Injustice against the Justice

On Monday, if things go as planned, the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

As it stands now, the accuser’s lawyer is attempting to put conditions on the committee. Her

lawyers wrote to Grassley that “an FBI investigation of the incident should be the first step in addressing her allegations,” rather than a Senate hearing before politicians “who appear to have made up their minds.”

The attorneys, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, asserted that her family “was forced to relocate out of their home” and that “her email has been hacked, and she has been impersonated online.”

They also criticized Grassley for proposing to put Ford at “the same table as Judge Kavanaugh in front of two dozen U.S. Senators on national television to relive this traumatic and harrowing incident.”

No matter their motivation,  perhaps to delay the confirmation process until after the next session of the Supreme Court begins, or even until after the mid-term elections, the accused and her lawyers should be careful what they demand.

Although it appears that the FBI will not conduct an investigation into these allegations, if the FBI should do so, then the first step would have to be a thorough interview with the accuser herself.

If we’ve learned nothing else from the Mueller investigation, it’s that not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the FBI is a crime. Even getting dates mixed up can lead to 14 days in the slammer!

How else but by thoroughly interviewing the accuser will the FBI, or any investigative team, know where or how to begin?

So far, the accuser has not named a date, a location, a time, or even all potential eye witnesses. How could anyone investigate, even if the alleged incident had occurred last week, much less decades ago?

So first, an interview with the FBI, and then testimony before Congress, under oath. Then a careful comparison of all prior statements (to anyone–Feinstein, friends, neighbors, husband, therapist, media), what was said to the FBI, and what was said under oath to Congress.

Is this really how the accuser’s lawyers want this to play out?

Senator Grassley says that congressional staff are currently “gathering facts.” Grassley has also sent a letter to the accuser’s lawyers, pointing out the usual confirmation process and again inviting the accuser to testify, as her lawyers have said many times that she wishes to do.

In his letter, Grassley advised the accuser that she must supply a biography and the text of her planned testimony to the committee by Friday.

The committee is being very accommodating, by offering the accuser her choice of setting (public or private) and even the ability to speak without the presence of Judge Kavanaugh.

The latter seems to be an extraordinary offer, in that it’s fundamental to our justice system that a person has the right to confront his accusers.

It’s bad enough that Democrat politicians are all over the airwaves and social media, expressing their belief in the accusations and, by default, then, their belief in the guilt of Judge Kavanaugh, even though nobody has yet even seen the accuser, much less heard her story under oath.

Obviously, it’s also fundamental to our justice system that all accused persons, even Supreme Court nominees, even straight white males, are

innocent until proven guilty.

At this point, we don’t know whether the accuser will appear before the committee.

After all that Judge Kavanaugh, his family, Congress, and We the People have been put through by these last-minute allegations, the committee should consider issuing a subpoena to compel her appearance.

This bell cannot be unrung.



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    This story contains some background on that apparently sexist Senator Hirono who believes a woman simply because she is a woman and demands that men just “shut up” and get with the program. She’s among those who have convicted Judge Kavanaugh without even hearing one word against him UNDER OATH and without seeing one piece of evidence or hearing from anyone else who may have been present (or not have been present, despite Ford saying they were).

  2. So who knew the letter was REDACTED? Amazing.

    “Senator Grassley (R-IA) sent ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) a letter demanding an unredacted copy of the letter accuser Christine Blasey Ford sent Senate Democrats in July.

    Grassley suggested Feinstein deployed Christine Ford’s letter strategically for political gain after sitting on it for seven weeks.

    Feinstein also circulated Christine Ford’s unredacted letter to her staff –which of course was subsequently leaked to the media–Grassley, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee says he still hasn’t seen the unredacted letter even though he has after repeatedly asked for the document. …”

    You can read his full letter at the above link.

    I wondered how it was that somehow people knew she named PJ as another person present:

    “Patrick J. Smyth attended Georgetown Prep — an all-boys school in North Bethesda, Maryland — alongside Kavanaugh. Both men graduated in 1983. Smyth signed a letter this summer, before the allegations against Kavanaugh were made public, testifying that Kavanaugh “is singularly qualified to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court,” along with dozen other of the school’s alumni.

    Eric Bruce, who is representing Smyth, authored a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the top Democrat on the committee. CNN has obtained a copy of the letter, which includes a quote from Smyth denying seeing any “improper conduct” from Kavanaugh.

