The War on White Males

After the past few weeks, who doesn’t have PTSD? The Kavanaugh confirmation process has left everyone in the country stressed, whether they were for Kavanaugh or against him. At least those of us who support the rule of law, the Constitution, and our Republic have the satisfaction of knowing that justice has prevailed (as the Justice has prevailed).

Do we pity the poor progressives who must have truly believed that their community-organized campaign to smear the stellar reputation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh would work? Such are now triply traumatized: PTSD, from the ordeal of the past few weeks; Trump Derangement Syndrome; and Kavanaugh Derangement Syndrome–all on top of their “normal” lunacy. Do we pity them? NAH.

Supporters of the astroturfed (bought and paid for) #MeToo “movement” (descendants of the erstwhile War on Women), now happily embrace the War on Men, especially white men. (Note that in the “matrix of oppression” white males are oppressors on steroids, having both “white privilege” as well as “male privilege.”)

This excerpt explains the roots of our conservative, post-confirmation PTSD:

When you’ve spent your whole life believing that everyone should be judged by the content of his character and the merit of his actions, not the color of his skin, it’s a little shocking to find out that almost no one seems to believe in this idea any more except for mostly white conservative Americans.

Ironically, some of the most virulent hatred towards white men comes from white female feminists. Most people don’t ever stop to think about what a bizarre situation this happens to be. Imagine you have a white woman with a white father and a white brother, going to a college founded by a white man, using an Internet created by a white man to rail against white men and call them potential rapists because she’s not a happy person. Rather than just dealing with it or making some changes, the liberal feminist decides white men are responsible for her coming up short of her dreams. If you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for the male children of a woman like that.

Christine Blasey Ford, by the way, has two sons, who probably are both approaching their teen-aged years.

This video illustrates quite well the “milieu” in which Justice Kavanaugh’s nemesis, Blasey Ford, practices her particular craft at Palo Alto University–an institution at which 4/5 of the students and 2/3 of the faculty are female. (That’s what I call diversity!)  “Social justice” (for females) seems to be their Prime Directive. (h/t Zenway)

Rush Limbaugh expanded upon the progressive attitude towards our country and those of us who support its Constitution. Among progressives,

There is a disdain for our founding.

That’s what we all [meaning conservatives] think that we have in common: Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, founding documents, Declaration, Constitution.

Not these people. [meaning progressives]

“America is flawed. America is illegitimate. It was not properly founded because it was founded only for a few people — rich white men.” …

They turn their lives over to Democrats to get even. Not to make their lives better, but to get even with all these people who [they believe] have made their lives horrible! …

You [as a progressive, believe that you] get to define the values, and anybody that doesn’t subscribe to ’em is not welcome in the so-called nation or the community. If you don’t share the values of the American left, then you’re not really a member of this national community.

You’re not deserving of its basic protections like presumption of innocence, because you’re flawed from the get-go.

If you don’t share the values of Christine Blasey Ford and the Senate Democrats on the committee, then you don’t get any presumption of innocence. You don’t get any benefit of the doubt. You don’t deserve to be on the court because you represent a threat to their “set of values.” …

And what are those values? The values of discrimination. The values of insufficiency, inadequacy. The values of being mistreated, forgotten — and the value of voting Democrat. Never forget that.

But this explains what is, to many people, an inexplicable divide. Why would so many American leftists attach virtue to people in the country illegally, and talk about the separation of families and these kids, and have no concern — no concern — about the future of kids alive and born in America? …

So illegal immigrants … have much more in common with the American left, which has been discriminated in similar ways by the white majority since the days of the founding. Illegal immigrants are partners in the struggle!

Illegal immigrants and criminals in general are partners in the struggle against this oppressive majority, which has denied fun and liberty and freedom to anybody but themselves. …

Progressives have invented “privilege theory” as well as a reified “hierarchy of privilege,” in spite of the actual life circumstances of those they accuse of having or embodying privilege:

[P]rivilege theory does not argue that we should atone for the sins of the past. It argues that those sins never stopped. In fact, it argues that they aren’t even sins, but rather the predictable manifestations of evil brought about by the American political and economic model. …

Make no mistake, privilege theory is a fierce and effective threat to basic American values.

Privilege theory is the means by which equality, enshrined (albeit imperfectly) in the Declaration of Independence as the cornerstone of our nation, is turned on its head.

Under privilege theory, we [conservatives] and our speech are no longer equal, even in theory. While previous generations of liberals longed for a day when people’s contributions and ideas were not judged on the basis of their skin color, privilege theorists insist that they must be.

