Offensive Appropriation

Been thinking lately about Halloween, self-identification, and cultural appropriation. Along with Megyn Kelly, I’ve been trying to understand “cultural appropriation” and, more specifically, “identity appropriation” as “explained” to us by progressives who apparently now believe that some people (but only some) should be able to choose their age, race, sex, “gender”, and even species, forcing the rest of us to acknowledge their new reality.

I started thinking about this, and getting way confused by progressive “logic,” when the topic of Elizabeth Warren’s alleged appropriation of Native American identity came up after she reported results of a DNA test that “prove” she may be anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1024 “indigenous” American, but only because she apparently shares a tiny fraction of DNA with persons who may or may not descend from indigenous Mexicans or South Americans, who themselves may or may not have shared genes with indigenous North Americans. Warren’s claim to be part Native American is apparently offensive to those who have more “indigenous” DNA than she does.

Warren is engaged in a kind of identity theft, or so her opponents’ theory goes. Warren, an outwardly “white” woman, for some reason that only progressives understand is not allowed to “identify” as Native American, or even partially so.

Whether she’s truly of indigenous ancestry or not, the fact remains that Warren is not allowed to self-identify, no matter what she thinks, believes, feels, or claims to know as a result of her DNA test or family oral history.


Who is allowed to decide what’s offensive?

Who is allowed to self-identify and who is not allowed?

Similar to the topic of self-identification is the topic of cultural appropriation.

Halloween was just the other day. Colleges everywhere warned students to be careful not to dress in culturally inappropriate costumes. In particular, students were warned not to wear blackface, even if they planned to dress as a character who happens to be black. Similarly, they were warned not to wear “tribal” paraphernalia or ethnic items like sombreros.

Mind you, it seems perfectly okay to appropriate any number of practices, costumes, and traditions from people who are considered to be of “no color” (aka “white”).

Progressives “of color” seem to totally miss the irony of Halloween being celebrated by themselves. Halloween is indisputably a cultural practice belonging to “white” people. Isn’t it misappropriation for persons of color–or anyone who deigns to speak for them, such as those who habitually gripe about cultural appropriation–to participate in Halloween and by doing so mock the ancestral religion and traditions of Gaelic people? It’s all how you look at it, isn’t it? Can we apply their philosophies to everyone, please?

One of their “experts” on the topic of cultural appropriation opined:

Cultural appropriation is important to consider during Halloween because this is the time of year when we are most likely to dress up in a costume that is representative of another culture. 

If you don’t know the meaning of the ethnic attire you are considering for Halloween, you shouldn’t wear it. For instance, tribal markings, headdresses and turbans would not be appropriate costume attire because they are tied to a specific ceremony or religious meaning.

The expert doesn’t seem to appreciate the “specific ceremony or religious meaning” of the celebration of Samhain or consider that perhaps it’s demeaning to Gaelic people when their religious or cultural traditions are appropriated by non-Gaelic people from other cultures. Ya think?

TV host Megyn Kelly is apparently losing her show simply for daring to question the logic of a ban on whites wearing “blackface.” (Are only whites so banned? Can “browns” wear blackface? How about Asians? Can blacks wear brownface? Can blacks wear whiteface? So confusing!)

Apparently, a person is not even allowed to express a lack of understanding and ask for reasons why some find it offensive for non-blacks to darken their faces when dressing up in costume as, say, Beyonce or Michael Jackson. To do so is a firing offense (if you’re white, or if you’re blond and semi-conservative, and even if you’re female).

To ask a question, to ask for an explanation, to seek enlightenment is now a crime worthy of losing one’s job! That’s how I read it, anyway.

What did Kelly say that was so offensive?

But what is racist? …

You truly do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface at Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween.

Back when I was a kid, that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as like a character. 

Kelly’s not the only person who’s left wondering. Being a lawyer, she’s trained to think logically, so she has my sympathy on this one, except that I haven’t a clue why she believed that she had to apologize. She shouldn’t have done so, in my humble opinion (so long as I’m “allowed” by progressives to have an opinion).

So Kelly loses her job for simply asking why something’s offensive or wrong; a nurse in Missouri loses her job for dressing up as Beyonce and darkening her skin; little kids who aren’t black have to wonder if they can dress up as the superhero Black Panther (even though kids of color have dressed as Superman or Batman for decades); and hair stylists in South Carolina experience “extreme backlash” for daring to dress up as various incarnations of Michael Jackson, including “blackface” to portray moments in time when Michael did have a black face.