    “I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post,” Smyth says in his statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.””


    Just goes to show how people will lie for what they believe are “good” reasons–by any means necessary. So either this woman or the accuser is lying. BOTH can’t be telling the truth. More:

    If you read those twitter feeds, you’ll find a LOT of anti-Catholic bias, especially coming from the women who attended the apparently secular school with Ford. Funny that the woman who changed her story talks about how they all used to drink too much and get wild, although at the same time she BLAMES Kavanaugh for ALLEGEDLY doing the same. Actually, if you read the letter all those Holton “girls” signed, it almost sounds as if they want the FBI and the government to treat Georgetown Prep like they want to treat the entire Catholic Church!

    • I know. So great. That poor woman. After all she’s been through it must feel wonderful to be able to hit back at Clinton on social media. What a wonderful tool, provided they don’t, you know, ban her for being “hateful.” Wouldn’t that be ironic to blame the victim and punish her for telling the truth to a b-word like Hill?


    Ha, ha. Acosta gets a Ford friend to come on TV and she ends up saying that lots of girls she knew were abused but NOT BY KAVANAUGH, and she knew him. So …

    Whoops! Accidentally tells the truth?


    The latest letter from Ford’s lawyer. She hasn’t had enough “time to deal with this.” Somehow, 36 years and who knows how much therapy isn’t enough?

    When she doesn’t show up Monday, vote immediately. Confirm the nominee. GROW SOME AND STOP CAVING TO THIS NONSENSE.

    If you keep REWARDING these tactics, you’ll keep getting more of these tactics. STOP IT NOW.

  6. This is PRICELESS. Ford’s yearbooks have been scrubbed from the Web, too, but someone saved them in advance, knowing they’d be scrubbed shortly. If Kavanaugh’s friend’s book and yearbook can serve as fodder FROM WHICH TO CREATE A FALSE NARRATIVE, then what sort of narrative does Chrissy’s yearbook tell?

    Very, very interesting that the yearbook alludes to pool parties at a Holton girl’s residence and a culture of DRINKING among the young ladies at said academy. In addition, at one party, “Martha” engaged a male exotic dancer who wore a gold g-string. This would be when the girls were in their teens. For anyone who doesn’t know (I looked it up), Quarters and Mexican Dice are DRINKING GAMES. You spin or roll and then you drink an allotment of alcohol, based upon the results. Pass Out is obvious. THIS ALL was published in their yearbook, apparently condoned by the school!

    • You MUST notice how what’s going on with the SCRUBBING OF FORD’S ENTIRE PAST has so much in common with the similar DemoncRAT, Deep State ploy of entirely scrubbing Barry’s life history. His travel records, his school records, his passport records, any photos of him, only certain photos from school records (photoshopped), etc. IF THEY HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, THEN WHY HIDE EVERYTHING?


    Imagine if “alt-right” media were trolling for people to demolish Ford’s reputation! How is this NOT obstruction of justice and “witness” tampering? How is this NOT conspiracy and collusion? They want an independent and “non-partisan” investigation? How will it happen in this atmosphere when the media get to the witnesses FIRST in order to what? Plant the narrative? Just the way the trolling is phrased proves that the reporters don’t want the TRUTH but only want people who will support Ford’s version of events. BIAS. Straight up bias and incipient fake news smears.

    One thing that becomes obvious from her yearbooks is that the girls seemed to be quite aggressive. Some even dated, deliberately, YOUNGER boys from the private schools “nearby”. I put that in quotes because Kavanaugh’s school is reported to be ten MILES from Ford’s school. So think of the logistics of her partying with his group of friends, when she couldn’t drive (and, if she’s the Chrissy mentioned in the yearbook passage, she literally couldn’t drive–except into the wall of her own garage, because you know–incapacitated?)

    So might the boys have been victims of the aggressively sexual girls? It’s a thought.

    Another interesting thing (besides that the friend who tried to support her talked about the story going around school when, duh, school was out!): The girls’ school had a Beach Week. So, might that have been when and where whatever it is she remembers happened? She was so traumatized, but apparently the culture at her school was sex, beer (pong), drinking games, and rock ‘n roll (Def Leppard).

