Annoying Progressives

Here’s something I read today that struck a note and which seems altogether necessary to share with you all. Hopefully the author, Kurt Schlicter, will not mind. Schlicter advises us to “Annoy Liberals By Refusing To Care About Their Stupid Fake Outrages.” I couldn’t agree more.

These days liberals, whom I prefer to label progressives, seem to believe they get to dictate the “conversation,” meaning the national conversation, with regards to, literally, everything.

They believe they get to decide what we are all supposed to care about. Even though, face it, most of us don’t give a rat’s patoot about their causes. We have better things to do–like survive. Work. Raise our families. Put food on the table. Worry about important things.

Progressives probably got the idea that they are the anointed ones because, for the most part, they control the mainstream media and now even social media.

But  Schlicter is right. More than right. Who the hell cares what progressives think we all should care about? Back in grade school, we would have said, “Who died and left you boss?”

Let’s annoy progressives even more than they’re already annoyed by us (We the Deplorables).

Speak up. Speak out. Talk back. Isn’t that what the former president advised his progressive minions to do? Get in their opponents’ faces?

Let’s take a page from Obama. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, after all. Make the most of it if you have some annoying progressive relatives that need to be annoyed.

We’re supposed to care about illegal immigrants being separated from their children? Why? Whatever happened to “You made your bed, now lie in it?”

We’re supposed to care about that “journalist” who was (or wasn’t) murdered in Turkey by Saudi Arabians (or someone)? Why? Why don’t progressives wring their hands in anguish about the tens of thousands of Americans who are murdered every year on the streets of our own cities? (Why didn’t they care about our own people who were murdered in an embassy in Benghazi? How times change.)

We’re supposed to care about lesbians who can’t find a way to force a Christian baker to make a wedding cake for them? They’re “offended.” The Christian’s no doubt quite offended, too. In my experience, there are plenty of gay cake decorators out there. Find one. Cope. It’s what most normal people do.

We’re supposed to care about the horde of “migrants” who fully intend to break into our country illegally to take the jobs that President Trump, our president, has created by his policies for our people, to make America great again? Why should we care more about poverty, crime, joblessness and hopelessness among Central Americans than we do about the same situations faced by citizens of our own country?

Schlicter sums up his post this way, and I agree wholeheartedly. We all should tell progressives this, when they cluck their tongues at us and virtue signal:

I don’t care. And if you think that makes me a bad person, good. Then you won’t try to hang around me.

See, I reserve the right to decide what I care about. My caring, my choice. And I think I’ll care about things that matter to me, not things that liberal snobs care about.

I care about the interests of the United States of America more than the interests of foreign countries.

I care about Americans not being murdered here more than foreigners being murdered somewhere else.

I don’t care about the media’s peeves and whining. It brought all its misfortune upon itself with its bias, incompetence, and general scuzziness.

I don’t care about global warming. I’ll drive a gas guzzler if I feel like it.

I don’t care about someone’s preferred pronouns. He or she – pick one.

I don’t care about illegal aliens’ sob stories. Go home.

I don’t care about people who feel unsafe, unhappy, or unloved because of what I think, do, and say. Too bad. I will think, do and say what I please.

I don’t care, because I don’t feel like caring about your pet outrages, and you can’t make me.

Here’s the thing. We all need to take back our rights. To stand on our rights. It’s not only progressives who have the freedoms of speech, choice, and association. We need to remind all of them that all of us have those same rights, that we intend to exercise them, and that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore when they try to strip us of our freedoms under the guise of social justice warrior virtue signaling.

Let’s all become “militant normals.” At the very least, it will help us to keep our sanity in this crazy world.

Some food for thought on a day when I’m too overwhelmed by my own outrages to think straight enough to come up with a fabulous post of my own. 🙂


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  1. Trump tells migrant caravan to turn around, as troops being sent to border’GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY’
    Trump tells migrant caravan to turn around, as troops being sent to border

    NEWT GINGRICH: What we must do if (or when) the caravan arrives at our borderA wall is ‘completely ineffective’: Chaffetz, Elrod battle as Trump set to order troops to border’Our system is so broken’: Sen. Johnson says ‘stupid laws’ incentivize migrants to come to USMigrant caravan becomes key issue in Arizona congressional race ‘everyone’s going to be watching’

    • A booking Photo of Cesar Sayoc, 56 …… YEP ^^^^ the HAT ^^^
      The person identifying himself as Sayoc described himself as an entrepreneur, or, as he put it on LinkedIn, a “Promoter, booking agent Live entertainment, owner, choreographer.” In multiple pictures on Facebook,

      the person identifying as Sayoc can be seen Wearing…. a pro-Trump
      “Make America Great Again” HAT’… & attending Trump campaign rallies.

