Progressive Illogic

Items in the news recently accentuate the lack of logic that’s typical of progressive “thought.” For example, progressives deny the scientific, biological reality of two human sexes, male and female, as determined unequivocally by DNA.

Denying reality, progressives prefer to reify imaginary “genders” which, at last count, were up to as many as 63.

The reality is two sexes: male and female. If you have a Y chromosome, you’re male, which rule neatly classifies the tiny number of individuals born with a condition that some call “intersex,” meaning something went haywire during embryonic development and phenotype at birth may or may  not obviously match genotype.

Being “intersex”  is not a normal state. It’s an aberration. An abnormality. It does not constitute a third sex any more than those born with Down Syndrome or dwarfism constitute other subspecies of human beings.

Nevertheless, progressives prefer to imagine that a person should be allowed to declare himself or herself to be of another sex (or “gender”) and the rest of us must accept that delusion as reality. So in the progressive universe, people are allowed to self-identify their sex.

One would think that logic dictates that if a person is allowed to “change” one immutable characteristic, then a person should be allowed to change any other immutable characteristic. How about age?

A man in the Netherlands has thought of it and is taking his quest to “change” his age to court:

Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old motivational speaker in the Netherlands, has petitioned a Dutch court for permission to change his legal age by altering his birth certificate to show he was born 20 years later than he really was — to legally make him 49 rather 69 years old.

Ratelband told the Washington Post: “We can make our own decisions if we want to change our name, or if we want to change our gender. So I want to change my age. My feeling about my body and about my mind is that I’m about 40 or 45.”

Dennis Prager writes:

Now, what exactly is wrong with Ratelband’s argument? If sex doesn’t objectively exist, why does age? If feelings determine sex, why don’t feelings determine age? If we are to regard sex as “assigned” at birth, why don’t we regard age as “assigned” at birth?

One would think that progressives would agree with Ratelband’s quest. Au contraire!

The very progressive editorial board of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently published a “short take” on the Dutch man’s self-identification. They also threw some equally illogical shade at a white woman’s self-identification as a black woman: [emphasis added to quotes]

We live in a world of options and choices never imagined by our ancestors. In 2015, Rachel Dolezal was discovered to be a white woman impersonating a black person, and she was so good at it, she was named head of the NAACP office in Spokane, Wash. When asked to explain, Dolezal suggested race is a choice, and she chooses to “identify” as a black person.

Now a Dutch man argues that age also should be optional. Even though Emile Ratelband is 69 according to Earth time, he wants to identify as a 49-year-old because he is having difficulties finding the right women to hook up with on Tinder, a dating app. So he asked a court for legal permission to officially change his age. It might be easier if he legally changed his planet. Mars takes 687 days to orbit the sun, which would put Ratelband’s age at about 37, almost equal to his IQ.

Consider the illogic and the hypocrisy!

Let’s start with their commentary on Ratelband. These progressive editors don’t respect the man’s self-identification! Instead, they dismiss his innermost feelings by alleging that he only “wants” to self-identify as a younger man. They then go on to provide, without evidence, an ulterior motive: Ratelband just wants to more easily “hook up” with younger women.

How bigoted of them to not accept his self-identification at face value! He has chosen and that is his choice and we all must accept it.

When a man “self-identifies” as a woman trapped in a man’s body, do these progressives go looking for ulterior motives? Do they cast doubt upon the self-identification? Of course not! (Actually, if they so dared, they might find themselves forced out of their jobs.)

If someone can lose a job simply for not “respecting” another’s opposite-sex self-identification, then why can’t progressive editors lose their jobs for disrespecting Ratelband’s choice and self-identification of age?

How about the attempt to ridicule Ratelband at the expense of mentally disabled individuals–those with low IQs?

Mars takes 687 days to orbit the sun, which would put Ratelband’s age at about 37, almost equal to his IQ.

Are they not dehumanizing the differently abled in their attempt to be clever? Is that not also bigoted and despicable?

Now let’s look at their commentary about Rachel Dolezal. In their opinion, she was “impersonating” a black woman, but Dolezal self-identifies as a black woman, because she grew up with black siblings and so learned to identify with blacks and black culture. Is that so difficult to understand?

