All Eyes on Brennan

President Trump has rightly pulled the top secret security clearance of the former CIA director under Barack Obama, John Brennan. Mainstream media and progressives seem to have settled upon the notion that President Trump pulled Brennan’s clearance, and may do the same for other former members of Obama’s administration, out of revenge, spite, to violate their free speech rights and/or, especially, to keep them from cashing in on the benefits of having security clearance.

Most of the aforementioned reasons are typical, progressive, partisan spin. The last reason may have some validity, given that nobody can claim that Brennan has not enriched himself through his history in the intelligence community: [emphasis added to quotes]

Brennan and the others have cashed in on their government service. They’ve all become rich by sitting on corporate boards. Brennan is on the board of directors of a company called SecureAuth + CORE Security. He also serves on the board of The Analysis Corporation, which he helped found before joining the Obama Administration. Finally, and most importantly, Brennan is now the official talking head and “Intelligence Consultant” for NBC News and MSNBC.

That’s Brennan’s current history, but his history of cashing in goes way back:

When Brennan went to work for a private intelligence contractor [in 2005] called The Analysis Corporation, he entered a murky milieu of transnational private spy firms with taxpayer-fueled profits. …

In 2005, between stints as a high-ranking CIA officer and one of the Obama Administration’s top homeland security and counterterrorism experts, Brennan went to work for the little-known Virginia government contracting firm known as The Analysis Corporation. In a convoluted corporate structure, that company was already owned by another entity, and, in 2007, would be snapped up by yet a third firm. During that time, Brennan became an employee in a subsidiary of a London-based security firm controlled by a holding company based in Luxembourg.

According to a corporate document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Brennan was given a compensation package at The Analysis Corporation worth more than $750,000 in 2008, one of just over three years he spent at the McLean, Va., based company. …

The Analysis Corporation (and its parent corporation called SFA, Inc.) [became] a tempting acquisition target for an aggressive young British entrepreneur and former Royal Marine named Damian Perl. …

The business has made Damian Perl a wealthy man. Today, several former employees say he owns multiple Ferraris, and has a fondness for fast cars. They say he owns homes in several locations around the world and makes his permanent residence in a Swiss mountain village. …

The Analysis Corporation was among the contractors who were implicated in the  March 2008 breach of (and possible “cauterization” of) presidential candidate Obama’s passport records–records which could have, at the very least, contained “embarrassing” information about Obama, should they have been revealed before the 2008 presidential election.

From a January, 2009, article:

Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information.

Embarrassing or disqualifying? The answer remains to be discovered. In any case, the convenient cauterization of the files occurred while John Brennan was the boss of the potential cauterizer.

Currently, John Brennan is suspected of also playing an instrumental role in the “insurance policy” that was apparently designed to stop the candidacy of Donald Trump and, if that failed, to disrupt his presidency by any means necessary.

The insurance policy continues to this day in the form of the Mueller special-counsel investigation (aka the witch hunt), as well as the investigations that are now taking place in the state of New York, in order to evade oversight by the Trump administration.

During the initiation of the anti-Trump “insurance policy,” as with the passport file incident during Obama’s first campaign, private contractors associated with both Obama and Clinton illegally accessed the supposedly sacrosanct NSA database. Both incidents involve John Brennan.

Considering that the Deep State insurance policy, which was revealed in texts between disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and similarly disgraced DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, included leaks of classified information to and collusion with the mainstream media, as well as apparent collusion with foreign agents (in the UK, Russia, Australia, among other countries) and even payments of taxpayer money to foreigners, there may be other very important national security reasons for President Trump to rescind the security clearances of the major players suspected of planning this “soft coup” against his presidency.

Leaks of classified information to the mainstream media, in collusion with the mainstream media, designed to undermine the Trump presidency and, by extension, the reputation and national security of our country is one extremely good reason to cut off all former Obama administration colluders from access to classified information.

Cut off their access and you cut off a huge source of leaks from those former officials as well as from current employees of the federal government.

If someone outside government has security clearance, than arguably it’s not a crime to give them classified information. However, if it’s widely known that those individuals no longer have security clearances, then it becomes a felony for anyone in the government to share with them classified information.