      In the months leading to Trump’s election in 2016, the Facebook pages regularly promoted articles containing bizarre conspiracy theories about Democrats — including allegations that Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, sold weapons to the jihadist group ISIS, claims that Democrats were “buying votes” & rumors of an imminent Muslim terrorist attack.

      Based on the Facebook posts, the person identifying as Sayoc was fixated on the idea that America would be at risk of terror under Clinton.

      “Wake up America FBI director warns an attack like never seen before here in America will happen. We can’t afford risk American lives with Hilary Clinton…. They will Infiltrate RE-Fugees Guaranteed,” the person wrote.

  2. Former bomb disposal officer on CNN ‘bomb’: ‘That thing is just silly looking’


  3. ~ James Carter

    “Tactically, I just don’t know how the President and the military can stop the invasion short of lethal force.” Lethal force may not be necessary…a few shots to a few knees might be enough.

    “But, let’s say most penetrate the border unscathed. Then what? Where do we house them? Easy.”

    Easy indeed. If they could march from Guatemala et al they could be marched to San Francisco, from where they could be taken to Alcatraz Island and left to fend for themselves while they await adjudication of their asylum claims. 🙂

  4. Covert Ops:
    I am thinking bombs appear to be fake.
    Either the bomb maker was the stupidest bomb maker ever, because none of the bombs went off (That is good),
    None of the bombs were ever meant to go off, just another political smear job,
    like the caravan etc.
    One of the pictures of the bombs, that I saw in the British newspaper The Sun,
    showed some sort of ancient phone like thing wired to the bombs.
    What was that?
    You couldn’t go into any gadget store today and buy anything that looked like that – It was silly.
    You’d thing some investigative reporter would question this, wait, no,
    stupid me.

    So was this our old friend Charley In Action again?
    I am thinking probably not.
    Charley has no compunction about killing people to achieve it’s goals.

    Now about that election because that story was only about the election.
    Everyone is wondering why Trump has not yet declassified the IG report on the FISA corruption scandal. He can at any time.

    Here is my guess

    Some, maybe many, of the sealed indictments produced by Huber
    indict democrat congressmen. If the dems somehow managed to achieve a tiny majority in the House of Representatives then that would be the ideal time to arrest and maybe incarcerate these Congressmen, so that they would have to be replaced in by-elections.

    • They were fake. It isn’t just that the clock had no timer and that the wires didn’t do anything. The battery wasn’t powerful enough, it used SULFUR which burns, AND one key thing: it was PVC pipe. NOT STRONG ENOUGH to provide the pressure necessary to cause an “effective” explosion, which, as you say, is a good thing except these weren’t ever really bombs or intended to be bombs in the first place. They were exactly like the clock boy’s clock in a suitcase that just LOOKED LIKE a suitcase bomb. For political reasons. For a psy op purpose. An expert on TV pointed it out–that you don’t use PVC pipe. Yeah, instructions are online, but surely they advise metal pipes. The thing is only about 4 inches long, too. You can tell by the perspective, compared to the Clorox wipes can and the size of the stamps on the envelopes. It’s a joke.

      You’re correct about the reporting. I haven’t seen ONE STORY that questions the lack of a post mark. EVEN IF there were to be a trial, it would be ineffective because so much would be excluded or prejudicial and, for one thing, how can they charge him with mailing the packages when there’s no proof they were mailed? There’s the “postage due” sticker on Biden’s device, but even that’s suspicious because post offices use pre-printed stickers and you write in the amount of postage that’s due. When postage is due, they either deliver the envelope (after cancelling the stamps) and the recipient pays what’s due, or they return it to the sender and guess what? They cancel the stamps that are already on the envelope so the sender has to resend it with all the postage a second time. They “use” the original insufficient postage to pay for the return trip, iow.