    Who had a beach house? Is that where whatever happened occurred? So easy for Kavanaugh to PROVE he wasn’t there if they would name time, place, etc., which is why it’s not mentioned. Any of the boys seen in her yearbook might be the real “perp”, right? If there is one. SHE needs a full FBI background check done on HER.

    The graduates of her school, who work in the media, (as well as her own lawyer, which is why they ask for more time) are also trolling for information and witnesses who will attest to the atmosphere of “toxic masculinity” at Georgetown Prep, which of course they have already “discovered” in Judge’s admittedly semi-fictional book. But what about the atmosphere of “TOXIC FEMININITY” at Holton-Arms? The atmosphere of toxic drunken partying and toxic female sexuality, wholly inappropriate in a high school? What about the racism in girls from the school dressing up as Buckwheat and women in hijabs for Halloween? Hmm. My, oh, my. I wonder what Chrissy wore to that party?

    EVEN IF Georgetown had an exaggerated atmosphere of toxic masculinity, then they would have to PROVE that Kavanaugh was part of it. He was only Judge’s friend because they were on sports teams together. One is chosen for sports based upon ability, not friendship. After high school, they were not friends. So Judge was a party animal. Was Kavanaugh?

    Apparently Chrissy was one, seen in a photo with a cigarette (apparently) in her mouth. Mentioned in beer party stories, and being so wasted she ran into a wall with her car.

    Which answers one question, possibly, if she was also mistaken about her age during the incident, then maybe she DROVE to the party. Ten miles, though, between schools. WHY would Kavanaugh and she be together at any particular party? Proof?

    • The current Republican defense is that his long and exemplary career and life history proves this is not a pattern with him, if he were guilty (which I sense he’s not, because–political ploy), SO what the DemoncRATS are doing now is trying to find any other loon/troll who will give the false impression that, oh, yes. He WAS a serial abuser. He IS like Clinton and others with a PATTERN of abuse. This is disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is that they think they will expose this “party atmosphere” of “toxic masculinity” while at the same time intimidating anyone else from revealing the true atmosphere at the school FORD attended. She must be believed. He must be guilty until proven innocent (but you know that’s not possible because elite prep-school white males who are heterosexual cannot, by definition, BE INNOCENT. They are ALL guilty, because you, know, white privilege, male privilege, rich privilege, etc.)

  8. You know, if Ford were just a civic-minded, non-partisan, non-political (one friend actually said that she’s not political!) patriot, who just wants the country to know who Kavanaugh is before putting him on SCOTUS, why did she first contact the media, then her DemoncRAT loony congresswoman, then FEINSTEIN, instead of Grassley FIRST, who’s the person in charge of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing? You would go to Grassley, IF you were NOT interested in the politics of the revelation but just wanted to do your civic duty. She showed herself to be political by not recognizing Grassley’s AUTHORITY over this matter.

    WHY WON’T FEINSTEIN REVEAL THE ENTIRE LETTER? What’s in it that told Feinstein that maybe it’s not credible and made her not pursue this? Feinstein herself is not innocent, though, even if she held the letter because she herself (as she admitted) doubted some of it (if not all). Why? Because she ought to have immediately turned it over to Grassley, the WH, or the FBI while they were doing the background check. That would be what one would do, honestly, when given information that ought to be investigated. That’s what she did NOT do. Instead, she held it in case she wanted to use it politically, as she has used it.


    Good article. One last point: Watch for them to turn up more women willing to say he did it to them, too. Watch for them also (after first finding out where Kavanaugh was at any particular time) to then have people identify the place and time. They NEED to refute the arguments that she doesn’t know where and when, but they can’t do that until they can have their detectives make sure WHERE HE WAS at the time they choose (e.g., not in Europe on vacation), before they CHOOSE a date, place, time to have their corroborating liars attest to.

    THIS is why they need more time. They didn’t count on having to flesh out the narrative. They need to make sure whatever lies they now invent cannot in any way be refuted by Kavanaugh.

    Ok. Now I’ll shut up for a while.


      “Blasey Ford has not filed criminal charges with police, but if she did, the case would be investigated in Maryland, where there is no statute of limitation on felony sexual assault crimes.