Thus, President Trump is doubly clever to make sure to publicize that these people no longer hold security clearances.

Multiple foreigners (as well as Americans) were intricately involved in the creation and dissemination of the infamous Steele dossier.

Christopher Steele himself is a foreign citizen, a former British intelligence agent (aka a spy).

Steele’s sources were foreign citizens–of Russia!

An Australian ambassador was involved in approaching George Papadopoulos, a volunteer for President Trump’s campaign, in an apparent attempt to get him to regurgitate information about Clinton’s “stolen” emails, information that was suspiciously mentioned to him (planted?) by yet another foreign citizen (a Maltese professor), while yet other foreigners as suspiciously and mysteriously and suddenly sought Papadopoulos out.

At this link is a comprehensive Twitter roll that illustrates extremely well how former spies, including Brennan, continue their “tradecraft” after leaving their respective spy agencies (whether in the U.S., the UK, or elsewhere), by working, quite lucratively, at multinational private intelligence firms.

At this link the same tweeter provides a comprehensive history of how the anti-Trump witch hunt was orchestrated by the Obama Deep State (and continues under the auspices of the Obama shadow government) and also provides some of the same background on Brennan that is revealed above. (Note, however, that some of those who breached the passport files in 2007 were identified, including the Brennan employee who got off with a slap on the wrist, if that.)

As that same astute tweeter wrote:

What are the odds that then Director of CIA would use a CIA asset with ties to MI6 to spy on [the] Trump campaign? And what are the odds that MI6 and UK’s GCHQ would claim knowledge of Trump Russia collusion [and] share that information with CIA and FBI?


The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is an intelligence and security organisation responsible for providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance to the government and armed forces of the United Kingdom.

Which leads us directly to another good reason that President Trump may have decided that enough is enough, once he learned the full extent of the nefarious plot to misuse and abuse the intelligence community and all its assets in an effort to undermine his presidency, our democratic Republic, and, in essence, We the People.

Reciprocal security clearances.

First a little background about the Five Eyes alliance:

The United States is party to a number of international intelligence sharing arrangements—one of the most prominent being the so-called “Five Eyes” alliance. Born from spying arrangements forged during World War II, the Five Eyes alliance facilitates the sharing of signals intelligence among the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The Five Eyes countries agree to exchange by default all signals intelligence they gather, as well as methods and techniques related to signals intelligence operations. 

Other countries participate in the alliance, too:

… Norway, France, Germany and others have cooperated by sharing their own intelligence as “third parties”.

Here is a key fact:

[T]he US may transmit classified material directly to a firm located in the US which is under the ownership, control, or influence of a UK entity, and the UK may transmit such information directly to a firm in the UK which is under the ownership, control, or influence of a US entity provided such firms have been granted a reciprocal security clearance … and the information is determined to be releasable under the national disclosure policy of the releasing government.

Other facts:

The NSA’s PKI is a comprehensive encryption system to protect classified information against:

– Unauthorized disclosure and modification through digital signing
Unauthorized access through access controls and authorization services
– False user identifications

An SIDtoday newsletter from July 8, 2003 explains that the new PKI system would replace the ICARUS e-mail encryption system by October 2003. A valid PKI certificate was also needed to use applications like Peoplesoft and CONCERTO. The latter is NSA’s internal personnel system, which has separate parts for human resource and security clearance information.

The new PKI certificates were first issued to NSA employees who were US citizens and held a blue, green, or gold badge. Later, PKI certificates would also be issued to employees of Second Party agencies and to non-US citizens. This PKI system seems to be a software solution without two-factor authentication with a token like the CAC-smartcard of the US military.

This article has a comprehensive explanation of how the Five Eyes alliance operates. Certain key paragraphs are pertinent to the issue of former Obama administration officials and why they should lose their clearances:

Code-named programmes that have been revealed to the public over the last decade go some way to illustrating how the Five Eyes alliance collaborates on specific programmes of activity and how information is shared. One important example is the TEMPORA programme, revealed by Snowden. By placing taps at key undersea fibre-optic cable landing stations, the programme is able to intercept a significant portion of the communications that traverse the UK. The Guardian has reported that 300 analysts from GCHQ and 250 from the NSA were directly assigned to examine material collected. TEMPORA stores content for three days and metadata for 30 days.