Race, as we are told by scientists and especially by progressives, is not an immutable characteristic. In fact, race is not even a scientifically, biologically determined “thing” like age or sex.

Race, as numberless progressive experts have told us numberless times, is a “social construct,” as is racial “identity“:

Race is not biological. It is a social construct. There is no gene or cluster of genes common to all blacks or all whites. Were race “real” in the genetic sense, racial classifications for individuals would remain constant across boundaries.

Social construct meaning a familial or cultural grouping. That article was published in the notoriously progressive New York Times. The experts have spoken!

Nevertheless, the editors of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch dismiss the very idea that Rachel Dolezal can have a “choice” concerning with which social construct, which social grouping, which racial identity, which racial culture she most identifies. These editors imply that race is not a choice, against all scientific evidence. Again, we’ve been told by progressives and scientists that race is not “real”.

If race is not “real” because it’s not biologically determined, then sex must be “real” because it is biologically determined. Similarly, age is “real” because it also is biologically determined.

Is it, therefore, logical (and not hypocritical) for progressives to

  • allow self-identification of sex against biological reality, while at the same time
  • disallowing self-identification of age against biological reality, but also
  • disallowing self-identification of race (or racial identity) even though (progressives insist that) race and racial identify are not “real” in the sense that age and sex are “real,” as in immutable facts of nature?

Like race, “gender” (in the sense of 63 and counting expressions of sexual orientation) is fluid. That makes it not “real”, as opposed to the fact that age and sex are “real” because they’re biologically determined and immutable.

Remember that Dolezal, according to progressives, is not allowed to self-identify her race. However, as we have seen, anyone is allowed by progressives to self-identify his or her gender, even though both racial identity and gender identity are fluid.

Is that logical? Is that consistent?

How do progressives manage to keep their heads from exploding from all the cognitive dissonance?


96 responses to “Progressive Illogic

  1. Ther’e Nutz!!

  2. Victor Davis Hanson.

  3. Can you imagine the response here if Americans made such statements? We are all supposed to follow the mainstream media’s narrative about how the migrant caravan is nothing more than moms & toddlers fleeing gangs
    & any move to protest against uncontrolled immigration is little more than Trumpism, racism, or nativism. With that image spent & that story, as it’s
    sad ‘done to death,’ we are now seeing the Tijuana people, in full view of
    the television cameras, turn that narrative on its head, complete with amazing political incorrectness. Talk about losing the narrative. Tijuana
    has turned political correctness on its head.
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  4. ? look in the mirror .. fair maiden’….ha’ REALLY? … PORN 4 youth!

  5. Older, heavier, & facing diminished career opportunities, ….^^^^^^
    Clifford thinks all her problems are Trump’s fault. <<<<< ha'
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  6. Gov. Jerry Brown Quietly Admits Trump Was Right, ….ha’
    Gov. Jerry Brown Quietly Admits Trump Was Right,

    • That must have been some trick. Read a story today where a teacher was actually FIRED because he wouldn’t go into a shower room that included a person who believes she is a he and so was nude in the shower with real male students and the male teacher didn’t want to go in and see the dysphoric female’s genitalia exposed. For THIS he gets fired! (Can’t you just imagine the next insane step: That he does go in and looks at the he/she and then is accused of sexual assault and perversion!?)

      Read another story today where students were supposed to be FORCED to expose their own naked bodies to another dysphoric student and they refused but some judge put the “feelings” of the one deluded student above the PRIVACY RIGHTS of all the other students who didn’t want to expose their bodies to a member of the opposite sex.

      The world is going insane. The Father of Lies is getting more powerful, I’m telling you. We have to pray about this. Seriously.

  7. Democrat Losers: Undignified and Dangerous … YEP YEP YEP !!!

  8. TY!!!

  9. It’s called Going Galt. ?????? or just GO-IN’ TRASH-VILLE’ ????
    That’s the least of it. Here are some recent news headlines from just
    THIS Year alone.