      Is there even an IG report on the FISA scandal? They were supposed to be investigating it, but I read yesterday that Congress is going to call that guy Huber in to testify because it came out that NONE OF THE PLAYERS in this scam/coup have even been questioned by him YET. Not Ohr; they specifically said he didn’t question Ohr yet. This was over a year ago he was appointed and he still hasn’t questioned Ohr! Ohr would be a key person in the middle of this coup/insurance policy/treason. So Huber is not really investigating anything.

      I’m thoroughly convinced at this point that Sessions is in on this Deep State crap. He was always friendly with Hillary. He literally BEGGED Trump for the Atty. Gen. job and the day after sewing it up, he recused himself, leaving Rosenstein in charge. That was the plan all along–to get somebody as Trump’s AG who WOULD play along, occupy the position to keep Trump from HAVING an AG (maybe they had more on Sessions than the few innocent meetings with Russians), and then let the Deep State players continue to control the “on-going investigation” so that Trump’s hands would always be tied. iow, Sessions is just another plant within Trump’s administration.

      I’m positive, also, at this point, that Rosenstein didn’t just threaten to wear a wire and talk to the POTUS, he did it.



        Wouldn’t the history that person alleges for Psy op better fit his demographic profile? He’s Hispanic. He lives in Florida. He’s a “person of color.” He’s supposedly also Native American. He was a registered DemoncRAT since 1980 UNTIL they decided they needed an insurance policy in 2016. That writer gives another name for him: Cesar Altieri Randazzo. That fits because Altieri is an Italian name, as is Randazzo. Is he Filipino or Seminole? Or is he Italian? Why does he have and use multiple names, btw? Anyway, it sure makes it hard to track his past, doesn’t it? And maybe they came up with Sayoc to, you know, mess with us.

        So wouldn’t the “wrap” on his van have been done professionally? If so, then when? When did he buy that van? Will we ever learn the truth about this guy or will he go into the rabbit hole with the rest of the perps (who are still alive)?

        • Isn’t it also furtherly (is that a word? It is now.) furtherly suspicious that they “coined” the phrase MAGAbomber BEFORE he was “found” wearing a MAGA hat in all those pics?

          That’s a great article, which I’m still reading now. NOTE the ingenious analysis of the posts he made showing himself in a MAGA hat at Trump rallies and NONE of his nearly 3000 followers “like” or COMMENT on his post. NOT ONE! EVERY POST that’s pro-Trump will get a comment because, as we know, progressive TROLLS are everywhere, even among your friends. His friends are people of color, fellow SEMINOLES who hate Trump not only because of his politics but, as pointed out in the article, because Trump’s businesses directly compete with the Seminole casinos, one of which Psy Op worked for! So surely his friends would have piled on when he posted and bragged about being at a Trump rally. Or could it be they’re in on the “joke”, too? If so, then you’d expect them to “like” his activities, huh? As the writer said, though, it fits if this is a “fake facebook profile for a fake pipe bomb political operation.”

        • ~ ROBIN …..^^^^^
          This is a very interesting article & this information needs to be blasted out! I’ve done what I can do. Also, a guy posted on FBI’s page that there was another fb profile for the bomber that was anti-Trump with a pic of Kathy Griffin holding the severed head as the profile pic. He said it disappeared before he could screenshot it. Can you look into this? I’m in Louisiana & just happened upon your article, but I will definitely be following you from now on!

          ~ JANE
          Why is there no time or date on the first screenshot?

          ~ SHAD OLSON
          Not sure which you’re referring to, but if it involves Sayoc’s political party affiliation, you clearly didn’t read to the conclusion of the article, where not 1 BUT 3.. corroborating screenshots are provided, even showing the moment that someone edited …. his MyLife profile to show him as a “Republican” rather than as a Democrat, as it Displayed in the previous ScreenShots. ????

    • Just what we need. POTUS had better get serious but surely the leftist courts will try to stop him, as they stopped him before. He needs to declare a national emergency and maybe even martial law at the border, wherever they’re trying to cross. He can probably do it within a small confined area.

