Green Scooters and Bikes?

Cities across the country (indeed, across the globe) have introduced dockless electric scooters and bikes in an effort to be environmentally greener. These alternative modes of transportation within urban areas are supposed to help “cities meet their goals of reducing carbon emissions and cutting car traffic.”

Oh, yes. Because if people ride electric bikes or scooters, then they’re not burning fossil fuels or pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, thus leading to the dreaded “anthropogenic global climate change.”

But wait! Don’t these things run on electricity? Why, yes, they do. Where does the electricity come from? In most cases, from burning fossil fuels like natural gas and coal.

Even so, a progressive might say, scooters and bikes that use electricity derived from burning fossil fuels are still “greener” than driving pollution-spewing, gasoline burning automobiles to tool around a city. Right? Well, you might think  so at first think. But think about this:

How do these dockless bikes and scooters work? First a rider has to find a bike or scooter to ride. There’s an app for that!

The app allows the rider to find and unlock the bike or scooter, start it up, and begin racking up charges that will go on the rider’s credit card. Upon reaching the destination, the rider leaves the bike or scooter there. No need to return it to the original location. That’s why these things are called dockless.

So far, so good. But if the bikes and scooters are dockless, then how do they get recharged? Therein lies the rub.

Companies hire freelancers, part of the 21st Century gig economy, to locate “low charge” scooters and bikes via an app that knows where they’re parked, to pick them up, to charge them at their own homes, and then to redeposit them at a company-specified location (a hub, not a dock) before a company-specified time.

Upon doing so, the chargers (aka juicers or watchers) “collect their bounty” for services rendered–anywhere from $4 to $20 per charged bike or scooter.

The chargers drive automobiles, SUVs, vans, or trucks, sometimes hauling trailers, in order to collect bikes and scooters for overnight recharging. It’s a free-for-all, with chargers competing with others looking to find and grab the same bike or scooter. It’s likely that more than one charger is headed to the same location to pick up a bike or scooter. Only one will get there first to claim the prize.

The chargers foot the bill for the electricity they put into the bikes and scooters, and they also foot the bill for the gasoline they burn up swarming around in search of bikes and scooters. 

Chargers can drive miles in search of a single bike or scooter. One charger reported that when she first began this gig,

she was driving 11 miles per scooter, according to records she kept for tax purposes. As she got more experienced at finding the scooters, she cut that to four miles, or about 25 cents in gas money per scooter.

Does this sound green to you?

What emissions are saved by having commuters or tourists ride electric bikes and scooters around an urban area only to have someone else, at night, under cover of darkness, drive a gasoline-guzzling, carbon-emission-spewing SUV, truck, or van to the same place to pick up the bike or scooter, drive it to their own home, and then drive it to a hub the next day?

This scheme has to use a lot of  energy, maybe even more than would have been used had the riders simply used their own car or rode a bus.

What a freaking scam! But hey! It looks good. Cities have created the perception that they’re being green.

Look at all those trips on energy-efficient electric bikes and scooters!

Look at all the carbon emissions reduced!

(Don’t look at what happens at night, when swarms of gasoline-powered vehicles circle a city, in search of “green” bikes or scooters to recharge. Don’t look at those carbon emissions. They don’t count.)

Does this make sense? Is this yet another example of progressive illogic?

What a joke! A joke that’s probably on us, the taxpayers.

One can only imagine what sorts of tax breaks, subsidies, grants and/or start-up funds were awarded to the geniuses who thought up these schemes.

More reading about “global warming” and why progressives promote the myth of anthropogenic climate change here.


151 responses to “Green Scooters and Bikes?

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  2. Well Dang Nab It!
    A State funeral and a Pacific tsunami on Dec 5.
    I want to ride my news cycle isn’t a song by Queen,
    Q tells us that HW’s CIA given name is Timberwolf
    (Canus Lupus) related to the common dog.
    I don’t know whether he was suggesting anything with that or just trying to be helpful.
    So today, HRC, Comey were to testify under oath in Congress and Federal prosecutor Huber was going to give evidence.
    All that has been put off a bit.
    That new day will come, of course, unless a new big deal event is in the works.
    You think so? Is another Big Deal Event being commissioned as we speak?
    Opinions on a post card please…
    I say Yes, me.

