Green Scooters and Bikes?

Cities across the country (indeed, across the globe) have introduced dockless electric scooters and bikes in an effort to be environmentally greener. These alternative modes of transportation within urban areas are supposed to help “cities meet their goals of reducing carbon emissions and cutting car traffic.”

Oh, yes. Because if people ride electric bikes or scooters, then they’re not burning fossil fuels or pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, thus leading to the dreaded “anthropogenic global climate change.”

But wait! Don’t these things run on electricity? Why, yes, they do. Where does the electricity come from? In most cases, from burning fossil fuels like natural gas and coal.

Even so, a progressive might say, scooters and bikes that use electricity derived from burning fossil fuels are still “greener” than driving pollution-spewing, gasoline burning automobiles to tool around a city. Right? Well, you might think  so at first think. But think about this:

How do these dockless bikes and scooters work? First a rider has to find a bike or scooter to ride. There’s an app for that!

The app allows the rider to find and unlock the bike or scooter, start it up, and begin racking up charges that will go on the rider’s credit card. Upon reaching the destination, the rider leaves the bike or scooter there. No need to return it to the original location. That’s why these things are called dockless.

So far, so good. But if the bikes and scooters are dockless, then how do they get recharged? Therein lies the rub.

Companies hire freelancers, part of the 21st Century gig economy, to locate “low charge” scooters and bikes via an app that knows where they’re parked, to pick them up, to charge them at their own homes, and then to redeposit them at a company-specified location (a hub, not a dock) before a company-specified time.

Upon doing so, the chargers (aka juicers or watchers) “collect their bounty” for services rendered–anywhere from $4 to $20 per charged bike or scooter.

The chargers drive automobiles, SUVs, vans, or trucks, sometimes hauling trailers, in order to collect bikes and scooters for overnight recharging. It’s a free-for-all, with chargers competing with others looking to find and grab the same bike or scooter. It’s likely that more than one charger is headed to the same location to pick up a bike or scooter. Only one will get there first to claim the prize.

The chargers foot the bill for the electricity they put into the bikes and scooters, and they also foot the bill for the gasoline they burn up swarming around in search of bikes and scooters. 

Chargers can drive miles in search of a single bike or scooter. One charger reported that when she first began this gig,

she was driving 11 miles per scooter, according to records she kept for tax purposes. As she got more experienced at finding the scooters, she cut that to four miles, or about 25 cents in gas money per scooter.

Does this sound green to you?

What emissions are saved by having commuters or tourists ride electric bikes and scooters around an urban area only to have someone else, at night, under cover of darkness, drive a gasoline-guzzling, carbon-emission-spewing SUV, truck, or van to the same place to pick up the bike or scooter, drive it to their own home, and then drive it to a hub the next day?

This scheme has to use a lot of  energy, maybe even more than would have been used had the riders simply used their own car or rode a bus.

What a freaking scam! But hey! It looks good. Cities have created the perception that they’re being green.

Look at all those trips on energy-efficient electric bikes and scooters!

Look at all the carbon emissions reduced!

(Don’t look at what happens at night, when swarms of gasoline-powered vehicles circle a city, in search of “green” bikes or scooters to recharge. Don’t look at those carbon emissions. They don’t count.)

Does this make sense? Is this yet another example of progressive illogic?

What a joke! A joke that’s probably on us, the taxpayers.

One can only imagine what sorts of tax breaks, subsidies, grants and/or start-up funds were awarded to the geniuses who thought up these schemes.

More reading about “global warming” and why progressives promote the myth of anthropogenic climate change here.


151 responses to “Green Scooters and Bikes?

  1. Whoever heard of “rescinding” a resignation? I mean, it’s a done deal. Bridges already burned. Like a contract. You don’t get to take it back unless your employer is a fool. Does FL LAW allow this?


    This will really make no difference. He will STILL refuse to answer pertinent questions by saying it’s “classified” and he can’t answer because the agreement is that the transcript will be public. The only thing the people will miss is seeing him grandstanding and mugging for the camera–that and truthful answers. And they’re not going to hold him to keeping his big yap shut.

  3. …..MUST SEE!!! TONIGHT!
    & the band beats ON!!! …..

    • So now Macron is beginning to sound a lot like a U.S. conservative Republican. Amazing how a reality check can change hearts and minds.