  5. Yep!!

    To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally. Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 25, 2018

  6. x22 report, 7minutes in
    the stamps on the bomb parcels are not cancelled
    so the post office did not deliver them

    • Yep. There’s NO WAY that those things would go through the mail to NY to the screening facility, or whatever they called it, without postmarks. No way. Here’s another clue to how you KNOW this is a Sayoc psy op: The Southern District of NY, the biggest Deep State district in the fed system, is going to lead the prosecution. Yep. The one that used to be corruptly run by the guy Trump had to fire, who now works for the lamestream media. (I forget his name. Some East Asian name.) It’s all so freaking transparent. But here’s a prediction: Because the media are now just using that insulting “MAGA bomber” label, it will become suddenly OKAY to discriminate against anyone wearing a MAGA hat. Instantly, it will become synonymous with the Confederate flag or the KKK. Anybody who wears one will be called a violent extremist who loves the bomber. So now POTUS will be stripped of his most famous campaign slogan (although he said he was going to begin Keep America Great as his new slogan. Maybe. We’ll see.) Don’t you love it, though? THEY DO. Believe it. This has Barry and Brennan written all over it. Almost every one of those who received a device is someone who stands to lose big time IF the DOJ actually does its job and prosecutes the outrageous attempted coup perpetrated by all these treasonous traitors. You know how ELSE they’ll use this to further their plans? Social media will be used even more to CENSOR conservatives and they’ll say that people like him should be banned from all the platforms. Of course, that will be CONSERVATIVES who threaten people, not liberals. Not progressives. Not the likes of Kathy Griffin who actually is cashing in on her hatred by making a tour of comedy clubs, actually capitalizing on her hateful Trump beheading meme. That’s okay. It’s also okay to run a “short story” in the NY Times on the very day these devices are being found that relates a fictionalized account of how the Russians and the Secret Service join together to kill the POTUS, meaning Trump. This from the very media who are LECTURING THE PRESIDENT that his rhetoric caused this. They want to stifle him on the eve of the elections. Keep his rallies from being so successful. Make EVERYONE who supports the president afraid to show support for him by wearing MAGA hats or having pro-Trump paraphernalia on their cars or lawns. They’re NAZIS, plain and simple. Straight up NAZIS. And what they accuse you of is EXACTLY what they do.

      • Look at the convenient photos of the van: OMG. Covers everything. He even was against illegal immigration! I can hear it now, “let the “migrants” in or else you’re an evil racist MAGA bomber just like Psy op.” Pro-De Santis! Against chain migration. Funny that. His dad’s an immigrant. What’s Mom? Is she really a Seminole? TCTH story points out:

        “Unlike most FBI investigations of recent reference, this time there was apparently no effort to scrub the social media history of Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. from the internet; and multiple accounts liked to the suspect were quickly identified by media and independent research. …”

        Yeah. That’s not suspicious, nobody said ever. Right. So they scrub Blasey Ford’s stuff. They scrub leftist thug stuff. NOT THIS GUY. No, sir. That’s because they want the lamestream to easily find all the pro-Trump stuff (probably just recently written and put on the Web for the media to find. I wonder if the Wayback Machine was tampered with, too, or if you won’t find any of this social media stuff in the archives?) All we need now is a manifesto and his laptop, which WILL BE READ thoroughly, unlike Anthony Weiner’s.

        Besides which, is there a new standard NOW? Will Bernie Sanders be blamed for Scalise being shot? Will they demand Bernie APOLOGIZE to Scalise for the rhetoric that caused his crazed supporter to attack Republicans? In our dreams.

        Read the story to see how they’re NOT charging him as they would IF the bombs were real, even though Wray insists they weren’t “hoaxes.” We know they were deliberately NON-functional and that’s because they were NOT intended to really harm all those progressives. They were only intended to harm the POTUS. Don’t you love how, besides using the MAGA bomber epithet, they’re also suddenly calling these IEDs?

    • I just can’t keep quiet, because I keep thinking of more “coincidences.” Like how the van was hauled away, wrapped up by the FBI, but CONVENIENTLY someone in the neighborhood just happened to have multiple clear pictures of the van to share with the media, so we all know what was on the van. Doesn’t it remind you of how Dylann Roof had the Confederate flag on his car and just like that, everybody had to stop flying that flag? CNN has the most comprehensive background stuff on Psy Op, even his high school photo! Gee, it’s almost as if they knew who he was before he got caught! Such great and instantaneous research. IF he’d been arrested so many times, then there should be plenty of stuff out there on the Web, pre-2018. Remember how much history we used to be able to turn up on people using search engines? Try to find anything old on Cesar Psy Op. Just check out this one:

      “The Sayoc system has become a premiere Filipino martial art that emphasizes realistic self protection skills. As a leader in the field of edged weapons combatives it has been sought after by many noted martial artists, Special Warfare military operatives, DEA, Air Marshall, ICE, SWAT, as well as many individual practitioners worldwide.”

      btw, his middle name, Altieri, means PROUD. So he’s a proud Psy op.