  3. Hi Y’all,
    I bet you want to know about what is happening with Brexit.
    Don’t ya?
    Trump has mentioned Brexit a few times but here’s what is happening today.
    Brexit stands for British Exit from the European Union.
    A couple of years ago the UK government gave a referendum to the electorate asking whether or not the UK should withdraw from the European Union.
    By a narrow margin people said they want to leave. About 52% leave to 48% stay.
    That vote wasn’t on legislation it was just an opinion so that left the
    government free to craft the law that would do the actual pull out.
    Havoc ever since!
    At the moment, the Prime Minister, (alleged to be a globalist) negotiated
    a deal that NOBODY in Parliament (Congress) likes.
    Main run:
    The UK involves Northern Ireland. Southern Ireland is a separate country that is and will remain in the EU. Ireland has had chaos and death over many decades over this division, but it has gotten quiet lately. Ireland threatens that if a new border arises in Ireland all the trouble will come back.
    In order to avoid this border the PM has negotiated a deal that is nothing to everyone and commits the entire EU to participate essentially in the EU well like forever and cedes the right to ever again unilaterally withdraw,
    short of declaring WAR. UK has nukes, so does France. Both countries have one aircraft carrier each, but the French one has airplanes while the UK one only has helicopters.
    Well Parliament has figured this out and the PM and her government looks
    like heading for defeat on the one required vote to finally confirm the deal.
    The PM suffered three procedural defeats yesterday and the vote is on DEC 11. Looks like she will lose it.

    It is a tradition in the UK that the government HAS TO WIN every single bill presented to Parliament. (We don’t have anything like that obviously)
    If they don’t a no-confidence vote is certain. If the PM loses that vote then her government is no longer in place.
    Who takes charge?
    Anyone who can win a vote of confidence and they would stay in power until the next scheduled election (2022).
    So the UK could change from a Conservative to a Socialist government without people having any vote.
    Ain’t that marvellous?
    The only people having a very excited party over all of this is the so called bunch of journalists. Most everybody else are tired of the whole thing.
    Now you know.

    • Thank you so much for the concise round up of what’s going on. It’s just about what I thought was happening, even though there’s scant REAL coverage (unbiased) here in the States. I admit the UK’s system is puzzling, especially the part about how the “no-condidence” vote can end up overturning the will of the People. Wouldn’t the DemoncRATS love that here? It’s what they’re trying to do with Trump, actually; but our system (fortunately) doesn’t allow them to just substitute what THEY want after they succeed in getting rid of the guy they don’t want in there, by hook or by crook. CROOK being the operative word with these people.

      I sort of thought that the powers that be over there, the ones who don’t want Brexit, are running out the clock and hoping to just see it all collapse when there’s no agreement. How better to do it than to “negotiate” a non-starter? But then there’s the off chance that Parliament will actually accept that the UK will be a vassal state to the EU. The globalists would like that, even probably those in the UK. So much easier to impose what the EU wants without the pesky will of the British people getting in the way. If it collapses, then they embrace the chaos and hope the people change their minds and decide to STAY in the EU as is.

      I have to laugh about how the French, such a socialist, holier-than-thou, globalist-loving state, is now getting a dose of reality. Their Paris Accords and fixing global warming. All that. Here they get their first dose of the medicine that they all allegedly believe will save the globe from disastrous warming–a GAS TAX to wean the people off fossil fuels–and what happens? They RIOT and their socialist government CAPITULATES! Just freaking caves. And Trump gets the last laugh. But guess what? It’s not enough for them. Now they’re planning more of the usual socialist “peaceful protests” about a “living wage,” etc.

      This is how it always is with socialists, progressives, liberals. They have NO IMAGINATION. They cannot deal with REALITY. They can’t think a few moves ahead, so could never be chess players. Things have to actually happen, before they realize what a dumb idea any policy they support is.

      Global warming comes from burning fossil fuels so the answer MUST BE: don’t burn fossil fuels. Will civilization crash? Yes. Will economies collapse? Yes. Is it practical? No. Will it work? No. But they don’t believe it until they see it and until IT HITS THEM IN THEIR OWN POCKETBOOKS OR IN THEIR OWN LIVES. THEN, suddenly, they understand.