  4. I Hope the president names his next attorney general soon, too, but even more, I hope we won’t have to wait much longer for the FISA investigation documents to be declassified & released. Then we can see if Mueller & Comey, Clapper & Brennan, & a host of other Obama thugs like playing defense under legal tactics & rules they instituted. The concerns of those countries who connived with them — Australia & Britain, I’m looking at you — will be exposed, but it might teach them a lesson to never permit their intelligence officers to do this again.
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  5. Judge Sullivan also said: “In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve NEVER
    seen anything approaching the mishandling & misconduct that I’ve seen
    in This Case.” <<<<<<< …..^^^^^^

    Mark Begich, who became the senator from Alaska after beating Stevens
    in 2008, was the 60th filibuster-proof vote for Obamacare.

    One of the prosecutors in the case committed suicide & the FBI agent who blew the whistle on the injustice was Hounded out of the FBI while the agent responsible for the Bogus charges was promoted.

    Stevens later died in a plane crash, a ruined man.
    But that’s what Mueller does, ………….he ruins people — if it’s Good for HIS Career, that is. <<<<<<
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  6. National ….BARRY WHO??? OBAMA??? BOOK her MOOCHIE???
    Zullo on Obama Long-Form:

    “There is NO…… Original Certificate; There NEVER Was”

    “THE MICROFILM WILL HAVE THE TRUTH” by Sharon Rondeau (Dec.…

    Zullo: Obama Birth Certificate “Third Rail in the Media”

  7. so TIRED …of the BLACK JIVE PUSHERS! WAKE Up more R coming!

    Sharpton is a tax dodge & an inciter of riots. He Enjoys Expensive suits, Expensive hotels, Expensive restuarants. He lives the good life, cashing in on his notoriety and celebrity. Democratic candidates pay homage to him & he is great friends >>>>>> with the Clintons. <<<<< ha' wonder WHY?

    But he's still just a 2 B I T street Hustler who few will call out for his excessives because they Fear the Racial BackLash.

    SEE IT SAY SO .. a 2 BIT HUSTLER 24/7 that's AL $HARPTON's $tyle
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    • Nor do I. But the DemoncRATS cheat. They’ve stolen multiple races in CA. It’s outrageous what they’ve done. How is it possible that CA can pass a law to allow people unrelated to a voter to pick up and supposedly deliver the voter’s ballot to the polls? What about chain of custody?

    • So completely transparent. The fake hate crime was a conspiracy to GIVE OTHER BLACK STUDENTS a pretense to make a list of “demands” in order to ameliorate the hate that doesn’t exist. This is a well-known ploy that has worked on other campuses. Only difference here is that the person who instigated the fake hate has been proven to be complicit in the fake hate. At the U of MO, for example, there was a black student who CLAIMED that someone called him the n-word from a passing automobile. There couldn’t be proof one way or another. The student just said it happened.

      In this recent case, the fact that the black students still PRETEND to be afraid (for no reason whatsoever) and that they intend to go ahead with all their planned anti-hate activities and protests, proves that it was in the works all along and that no matter what they’re going to keep plowing ahead with their own RACIST campaign. Yes, it IS racist because the whole thing is based upon a lie intended to BLAME PEOPLE OF ANOTHER RACE FOR SOMETHING OF WHICH THEY ARE NOT GUILTY and then to make them or the institution, in effect, pay reparations for a crime that never happened. At least not to the people who want the reparations. Who should GET reparations and at least an APOLOGY are all the white students and whites in general who were being blamed for the fake hate.

      They actually want to NOT charge the black kid with a crime, even though he created fear and concern and instigated hate against students of another color (white), because they want to say his motive was NOT “hate” per se because he himself is black. What nonsense. He should be kicked out of the school and the school should not pay attention to ANY of the “demands” the students of color are making because this is a NON-INCIDENT! It did not happen. There WAS NO RACIST INCIDENT (other than the racism implicit in students of color conspiring to blame white students for being racists, when they weren’t being racist).

    • Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) gave a grim prediction on the 2020 presidential race on Saturday, warning that the race is ^^^^ “going to be ugly.”
      “Let’s be honest. It’s going to be ugly,” Harris told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski in an interview at an event in San Francisco on Saturday.

      “When you break things, it is painful,” she continued. “And you get cut.
      And you bleed.” <<<<<< really?

  8. “What we want to SEE is the Original Microfilm records from 1961,”
    Zullo continued, “& we also would want to SEE the other File that contained information that was imported into ‘the original file’…the Microfilm will have the T R U T H .”

    “The Other file” likely refers to the Birth Certificate of Joanna Ah’Nee, which Zullo concluded was a source document for the Obama long-form Forgery.