      He’s going to cop a plea. There will be no trial. (Surprising that he was taken alive, huh?) He will be sentenced and will then just disappear into the vapor like all the others have. Does any reporter go visit any of the others? Will he be relocated, given a new identity, and be fully compensated for all his trouble, taking this fall in the name of global socialism? Watch and see. UNLESS Sessions is much more clever and the FBI is much more loyal than we currently expect and then they will GET TO THE BOTTOM OF WHO’S BEHIND THIS GUY.


    By Mike Adams / Natural News

    The alleged fake pipe bomb hoaxer who sent bomb-like hoax props to prominent Democrats, has been identified and arrested. His name is Cesar Sayoc Jr., and he is reportedly a 56-year-old Native American drug dealer, according to media reports.

    His criminal rap sheet includes possession of illegal steroids “with intent to distribute” as well as retail theft and other crimes.

    A white van discovered at his property looks like a professionally produced false flag theater prop, with nearly every window covered with high-end graphics promoting President Trump, Mike Pence and “CNN sucks” messages.

    In other words, not only were the fake pipe bombs convenient props for the left-wing media to play the victim; this van is the perfect visual prop to repeatedly broadcast on left-wing news to blame conservatives for this obviously staged false flag theater.

    The van wrap images look pristine, brand new, as if they’ve never even sat in the Florida sun. There isn’t a single sign of any of these images fading or peeling, and there are no signs of any vandalism carried out against the van. It’s obviously a staged prop. A fake.
    this guy is good, he’s the oneho said “where’s all the spent cartridges” at that infamous las vegas hotel room
    I called bs as soon as i saw that van

    • And guess what? Isn’t it interesting that his surname rhymes with PSY-OP????? They just LOVE to do that. Have those snarky little plays on words. The guy appears to really have no history on the Internet, but it’s hard to research things given how search engines are now deliberately corrupted. He only registered to vote in 2016, so right when the “insurance policy” was being developed. I’m just sayin’. In any case, love the pristine van with all the MAGA stickers all over the windows, including Hillary’s face and CNN logo, both with a gun sight conveniently put on top, in case you didn’t get the “message.” He is violent. He abused steroids. (That fits, actually.) He declared bankruptcy once, so, I mean, needs or needed dinero. Supposedly Seminole but Dad is Filipino. That VAN! I can’t get over it. We the People who love Trump have learned that if we don’t want our cars vandalized (or worse), then don’t put Trump bumper stickers on them. He’s living in deep blue area of Florida and hey. He can drive that van with all that vastly partisan and even violent stuff on it–no problemo. Including the fact that you can’t even see out the windows (or in). Most states forbid blocking off all the windows like that, but here he is–a person OF COLOR, btw–driving that thing around and no cops hassle him. Not only that, he’s threatened celebs (big anti-Trumpers) on social media but HIS accounts don’t get deleted. NO SIREE. They have to stay there at least until he’s arrested, you see. In addition, he conveniently took video of himself at a Trump rally, so that cinches it. I mean, it’s not as if they don’t PLANT DemoncRATS at all Trump rallies to cause trouble that they then blame on Trump. So SUDDENLY one day he decides to register as a Republican, go to Trump rallies, and send NON-LETHAL devices, deliberately FAUX BOMBS, to DemoncRATS. He’s so violent. He’s such a partisan hater. He threatened the power company and others. BUT he wasn’t smart enough to actually make an effective weapon. He just wanted to scare them? RIGHT. And RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION. That’s how much he loves Trump–he hands the DemoncRATS and the fake news media, including the hated CNN, a weapon to use against the man he supposedly admires so much. WHO THE HELL IS STUPID ENOUGH TO BUY THIS?

      Sayoc = psy op.

    • You got it, too, Dave M. LV event = same as Sayoc psy op. Remember what Schumer said about the intelligence community. He’s an operative. Supposedly, too, his father helped overthrow the commie government in the Philippines so … Hmm. Not that I know the history of all that but wouldn’t CIA use guys like that?


    The cousin said that she hadn’t seen Sayoc for 2 decades but that he
    called her recently after Her father … died.