The permutations constitute an insane hierarchy within which the center cannot hold:

Straight white men are privileged, and gay white men are privileged, though less so. Straight white women are more privileged than white lesbians, and both straight and lesbian white women are way more privileged than trans women, meaning people who once identified as men who now identify as women. Women, arguably the most oppressed group of people in history, now must show deference to their advantages over former men who now call themselves women. But instead of confronting these absurd ideas, conservatives too often ignore them or laugh them off. This is a horrible mistake.

When did the mainstream media decide that a man who believes himself to be a woman had to be referred to as a woman? Three years ago? Five? Certainly no more than ten. How did this happen? How did those who stand athwart history yelling “Stop!” in regard to gender become bigots? It wasn’t disassociation, it was privilege theory that brought about that lightning change before most Americans even knew it was happening.

Most Americans have no idea they are cisgendered. What is anti-American is not the trans movement or the imposition of cis identity, it’s that these changes are being grafted onto our culture with no debate. Worse, with those who question it are delegitimized as backwards, privileged bigots whose opinions should be at best ignored and at worst banned. 

This is indeed what is happening. The mainstream media and most social media companies seem to collude with Democrats and progressives to foist this privilege nonsense upon the entire population, without debate or input from those they seek to oppress (by any means necessary).

Typically hapless, Republicans, who currently control the reins of government, seem helpless in the face of this progressive hurricane; or maybe it’s that technology morphs too quickly for legislation to keep up.

That, and the fact that the “fake news” media, whenever challenged about their bias, will rabidly assert  First Amendment rights (and to hell with journalistic standards, fairness, or civility), while social media progressives will hide behind their deliberately obtuse (but without a doubt biased) “algorithms.”

By all rights, progressives ought to suffer from cognitive dissonance in addition to their other psychiatric diagnoses, when faced with the conundrum: Which side do I take when “victims” are at odds with each other, but they occupy different rungs on the ladder of privilege?

However, it’s questionable whether cognitive dissonance is even possible among beings that are so irrational. Cognition requires rationality, and vice versa.

Progressives believe things, such as that all women who accuse men of sexual assault must be believed, lack of evidence notwithstanding. Case closed.

Pay attention to how often a progressive will say, “I believe,” (irrational) when a conservative, in the similar situation, will say, “I think” (rational).

Sadly, real people, innocent people, are being destroyed by social (in)justice theories like male privilege and white privilege (sometimes in combination). Justice Kavanaugh is one recent case. Here’s another, no less horrifying:

Several high school girls — dubbed “mean girls” — claimed a male student sexually assaulted them because they “just don’t like him.

Now the boy’s parents … are suing the parents of the five girls … [T]heir son “was forced to endure multiple court appearances, detention in a juvenile facility, detention at home, the loss of his liberty, and other damages until several of the girls reluctantly admitted that their accusations were false.”

Their son is now being home schooled due to the bullying he received, including signs taped to his back without his knowledge that said “predator,” according to the lawsuit which was filed last week. …

He was expelled and arrested and identified as a threat to his community. He spent nine days in a juvenile detention center and then placed on house arrest. …

In May, three of the girls admitted they lied, but it took until August 30 for Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger to dismiss the second accusation, and until September 10 to close the charges related to the first accusation. …

The school has also not punished the students who made the false accusation, according to the lawsuit.

“[The accused student] has had psychological trauma because of all this. He’s had to see a psychologist to deal with the physical symptoms which are the direct result of being accused of something when he did not do anything wrong,” … 

The school district remains steadfast in its treatment of the boy, claiming the lawsuit was filed “without merit.

“We have followed all applicable laws, and we will vigorously defend ourselves throughout the process,” a district spokesman said in a statement released Monday. “The number-one priority of the Seneca Valley School District is the safety and well-being of our students, staff, parents, and volunteers who enter our buildings. We have policies and procedures in place to protect individuals, and we communicate to all employees on these policies and work hard every day to provide a safe and caring learning environment for all.”

Quite obviously, neither the school district nor the legal authorities have the well-being of the male student as a priority. If so, then the school district would punish the girls as severely as they had punished the falsely accused young man, and charges would be filed against any girl who made a false police report, which is a crime.

Citing privilege theory, alt-left progressives now seek to dismantle “white privilege”, decenter or dismantle “whiteness”, and eliminate “toxic masculinity.” This means that society should no longer seek or promote the equality of all citizens but should instead discriminate against, disadvantage, and “make uncomfortable” anyone deemed to have “privilege.”

