Snow White Says, “Me, too!”

Just when you think that popular (progressive) culture could not get any more ridiculous, it does.

Actress Kristen Bell has suggested that Prince Charming is probably guilty of sexual assault. How so? He didn’t ask Snow White’s permission to kiss her and thus break the spell that kept her in enchanted sleep!

While reading to her children, Bell adds helpful, insightful, critical analysis:

Don’t you think that it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission?” she said she asks her daughters. “Because you can not kiss someone if they’re sleeping!

Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and babysitters beware! No more kissing sleeping children, lest you be accused of pedophilia.

By extension, if it were up to Bell, then Snow White would be doomed to remain asleep forever, or at least until science finds a way to contact an unconscious mind so a potential kisser could ask permission before delivering the magical kiss that wakes her.

But wait! Can one trust that an enchanted mind is ever fully capable of giving permission? We’re told that women who are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs are mentally incapacitated and so are incapable of giving permission for sexual activity. Therefore, any sexual activity is automatically assumed to be criminal (on the part of the male, that is).

But wait! Didn’t Snow White willingly eat that apple?

So now we’re blaming the victim? Repeat after me:

Men are responsible; women are not.

What lesson can children take from an updated version of the story of Snow White?

That it’s better to remain in a permanent vegetative state than to be kissed without your permission? 

What’s going on below? Enquiring (perverted or progressive) minds should want to know:

Note the little guy in the foreground, taking off his clothes. Yikes!


115 responses to “Snow White Says, “Me, too!”

    • This is just another classic case of how they accuse their opponents of what THEY DO. Who divides EVERYBODY by identity (multiple identies)? Who INVENTED all the different identity “studies” at the universities? Who MADE UP the term “intersectionality” and the whole bullshit philosophy that goes with it? Barry did his level best to destroy race relations in this country and he did a bang up job of it. People who were NEVER prejudiced or racist are now, thanks to all this B.S. about “white privilege” and how whites are to blame, no matter what, and even if they don’t know it, they’re ALL racists and need to acknowledge that and beg forgiveness and spend the rest of their lives making amends, including living like second class, silent dhimmis.

    • What the hell is artisanal or organic MARKETING?

      ““If you don’t engage in the things I care about, or desire the things I desire, there is something wrong with you” was how Haynes characterized the attitudes expressed toward Main Street.”

      Yes, and now you’re EXPENDABLE. Just ask the elitist Pelosi, who says you’re nothing more than collateral damage (in waiting).

  1. CARAVAN ….. SWELLS TO 5,000 ….????? WTF is going ON????

  2. VOTE RED …..VOTE ~ TRUMP ~ VOTE like never …B … 4

    “If you vote to elect a Republican House and a Republican Senate, we will”:

    “Continue to cut your taxes,”
    Cut your regulations,”
    “Raise your income,“
    “Make our country great again,”
    “Protect Medicare and Social Security,”
    “Continue confirming judges who interpret the Constitution as written,”
    “Fully secure the border,”
    “Pass Kate’s law,”
    “Stop sanctuary cities,”
    “Stop catch-&-lease,”
    “End the visa lottery,“
    “End chain migration,”
    “Keep the criminal drug dealers & terrorists the hell out of our country,” &
    “Lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, & from poverty to prosperity.”

  3. …..BLOW …..HARDER????? ^^^^ really?

  4. ~ teeheeman says: …..^^^^^

    Sparticus Phallicus…….we hardly knew you.

    • When I read that, the first thing I thought of was this “device”

      It’s explosive, all right!

      How much you wanna bet it’s a false flag, fake news event? The person supposedly opened it up and then CARRIED IT TO A WOODED AREA before calling the police. Now, once you’d seen that it looked like an explosive device, wouldn’t you have run as fast as you could and as far as you could and then called cops? Would you have picked it up again and carried it to the woods? Come on. They think we’re stupid.


      There’s video of someone handing out money. Sarah Carter reports people from Bangladesh, China, and other overseas countries in the mix. A Mexican reporter says the same. Saw Bangladeshis joining the army of invading illegal aliens. The Mexican police arrested one of the “organizers”. That’s reported in the mainstream media, which also, illogically, contends the march isn’t organized! There’s a group KNOWN to be supporting the people and they’ve been involved in past “caravans” AND they’re funded by Soros. Finally, as Rush Limbaugh points out, where the hell are they getting food and, more important, where are up to 14,000 people, shall we say, eliminating waste products (urine, feces, “sanitary” napkins, etc.)? Where are the environmentalists, btw? We’re supposed to believe that motorists are giving them rides or some of them are hitching rides. IF true, then there would be a huge traffic jam, a caravan, so to speak, of CARS and TRUCKS on that highway. But where is it? Judicial Watch is calling for the DOJ to investigate the funding of this group and whether any Americans are involved in its organization (as if we don’t know the answer already).