    Sayoc also had a misdemeanor arrest on his record in North Carolina, where he was charged in 1999 for possession of stolen car, records show. And in 1995, he was charged in Minnesota with theft and possession
    ….. of Crack Cocaine. <<<<

    2002 mug shot of Caesar Syoc when HE… Made a Bomb Threat, in Miami.

    • OMG. What the hell is he? Seminole? Hispanic? Filipino? ITALIAN? Well, I guess the needed to get some “white” in there.

      “Sayoc has a criminal record in Florida and was arrested in 2002 for making a bomb threat, according to Miami-Dade County court records. He pleaded guilty. There were also two arrests, one in 1992 and the other in 2014, for petit theft.”

      Hmm. Shouldn’t they have reported that all of that happened while he was a registered Democrat? What about the social media posts where he demonized President Bush and VP Cheney?

    • Do you notice how they carefully say that the pictures “appear” to show him at a Trump rally? Is that why that guy at this link points out how misty the background is in the photos? Is he suggesting that these were photoshopped images and the guy really was never at these rallies? It wouldn’t surprise me. It’s possible that they found this guy, knew he was a leftist, knew it would affect the election, and so they covered it up by MAKING him into a Trump supporter. Thus the pristine van with the professional decal job, the convenient photos of the van, the convenient but suspicious social media posts (sans likes or comments, as if nobody ever saw them), and the convenient photos of him allegedly “appearing to be” at Trump rallies. Do the media people know he’s not really there, so they’re afraid to say he was at the rallies when he wasn’t? Isn’t it possible they’ll be able to prove he never was there?

  9. Seminole Tribe of Florida Distances Itself From Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc
    “We can find no evidence that [he] … is or was a member or employee of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, or is or was an employee of Seminole Gaming or Hard Rock International,” spokesman says ????? ha’

  10. “We can find no evidence that Cesar Altieri, Caesar Altieri, Caesar Altieri Sayoc, Ceasar Altieri Randazzo (Facebook) or Julus Cesar Milan (Twitter)

    is or was a member or employee of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, or is or was an employee of Seminole Gaming or Hard Rock International,”
    Gary Bitner, spokesperson for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, said.

    He added that the tribe was Unable to Verify whether Sayoc may have worked for a Hard Rock vendor “at this time.”

    • They say that and yet there are photos of him working at the casino! I guess maybe he used his REAL NAME when he worked there. There’s evidence that the social media stuff is all recently created.

    ‘Loner’ with long arrest record…
    Bodybuilding, Native American Florida strip-club worker…
    ‘Steroid problem’…
    Raged On Social Media…
    Threatened to Bomb in 2002….Tracked using cell phone…..DNA trail…
    President hails quick arrest…

    @DRUDGE …..


    More recently, Sayoc described himself on social media as being affiliated with the Seminole Warriors Boxing Club (HEAD POUNDED 2 MUCH?)
    & being a member of the ….“Unconquered Seminole Tribe.”

    Gary Bitner, a spokesman for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, said there is no evidence to show that Sayoc worked for the Tribe or was a tribal member.

    Altieri, his Cousin, said Sayoc’s ONLY … connection to Native Americans
    was that he ONCE ….. Dated a Member of a Tribe.

    Sayoc was born in New York City.
    His mother was Italian & his biological father was Filipino,
    his parents separated when he was a young boy, Altieri said.
    After his parents separated, Sayoc was “kind of rejected” by his family.???

    “When you get NO love as a young Kid, you get Kind of out of whack,”
    he said. …

    • And I’m telling you: The Spanish (or Romance language) pronunciation of that name is Not SAY …oc. Short a. ah. Y as ee. So you get SIE (as in tie) oc, which rhymes with Psy Op. That’s not his name. His name is Randazzo. Cesar Altieri Randazzo. These people always have multiple names they go by and have used in the past–all the better to make it difficult to determine their true identity and true history. He’s not Seminole. He’s not Hispanic (perhaps, but if he really is Filipino, then he probably IS Hispanic some way, some how). He’s allegedly also (or solely) Italian. The funny thing is that to me he does not look Filipino (as in any bit Asian) and he does somewhat look Seminole, although now they claim he’s not. He has claimed to be Hispanic and Seminole. I don’t know if he anywhere claimed to be Filipino or Italian, but is his father that Cesar Sayoc Sr. or not? I guess only Mom knows. I think the story is changing because they do SO WANT to make him “white.”