    Poop-Smeared 2 Train Found By Riders In Downtown Brooklyn
    As Homeless Take Refuge in Subway, More Officers Are Sent to Help
    MTA Grapples With Homeless Epidemic on Subway Trains (ten months later, guess the cops sent didn’t help –ed.)
    Woman pushes stranger onto Union Square subway tracks without warning as he walks by her
    They Vowed to Fix the Subway a Year Ago. On-Time Rates Are Still Terrible.
    NYC Subway Delays: 12 Lines Messed Up Amid Communication Issue
    NYC Subway Delays: 8 Lines Messed Up During Morning Rush
    New York Commuters Ask Why City Wasn’t Prepared for Winter Storm Avery
    Man Gropes Teen, Woman’s Groins on Manhattan Subway Platforms: Police
    Subway Cleaners Returning After MTA Trash Plan Backfires
    Two subway rats fight over a slice of pizza
    Would you like to take a ride in that? How would you like to be dependent on that for your transportation, given that New York is a compact city and the subway is billed as the best means of getting around? The left loves public transport, and across the country, it’s trying to get everyone to embrace it – but now we see this.
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  10. ~ AboveMyPayGrade donnieboy64 • ….. ^^^^^
    I think MY last time in the Rotten Apple was in 2006, & like so many OTHER Democrat-controlled urban enclaves in this country that I visited in times past (L.A., San Fransicko, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, etc.), if there’s NEVER a NEXT time for me, I say, GOOD BYE & GOOD RIDDANCE!

    ~Obama’s love life donnieboy64 •
    Michigan? Where the trash from nyc ends up. (In fairness jersey gets most
    of it … detroit gets the poorest & the filthy muslims)


    ~ Patricia Fleischerpa5 points
    Oh no, it’s past President Obama the one with the “mommy” problem
    & NOT <<<<<<<<
    President Trump. Remember, Obama's mother???gave him Away to his Grandmother??? when he was a only young kid. It seems that she just
    didn't want to be Bothered with him. I think Obama has ALL kinds of issues.

    ~ Stephen
    Barack Obama the college boy communist, Racist, with Islamic values did
    all he could to weaken America during his 8 years in office. He promoted
    the goals of America's enemies: Communists & Muslims. He now RUNS
    the Deep state resistance from his home along with his assistant VALERIE JARRET who was raised in Iran & has many Communist relatives & contacts in the Chicago area.

    ~Erik Szpyra30
    hate, Obama Hated the Military & Police; anger, there were riots & violence all the time under H I S … Rule; racism, Obama pull the Race Card at Every Opportunity, mostly Against LAW enforcement; mommy issues, well that's between Obama & his Kenyan family. <<< WE SAW U & MOOCHIE…2 '

    • What’s her beef? That Sarsour has anti-LGBTQI+++ people at the marches. So which is more radical, I ask you? These people will eat their own because they are allied with people who are incompatible. How are “modern” U.S. progressives going to get along with muslims who, like Christians, don’t accept things like homosexuality being normalized? Where do they stand on abortion, btw?

  12. ~ Won’tBackDown • ….^^^^^
    Sarsour’s not a real American, she may have the paperwork but she’s nothing more than a Islamic militant lurking around trying to stir …..
    anti-American sentiment. I’m sure it wouldn’t even bother her if she read what i just wrote because she doesn’t care about America. Her Goal is to Bring the USA down, by Any means. <<<<<< ANY MEANS …. YEP!


    ~ Lawrence Moran says:
    Ben Wizner, is quoted here as saying, “The White House belongs to the public, not the President, & the job of the press is to ask hard questions,
    not to be polite company,”……. A couple of things here.
    1) Mr. Wizner, like all of the other elitist, self appointed, arbiters of “the truth”, in…. Main “Scream Media”… Seems to Be Unaware, of the incident where President Obama, referred to the White House as, “Mah house”, & had the offending individual escorted from the building.
    2) Mr. Wizner, also seems to feel that reporters can behave in socially unacceptable ways, because they are members of the press. I think a number of obvious things should be pointed out. 1st, a White House official, does not have to take a question from a reporter. 2nd, they can refuse to answer the question. 3rd, & last, the White House does not have to give press conferences, if it chooses not to. A number of presidents have been criticized for giving Very Few press conferences in the past. The Press, having the loudest voice via its outlets. Controls what the general public hears, & how. It is not a secret, that the Main StreaM Media is made up of reporters & press outlets. That are politically Inclined to Be Liberal, & Leftist. ???? ^^^^^

    • Yeah. The WH belongs to the public but that didn’t stop Barry from preventing the public from getting in, especially when he had his every-Wednesday-night celebrity-studded soirees. Did you EVER hear the media complain about that? Of course not. And they complain about Melania’s trip to Canada but never about Moo’s trip to Spain with the entire extended family.