If you have perceived, over the past few years (especially since Obama’s election), a visible effort in the media, in the entertainment industry, in business, and on social media to elevate “persons of color” and the “traditionally non-privileged”, while at the same time ridiculing, diminishing, expressing disdain for, or verbally attacking whites, especially white heterosexual males, then you are not mistaken.

This is the plan. The plan to “get even.”

Persons “of color” and those who have not been privileged (according to the progressives’ hierarchy of privilege) are to become the elite in our society. Whites (especially heterosexual males) are to become, at best, nonpersons (akin to dhimmis in the Muslim world), unworthy of civil rights, equal rights, and/or most of the rights recognized by the Bill of Rights. 

It’s no coincidence that conservative men were recently ordered by a progressive Congresswoman (of color) to “shut up.”

Justice Kavanaugh is a nonperson, or should be, according to the progressive plan. Therefore, he’s not innocent until proven guilty. It matters not  if his innocence were proven unequivocally. In the progressive mind, Kavanaugh is guilty–of being a privileged white male.

Similarly, the  boy who was falsely accused of sexual assault by “mean girls”, proven innocent by the admission of his accusers, is also a nonperson. That’s why the school has no concern for his psychological well-being.

The administrators were apparently not interested in punishing females, because females must now become “privileged” simply by virtue of being female. Laws and rules don’t apply to them. Both Kavanaugh and the unfortunate falsely accused young man are victims of toxic  femininity.

In the progressive new world order, laws will apply only to those who were traditionally privileged. 

We see this playing out in the current progressive campaign to exempt the non-privileged (people of color, e.g.) from paying traffic fines, or from being incarcerated when they commit crimes, or from being subject to background checks when they apply for a job, or from being punished when they “peacefully protest” by interrupting theater or symphony performances, or shut down highways, or deliberately stalk and mob (yes, mob) members of the Trump administration or conservative members of Congress.

We see a similar mindset on college campuses, where administrators and teachers are overly concerned with perceived “microaggressions” that “privileged” students commit against students “of color” or otherwise non-privileged students.

If a student of color, or some other non-privileged student, is offended by words or ideas expressed by a privileged student, then the free speech rights of the offending student (usually a white conservative) must be sacrificed (infringed upon) for the “greater good” of dismantling privilege.

The feelings and rights of the privileged student have no value. Simply put, the lives of the privileged do not matter. In fact, they have no right to believe they have rights in the first place.

White students are “taught” (browbeaten) during social justice classes, sensitivity training, and virtually any other class into which social justice theories are now inserted by rabidly progressive academics, to be ashamed of their ancestry, their skin color, their ethnicity. White students are treated as pariahs, while students “of color” or the “non-privileged” are celebrated.

Where in the past students of color were taught self-respect and self-esteem, now white students are disrespected by teachers and students of color and taught self-hatred.

There are “safe spaces” (read: no whites allowed) for students of color, but no similar safe spaces for white students where they are allowed to celebrate their own culture or ethnicity among themselves. (That would be racist! The former, however, is not racist. Who wouldn’t want to be away from the evil privileged whites?)

Okay, so at this point this has become a long, disorganized, and probably boring treatise. What can I say? I told you at the beginning that I’m suffering, as are we all, from post-confirmation PTSD. Just look at the graphic at the top of this post to see all that PTSD entails. It’s a wonder that I can get up in the morning.

Whenever will persons who are said to be of no color, or who are said to be privileged, or who are male, realize what’s happening here? When will this plan initiated by progressive hate mongers become exactly clear to everyone else?

In 2016, it appears, probably half the people of the USA apprehended this very real threat to our way of life.

President Trump is the response from all the people who are currently denigrated as a result of the crazed nonsense–the divisive, wholly evil nonsense–that’s coming from the social justice crowd.

Our nation is heading for a world of hurt unless We the People get ourselves back to the values of the Founding Fathers.

Progressives, however, have no intention of allowing that to happen. Instead, as Barack Obama threatened–progressives fully intend to “fundamentally transform” America.

How? By tearing down her values, her institutions, her very people, in order to rebuild this country into a place that nobody but the newly privileged progressives would want to live in.

President Trump is our peaceful response to their plan. If President Trump doesn’t turn out to be an effective response to the threat from the progressives, if he’s somehow not allowed to “make America great again,” then the question will have to be asked: What will be the next answer from the majority?