    • Does it make ANY SENSE at all that his “getaway car” says, “arrest me. I fit the profile to a tee?” Wouldn’t someone expecting to get away with it maybe lay low and take those decals off the van?

      This comments sums it up well:

      “This Cesar guy was on steroids for decades so permanent Roid Rage would be a problem for him.
      He was busted by the FBI for threatening to blow up a power plant in 2002 and could have been working as a stooge for them since then. [Yeah. You don’t see him doing well-deserved hard time, do you?]
      He was a Democrat from 1980 to 2016 but more a Bernie Sanders sort. He supported Code Pink. Posted hate material on Bush/Cheney and GOP.
      He supported both Trump and feminists protesting against Trump at one point.

      He is called racist but his ancestry is Philipino/Italian and he posted a photo of himself smiling in front of Blacks for Trump.
      So he is somehow a racist and not a racist.
      The bombs were duds as proven by the charges he faces of 48 years. He would face life for each bomb under the terrorism law if they were real.
      So don’t believe any stories about the bombs being real, they were not.”

  13. Senator Charles Grassley Refers Creepy Democrat Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti for Prosecution of ADDITIONAL Charges
    Utah Man Indicted For Mailing Simulated Ricin To President Trump & Others
    REMINDER: ‘Bombs’ Were FAKE!

    If the Fake Bombs Were ‘Mailed’ Through the U.S. Postal Service, WHY ARE THERE NO POSTAL MARKINGS ON ANY OF THE PACKAGES, HMMM?
    Here is Cesar Alteri Sayoc’s Extensive Prior Criminal Record That Includes Bomb Threats

    Suspect in Custody in Democrat Fake Bomb Hoax Case — Cesar Altieri Sayoc — Has Prior History of ‘Terroristic Threats’

    Why Are Fake Bombs Sent to Democrats More Shocking Than Real Ricin Packages to Republicans?

    Fake Bomb Hoaxer Suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc Arrested, Obvious False Flag Operation to Shift Election Narrative to Blame Trump, Suppress GOP-Voter Turnout; Van is Perfect Staged Prop

    The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report

  14. WHY ..O’ WHY??? BECAUSE they R O’ SO …S P E C I A L???

    • And there’s something else tonight’s mainstream news didn’t report: That the perp himself, the Psy Op himself, admitted that the bombs were deliberately NON-LETHAl and not meant to hurt anyone. Of course, they won’t point that out. They ARE hoax devices but the hoax news won’t tell the truth about it. And we all know WHY they were inactive devices, don’t we? Well, for sure. You’re not going to REALLY hurt the people you’re trying to help. The worst part of this whole thing is that We the People are paying for this psy op.

    • “Either the sender intended harm but was grossly incompetent or the sender never intended harm and meant the packages to be a form of agitprop.

      The notes that accompanied the packages read like parodies of how committed progressives think Republicans speak. They are laughably hyperbolic attempts to mimic redneck sensibilities and hillbilly patois including, ‘Git r done’, a dated homage to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour’s Larry The Cable Guy character. The notes play to every Democrat stereotype of the American deplorables who support Donald Trump. In case you didn’t know, both the Left and establishment Right, known affectionately as Conservatism, Inc., are sure that everyone who voted for Trump is married to a sibling – or wants to be – chews tobacco, and handles snakes during Sunday worship services. And these notes play off those caricatures. …”

      Exactly! AGITPROP.

    • And so … what? Oh, I see. Ban “conspiracy theories” and “conspiracy theorists” and hey. Who gets to decide what’s a conspiracy theory and what’s fake news?

      Let me guess that Matt McDonald is NOT a Baby Boomer, but he is a typical prejudiced, age-ist “journalist”:

      “Yet somehow it’s baby boomers who are the worst victims of the internet: technologically dumb, easily scammed, and often more susceptible to fake news.”

      Oh, nicely said! How about adding potentially violent deplorables who need to be collateral damage, asap?

      Shall we say that people of his age and ilk are NPCs? Or at least very much like. Get a brain, Matt.

      Talk about painting with a broad brush. I’d like to remind Matt that Baby Boomers actually INVENTED the technology of which he speaks.

      • “Social media studies suggest that conservatives are more likely than liberals to fall for fake news and disinformation.”

