Eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas

Tomorrow is the feast of St. Nicholas–the man who gave rise to the legend of Santa Claus.

Wikipedia provides some background:

Saint Nicholas of Myra (traditionally 15 March 270 – 6 December 343), also known as Nicholas of Bari, was an early Christianbishopof the ancient Greek city of Myra in Asia Minor (modern-day Demre, Turkey) during the time of the Roman Empire. He is revered by many Christians as a saint. Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, children, brewers, pawnbrokers, and students in various cities and countries around Europe. His reputation evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints, and his legendary habit of secret gift-giving gave rise to the traditional model of Santa Claus (“Saint Nick”) through Sinterklaas.

The image at the top of this post shows Nicholas surreptitiously tossing a bag of gold coins through the window of a poor widower, to provide dowries for his three daughters. (He doesn’t look much like the Santa Claus we know!)

St. Nicholas also is said to have placed coins in the shoes of sleeping children. And so, even today, children put their shoes out in a prominent location on the Eve of St. Nicholas Day, hoping that he will leave a coin or a treat for them.

There’s also a sinister side to traditions surrounding St. Nicholas:

In Germanic countries, St. Nicholas is accompanied by Krampus, an evil spirit or little devil, usually dressed in fur or black with a long tail, and carries a rattling chain, birch branches and a big black bag. … St. Nicholas Eve is known in some rural areas of Austria as “Krampus Day.” Children and adults go to the village square to throw snowballs and try to chase off Krampus. Other Krampuses lie in wait, rattling their chains and threatening to carry off naughty children in their black bags, or to punish them with their birch branches. All this is done in fun; Krampus’ main purpose is remind the children to be good.

Now that’s creepy!

Watch out for the Krampuses (Krampi?) tonight.

Put out your shoes. Maybe St. Nick will leave you a gift. If not, at least your shoes will be aired out.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!



150 responses to “Eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas

  1. All over the mainstream media, they are dissing a smart, competent, experienced WOMAN. Heather Nauert is dissed as incompetent, a light-weight, dumb, a FOX “personality,” and even as just another in a string of nominees who are “buffoons.” https://www.stltoday.com/opinion/editorial/editorial-nauert-nomination-highlights-trump-s-warped-thinking-on-personnel/article_ad0dd3f5-dc22-5d6b-a558-677f666ad20b.html

    They totally forget that Nauert was ALSO on ABC News, Nightline, and Good Morning America; she won an Emmy award, too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Nauert

    She has a master’s degree from the vaunted (Barry’s alma mater) Columbia University. She was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has held government positions. WHY are they dissing this woman as little more than a TV personality for “right wing” news?

    SEXISM. Or is it just that they hate blonds?

    • I’m so glad this was on. It was beautiful and a useful corrective for the mainstream media hate-on-Melania meme. Even the red trees leading down the hall looked beautiful, in context, which of course was deliberately removed from the hateful media’s narrative.

  2. Click to copyhttps://apnews.com/950257f926194e41bc156de2d4138abb

    Paris under siege: >>>> TEAR GAS ,<<<< fury on the Champs-Elysees

    ….. yesterday

    • Here we thought that all of this was so outrageous. Little did we know that it was only the tip of the iceberg that is everything outrageous and illegal and unconstitutional that Barry and his peeps, particularly Brennan, did.

    • Sharon makes many valid points. Since WHEN was it illegal, an impeachable offense (remembering that the person wasn’t even POTUS yet), to do business with, to brainstorm with, to plan with, to talk to, or anything else with people who happened to be Russian? Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, many people, including the CLINTONS, were doing business, collecting money, promoting their pet policies on the other side of the Iron Curtain. We were not at war with Russia or its government. Our government was activitely promoting investment in other countries–you know, globalism. It’s not illegal to have contacts with Russians, whether one is a candidate, a citizen, or the POTUS.

  3. found this looking for a cookbook ? what a list

  4. DONATE .. USA 4 OUR WALL .. it’$ really PEANUT$ in the LONG run

    Lindsey Graham to Trump: ‘Dig In, Do Not Give In’ on Border Wall

    On this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) advised President Donald Trump not to give
    in on his demand for $5 billion in border … W A L L funding.

    Graham said, “If I were the president, I would dig in and not give in on additional wall funding. I want the whole $5 billion because the Caravan
    a … >>>>>> Game-changer.” <<<<< !!!

  5. James Comey is a serial liar and arguably a serial felon who supervised & directed Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, & Lisa Page in an organized deep state coup to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison & Donald Trump out of the White House. And along the way he picked up a few Million buck$ thanks
    to a long-standing Friend, Colleague & Benefactor, Robert Mueller, whom he then rewarded a license to Over-throw a sitting President of the United States. …… the FACT ? …..these R the FACTS!!! ….



    • Interesting. The thing is: We still don’t know if BHO Sr. IS his father, so it’s an exercise in futility. Who’s the mummy? Who’s the daddy? We don’t know and may never know. I still remember pointing out that that statement “That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children. …” IMPLIES it covers Barry but covers only BHO Sr.’s “children” of which Barry could be or may not be one.