    • They had to have their own little separate caravan with people who acted as security for them to protect them from the homophobics among the members of the large caravan. You cannot make this stuff up. So whom do progressives prefer we accept? The gay illegal aliens or the homophobic ones who are just poor people of color fleeing drug gangs (or whatever story they’re taught to parrot)?

  14. & ….WTP … WONDER ? JUST HOW BARRY O’ … got in 2X’s …ha’
    I KNOW ….. WE ALL KNOW ….

    • More like proves fraud, not only suggests it. Again, this has happened because they passed laws that count the ballots that weren’t cast in person without checking signatures. A recipe for fraud.

    • Hey. Don’t confuse them with facts. They’re too busy going over to Finland in order to get them to ridicule POTUS because he (apparently) mischaracterized what the Finns told him about how THEY manage their extensive forests. iow, POTUS was right but as usual the media prefer to ridicule him and give a pass to true dolts like Ocasio whatever her name is.

      • They also criticize POTUS for talking about how much money goes down the rat hole of so-called forest management in CA, when he’s perfectly correct to be looking out for how much states WASTE THE TAXPAYERS’ MONEY. What do We the People get from the billions sent there supposedly to prevent these disasters? Like the money spent on casinos instead of levees in LA, what REALLY became of the money we sent CA to supposedly prevent these fires? They deliberately do NOT do controlled burns because of their environmentalist whackos who don’t want them and also because of the wealthy who like their views. They allow these wealthy homes to be built in forests and in grasslands where homes should not be. Then they prevent the controlled burns and the naturally occurring fires that USED TO keep the brush down, making the fires worse and, btw, costing We the People even more in disaster relief. These people should ALL have homeowners insurance. If they don’t have it, then that’s their problem. Why do we keep bailing people out, enabling them to forego spending money for insurance premiums, because they know the good old taxpayer will come along and be FORCED to make them whole again?

        POTUS is perfectly correct to be looking out for the U.S. taxpayers. That’s his job. He’s the STEWARD of our money. Yes, he has sympathy for lives lost, but he’s correct to point out that not only did they waste our money but because they CHOSE not to use it wisely, people have died.

  15. 8000 to 10,000 potential illegal aliens from the caravans.

    Majority are single young men.

    Over 500 identified criminals in the group.

    Organizers push the women and children to front of lines as human shields, to prevent law enforcement engagement.

    This is an ORGANIZED and deliberate invasion (my word), not an “organic flow.”

    Not all members of the caravan are fleeing violence; most will make “frivolous or unsubstantiated claims” for asylum.

    In past year, only 9% who applied for asylum were eligible.

    Most are economic migrants or people trying to reunite with relatives here already. (I’d add: the relatives are probably here illegally, too.)

    Being in a caravan gives no special right to enter this country.

    This is an “unprecedented crisis” on our border, created by legal loopholes and “deeply flawed 9th circuit court” rulings.

    Congress should do its job and “close these loopholes” and “in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY.”

    If you break our laws, you will be detained, prosecuted, and refused entry.

    Illegal entrants will not be allowed to claim asylum; the system is being abused. (Update, though: A liberal judge (from England, btw) put a hold on the plan to not allow people who cross ILLEGALLY to claim asylum. IF POTUS pursues it, the SCOTUS WILL BACK HIM. But, in the meantime, of course, this caravan will crash through and claim asylum, gumming up the works.)

    Again, I’m loving that multi-tiered razor wire fence.

    She’s sounding tougher (as POTUS considers whether to replace her), when recently she’s been spouting B.S. about caring for the caravaners.

    No room at any caravansarai here.