Are progressives truly prepared to find out?

Pardon my PTSD.


101 responses to “The War on White Males

  1. Rumplestiltskin

    Yeah, we ARE WHITE PRIVILEGE MALES, so get over it.
    Don’t you love to hear their whining and sniveling, it just makes my day.

    We’re there and you’re not. You could be if you used your brains for more than fuquing your stupid women and fixing up your car with running lights.

    Maybe you can’t stand to hear the truth, such as; It has been the white man who has actually drug the world kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, and here you are like sniveling petulant children.

    If you really want a piece of our pie, then jump on board and apply yourselves instead of trying to tear down that which we have built.

  2. william douglass

    Straight White Guys

    I used to have a corporate job with a resepctable cube
    thene one day to my dismay it all went down the tube

    It was after much official investigation
    that I was a white heterosexual male caucasian

    I hung my head in shame as they escorted me from my cube
    but not before I was asked to train my replacement named ayoob

    yeah Straight White Guys don’t have much to recommend
    in this politically correct world we’ve made it seems we don’t fit in

    Everyone needs special treatment, everyone’s a poor minority
    Everyone except – straight white guys like me

    they told me I should do my part to support diversification
    even thought it would surely mean my elimination

    yeah they sent me home but not alone, all the bobs and jims and steves
    were replaced the next day by a bunch of H1B’s

    Maybe it would be different if I would just comply
    denounce my race and sex take the blame for the worlds demise
    I could march around DC with a vagina on my head
    and Id sure to get a great job if I just had a wife named Ted.

    yeah Straight White Guys don’t have much to recommend
    in this politically correct world we’ve made its agreed we don’t fit in

    Everybody cries for justice they all claim they’re victimized
    by all the sexist, racist, homophobic, american, straight white guys

    If only I was an angry feminist – Is there any other kind?
    Or maybe I’ll identify as a lesbian black transgender kind of guy

    It really doesn’t matter, cause id be sure to get more rights
    than that last unprotected class
    of deplorable, abhorable, straight white guys

    Still I think it strange, maybe just a wee bit odd
    Why the fact that you’re a pervert qualifies you to take my job

    I must need more sensitivity training, more re-education
    Cause I know if I was anyone but a straight white guy they’d cry discrimination

    But there are no sanctuary cities for plain non-afro american men
    Who have been downsized and victimized By PC indoctrination

    yeah Straight White Guys don’t have much to recommend
    in this politically correct world we’ve made our time may be at an end

    everybody cries for justice they all claim they’re victimized
    by all the sexist, racist, homophobic, american straight white guys

    Yes today there’s no cause to be gay for the average American man
    But we must unite, march arm in arm, but not hand in hand

    Build a wall against this reason
    stop enabling this treason
    cause right now it’s open season
    Against …

    Straight White Guys don’t have much to recommend
    in this politically correct world we’ve made our time may be at an end

    everyone is crying for justice
    but if you’re looking for your rights
    just remember that straight white guys
    need not apply

    cause everyone get’s special treatment
    everyone’s some form of minority
    everyone except straight white guys like you… and me

    • Sounds sadly true. This is why suddenly Hispanics are no longer “white” and newly arrived Bosnians and Afghanis claim to not be “white.” Who wants to be white? The irony is that the same progressives who hype all this social justice theory are the ones who also say that “race” is a social construct that has no validity. Which may be about the first truthful thing they’ve ever said. Biology proves there’s only one race: human.

      • White unprivilidge

        Yeah, I never thought if hispanics as being any other colour than white!
        They’re Caucasian for heavens sake. They just have a tan!
        But then it’s not going to endow them with “ victimhood” status then is it. So any lie, half truth or twisted logic will do.
        Just like not liking Muslims who terrorise you is racist. Even though they’re not a race it’s a religion.
        Yes we’ve been fools for falling for the tyrants battle cry…”EQUALITY”
        I’ve always been colour blind when it comes to merit & justice but I can tell you this much… a white man that has never experienced any privilidge this has made me want to stand up for justice & equality for MYSELF! & every white guy should do the same. These dicks are being blatantly racist against the very people who gave them equality & now they’re using it against us. Not on! This is a very good way to make an unracist white guy into a raging racist. Purely for survival!
        Back off “ victims” While I’m still open minded.

      • True!!