    • Reading to the end, one notes the importance of having been born after 1958. Barry has always seemed older to me than he claims. Look at him now. How old does he look?

    • And while they plot, our “intelligence community” goes after POTUS and dupes stupid white guys into “plotting” to attack synagogues.

    • Some of us saw the man behind the mask a long time ago. How anybody still doesn’t see that this particular emperor-wanna-be is a lying partisan, is beyond me. People see what they want to see. Or else they pretend to see what they want to see. Which is worse? The deluded or the devious?

  7. OK Miri
    Here is complicated question for you.
    Santa Claus is coming to town.
    He’s making a list,
    He’s checking it twice.
    He’s going to find out
    who’s naughty (…) nice
    now here’s the question,
    is that logical operator OR or AND
    You could elaborate that line into He is going
    to find out if YOU ( a member of a large group called kids)
    are naughty or you are nice
    But you could also elaborate it into He is going to find out which members of the group are naughty
    and which members of the group are nice.
    In which case the line should be
    He’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice.
    It’s a Venn diagram kind of thing so you, Miri, are the best person to answer this definitively

    • Wow. That’s a good one! My first impression is that it should be “or.” Isn’t that how the song goes? But that disallows the possibility that a kid can be both naughty and nice, which is more like reality. Santa’s cutting out a huge chunk of kids from his list.

      Or is it lists? One for naughty and one for nice? Or maybe he’s really just looking for whoever fits “naughty” in any degree?

      If I were writing a computer program, I’d have to use “or” because otherwise I’d be excluding all kids who are totally naughty and all kids who are totally nice and including only those kids who are both naughty AND nice, which probably would end up including all children, now that I think about it, because there’s no kid that I know of who’s totally naughty or totally nice.

      We need more specifications from Santa about what his goal really is. How’s he going to use his list? To what degree can a kid be naughty and still end up on the nice list?

      I confess I’m not very familiar with Venn diagrams other than that they will illustrate things like “intersectionality.” Although I had to use logic in my former professions, I’ve never had any class in logic, either in high school or college. If I do need to know more about formal logic, I research it.

      Santa’s list seems to end up being any kid who’s never naughty, which probably means nobody’s going to have a visit from Santa.

  8. Shut it down 👍

  9. Trump says military to build border wall if Congress refuses…
    Pelosi Insults President’s ‘Manhood’…
    Explosive Oval Office Shouting Match With Dem Leaders…
    Nancy, Chuck: Let’s Keep Our Talks ‘Private’…
    3,000 illegals caught in a day!
    2-year-old crossed without parents…


    ……. ??

    • What a smarmy jerk he is. Did you see his testimony where Jim Jordan was questioning him about that biased email chain some pro-“Latino” diversity employee of Google wrote, where she said that Google helped get out the “Latino” vote in “KEY STATES?” He wouldn’t answer Jordan’s question about how it proves PARTISAN bias and, imho, illegal partisan “in kind” donations, but just kept saying (trust him?) that Google “looked into it and found no EVIDENCE” of partisan bias. Yep. Just take their word for it. THIS calls for a federal government investigation into whether this was an illegal in-kind donation to the Democrat Party. Jordan said it would be well and good for Google to help get out votes in any state, so long as they did it in ALL states and not just “key states” (key states for whom?). It’s a public service to get out the vote, but not to get out only the votes of the people who vote the way you want. Sundar’s on videotape decrying the defeat of Hillary, so …

      POTUS, I’m sorry, is asleep at the wheel on this one. If the DOJ and the new AG don’t get onto this illegal partisan manipulation of the Internet, then their party is DOOMED.

  10. …..let it rain…. ….THE FAT HOAX …… leave mother-nature alone!

    • Oh, what a hoax is it, indeed. Today I read somewhere that they’re actually blaming global warming on the FACT that there’s more ice in Antarctica than expected and that, therefore, their predicted rise in sea levels (also expected to be caused by global warming) ain’t happening. Such GASLIGHTING of the public. I’m telling you. No matter WHAT happens, it’s global warming that caused it (unless it’s Trump. Or maybe it’s both.)

    • And they wonder why there might be science deniers. Well, it ain’t SCIENCE we’re denying. It’s LYING SCIENCE we deny. There was an example in the news today. Remember how pro-abortion advocates get royally perturbed because anti-abortion advocates cite the FACT that women who’ve had abortions are at heightened risk for breast cancer and that women who have had pregnancies and those who breast fed have lower risk for breast cancer? Well, that’s always bugged the pro-abortion people–that there’s some valid science anti-abortion people can cite that might actually sway women into not having an abortion. VOILA! Today I hear touted all over the mainstream TV News that a new study shows that being a mother increases a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer! Opposite land. The exact opposite of what “science” told us for years. Guaranteed this new study is spun to “prove” that it’s better to get an abortion than to risk having the kid and getting breast cancer. How can BOTH results be true?

  11. so U say …ha BARRY DID??? or did he just DO NOTHING’
    Things Trump doesn’t understand:
    Coin toss
    Water bottles
    Telephone speaker
    Big words
    Press conferences
    US allies
    Foreign policy
    Campaign rules
    The Constitution
    Individual – 1

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