    So funny: Reporter asks her how she knows there are as many as 500 criminals among the caravaners. Do they bother to ask how the CIA KNOWS that the Saudi prince ordered the murder (if it happened) of that Saudi so-called journalist?


    But they can’t handle the truth.

    I’m still wondering if he’s dead or if this is a convenient ploy by the powers that were (Brennan, who used to be big on Saudi politics and of course would be AGAINST this liberal-ish prince). A clue: The DemoncRATS are citing the infamous MAGNITSKY ACT to try to force POTUS to sanction. More clues: Khashoggi was allied with Muslim Brotherhood. Brennan and Barry and their peeps (Jarrett?) were MB lovers, as were allies of Hillary (Huma’s mother). Of course, all of the above hate on POTUS and WILL try to throw a monkeywrench in anything he does. They believe they STILL run things.

    Where is the corpus? The entire sequence of alleged events still sounds contrived. The fiance waiting outside, especially. WHY would she not go in, too? The “victim” was a spy. I would LOVE to hear about his relationship with former members of Barry’s “intelligence community.” Brennan’s stamp is all over this. No less that the guy who helped set up Papadapoulos tells us he was a spy:

    “So back to the tragic murder of Jamal Khashoggi. My intelligence sources tell me he had worked as an intelligence agent for the Saudi intelligence service, GID, for around 20 years. [So surely knew Brennan!] At one point he was sent by GID to Sudan to meet Osama bin Laden and to try to lure him away from terrorism. He failed.

    Khashoggi had always been close to the Muslim Brotherhood, the people who took over Egypt under Morsi following the so-called Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood is a hard-line Islamist organisation dedicated to the introduction of Sharia and the creation of an Islamic caliphate. [Ditto] These people are no bleeding heart liberals. Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed as a terrorist organisation in a number of Middle Eastern countries and is part of the Hamas support group. They have been implacably opposed to many of the more liberal reforms of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).[Ditto]

    To add to the complexity of the story, the Brotherhood is supported by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Qataris. This is a source of real tension between Saudi Arabia, Egypt and their regional allies on the one side and the Turks and Qataris on the other.

    So Jamal Khashoggi – a former Saudi intelligence agent, a man who was close to the Muslim Brotherhood and a sworn opponent of MBS’ reform program– was in the process of setting up a centre to promote the ideology of the MB. He was setting it up in Turkey with Qatari money. The Saudis wanted to stop him. In September they offered him $9 million to return to Saudi Arabia and to live there unhindered. They wanted him out of play. Khashoggi refused and the rest you know. The Saudis killed him.

    Let me make two points. First, there is no justification for murdering Khashoggi. Secondly, this man wasn’t some Western-oriented liberal brutally murdered because of his passion for freedom. This man was a player.

    So it makes you wonder why the American press is so particularly outraged by Khashoggi’s murder. Well, he was a columnist for the Washington Post and it’s a standard bearer of American liberalism. But it’s also been a great propaganda coup against Saudi Arabia in general. Many Westerners blame the Saudis for the tragedy of Yemen. More than that. President Trump has made a great play of embracing Saudi Arabia as America’s ally – much more so than Obama who instead, against Saudi objections, did the nuclear deal with Iran. As for Erdogan, it’s absolutely in his interests to milk the Khashoggi murder in Turkey for all it’s worth. Erdogen wants Turkey to replace Saudi Arabia as the leader of the Islamic world.

    You see my point. You can in government be swept up in the prevailing media narrative and if you design your foreign policy on that basis you will achieve nothing. The wise government is the government which has a clear strategic direction and manages ephemeral events often driven by others with ulterior motives.”

    Making up for his collusion in the dossier? Sounds like Downer has had an epiphany. Did he actually praise Trump’s approach there as “wise?”

  17. POTUS speaks on the alleged murder:

    I’m loving this guy for 2024. 🙂 Another straight talker.

    Suddenly the media care about “human rights concerns” and whether they should put U.S. business interests ahead of that. Did anybody ask Barry about human rights concerns when his drones were wiping out civilians from the sky? Why the concern for this ONE man (who’s not proved dead yet) and none by the media for all the Middle Easterners killed by Barry in his sky wars?

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