      Yet, without a solid file of evidence, prosecutors might balk at taking the case. That would leave an accuser the alternative of filing a civil suit against the attacker. …”

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see her try either of those options, especially if the Republicans do go ahead with a vote if she won’t testify Monday. It won’t MATTER if the prosecutor (a DemoncRAT, of course) won’t take the case. All he has to do (knuckling under to the powers that be) is to wait, and wait, and wait to DECIDE. Alternatively, she could file a civil suit and then we wait, and wait, and wait and they will then use it against him–the fact he’s being sued and is under investigation and even if confirmed he’ll have to recuse on endless numbers of cases. It’s not as if they won’t say he must recuse on all Roe v. Wade cases, anyway. Actually, I’m surprised they don’t say ALL Catholic judges must.

      “She said that at the time of the alleged assault, when she was only 15, she feared her parents finding out she was at a party where there was alcohol. …”

      In light of what we’ve SEEN in her yearbook, and presuming her parents (as well as the teachers and administrators) did READ her yearbook, it would be no surprise to anybody that any of these girls potentially went to parties where there was alcohol. It was the CULTURE at her school. Obviously.

    • Exactly!!

    • I wonder, if she did try to press charges now, and if they did have a local investigation, and if they did make some kind of determination: Would the outcome be SEALED because he was a juvenile? Wouldn’t that be ironic?

  10. Just a factoid for you: Tuition at Ford’s private high school now is … wait for it … at least $43,000 per year up to grade 6 and then “additional costs” through high school!

    Jackie Kennedy went there. Brooke Astor. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (daughter of a billionaire!). Gerald Ford’s daughter. Al Gore’s sister. Princess Hussein of Jordan.

    Kavanaugh’s school is a relative bargain, clocking in at “only” $37,000 per year for day students and $60,000 for boarders.

    My how the rich are different.


    “This past weekend, we celebrated Reunion Weekend, welcoming back hundreds of women from the Junior College Class of 1939 to the Class of 2009. … Anne C. Armstrong ’79 talked about the challenges and rewards of becoming a military pilot, a field few women entered in the 1980s. She persevered in the face of skepticism and discrimination and ended up doing tours of duty in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm. An attorney, Anne served in the National Guard for many years including during the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11/01. She had determined that she wanted to be a military pilot while at Holton and never wavered in her pursuit of her goal, finding a way or making one whenever necessary.

    Dr. Christine Blasey’s ’84 life story contrasts markedly with Anne Armstrong’s goal-oriented path. Christine approached high school and even her first two years of college without much sense of direction. By her own admission, she was a troublemaker who performed well below her potential academically. Finally, during her junior year in college, a tough remonstrance from a friend brought her to her senses and she began to apply herself. She had a lot of slacking to make up for; psychology offered the easiest major to complete and graduate on time. Whatever the reason for her choice, it suited her, and she went on to earn a masters and a PhD. She has taught at Stanford since 1988 where she is now a full professor. More recently, she developed an interest in biostastics and earned a masters in that field in 2009. When she’s not teaching or doing research, she tests the safety and efficacy of drugs for FDA approval. Clearly someone who eventually found a way and made one, her greatest satisfaction comes from mentoring, helping others to find the right path. …”

    From May 2014, apparently. “By her own admission, she was a troublemaker …” Indeed.

  12. Gateway Pundit, iirc, has an interesting Twitter thread showing how much a classmate of Kavanaugh resembled him, back in high school. (I had noticed that, too–that many of these guys looked alike.) What seems pertinent is that the person who found the photos and remarked on the resemblance also discovered that the Kavanaugh look-a-like lived in a house just about where Ford claims the incident took place, and the house closely resembles the house she describes. This other guy was a good friend of Judge’s. It’s a theory, but certainly a plausible one. Maybe she didn’t make it ALL up, but did mistake one for the other, because she wanted to–seeing as how she’s such a lib.

    • I have interesting Latino story/ies from work. This is going to be as I speak so may not be in best of sequence.

      It seems more than half of workers in building are such. I noticed right off, not much stuff political or identifying an individual’s politics. I also did not register the lack of American paraphernalia donning work spaces until one day I saw two stations with the Mexico Flag (made from company fabric scraps), which got me looking around for USA flags. Only one. On a ctizen Hispanic whose son is on third tour of duty in not nice places. Her flag was little and I honestly am surprised I never noticed it befor as I am at her station a lot.