    Later in the show, Gallups suggested to producer & guest Mike Shoesmith that the “Collusion” was among Government agencies, including “Courts,”
    on the Obama Birth Certificate. “
    …they don’t Want to Deal with it, BE-cause they’re ALL complicit, including Congress,” Gallups said. ….YEP YEP YEP YEP ……

    ~ Bob68 – Sunday, December 2, 2018
    Yep, Carl Gallups said in the last paragraph of the article above what has been proven without any reasonable doubt. Understanding that this was happening could be Done as far back as almost 10 years ago. My post from 2009 on this subject R not much different than they R today, …BUTT’ the people & groups involved R more easily identified as their desperate cover-up of The Obama Fraud, brought on by the election of Donald J. Trump, has made them Become ….as in “BECOMING” ….. ha’….even more UN-Hinged
    in their Efforts to Protect Barry ……
    to Protect Them $elves. $$$$$ !
    We Know What happened & HOW it Happened…..
    what remains is the Ultimate O U T – Come. <<<<<<<<
    Will our Constitutional Republic WIN or will the Deep State remain in control?

    I am very thankful for The Post & Email & ALL who have Devoted their time & Energy to Keeping this Issue Alive… It takes Courage to Openly deal with this issue & to those people who took it on themselves to DO … their part,
    & much more, in this important effort……I see them as American Heroes.
    And N E V E R ….. EVER …… give up ……MAGA.

  9. sticky sweet when she’s LEMON HEAD !!! … GO AWAY … HILL & BILL

    In conclusion, this old retired Army officer offers the following:

    Abolish all political parties as antithetical to our Judeo-Christian heritage.
    Bring back the Hays Office to curb the proliferation of gratuitous sex.
    Force the Congress to call, immediately for August 2019 in the congressional chambers, an Article V COS.
    Indict the nearly 100 known TRAITORS who gave aid to the Muslim Brotherhood during the period late 2012-early 2013.
    Bring such charges as may be sustained against the purveyors of FAKE news. We the People deserve a reliable press, paper or TV.
    Apprehend and try all criminal aliens and deport the remainder.
    Put a halt to all the fraud associated with “Climate Change.” They are totally unable to forecast, let alone control, even local weather.
    Criminalize OFA, Antifa, OWS, #ME TOO, The Black Panther Party, La Raza and all similar.
    Demand Congress disband all 694 congressional do-nothing caucuses.
    Eliminate the DEA, which is a tool for big Pharma, refuses to seek cures and chooses to sell expensive and dangerous pills. There is much evidence to support the elimination of Type II diabetes and likely juvenile and overt Type I diabetes. Also, early onset Alzheimer’s may be eliminated. Greed is rampant in the pharmaceutical area.
    Teach and recommend the use of very high-pressure water cannons to break up riots and to protect police attempting to make arrests in riotous situation such as in Portland, New York City and Charlottesville.
    Cease government financial support for Planned Parenthood and charge abortionists with MURDER!
    If states such as New Jersey refuse to reinstate the death penalty for MURDER, apply such sanctions as necessary. We are, after all, a Judeo-Christian nation. Follow God’s Law!
    Forbid the immigration of any and all Muslims, make Shariah Law unconstitutional and forbid FGM.
    Reintroduce and let’s pass Alice Paul’s Equal Rights Amendment; though Hillary is a lying criminal, there are without doubt highly-qualified ladies who would serve more than adequately as our President.
    Outlaw such disgusting organizations as NAMBLA, The North American Man-Boy Love Association.
    Delegitimize the LGBTQ organization. This, too, is in direct opposition to our Judeo-Christian Heritage.

    Most respectfully offered for your consideration,
    ~ Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

    • Where would we be without JW?

    • That’s a good angle because not only did they collude with the media, but they also appear to have colluded with DemoncRATS who sit on committees, at least according to a Ukrainian guy who Gateway Pundit interviewed. The goal was to introduce all this made up “dirt” in committee hearings and somehow, they hoped, force Trump off the ticket or at least ensure at least a certain percentage of his supporters wouldn’t vote for him after all.

  11. This is not your father’s Democratic Party …..^^^^^^
    It is a daunting line-up, including many of those regarded as front runners.