Once content and data are collected, they can be filtered. The precise nature of GCHQ’s filters remains secret. Filters could be applied based on type of traffic (e.g. Skype, Facebook, email), origin/destination of traffic, or to conduct basic keyword searches, among many other purposes. Reportedly, approximately 40,000 search terms have been chosen and applied by GCHQ, and another 31,000 by the NSA to information collected via TEMPORA. GCHQ have had staff examining collected material since the project’s inception in 2008, with NSA analysts brought to trial runs of the technology in summer 2011. Full access was provided to NSA by autumn 2011. An additional 850,000 NSA employees and US private contractors with top-secret clearance reportedly also have access to GCHQ databases. GCHQ received £100 million (USD 160 million) in secret NSA funding over the last three years to assist in the running of this project. …

With the advent of the internet and new digital forms of communication, now most digital communications take the fastest and cheapest route to their destination, rather than the most direct. This infrastructure means that the sender has no ability to choose, nor immediate knowledge of, the route that their communication will take. This shift in communications infrastructure means that communications travel through many more countries, are stored in a variety of countries (particularly through the growing popularity of cloud computing) and are thus vulnerable to interception by multiple intelligence agencies. From their bases within the territory of each country, each Five Eyes intelligence agency collects and analyses communications that traverse their territory and beyond.

One assumes that without a security clearance, a person loses access to encryption and de-encryption software (those PKI certificates and other similar authorizations) as well as to all those quite-interesting-to-partisan-colluders databases.

Note that the NSA and, presumably all its private contractors, obtained full access to the GCHQ databases in late 2011, during Obama’s presidency.

Is it a coincidence that the UK and its citizens seem to be so closely involved with the anti-Trump “insurance policy?”

So what is the upshot of all this? This article explains:

If Comey was fired why does he still have clearance? The answer is : FIVE EYES. Five Eyes is how the Deep State operates.

Not a lot of people were paying attention but Hillary Clinton, James Comey (after he was fired), Barack Hussein Obama, Huma Abedin and many others traveled to New Zealand in 2017-2018. Why? It’s possible that they still hold their clearance.

In New Zealand, to access the system you have to be an Agent of a Foreign Power. Hence, the above named persons, can access the database of the Intelligence Community of the United States without being monitored freely from New Zealand. 

If the security clearances of these people and anyone else suspected of working to undermine the Trump presidency have not yet been revoked, then like John Brennan’s, they should be revoked as soon as possible.

President Trump should make it common knowledge that all these Deep State actors–those running the anti-Trump “insurance policy”, all those former Obama administration minions who now operate via the Obama shadow government and lead the “resistance”–have lost their security clearances.

This will put foreign governments, all their agents and all their private contractors, on notice to stop sharing classified information with any of them, lest they ignite an international incident (and the ire of President Trump. The complicit colluders are on his sufferance at the moment. He without doubt knows what they did to help Clinton during the campaign and afterwards.)

Reciprocal security clearances. If these people no longer have security clearances here in the U.S., then they will have also lost access to classified information that they formerly could access through other countries’ databases, including our own NSA database that they apparently can directly access from other countries.

Who colluded to subvert our Republic? That’s the answer that needs to be asked and answered truthfully. Then the culprits need to be identified and punished accordingly.

If other countries, supposed allies of the U.S., are also involved in the collusion to subvert our elections, then that needs to be discovered, revealed, and punished, as well.

Justice demands it.

We the People expect justice.

Attorney General Sessions, do you hear us yet, or are you part of the problem?


138 responses to “All Eyes on Brennan

    • Sounds about right, considering what we all know about a multiplicity of other DemoncRATS who run many, if not most, of the cities in this country.