      The same day I noticed the green/white/orange flags a girl in station close by had a social justice shirt on — something about black lives matter brown lives matter all lives matter no wall resistance and a bunch of other stuff that would have gotten me in trouble for staring at her chest (even if I am a woman). The back said “respect the resistance” or something of .the sort.

      So, I did what I wanted to do when I started but thought could not; I brought in a nice-sized AMERICAN flag. A beeeuteeful red white and blue AMERICAN flag, representing These United States of America!

      Ok. I need to back up and fill in a few things. My duties have me interfacing directly with many of the others workers and even though do not speak same language, we manage to have fun and be happy together. For some reason the Hispanics took a liking to me, after rough beginning, and do nice things for me to make my job more pleasant.

      Another point to mention is the lady wearing shirt is a return employee. I guess she worked there awhile back, left and returned about a month or so ago. A few days before she wore her shirt telling me to respect resistance she had an old lady and middle age man outside window/door while she talked to supervisor and from somewhere I heard, “not if they are illegal”.

      Back to flag. I put my bigger-than-the-foreign-flags flag on my thread pole and, oh, how beautiful. I feel so much better with her there. Funny thing is the day I brought it in, Many Hispanics were in traditioal Mexican clothing and wearing big Mexico flag bows in hair and pinned on shirts. There was no line at microwaves as all were having parties. I asked a bilingual gal what holiday “you all celebrating”? And she was so offended I included her. She said she was not one of them. She is Texan! Then I looked around and noticed the hispanics are divided down the middle here. Half celebrating Mexico,s independence and the other half not.

      The half that celebrated no longer look at me, let alone smile, and all commraderie is gone from them. Since the flag went up.

      Anyone here do genealogy? Can a ss# pass e-verify but still show up in genealogy database; like Barry’s did. Or is that glitch fixed? I know all workers have passed e-verify but I do not think all legal.

      • I think back of shirt said “respect existance or expect resistance”.

        • That sounds like something they would think is clever. “Existence” meaning the illegals’ existence in OUR country. Did you see the latest study that says illegal population in U.S. is 2 1/2 to 3 times as large as they claim (something like 22-30 MILLION, not 11 million)?

      • Wow. That’s a shame that people get offended by someone simply flying the flag of their own country. And yet, I suppose they don’t think that YOU ought to be offended by them flying the flag of a foreign country or celebrating the independence day of a foreign country!

        It happens in the schools, too. U.S. citizen kids can’t wear patriotic clothing or fly U.S. flags, because it “offends” illegal aliens or people of Mexican heritage. Similarly, they can’t chant “USA” at games. It’s offensive to me and many others, I imagine, to see our citizens inhibited from being patriotic while illegals are encouraged to fly foreign flags and celebrate foreign holidays under the guise of multiculturalism and diversity.

        Where I live, there are many homes bedecked, at various times of the year, with foreign flags. That’s because the people honor the cultural heritage of their ancestors–Irish, Italian, German, French. Nobody gets offended because these people are citizens of THIS country and on the appropriate occasions, they fly the U.S. flag, too. Or else they fly both. Everybody knows what it means and nobody’s offended. But to have people, many of whom are here illegally, griping when OUR CITIZENS FLY OUR FLAG is beyond the pale.

        It’s totally offensive to me when illegal aliens fly the flag of their home country when they’re here ILLEGALLY and at least ought to be grateful they’re not in the clink! Just imagine going to Mexico illegally and flying the U.S. flag and then bitching about how it’s offensive when Mexicans fly the Mexican flag in your presence. It’s crazy, but there’s so much these days that’s completely insane.

        btw, the green, white and orange flags you saw might be Irish flags. Mexican flags are green, white and red and have the Mexican eagle in the middle of the white part. Maybe it was St. Patrick’s Day?

        About genealogy: Because of Barry, I’m totally convinced, you can’t even look up SS#’s of deceased people anymore, much less living ones. Of course, the excuse they use is so that people can’t steal and then use a dead person’s number. That’s a DUH statement because when it’s easy to look up a number and see that the person is DEAD, then any live person trying to use that number must have stolen the number! So what’s gained by eliminating public access to the SS#’s of dead people? The only thing gained is that it makes it EASIER for the illegals to use a dead person’s number! (And it makes it much harder for people to find their ancestors or even learn if relatives they lost touch with are now deceased.)