        Yes, biased young “academics” are fond of making biased studies and then reporting on the biased results of their biased studies. And people like Matt, being of a similar biased mindset, fall for it completely, which explains WHY the progressives continue to come up with these ridiculous scenarios and false flags that they believe we “dumb” deplorables will FALL FOR. (Like Barry’s birth certificate and Judge Kavanaugh organizing gang rapes.) Unfortunately for the progressives, since the biased research is biased, then the results are wrong and you can’t depend upon or make plans or “insurance policies” based upon the results because they’re bogus and UNTRUE. In fact, the OPPOSITE is true. It’s the younger people, the NPCs, who are programmed to believe whatever it is their masters tell them to believe. They don’t QUESTION. They don’t independently analyze. They don’t THINK. Instead, they uncritically parrot narratives and memes like, “women must be believed” and “survivors must be believed,” etc.

    • And the FACT that he’s not in prison for any of these recent crimes proves there’s something there. I mean, what did he get in return for pulling off this psy op? He has to be out of jail. He has to be registered as a Republican. He has to be photographed (or photoshopped into photographs) at Trump rallies. So he’s “out” of jail. Why? Why is he such a serial offender but still walking the streets? And, of course, his social media has to stay online until the media and the public see what it says, which is exactly WHY Twitter did NOT ban his account when it was reported that he threatened a black woman! Oh, again–it was a “mistake.”

    • I’m no expert on automobiles, so I’m asking if anyone knows:

      What make and model and year is that van, that looks so shiny and new?

      There are photos of it in August 2016 and they don’t have the decals all over the windows. Lots of photos of the van there. Someone pointed out somewhere that there’s also an image of the van, without the decals, on G**gle Earth.

      My point is how much does that van cost, considering he supposedly was bankrupt, lived with Mom, until he lived in this expensive, pristine van? Would a van like that cost in the tens of thousands? Isn’t it interesting how NOT ONE photo shows his license plate? What the hell is the big black thing wrapped in a quilt or tarp that’s hanging off the back?

      There’s this, as a reminder. Pay attention to the addresses because George Webb references them:

      Video of the brand-new-looking van here:

      Remember this:
      Anti-Bush, anti-Cheney. Suddenly, as soon as Trump begins to look like he may win, when the Deep State, in collusion with the DemoncRATS, begins to develop the “insurance policy,” he converts to being a Trump fan. That’s when he switches to the Republican party. That’s when he suddenly starts collecting Trump stuff and posting stuff on social media (that nobody among his 3000 followers seems to have even seen). Sleeper agent?

      Isn’t it odd that this guy with a muslim-sounding name just happened to take note of Psy Ops’s van and instead of vandalizing it, he conveniently took photos of it, which served several purposes: “proved” that Psy Ops drove the van (he was at that grocery store that day, allegedly) and “proved” it’s Psy Ops’s van and not something that was just put together for show for this psy op? Notice also that Psy Op joined the social media sites right around the time the “insurance policy” was being developed by Deep State and Clintonistas.

      This is typical. Tonight’s news mentioned that Psy Op was enamored of Trump–big fan of Trump. HOWEVER, they did NOT mention at all that the Pittsburgh shooter hated Trump, considered him a tool of “the Jews.” Isn’t it interesting? They don’t even bother to pretend to be unbiased anymore.

  15. By the grace of God and the presence of a security detail assigned to Steve Scalise, dozens of congressmen & their staff are alive today.

    Let us consider who are the real inspirers of violence & where the real threat to civility & life rests. And let us answer the curious questions surrounding Cesar Altieri Sayoc
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  16. Sanders condemns shooter who ‘apparently’ volunteered on
    HIS …… Campaign ……”DEMOCRATE” !!!!! ….. ^^^^^^

  17. U.S. NEWS 10/25/2018 10:34 am ET Updated 2 days ago ..^^^^
    Sarah Sanders: Trump No More Responsible For Bomb Packages Than Bernie Sanders Is For Baseball Game Shooting

    The White House press secretary also told reporters that claims the president was involved with the suspicious packages are “disgraceful.”

  18. By MELISSA CHAN June 14, 2017 ….. NOT LONG AGO !!!!!
    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he was “sickened” after a gunman, who he said “apparently Volunteered” on HIS presidential campaign,

    >>>>> Opened Fire on Republican lawmakers <<<<<>> MY <<<
    presidential campaign,” Sanders said in a statement.
    “I am sickened by this despicable act.” ….

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