      How about we solve the real problem? If CO2 causes warming, then lets solve THAT problem. Find a way to get the CO2 out of the atmosphere. Use our brains to solve the problem instead of trying to change the way the entire world lives.

  4. Obama Birthplace – New Findings?
    Wise Child
    ….B. K. Tyler, Esq. …

    Another Legal Whodunit From Full Court Press

    A lawyer’s personal account of his involvement in an Unusual case at the request of a mysterious client.

    “You must be aware of the claims that our President should not hold office because he was not born in this country. I want Mr. Tyler to conduct an independent & full examination of all the evidence from the ground up.”

    “Sheds new light on recent events…. Tyler’s characters are supposedly fictitious, but how much of this might be true?”
    —— Margo Beech, Hartford Review


    By any means Necessary … is a translation of a phrase used by French intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre in his play “Dirty Hands”.. It entered the popular civil rights culture through a speech given by Malcolm X at the …….. Organization of Afro-American Unity … founding rally on June 28, 1964.
    It is generally considered to leave open all available tactics for the Desired Ends, including Violence; however, the “Necessary” qualifier adds a caveat—if violence is NOT…. necessary, then presumably, it should NOT… be used.
    – Wikipedia

  6. the fawn? .. 2 GRIND TRUMP ?…. “NOT WORKING” …. ha’
    WE HOLD on 2 the TRUTH .. ALL men R jerks & so R the WOMEN…yep!

    the LOVE? …. that he is now GONE???

  7. ….. George H.W. Bush’s advice for young people
    Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier reads a letter former President George H.W. Bush … penned to former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano in 2009 about the President’s …… Advice for Young People.

    I had a full-screen graphic of the letter made & when the time was right before Karl Rove …. came on to talk about his recollections of “41”
    …….I read all of the letter – word for word.

    The letter says:
    “I cannot single out the 1 greatest challenge in my life. I have had a lot
    of challenges & my advice to Young People might be as follows
    Don’t get Down when your life takes a bad turn. Out of adversity comes challenge and often success
    Don’t Blame others for your setbacks
    When things go well, Always Give Credit to others
    Don’t talk all the time. Listen to your friends & mentors & learn from them
    Don’t brag about yourself. Let others point out your virtues, your strong points.
    Give someone else a hand. When a friend is hurting show that friend you care
    Nobody likes an overbearing big shot
    As you succeed, be kind to people. Thank those who help you along the way
    Don’t be afraid to shed a tear when your heart is broken because a friend is hurting.
    Say your prayers!! …..
    ~ George Bush ~ 2009′

    Sam is right. This IS the essence of President George H.W. Bush the man – his humility, his humanity. And after I listened over the past few days to his dear friends, people who worked for him, or just acquaintances who had encounters with the 41st president, THIS is “all anyone needs to know about his values” & frankly it IS his legacy.

  8. “I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost.

    “I made it link by link, & yard by yard”

    ~ Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol”

    • I did see Barry making nicey nice with Melania, whom he sat next to. Moo looked, as usual, as if she were fuming. Remember how he ogled Mrs. Sarkozy? You’d almost think the guy was cis. 🙂

  9. of past links …. ??? …good ? bad? …& ugly !

  10. ..^^^^^^

    The Bushes are have been considered an “OLD Money” family. Samuel Prescott Bush, H.W. Bush’s Grandfather, controlled the Buckeye Steel Castings Company, which was considered “the Largest $teel foundry in the World” under HIS Watch. H.W. Bush would receive little direct Inheritance from his FATHER Prescott Bush, but a Privileged upbringing with Elite CON-nections still Paved the way for the Family’$ Fortune.

    Where Are They Now: What’s Keeping Past Presidents and Vice Presidents Wealthy?

    After earning an economics degree from Yale in 1948, H.W. Bush took a job with oil & energy company Dresser Industries, which was owned by a family friend. Shortly after his appointment with Dresser, H.W. Bush decided to strike out on his own in the early 1950s. He received $350,000 from his FATHER & Uncle — worth about $3 million today — to start his OWN oil drilling Business in the 1950s. Bush continued to build his wealth in oil Until 1966 when he was elected to Congress. He began selling off parts of his company for more than $1 million. His connections in the oil business were likely large $ources of wealth for HIM….. & his Family.

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