        Allegedly, if you can believe media stories about the girl who was murdered in Iowa, e-verify would have caught that Mr. John Budd (the name the illegal alien was using) was not a legal citizen. That hasn’t been reported much. The name he used: John Budd. What was reported is that supposedly the employer did NOT use e-verify and only checked whether or not the SS# he used was valid. I don’t know if that meant it tracked back to a person named John Budd or what. But if so, they also said that even though the guy was obviously Hispanic, it would have been discrimination for the employer to question his name. That would be profiling. So they didn’t question his very questionable name (or at least that’s the excuse they gave for not questioning it). They only verified that, I suppose, the SS# was legit and matched someone named John Budd. (It was reported he used a stolen IDENTITY, so I assume that means he used the real John Budd’s SS#.)

        But guess what? I checked some of those public databases that came in so handy while we researched Barry and found two people living in Iowa named John Budd, both supposedly living in the very part of Iowa where Mollie Tibbetts was murdered. Both lived in the southwestern part of the state, in towns near where Mollie lived (and died). One was 106 years old and one was 148 years old! Yeah. That’s what the search engines said.

        So, obviously, the illegal alien had stolen the identity of John Budd, used his SS#, and no doubt the real John Budd is long dead; but like Lazarus, he rose from the dead as the murderer of Mollie. That employer may have “verified” that the name and SS# matched, but didn’t verify that the 20-something “John Budd” could NOT be the 106-year-old John Budd or the 148-year-old John Budd. Maybe the employer considered it illegal discrimination/profiling to question how a person over 100 years old could look so very young and be so healthy that he was looking for work! I don’t know which state the real John Budd lived or died in, but it probably wasn’t Iowa.

        Anyway, to answer your question, I don’t think any genealogy databases include SS#’s anymore. Barry saw to that when people started checking up on HIM and also when he wanted to facilitate bringing in and keeping in as many illegal aliens (especially his beloved Dreamers) as possible. He ENABLED the theft of SS#’s.

        I don’t know specifically how e-verify works but, like I said, they said Mollie Tibbett’s employer did NOT use e-verify but only used a SS# verification site and that’s why he didn’t catch that “John Budd” was illegal. In addition, they reported that most of the people who knew “John Budd” also knew his real name and knew that John Budd was NOT his real name.

        I’m thinking that it’s possible to game the e-verify system, if you have a stolen SS# and identity. If somebody doesn’t notice that you’re really dead or that you’re over 100 years old, then they don’t WANT to know the truth.

        About your co-workers who resent you for flying your own flag, who take it as an insult, and who celebrate MEXICAN independence day–my guess is it’s likely that either they’re illegal themselves or close members of their family are. Or maybe they were born in Mexico and never assimilated, legal or illegal, and they believe the progressive B.S. that U.S. citizens flying U.S. flags in the presence of people from other nations equals racism and is a deliberate insult.

        • The flags used scrap and are not for Irish, which I am part bytheway. They are Hispanic and used fabric scraps where orange could be red. It matches the three colors in their party bows,

          I will tell you one thing, I am gonna celebrate St. Pat’s Day AND St Joseph Day two days later, as I did growing up. I am so proud of being Polish these days, with the way Poland is standing up for themselves today! And, oh my, the Fourth of July is going to be fantastic. Doing it BIG!

          • Okee dokee. I just wondered because I know the Mexican flag is red, green and white. I have relatives from there but they’re red, white, and blue U.S. citizens all the way. Several generations back. They don’t fly Mexican flags or celebrate Mexican independence day, but they are proud of their heritage and also of being Americans. btw, they don’t like illegal aliens, either, having come here the right way.

            I celebrate St. Pat’s Day, too. I’m also Irish, among a lot of other things (my ancestors were NOT picky; they belived in hybridism!) so I can celebrate just about any holiday! I also have Polish kin and they’re proud of being Polish, too. They don’t fly Polish flags, though. 🙂

            You’re right to be proud of Poland and especially because they’re standing up there, almost alone, against the crazy politically correct EU that’s committing cultural suicide.

            Is St. Joseph’s Day associated with Poland? The Italians I grew up with celebrated it. I come from a REALLY and truly multicultural family and a multicultural neighborhood. I guess that’s why all this tribalism bugs me so much. Everybody was from somewhere else or looked differently but we ALL were Americans and proud of it and we ALL shared one great American culture. It’s a shame the damage that Obama was able to do in just two short (but really LONG SEEMING) administrations.