Was it cultural appropriation or identity appropriation when Michael whitened?

However, Al Roker is defended for dressing as a white character from the movie “Back to the Future”, and Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Silverman, and Jimmy Kimmel (all white) wore blackface on TV over the years, but faced no outcry and all still kept their jobs. Funny that. What’s the diff?

The above quoted expert on cultural appropriation and identity also wrote this:

Dressing in blackface during Halloween is inappropriate because the blackface tradition is founded upon the enactment of demeaning stereotypes of black people. … 

Yet the issue is bigger than blackface. Any cultural appropriation – defined as the adoption of elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture – can be deemed inappropriate and offensive.

Which brings me to the most important point I’d like to make. Keep in mind the expert’s citation of “demeaning stereotypes” and the “adoption of elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture.”

Blackface is offensive. I get it. Why, then, is this not offensive to at least half the population?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Demeaning stereotypes? Check.

Minority culture? (Historically, women have been oppressed.) Check.

Elements of the minority culture appropriated by the dominant culture (males) in order to further demeaning stereotypes? (Women as sex objects?) Check.

Offensive? YES!

Consider this, by Rush  Limbaugh:

Career Day went sideways for students at Rocky Top Middle School in Thornton, Colorado.

One of the featured speakers was Jessica L’Whor, a dancer and performance artist. Actually, Jessica L’Whor is a drag queen.

L’Whor explained to the middle school students that he is a man, but portrays a woman in performances. L’Whor asked that they call him Ms. Jessica. Because using “L’Whor” around the children he wanted to influence would be inappropriate, you see.

Parents were not informed that their children would be getting career advice from a drag queen. When word got out, many of the parents were outraged.

Cute, huh? In case you didn’t grok the demeaning stereotype, “Ms. Jessica” invented for himself the surname “L’Whor” (the whore), and dressed (inappropriately) appropriately as a stereotypical whore. Then he spoke to little children, presumably as a role model.

Mr. Whoever He Really Is may (or may not) self-identify as a woman, but it’s hard to tell from stories about this outrageous incident. Nevertheless, L’Whor is referred to in mainstream media news articles as a “woman”, as “she”, as “her.” Does L’Whor self-identify as female even though at the same time he admits to being “a man?” Is he/she “allowed” to be both male and female simultaneously? Seems so. But this isn’t supposed to be offensive to women, even though it’s probably the most flamboyant and outrageous example of identity misappropriation out there.

Here’s a circumstance that is even more horrifying, debilitating, demeaning, discriminating, harmful, and offensive to genuine females:

Writes the Gateway Pundit:

Dr. Rachel McKinnon became the first ever transgender world champion in a womens cycling event this weekend.

She whooped them little girls. …

McKinnon believes that men who identify as women should not be required to take testosterone suppressing hormones (let alone have gender reassignment surgery) in order to participate in women’s athletic competitions.

Just say you’re a woman and viola! You become so, even if you forego the hormones and the surgery to make you at least outwardly female, despite your Y chromosome.

But, but, but, do not, under any circumstances, even openly pretend for one single night to be black.

Can anyone imagine a scenario where Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who self-identifies as black, would be allowed to compete in and win an event like Miss Black America? Would it be an outrageous example of cultural or identity appropriation if she tried to do so? Would it be offensive to blacks?

There’s a lot more about Dr. McKinnon at this link.

Does it make sense that some people are allowed to be offensive while others lose their jobs simply for asking why something is offensive?

Why is it terrible when some people get offended but apparently of no concern when females are equally offended and also actually harmed (e.g., when biological males win scholarships or contests designed for biological females)?

I truly would like to hear an explanation from the progressive experts who reify things like cultural appropriation and sex, race, and gender self-identification, but do I dare to even ask for a logical explanation?


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  1. PRAY ….. 4 BRAINS!!! are they THAT RARE TODAY?

  2. ~ IndependentEddie SatelliteofLove • ……. ^^^^ GO RED!!!
    This is a good summary. I can’t imagine Why there is talk of a blue wave.
    The Economy is Booming, Unemployment is Down, especially for minorities, Taxes are down, Wages are UP, we are drowning in oil & natural gas, ISIS
    is on the RUN, Iran is near rebellion because of sanctions, North Korea is backing down, .. we have dumped NAFTA & made favorable trade deals
    with Mexico & Canada, we are pressuring China toward fair trade, we are working to secure O U R ~ Borders, ALL.. in under 2 years & we need to
    stop all this & go back to the opposite??? of ALL the above??? Huh???