    Senator Kamala Harris

    Senator Cory Booker

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
    Senator Amy Klobuchar
    Senator Sherrod Brown
    Former A.G. Eric Holder
    Billionaire Tom Steyer
    California’s Rep. Eric Swalwell
    Maryland’s Rep. John Delaney
    Ohio’s Rep. Tim Ryan
    Former governor Bob Casey
    Former governor Martin O’Malley
    Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend
    Senator Michael Bennet
    Senator Chris Murphy
    Massachusetts’s Rep. Seth Moulton

    American Jews continue to support Democrats by a huge margin.
    They are FOOLS <<<<<<<<

    • Isn’t it time for Journalists to S T O P Pretending the Justice Department operated independently under Obama when he was ABLE… to dictatorially
      S T O P an investigation that started in 2008? ….^^^^^^^

      The Media say they deals with Facts, so why Don’t they Fact-check Obama when he goes around RE-gurgitating the Fake claim that his administration was Scandal-Free? Journalists should report about the mass corruption, … perjury, …. law-breaking, & abuse of power.
      …. They could S T A R T ….. with:
      rewarding political bundlers
      the Obamacare lies
      the Benghazi lies
      dictatorially implementing DACA
      illegally spying on thousands, including Trump & those surrounding him
      injecting informants into Trump’s campaign
      lying to get the deal done with Iran
      selling uranium to Russia
      Hillary’s multiple violations of security laws
      Hillary selling access at State Department
      Obama lying about knowing about Hillary’s email
      perjury by Clapper, Holder, Brennan, Rice, & others
      stifling free speech rights at the IRS
      weaponizing the Justice Department and iintelligence agencies to protect supporters and target political opponents & this drug investigation
      (I am sure others can think of more scandals & examples of abuse of power.)

      For the next several years and decades we will see Obama, journalists, historians, professors & others attempt to rewrite history to try to make Obama look good because they supported Obama no matter what he said
      or did – & it is self-serving to make it look like Obama was a great president.
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  12. Nice!!

  13. facebkwallflower

    Been awhile since I posted but got something to share.

    So, I am binging on the old serires “House”, a medical-type show and weirded out. The main guest character patient in season 1episode 17 is a US Senator, black. Knowing now what we do about Hollywood and Deep State and Media make one scene creepy and maybe even truth-telling. The show aired April 2005.

    Remember after the 2004 Dem conventionhow Obama was praised and practically annointed as the next Dem presidential candidate by TIME magazine? Well, this senator in the show is black and maybe gay and it is said something like there will one day be a black president, and one day
    a gay president, an even one day a black gay president……..

    Struck me enough to check air date. Pretty sure Usurpers and alt gov already knew who was gonna win 2008.

  14. RUSSIA RUSSIA ….. ha’ …. John Calvin Batchelor

  15. puke …twice!!! …drag them worn OUT stories 2 DEATH…get over U!

  16. ~ seemynewname ^^^^^ SO FULL of SHIT & Them-selves …24/7
    Please, we weren’t ready for a president willing to sell us OUT to global interests more than any other president in history. This reminds me of all
    of the excuses Hillary had for losing. But in fact she lost because she was going to continue Obama’s policies.

    She is wrong, America always wants a competent president, experienced
    in life’s issues. barack >>>>> was neither. <<<<<> 57 US states

    We’ve learned that being a community organizer is not Enough qualification to be President of the United States. But some of US knew that beforehand.

  17. ….lots ….. & think-in’of your loss…

  18. To date, there is no evidence that President Trump committed any crime, including colluding with the Russians. While Robert Mueller’s eventual report will likely lay out a damaging picture of the president & those with whom he associated, 3 things should be noted. First, the report will likely rely on the statements of people whose credibility has been tarnished. Second, the report will be one-sided& will most likely be refuted by the president & his legal team by way of written response. Third, & most importantly, if the allegations by Corsi turn out to be true,… the Mueller investigation could be brought to an abrupt end, thereby rendering any possible reportmeaningless.
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  19. Two things stand out. One, Republicans have done nothing to cut off at least some of the benefits, such as the earned income tax credit, which is so obviously a magnet for non-contributory migrants who come here to take, without putting a penny into the system. Where were these Republicans when they had some power to end this injustice?

    Two, the Democrats are pushing for more of this kind of welfare migration, extending the goody table ever farther for them. California, for instance, wants to put every low-waged illegal on Medi-Cal, offering up a free ride to all takers from abroad while the rest of us make rent-sized payments for our health insurance, and Democrats want to extend the vast banquet table of benefits ($12 billion’s worth) to DREAMers. That speaks to a party desperate to import more poverty to secure votes. That was how Hugo Chávez secured his votes – and his permanent power in Venezuela.

    Voters haven’t a CLUE ,,,,, as to how >>>> dangerous this all is. !!!
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  20. YEP! as they LEAD? & BLEED our county DRY … many of OUR PAST

  21. ……WIN ….. WIN ….. WIN ….ing …. in ATLANTA
    Republican Brad Raffensperger wins runoff for Georgia secretary of state
    amid debate over voter access, security.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …

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