  3. Looks like it is damn near time to use the 2nd adm.

    • I hope that people have been using it for the past several hundred years. After all, that’s why it exists. I also hope it never comes to that; it’s not in any way anything I would advocate, unless ALL ELSE fails. Conservatives, after all, might try the tactics of the left ON the left. We’ve not seen that yet. Use the old Maxine Waters technique, for example.

      If only the people of Nazi Germany had not been disarmed. Think how many lives would have been saved. The Founders knew what they were doing, having come from tyranny and having studied totalitarian states that existed over the centuries. They were learned men.

  4. The President is coming to town, to destroy Sen. Brown 😉👍
    What a wonderful way to start the day.🤗
    More WINNING!

  5. So next time we get falsely accused we can just say we are an angry feminist trapped in a white mans body.

  6. Very simple: if a Non-white calls me a White Supremacist I say Thank You for accepting your Inferiority. If a non-white calls me a Racist I say Thank You for helping Me to Never Care about You or Your Kind. If a Non-white says I have White Privilege I say you’re Dang Right – Too Bad You’re Just Jealous!

    • I think the key is to not allow THEM to define YOU. In my experience, people who scream about white supremacists (who are rarer than Elizabeth Warren’s Native American DNA markers) are themselves SUPREMACISTS of one kind or another–religious, racial, sex, etc. What exactly is a non-white? We’re all of us mixed race, when we get down to the nitty gritty, especially here in the USA.

  7. … LOCK THEM UP …FIND THEM! …. disgusting CHILD’S BRAINS

  8. Good Man, Jim Brown! Thank you.

    Ironic. Jim Brown grew up in rough times. The same times as the race baiter Jesse Jackson & the likes were around. HOWEVER, Jim Brown has class, intelligence, & understands what Freedom really is. He needs to educate some of the younger twerps & straighten them out. I have the utmost respect for Jim Brown. …. He is truly a Great American. !!!

    Now there goes a Great american!


  10. #KIMMEL ~ ~ ~ Kanye West on Donald Trump ~ ~ ~ ^^^^
    4,224,658 views ~ Published on Aug 9, 2018
    Kanye talks about his Passion for music & fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the 2 Motivating Forces in the World, Over – Coming FEAR being 2 Caught UP… in the PAST, & he reveals how HE FEELS about people BE -ing MAD at
    >>> H I M <<FEAR DRIVERS
    # BEBEST ~ BE your BEST … WE CAN FEAR what is going 2 HARM

    … IT’s JUST 2
    CLEAN 4 MOST 2 GRASP … nasty & anger slamming & put down as
    every ones a Comedy ACT …THEY …DON’T KNOW THEM-SELVES
    they are EMPTY VESSELS …floating in a SEA of S H I T’ … with/friends


      Most damaging of all to the Democrat’s Iron – Glove Clamp on the African American vote was Kanye’s game-changing, poignant but proud proclamation: Racism Doesn’t define M E , I think for myself. And even if folks threaten or ask me NOT to wear the MAGA hat, I wear it because of
      the powerful feeling it gives me. My president has my back & that of M Y people. That’s what Kanye said & … that’s what Kanye meant.

      Kanye’s detractors seemingly forgot that he was a semi-prodigy, writing poetry and performing at an early age. While they derisively attacked Kanye’s explanation of how wearing a red MAGA cap makes him feel powerful, like Superman, …. the rest of us GOT IT!!!.
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      • ~ … Megan Draper, M.S. • …..^^^^^
        West represents Black Youth under 30. The demographc needed most
        by Democrats to vote for them. If they lose 20% of the black vote, they
        lose a majority in our nation. This is why Illegal Aliens are so important to Democrats, as they represent the new welfare class which can be harvested for votes to maintain Democrats in power.

        ~ rambler1 Megan Draper, M.S. •
        Kanye isn’t just saying blacks should stop voting for the Mob Party or not vote at ALL. He’s saying blacks should forget the Past, grievance Whining, etc., & vote Republican as a RE- ward to Trump for improving their Lives Economically. … Serious challenge to the DemoKKKrap Party.

        For them the choice is simple. ~ Freedom or Slavery to the State.<???
        ~ Cleetus •
        Trump has done more for the BLACK … community that any Democratic administration before including Obama's. As a response to this, blacks & the MSM are claiming Kanye West to B ??? insane for supporting Trump &
        his successes instead of doubling down on the failure known as Democrats. … Who is really the In – Sane …. 1's … in this picture?

