the kind of thing Mueller would do. I think the judge was trying to make Flynn understand that, especially given how this is the judge that got justice (too late, though) for Ted Stevens.

  6. By party affiliation, Republicans Overwhelmingly Support building the WALL, Democrats overwhelmingly oppose it, ^^^ & Independents are divided:

    Republican Support: 86%….IF U OWN a BRAIN SAY YES!

    Democrat Opposition: 90% ….DUMB as ROCKS 4 a very SLY REASON
    SAY ………NO NO NO NO …..ha’ …..

    Independents: 47% Support,
    & 51% Oppose ….. REALLY ??? get a brain … WTP have EXTRAS

    • It’s amusing. Just look at the polls out there. Of course, most don’t explain the question or their methodology, but you can give at least 10-20 more points to the WALL side, taking into account the usual bias. I just saw a CBS story that said “Americans continue to oppose the Wall.” However, back in June, CBS ran their own poll that said a MAJORITY of Americans wanted the Wall! Too funny. That’s “continuing” to oppose the wall? Less than 6 months later. Commons sense says that MOST PEOPLE want that damned wall and it’s not hard to find an UNBIASED poll that proves it. Whatever the media say, THEY LIE. They have ZERO credibility at this point.

  7. …… @ WND
    Nearly 200,000 Americans put up Cash to Build IT! ….USA !!!

    • And all social media companies will be more than happy to make the video go viral. Amazing. This was reported 2 days ago. Did ANYBODY here see it reported in our news? Imagine if they were black, though. I wonder if it would be reported.

  8. HARD .. ” BALL” … or hard Balls? .. I STAND 4 TRUMP’S WALL’ YES
    ~ Dick B
    Trump needs to shut down the government PERMANENTLY, Until the Complete wall funding is in place. These communists will be under a lot of heat, because all these workers in the Government vote Democratic. Trump also needs to write an executive order saying no BACK PAY. They longer it
    is closed the more pressure on these communists.

  9. YIKES YIKES … HOLY ~ COW! once again get a CLUE U ain’t cute

    • They couldn’t “resist.” 🙂

      That is a HIDEOUS dress, imho. She does NOT wear it well, although Melania would because she looks great in ANYTHING. Is Moo trying to copy Melania yellow?

      A person with common sense chooses dresses that are flattering, not those that point out the obvious flaws in one’s physique.

      • Not only does that thing look like a bath robe, but apparently Moo got confused, too, as she forgot her underwear–at least on top. Another faux pas. Imagine if Melania showed nips.

  10. A TIE ..or A TOSS UP ..? … like JOHN McCAIN …THUMB – DOWN!!!

    • Exactly! At first, I thought maybe she just painted her ho boots with sparkly nail polish. Balenciaga? Doesn’t she like AMERICAN designers? She’s a little too old for that kind of thing, imho. She has no grace or style or common sense.

    • So true and the debt is now worse thanks to the Fed’s tinkering in order to make POTUS look as if he can’t run the government and so he doesn’t get credit for the progress over the past 2 years. This is how corrupt and immoral the Deep State is. Progressives don’t CARE if they destroy the finances of families across America, especially older people. In FACT, they deliberately do it in order to manipulate the deplorables into voting the way progressives prefer.

  11. BREAKING: Administration official: Defense chief Jim Mattis to leave as of Jan. 1, Trump to name deputy Patrick Shanahan as acting secretary.

    — AP Politics (@AP_Politics) December 23, 2018

  12. Interesting!

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