    ~ Quartermaster IndependentEddie •
    Never underestimate the ability of an NPC to ignore the facts. <<< YEP!!!

  3. ~ Sebastian Singleton itellu3times • ….^^^^^^ O’!
    There’s a new book called “Barack Obama Is Afraid of Sharyl Attkisson:
    The definitive guide to the Shenanigans of America’s 44th president.” ?

    Here are the chapter names to help give U an idea of what’s in the book:
    Chapter 1: Trying to silence the media
    Chapter 2: Less transparent than Nixon
    Chapter 3: Sharyl Attkisson
    Chapter 4: James Rosen
    Chapter 5: IRS Scandal
    Chapter 6: Fast & Furious
    Chapter 7: Bill Ayers
    Chapter 8: Medical marijuana
    Chapter 9: Firefighters
    Chapter 10: Air-traffic controllers
    Chapter 11: Democrats criticize Obamacare
    Chapter 12: Unions criticize Obamacare
    Chapter 13: No, you can’t keep your insurance
    Chapter 14: Obamacare’s 29 hour work week
    Chapter 15: Benghazi
    Chapter 16: Dinesh D’Souza
    Chapter 17: If Obama had a son
    Chapter 18: Wasting the taxpayers’ money
    Chapter 19: Military
    Chapter 20: Teachers & police officers
    Chapter 21: Solyndra
    Chapter 22: Voter ID
    Chapter 23: Education
    Chapter 24: Sharia law & Islamic terrorism
    Chapter 25: Civil liberties
    Chapter 26: Hillary Clinton
    Chapter 27: Iran
    Chapter 28: Obama Motors
    Chapter 29: Supermarkets
    Chapter 30: Miscellaneous

  4. Oprah responds to racist robocalls made in her name in
    …….. Georgia: “Jesus don’t like ugly” <<<<<< REALLY ????

    Oprah fired back against a racist robocall impersonating her, and said Monday, "Jesus don't like ugly."

    “I heard people were making racist robocalls in my name against Stacey Abrams, who I am one hundred percent for, in Georgia,” Oprah says in an Instagram video. “I just want to say: Jesus don’t like ugly. Mm – mmm! And we know what to do about that: vote. Tomorrow show up and show out, and vote,” she says, singing the last “vote.”

    • Let me guess that the DemoncRATS were behind this robocall, so on cue Oprah can come out with her illiterate meme. (What an insult to her intended audience, too, the assumption that they can relate to poor grammar.)

    • Does she equally hold a grudge against her own husband for saying he’s from Kenya? I mean, twice that I can’t remember: Once in the biography he wrote for his own publisher and just recently, when he spoke to Kenyans, in Kenya, and said he’s the first U.S. president FROM Kenya. It’s hardly a “conspiracy theory” when the man himself has said it and who would know better? What a hypocrite she is: ““What if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to Washington? What if that person went looking for our girls?” So remember when her own husband said, “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun?” Well, what if somebody took Barry seriously and drove to Washington and went looking for “them?” Oh, wait. Ask Steve Scalise what he thinks of those of Moo’s ilk who say incendiary things.

    • I thought they already were named a terrorist organization. Obviously, that’s what they are. They’re NOT “protesters” when they go to a private citizen’s home to terrorize and harass his family. We have a constitutional right to “protest” in the sense of “petitioning our GOVERNMENT for redress of grievances.” That does NOT include harassing private citizens, vandalizing their homes and cars, disturbing the peace, and threatening to “mail bomb” them.

    • Sure. A judge rules for the conservatives after the DemoncRATS have generated enough untraceable bogus ballots to “win” the recount. Now some are calling for a do over. Is that fair? Of course not.

    • As usual, I guarantee you that all the young people who are students were “schooled” in how to vote twice: Once from wherever they go to college and again absentee from their home state. When the HELL will the feds get on the ball and compare these votes from state to state? It happens anywhere and everywhere there are urban areas that span state lines.


    Guest Avoid Issue of Obama Birth Certificate Forgery” ..O’ REALLY ???