  11. OINK …OINK ….OINK !!! SLIPPERY …lizzy
    No, actually, you were a P I G , Liz, & the reaction of Kelly shows it. If you were just ‘tough,’ there’d be no email, let alone the absence of fear of you.

    Since then, Warren has tried to make political hay of it, with her buddies setting up “arrogant, entitled, woman” websites & the like, as the Boston Globe reports.

    But the rest of us can see what really went down, & it wasn’t what Warren’s marketers are trying to spin. She’s just a nasty, unpleasant person in private, & God help anyone who ever has the Misfortune of dealing with Her.
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  13. NEVER ….EVER …. R U NUTS??? ….
    The Democrats have no 1 who can rise above the muck. Not Joe Biden, not Cory Booker, not Kamala Harris, not Elizabeth Warren. They all have tainted their standing, particularly with the Kavanaugh debacle. Michelle Obama has, for the most part, stayed out of the fray. She & Barack are Master Manipulators. ….ha’

    ^^^ NOT TRUE!!! . PEOPLE CHOSE 2 B .. FOOLS ..1 & ALL .. It’s OVER!

    They maneuvered their way onto the scene in 2004, & they will Maneuver their way back onto the scene in 2020. …????? HELL NO!!!
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    • There was a headline in my local paper today that said that Democrats are going for “authenticity” this election, taking a cue from Trump’s popularity for being “real.” Whom do they cite? You may be surprised to learn: Beto O’Rourke (fake Hispanic) and Elizabeth Warren (fake Native American). We can add now, Kamala Harris (fake black woman). Reading about her ancestry, I can see why Barry had such an affinity for her: Both “desi”.

    • She’s behaving just like Hillary did when she claimed not to be running.

  14. Kamala Harris in 2017 signing the guestbook at Yad Vashem as her husband looks on
    Harris is married to California attorney Douglas Emhoff,[185] who was at one time partner-in-charge at Venable LLP’s Los Angeles office.[186]
    They married on August 22, 2014, in Santa Barbara, California.[187]
    Harris’s sister is Maya Harris, MSNBC political analyst, & her brother-in-law is Tony West, General Counsel of Uber & a former U.S. Justice Department senior official.[12][13]
    Harris has one niece, as well as 2 stepchildren, 1 in college & 1 in high school.[188]

  15. Early life and education
    Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, to a Tamil Indian mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris (1938–2009), & a Jamaican father, Donald Harris. Her mother was a breast cancer researcher, who emigrated from Chennai (then Madras), Tamil Nadu, India, in 1960,[3][4] & her father a Stanford University economics professor who emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at University of California, Berkeley.[9] Her name, Kamala, comes from the Sanskrit word for LO-tus…. She was extremely close to her maternal grandfather, P. V. Gopalan, an Indian diplomat,[4][10] & as a child, she frequently visited her family in Besant Nagar, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.[11] She has 1 younger sister, Maya.[12][13]

    The family lived in Berkeley, California, where both of Harris’ parents attended graduate school.[14] Harris’ parents divorced when she was 7 &
    her Mother was Granted Custody of the children by court-ordered settlement.[14] After the divorce, her mother moved with the children to Montreal, Québec, Canada, where Shyamala took a position doing research at the Jewish General Hospital & teaching at McGill University.[15][16]

    After graduating from Montreal’s Westmount High School in Quebec, Harris attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she majored in political science & economics.[17][18] At Howard, Harris was elected to the liberal arts student council as freshman class representative, was a member of the debate team, & joined the Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.[17]

    Harris then returned to California, earning her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in 1989.[19][8]
    She was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1990.[20]


    ~ JOHN C HARNLY ….. ^^^^^^
    Putasoi, great post! Harris is just another limousine Liberalista from the
    land of fruits & nuts, no character, no integrity, no decency, no brains, & absolutley NO INTELLECTUAL HINESTY!!

    ~ Putasoi
    Kamala Harris. What an incredibly arrogant moron. Her questions were ludicrous! STFU. This dumbo doesn’t even have her Own Children so she couldn’t possibly Understand what it’s like 2 see your Son falsely accused by a psychotic nut job like Christine Ford. Kamala is another useless pos. Just useless. Did you watch Dr. Ford’s testimony? DID YOU Kamala you idiot? Apparently you don’t know how to spot a Liar because you yourself are 1 by entertaining such mental illness. May all of these lying scumbags be exposed for the filth & hate they truly are under those fake masks they wear.