            • Growing up we celebrated St. Joseph Day March 19. Looks like Italians did to. Found this article explaining and pretty close to how We celebrated. I lived in a Polish/Irish neighborhood and school was mainly these two cultures.

  13. VOTE NOW! ? ^^^ never a USURPER …O’ CON-ed USA BIG TIME!!!
    What was Barrack Obama’s greatest accomplishment as President?
    Creating the Affordable Care Act
    The killing of Osama Bin Laden
    Helping the US recover from the recession in 2008-2009
    Ending the embargo with Cuba
    Supporting the Supreme Court Decision on same sex marriage
    Passed Dodd Frank
    Other …..ZERO …= ZERO =

    X) None (Obama accomplished ZERO in office that I would consider great)

    • I thought the Navy Seals killed OBL. Well, Barry did kill race relations and our economy. Gotta give him “credit” for those.

      Is ending the Cuban embargo supposed to be a GOOD THING?

      What else did he do? Well, handed millions (or was it billions?) to Iran and got nothing in return (except maybe silence).

      Benghazi. Enuf said there.

      All the other scandals he says weren’t scandals. Corrupting the intelligence community, spying on his political opponents, trying to subvert an election, trying to overturn the will of the People? So many “accomplishments.”

    • It’s not as if we didn’t suspect they were wiretapping Trump when somehow, miraculously, they knew what he said to leaders of other countries, etc. I wonder what was found when they went over the Oval Office? I hope and pray that the president is on this. So far, crickets with regard to that letter from 4 of the Gang of 8 where they admit that Rosenstein and Wray and others PROMISED THEM that they would KEEP INFORMATION FROM THE PRESIDENT! That alone is sedition, insubordination, maybe even treason, if done in collusion with foreigners (like UK and Australian spies). Are we to believe that just slipped by POTUS? I hope not.

  14. Over the years, the basis for many myths about nutrition & what is and what isn’t healthy has been created by government itself. Here are 18 myths that have been pushed by government dieticians:
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  15. ..BUTT’ OF COURSE! ….NOTHIN’ MO’ …. TRICK or TREATS? ha’


  16. ….Blasey, Ford to wed …… Feb. 6, 2 0 0 2 <<<<
    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Blasey Jr. of Potomac announce the engagement of their daughter, Christine Margaret, to Russell Biddle Ford, son of John Bailey Ford of Scottsdale, Ariz., and Mrs. Ruth Guthery of Wyckoff, N.J.
    The prospective bride is a graduate of the Holton Arms School, the University of North Carolina, Pepperdine University and the University of Southern California. She is a research psychologist and bio-statistician at Stanford University School of Medicine.

    Mr. Ford is an alumnus of the University of Rochester and Stanford University School of Engineering. He is employed with Cygnus Corporation in Redwood City, Calif.

    A June wedding in Half Moon Bay, Calif., is planned.

    • Why would you want to disappear when you’re doing your level best to become famous? It’s called consciousness of guilt. Who invented “doxxing” if not trolls like those who James O’Keefe just exposed, like the woman who works on OUR DIME and uses OUR PAID-FOR Lexis/Nexis system to dox people and then organize protests at their homes?

      • Her problem is that she’s been quoted in media stories (prior to coming out–when she was part of the anti-Trump resistance) and she’s in other publications, like school blog posts, etc., that she SHOULDN’T BE ABLE to delete. But that never stopped BARRY and his supporters, did it? The media are more than willing to help a progressive cover their tracks and lie about their life histories. I mean, microfilms missing from archives and libraries and school records and newspapers? Now with her it’s yearbooks. Why would the website delete the yearbooks? Well, I’m thinking they played on this meme that it would be to protect her and her friends from the evil Republicans and alt-right. For her safety. Just like that story. It’s there to provide a narrative in response to the many questions about WHY she deleted her social media. (btw, how do you get death threats if you’re no longer on social media? Did she have a public land line? How would anybody know her cell #, if that’s how she got the message?) Anyway, this is just a cover. She deleted it so people couldn’t go back and point to all her resistance activities and quote her, etc. It’s the same reason people who know her are falsely saying she doesn’t have a “political bone in her body,” and yet some friends slip up and say she was political. Whoops. Not everybody got the memo. I guess it’s hard to coordinate your narrative when you’re no longer on social media. And look! The social media she abandoned is banning people who “dox” her. Gee, does everybody get that special service? They currently have banned James Woods for daring to ridicule Democrat “men”, but under the guise of stopping him from disseminating so-called “misleading” information that could influence an election. So it begins, just what was predicted. They will SHUT DOWN ANY CONSERVATIVE who’s trying to “influence” the election. That’s EXACTLY the kind of speech that’s protected by the First Amendment. And yet, they’re not shutting down HILLARY’S fake news.