    ~ Nedd Kareiva
    If Hannity, Tammy, Fox and others want to know the truth, all they have to
    do is go to You Tube to watch the 2010 video of Michelle (the Mooch) Obama speaking to her friends at the (homosexual) Human Right Campaign & declare Kenya to be “Barack’s homeland country”. I’d like to hear their reaction to it. They cannot with a Straight Face Deny IT. The Obama’s may be liars but they’re not going to lie to their own homosexual buddies. As the scripture says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.
    Barry was born in Kenya, period.

    ~ CDR Kerchner (Ret)
    The collections/lists of the evidence of Obama’s life narrative & document fraud:
    They are there for the day/time that someone in the major media or government agencies wishes to use them to start unraveling the onion layers of Obama’s fraudulent life.

    ~ Bob68
    Thanks for that article Sharon. Here is something I posted on Hannity’s show with guest Tammy Bruce. I think “born in Hawaii” is being replaced with born in the U.S.A. because of Mike Zullo saying every hospital in Hawaii has told him they never had a Stanley Ann Dunham or Barack Hussein Obama admitted as patients in their hospital. ….??????

    ~ My Post at GWP:
    On Hannity tonight, 11-9-18 he and guest Tammy Bruce discussed Michelle Obama’s new book and Michelle not forgiving Trump for the “birther” controversy. Guest Tammy Bruce said about Obama not being born in America that, “most of us believe that is absurd”, and Hannity backed up Bruce by saying he Thought, “the birther thing was just Stupid”. Does that mean they believe Trump is absurd & stupid, or just the millions of others who possess common sense & logic & have not yet been told what they
    can & cannot say?
    I would like for Trump to ask Hannity to interview him, & then use that time
    to fully uncover The Obama Fraud, from the unknown birthplace, multiple references from around the world of, “Kenyan born Senator Obama”,….Kenyan Parliament meeting stating how proud they were to have,”Barack Obama, who was born in Kenya and isn’t even an America citizen”, elected as President of the U.S.A……to Sheriff Joe’s findings of John Brennan & the CIA involvement in the creation of Obama’s now proven forged birth certificate, etc., etc., etc………& then ask Hannity … why Fox News never allowed a Fair ….. Discussion of any of this. <<<<< ?????

    Fox has never been more that controlled opposition & they have protected Obama since the time he first announced he was running for president. Being better than the others is not good enough.

    • Ingraham made similar such comments about the BC being legit (or to that effect, anyway) recently. I assume the order has gone down (again) and none dare question Barry’s eligibility, even though it’s obvious. IF someone had the proof, the proof would be obvious. He has no proof because whatever “proof” exists of his birth would prove his ineligibility. They probably all KNOW whatever it is and they just don’t care because they CHOOSE to ignore the letter of the law (for Barry. Not for anyone of a different stripe, though, if you get my drift.)

      • I’d like to add: If Trump is the “leader” of the “birthers,” then why was he THREE YEARS LATE TO THE MOVEMENT? We’ve been here since 2008. Trump “joined” in 2011. Ridiculous. Barry was the instigator of the “conspiracy theory.”

  6. He did not hand it over, he roughly removed it from the woman doing her job.
    Press conferences are for questions, not for contrasting opinions. It was not a debate.

    And Orlando is 100% right about Jim Acosta. A journalist is either a member of the press OR ……… the Resistance but NOT …. both.
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    • “Michelle also revealed that she and former President Barack Obama ‘had to do IVF’ to conceive their daughters Sasha and Malia, now 17 and 20, explaining that, because of her age at the time, she was worried about being able to get pregnant naturally.”

      I’ll bet they did and I’ll bet “she” was worried about not being able to get pregnant naturally. THAT would be an impossibility, if you get my drift.

      • IVF. Who was the surrogate? This goes right along with our speculations early on and the fact that their BFFs are/were OB/GYNs who specialized in such things. Right? It’s so easy to mislead. We had a miscarriage. Right. And who are “we”? So many progressives also lie by saying, “we’re pregnant.” Another impossibility.

  7. This is why we love Trump. He is our Netanyahu. Yes, it’s a terrible time. The opportunity for healing at present is minimal. If Trump doesn’t fight to protect America from these people, our country will irreversibly slip into socialism or worse & will be totally taken over by the Antifa thugs, the leftist academics who have already shut down free speech in our universities, the progressives who are demanding open borders, the left wing media that has become a cheering squad for the Democrat Party, the Democrat election fraud ballot stuffers, anti-Semites, & the likes of Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison, Linda Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Gillum & the rest of them. Somehow Friedman didn’t get around to mentioning all of this. Maybe there wasn’t enough space.
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