    • That is an excellent article that hits on most of the important points, especially the danger of DISEASES, which we’ve already seen across our country since the last waves of Central American invasion, courtesy of Barack Obama. This new polio-like disease is only the latest suspect. Then there’s the terrorist angle. The local paper today ran a story, likely from the AP, that quoted one of the leaders of the “caravan” who said that it’s silly of Trump to mention terrorists–that there aren’t ANY terrorist in the four Central American countries from which these invaders come. That said, right on the heels of the Guatemalan president bragging that they just arrested 100 ISIS members! Of course, the AP didn’t fact check the guy’s statement but just tried to make it look as if POTUS was a crazed conspiracy theorist. Just the way the lamestream write their stories is BS. The “immigrants” are a ragtag, bedraggled, tired, and hungry group of children and their mothers. It’s all BS. They “straggle” along, according to the complicit media. And yet, they all look fine, well fed, well clothed, healthy in the videos. MOST are young men, but the media pick out the few women with children to try to tug at someone’s heart strings. It’s like those ads you see on the late-night old movie shows on low wattage broadcast TV channels–the ones with Sally Struthers asking for money for poor starving children, or is it starving dogs in shelters?

      NOT A COINCIDENCE that this began here in the U.S. right around the time that the first influx of Central Americans took place. In addition, there was a study of a similar outbreak in Central America the YEAR BEFORE (2013).

  5. ~ Wesley Alexander Questioning •


    ~ Related Words … 4 … >>>>> I N V A S I O N <<<<>>> THEY MUST NOT <<<>>> ALLOWED TO ENTER <<<<

    **Declare a state of emergency on the border. Close it until further notice. Allow no one or nothing in. The caravan tries to storm the border, hit them with tear gas & other non-lethal measures. Remember, the Radical Leftists will use woman & children as shields. Sorry, but they will not be allowed in. ANYONE WHO DOES GET IN HAVE THE MILITARY DETAIN THEM for ICE to transport them back over the border. NO COURT DATE – NO CATCH & RELEASE. THEY GO HOME If Radical Leftists Lawyers try to prevent this, arrest them for aiding & abetting criminals, because these invaders are indeed that. Charges of Impeachment will fly fast and furiously. IGNORE THEM. If this is an impeachment offense – prove it. THIS IS THE PHONE AND THE PEN OF THE OBAMA YEARS USED TO PROTECT THE NATION.


    The Radical Democrats and their pals in the Globalist Elite including George Soros . R … behind This. THEY MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO SUCCEED.




    • Read somewhere that a lamestream media headline said, “Army of migrants” heading for U.S. After the speech police and the narrative monitors intervened, the headline was changed to the more politically correct (from the progressive POV) to “caravan” of migrants.

  6. raid, intrusion, violation, onslaught, offensive, infringement, assault, breach, incursion, aggression, infiltration, maraud, usurpation, inroad, infraction, trespass, transgression, foray, irruption, offense ….^^^^^

  7. so SORRY …NO ROOM @ the INN ….what a crock …does not touch my
    heart …. DON’T even …GO THERE ….. GO HOME !!! WTP say SO!

  8. In the end, we don’t know how November will play out. But given that Democrats’ “Russia collusion” allegations have gone nowhere, that the Republican tax cuts have yielded a thriving economy and the lowest unemployment rate in almost 50 years, & that the attempted Kavanaugh derailment has heavily backfired against Democrats, the fact that Democrats have gone back to their 2014 playbook, & have begun running plays from it purely out of desperation, certainly signifies a better November for Republicans than I would have predicted a year ago.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • Yep. We never know. I would lose SO MUCH FAITH in the American people if they don’t recognize how much better off they and the entire country are since POTUS took office. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the JOBS (or the MOBS, either). Do they REALLY want to go back to a world where the likes of Obama and Hillary, Pelosi, and camel-face call the shots? I would agree with Trump if, like Bernstein “predicts”, Trump challenges results that give the election to DemoncRATS. I simply won’t believe it. It would be massive vote fraud. In fact, Bernstein’s comment is probably a preliminary challenge to hopefully keep Trump from challenging the results and keep him from investigating, should they somehow pull this off. Already we KNOW Texas is sending registration forms, prechecked as “citizen”, to illegal aliens. Now they’re sending them to people known to be dead. And in NH, a progressive judge just ruled that registrants don’t have to prove residency! How insane is that? We already have seen that people pour into NH from other states to vote illegally (twice, too. Once in their home state and again in NH.)

  9. more like a …B L U E ~ PUDDLE !!! …..LOVE IT … splash-splash

  10. & WTP ..spending OUR hard earned $$$ on this JERK off… O’ so SAD!