    • Some logic would seem to be in order. She claims she was so traumatized by this incident 35 years ago, BUT she did go on to get multiple degrees, marry, have two kids, move to sunny CA, surf, be a great professor, etc. Does that sound like a woman wounded for 35 years over a groping (if any)? Why would she risk it all? I have two words for her: Anita Hill. The STAR. Has she not gained fame (and positions) far beyond what would have been hers ordinarily? Has she not gotten rich writing books? Is she not a hero of the left?

      Are we to believe Ford doesn’t want to STOP KAVANAUGH from being on the SCOTUS? They LIE and say she’s not political. Why would they LIE about that, unless it is true and it goes to motivation? Why scrub the TRUTH about her from the Web before going public, when she’s said she didn’t want to go public at all? Political hit job.

      I have actually seen insane op-eds and blog posts where people say that Kavanaugh should own up and APOLOGIZE. There we go. Apologize! And since he’s innocent? He’s supposed to apologize for what? Being a white heterosexual Catholic male? THAT’S what they want the apology for. They hate conservatives. They hate men. They hate whites. They hate Catholics. They hate normal males. They want to drive ALL heterosexual white males, especially religious ones, OUT OF ALL POWER. That’s the motive. That’s WHY.

      How stupid is it to say Kavanaugh ruined her life, that she’s been wounded and traumatized since, with PTSD, and then, in the next breath, say, “why would she risk her happy life?”

      • And now let’s see a wonderful puff piece talking about Kavanaugh’s wonderful career, family, children, good works, etc.

        And since they are focusing on his yearbook, how about some truth from her history? The party girl label given by people who worked with her at Dewey Beach (a party town in New Jersey, apparently). Her own ADMISSION that through high school and two years of college she was a screw-up and troublemaker before someone gave her a talking to and she finally found her road? Why not focus on the drinking, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll documented in her elite high school yearbooks and school publications? Let’s go ask ALL of her friends who knew her back when. Ask them if THEY partied with her. Ask them if Kavanaugh was there.

        Did you see how the WaPo MISQUOTED what she said about Garrett (the look-alike) and Kavanaugh? She said she knew them both and socialized with GARRETT. But the newspaper quoted it something like this: “I knew them both and socialized” with them. But she didn’t SAY she socialized with both of them. She specifically said she socialized with Garrett and even visited him when he was in the hospital. Is that proof? Who knows?

        But it seems to me that Judge does know something (like which party and who it may have been) but he won’t testify and who could blame him when in any scenario he was present (although he only says he doesn’t “remember” any such party. He could safely say that IF Kavanaugh weren’t there but she says he was. It’s likely perfectly true there was no party with the two of them present, where they jumped on her. He has a right not to incriminate himself, even if it’s 35 years later.)

        I’m rather heartened by the fact that most comments on most stories I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot) are running for Kavanaugh and specifically against believing Ford.

    Ford lawyers say she is open to testifying, but not Monday

    (CNN) — Christine Blasey Ford Opened the Possibility she Would testify before Congress about her accusation of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    • Did you see how supposedly the reason she didn’t want to testify on Monday is that she won’t FLY? Fear of flying? She claims to be so fearful that they have to ensure her safety (gee, would be nice if the government would ensure Sarah Sanders’s safety, among others). She’s worried about her safety but intends to drive to DC? What next? Will she say her fear of flying goes back to the horrible incident? However, did you see this?

      So traumatized that she went on to become the notorious party girl of Dewey Beach? Most who were sexually abused would, I would think, avoid men like the plague, not ask for more of the same. That article contains information that confirms the thing I posted yesterday–that article from her school’s blog that said she was an ADMITTED troublemaker all through high school (not only after the “incident”).

    ON CAMERA: ‘WE ARE GOING TO RESIST’ …….^^^^^^ joke-joke’

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