  17. George Soros … ~ George Soros –
    Born >.>>>>> György Schwartz <<<<<>>> 5, including Jonathan & Alexander
    Relatives Paul Soros (brother)
    Website Official website

  18. Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the alleged “blue wave” Democrats R expecting in the 2018 midterm elections is filled with ……… “documented & …….. UN-documented” voters. …^^^

    “The thing of it is, the blue wave is African American. It is white. It is Latino.
    It is Asian-Pacific Islander,” Abrams said at a Clayton County campaign office Tuesday in a video obtained by The Washington Free Beacon. “It is made up of those who’ve been told that they are N O T ??? Worthy of being here. It is comprised of those who are documented & … UN-documented.”

  19. Jim Jordan!!

  20. Tucker Carlson joins Jesse Watters!

    • They’re really doubling down now. The sh** is fixing to hit the fan, I suspect.

      I can’t believe they use the phrase “minstrel show.” An “assault” on “OUR” White House? What? Is he not an American, too?

  21. High tech censorship is now getting pretty blatant. One of my vloggers appears to have been taken off by utube,
    anyways I voted over the weekend.
    Pretty hard to vote a straight republican ticket in California.
    Both candidates for US Senator are democrats.
    One was Diane Feinstein, I didn’t vote for her so I voted for the other guy.

  22. And your surprise of the month,
    in other words your October Surprise,
    looks like it is Kashoggian

    Everything surrounding the “disappearance”, perhaps “murder”, of Saudi critic/journalist Jamal Khashoggi screams manufactured geopolitical propaganda. All current narrative indications are pushing in one direction. Here are the warning flags:

    Also good stuff on but I know CTH is respected here.
    Trying to start a war, someone is. The bobbing heads all say Trump has to DO SOMETHING!! (evidence is not required).
    Or at least crash the world economy, hey didn’t that also happen in 2008?
    So utterly predictable.

    • I’ve been pondering this one and waiting for their take on it because I knew my own take: CIA set-up by the never-Trumpers and DemoncRATS (the resistance/insurance policy people) who not only don’t want us to become allies with Russia but also don’t want us to become allies with anyone who opposes radical islam in Saudi Arabia. How do my suspicions square with TCTH’s take on it? I haven’t read their article yet. Shall do so now.

      What made me suspect a false flag/B.S. setup, in particular, was the conveniently placed “fiancee” who did NOT go into the embassy with him to supposedly get whatever docs he supposedly needed for their wedding and how she waited, and waited, and waited but he never came out. What woman who’s going to marry a man who’s a dissident, on the wrong side of some of the Saudi power structure, would let HIM go in alone to get the documents instead of going by HERSELF (is she also on their list?) or at least going with him? Then there’s TCTH always telling us that the WaPo is an arm of the CIA, which seems obvious, considering who is behind ALL the “Russian dossier” hype.

    • Here are a few more things that made me skeptical:
      * They talk about his “murder” when, uh, where’s ANY evidence that he’s not alive? You can talk about his “disappearance” but how can anybody say he’s dead?
      * They talk about who’s responsible for his “murder” when nobody even knows if he’s dead.
      * They claim to have tapes and video, but of course can’t reveal it because it would reveal “sources and methods,” which, if you notice, is exactly the same excuse OUR OWN “intel community” liars use to avoid oversight. Nobody’s seen this proof, have they? What are the Turks doing recording in the Saudi embassy? Is that a violation of international law?
      * Wouldn’t it be in the interest of those who hate Trump to disappear this guy, with or without him going along with it, and then blaming it on the secular-ish guy that (pointed out in all the stories) gets along with Trump’s son-in-law, Kushner? We know what side Barry and Brennan would be in this; that’s the side that’s hyping this story and trying to box Trump in. It worked with Russia. They’ve thrown a fly in the ointment of all his planned rapprochement with Russia. I, for one, would like to see us allied with Russia, because we share that common enemy, which is also the common enemy that we would be trying to defeat by defeating radical islam in Saudi Arabia. Brennan is an islamist. He lived and worked there and possibly converted while there. He has plenty of contacts in Saudi Arabia who would NOT be for what the secular-ish prince wants to see happen in the country.

      The only thing that gives me pause is that the other day Rand Paul was railing against Saudi Arabia. Lately, he’s been spot on, especially with the Kavanaugh thing. So what’s up with him?

      What connection does this have to the fact that Clinton has now lost her security clearance?

      Who would stand to gain, btw, if the Saudis use the oil to tank our economy?