    • Hey, it’s only a matter of time before they simply use CGI to CREATE crowds and speeches and incidents for themselves. I’m betting that the Soros “device” was a DEVICE all right–a device intended to suppress news that Soros is behind these caravans, so social media will suppress any “evidence” that IS FOUND that proves who’s organizing and funding this, on the rationale that to allow it to go viral will cause people to become violent and attack the organizers and the funders. Sort of like how they invented the meme about “islamophobia” and so suppressed all news about muslims being involved in terror or violence. Ditto for BLM. Do they report about the rash of black on white crimes? The “knock out game?” No! For the same warped reason: To report the truth will create hatred among the collateral damaged ones (the deplorables), so to protect the guilty, we will simply not report on their guilt. Just as all the nooses, the swastikas, the racist graffiti, the arson are most often examples of FAKE HATE, so, too, IF a culprit is found, will this turn out to be bogus. Mark my words. Already Soros himself has come out and said he has no doubt he was targeted and why. So … Remember: They accuse you of what THEY DO.

  11. this IS MO’ FUN …… YES HE CAN’T !!! …. he must B FUMING’
    baby “BARRY” just don’t rock it NO MO’ !!! . did he bring MOOCHIE?

  12. ~ guest CoolBrew • …..lalala …

    What – no Styrofoam columns? Oh the humanity… …ha’

  13. 2 Responses … to “Hannity: Caravan Now Numbers as Many as 15,000”
    ~ jim delaney

    “CARAVAN INVASION” REQUIRES A MILITARY RESOLUTION. IT IS NO LONGER AN IMMIGRATION ISSUE. Of course, the Left, esp. La Raza & its disciples, is all for the invasion– La Raza to restore the SW to Mexican rule, the Demonrat Party to harvest more Demonrat voters, all in its ruthless effort to achieve political domination in the USA.

    Let there be no doubt that this IS an invasion, not a harmless migration of tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. It is intended by the globalists to test the resolve of our defenses. If our defense is irresolute, the floodgates will open & our sovereignty will all but disappear.

    Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are, for all practical purposes, failed states anyway, so Trump’s pulling the financial plug or continuing the foreign aid is, in either instance, of little consequence. At least half the $ we send to them ends up in Swiss bank accounts or is otherwise misdirected by those governments’ leaders to feather their own nests.

    As for Mexico, it’s been teetering on the edge of a lawless narco state for years. Obrador may be able to somewhat contain the cartel monster, but he will not be able to subdue it. The entire Mexican state is infested with cartel drones.

    What can Trump do to stop the invasion? While he is constitutionally justified to deploy the military en masse, just how that will work without bloodshed is anyone’s guess. And if there is BloodShed, you can count on the Left to go into Emotional faux compassionate hyper OverDrive. And, sadly, many Clueless Americans will Buy into that propaganda. Tactically, I just don’t know how the President and the military can stop the invasion short of lethal force. Knowing full well that they enjoy the support of Demonrats, the “caravan”, aka column of invaders, are brazen, determined & totally confident they can breach the border’s defenses with relative impunity; thus, absent reason & a sensible level of caution on their part, they may very likely precipitate a Bloody Clash with American Defenders. But, let’s say most penetrate the border unscathed. Then what? Where do we house them? Easy. First, let’s hope the catch & release insanity is promptly jettisoned by the Trump Administration. Second, these invaders must be compelled to stay put until their frivolous asylum claims are adjudicated & they are deported or jailed. This is, after all, a military operation & not an immigration matter. The military is good at quickly setting up cost-effective armed camps, complete with tents, heaters, food, hygienic & medical care, & latrines. So, yes, internment or POW camps for these invaders and their families until they
    are deported or, as appropriate, imprisoned.


    ~ Monica
    George Soros is Paying these people to do this. I don’t know why they think this will increase the Blue Vote.????. If anything, it will increase the red vote.

    …. Just for fun, read the DNC Sekret Plan.

  14. More fakes?

    Brennan and “elements” in the Middle East playing games. Offing people. Hoping to box in our POTUS?

  15. Pyrthroes says: …..^^^^ @ comments & the rest of this 1 … also

    Wahabist billionaire Prince al Walid bin Talal, Saudi Ambassador to Washington through Bush II’s administration, is on record as leaguing with Soros’ multifarious subversives to implant Indonesian national Barack H. Soetoro (registered by that name in DC from 2017) as a no-show Foreign Exchange student at Columbia and Hah-vahd.

    Among other things, bin Talal commissioned two (count ’em!) Little Prudy “autobiographies” by murderous “free as a bird” Weather Underground subversive Big Bill Ayers, positioning a black Iranian-born agent-of-influence called Valerie Jarret (with affinities to BHO’s true father, Hawaiian Comintern pedophile Frank Marshal Davis) as liaison with whole spectra of post-9/11 Muslim thuggeries from Baghdad to Riyadh and Teheran. …+ more?????

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