    • How many times did they raise the interest rates during the Obama administration? How many times SO FAR in the first (less than) two years of Trump’s administration? All trying very hard to keep Trump from MAGA. The left does NOT CARE whom they hurt, btw. They give lip service to wanting to help the poor, the working poor, the middle class. All they want to do, however, is to make and/or to keep everyone dependent on (a socialist) government (run by them, of course).

  23. TRUMP ~ OWNS 60 Minutes Interview ~ Oct 15, 2018 YES HE DID!

    Personal life … a jewish gal ….just 2 force-FULL of HER SELF YIKES!
    Stahl was born to a Wealthy Jewish family …. in Lynn, Massachusetts, …

  24. Limbaugh blasted FEATHER-LESS BRAIN CHILD! Warren for her claims.

    “Only a Democrat, folks, would think their report from a scientist saying that she might be one 1/1024 th Indian would make their claim of minority status valid. One 1/1024 th Indian. Elizabeth Warren possibly.
    That would be 0.09 % . That’s not even 1/10th of 1 %, folks.
    That’s how little Indian heritage Fauxcahontas has. Now, scientists say
    that the average European American is 0.18 % Native American, 0.18 percent.
    She is 0.09! She is LESS Native American than the Average European American is.”


    • Apparently POTUS has said he wouldn’t pay up on the “bet” unless HE gets to have the test done. iow, it’s suspect. I agree. There’s no chain of custody. They report that the test was done at a private lab in Georgia. What private lab? Is there video? Is there someone swearing that the sample really is hers and wasn’t switched out? They then sent the results to the guy (no doubt a progressive) who claims he didn’t know who the donor of the DNA was BUT he was supposed to see if there’s any Native American ancestry. So who would THAT be, considering the sample probably was sent by some political outfit or requested by the same or PAID FOR by the campaign? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a Stanford “expert” to put two and two together and get Liawatha. (Love that one. TGP.)

      Who paid for the testing and the analysis? It’s NOT an independent analysis if the person is being paid because, of course, the person paying expects a particular result.

      Besides which, the sample size to which he compared the DNA was small (something like 37 supposedly Native America exemplars) AND he didn’t use U.S. “Native” Americans for comparison–he used Peruvians, Colombians, and Mexicans, who are supposedly indigenous (but we all know that almost all Mexicans and South Americans are mixed race–white, black, native, etc.) For the “European” comparison, he used 99 people from UTAH–a group that would be much more homogenous than any random sampling of people of European descent from across the entire nation. Mormons settled Utah and it’s probably next to impossible to find a “white” person there who’s NOT descended from Mormons, a very small and distinct DNA population in and of themselves. This would be like using 100% Amish people as representatives of typical “white” Americans. He also compared to 86 people from the UK. Why not SWEDEN? Why not a mixture of exemplars from the KNOWN ancestry groups of Warren?

      We DO know that Warren has Scandinavian ancestry. Lapps, Finns, Eurasians and other extreme northern peoples are related closely to Asians as well as to Inuit and other “native” Americans. Who’s to say the tiny fragment of her DNA that matches up with the Mexican and/or South American, so-called indigenous folks didn’t come from either East Asia (via the Mongol invasions, e.g.), or from a Finnish or Sami ancestor? Mongols, Finns, Lapps, Inuit and others moved east into Europe, moved around the Arctic Circle into Scandinavia, so any of those may have been one of her ancestors, may have contributed that tiny fragment of DNA, without ever setting foot in the Americas to become a “native” American.

      In addition, the way DNA mixes and matches, recombining, could have resulted in a RANDOM pattern that only RESEMBLES similar random patterns among the South Americans that the Stanford “expert” matched to Warren.

      None of this is SCIENTIFIC. Those DNA ancestry services are known to be inexact. They even claim they’re basically only useful for helping people find close kin, so family trees can be used to fill out the ancestry portions of one’s tree.

      The analyst used the Mexican and South American DNA for comparison BECAUSE, he believes, they SHARE the same ancestry as North American “native” Americans. That’s in itself a theory that’s never been proven. It’s a theory. It’s NOT fact.

      In addition, he’s using extant humans for the comparison. Go to London today and get a DNA sampling of the current population. Then compare to people who claim English descent from the Americas, going back to the Mayflower, for example. Is it possible, even likely, that you would be comparing to Middle Eastern DNA instead of the DNA of the population that existed over there in, say, the 1600s when England began colonizing here?

    • I believe he’s wrong. It’s 0.0009%, iow, rounding, 0.00%.

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