  1. It is above ground now.
    Clinton email server “hacked” by Chinese,
    more specifically, malware installed to forward all emails to China.
    “Q” says not hacked.
    Access deliberately granted in exchange for money.
    Details here:

  2. Catholic World Report
    [ August 29, 2018 ] Catholic judge defends death penalty sentence on theological grounds
    [ August 29, 2018 ] Cupich says interview edited unfairly
    [ August 29, 2018 ] Transcipt of Cardinal Blase Cupich interview on Vigano
    [ August 30, 2018 ] Ave Maria president denounces ‘defiance’ of pope by ‘conservative Catholics’
    [ August 29, 2018 ] Venezuelan migrants are desperate to survive, archbishop says

    Cardinal BLASE Cupich: “The Pope has a Bigger Agenda” ??? really?

    The cardinal archbishop of Chicago said of Pope Francis’ critics: “Quite frankly, they also don’t like HIM…. because he’s a Latino.” <<< ???

    August 28, 2018 Catherine Harmon The Dispatch 76


  4. ….POPE FRANCIS ….
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires,
    Argentina, ……. on December 17, 1936,
    >>>>>>> to ITALIAN Immigrants <<<<<<<

  5. In my book, Gavin Newsom can Never be Trusted. He had an AFFAIR while mayor of San Francisco with his 33-year-old blonde appointments secretary, who was married to his campaign manager & close friend. Philandering male politicians may be wrong, but they are common. Seducing the wife of one of your best friends who also is your employee & carrying on an affair is so reckless, cruel, & stupid that it constitutes a capital offense so far as the public trust is involved.

    Will California voters wake up before the state heads down the road of fiscal collapse, mass immigration of medical indigents, and chaos? I would not bet on it. But at least there is a chance.
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  6. ~justinoinroma •

    well look at that … President Trump was right all along … just like always 100% of the time …

    “Email Logs Reveal Correspondence Between Clinton Associate,
    Fusion GPS, & Russians”

    So collusion then? Hey Mr. Mueller, looks like I found your unicorn before you did!

    Chinese hacked Hillarys E-Mails in real time, F.B.I. knew about it
    & everybody …… COLLUDED to cover ….. it up!

  7. ~ Emilita • ….^^^^^ … ha’
    Anyone heard from the Kenyan?
    He’s waiting for Valerie to tell him how to behave.
    Last seen & heard from in Nairobi.
    ValJar Binks has him on a short leash & duct tape regimen right now,
    maybe try after the mid-terms.
    He was praising South African President recently. Saying it is a role model for other African countries.

  8. such SAD ….PUPPY’S ….DON’T REALLY have a CLUE of what they
    DRAG in the MUD …. DON’T MESS with the BEST …eat your mush!

  9. WOOT!! (D

  10. In. Rally (y)

  11. I’ve only seen half of this so far but it’s pretty darned funny.

    • ROFLMAO. That man is one REAL AMERICAN. Think about it. Who else but The Donald exemplifies so well the American psyche?

    • I wonder if it’s even true that there were no hearings? More likely, there were but none of them want to release the truth, so they’re lying.

    Plan just 1 vote away from governor’s desk ….???????


  13. ~ To: davikkm
    If only most blacks could be ….. as open-minded as Kanye.

    You bet this President has an ego – & an enormous one at that!

    Frankly, that is exactly why he will do right by America –
    he’s not about to lose this battle;
    he’s not about to let us down. No W A Y …

    More & more blacks are wiping the sleep out of their eyes & seeing

    Donald J. Trump for the man he is and actually the man he always Was.


  14. BACK at U .. Jamie” …Blacks R NOT always easy 2 Di Gest < ALSO!
    WTP …HAVE MUCH 2 WORK THRU as WE ALL KNOW! we work @ it!

    • John McCain Politics North America Meghan McCain Donald Trump
      McCain tributes echo with criticism of Trump

      WASHINGTON (AP) — John McCain’s daughter & two former presidents
      led a public rebuke of President Donald Trump’s divisive politics at the late senator’s memorial service Saturday in a call for a return to civility among
      the nation’s leaders. <<<<< & the NATIONS OFF- SPRINGS!!!!!)

      The nearly 3 -hour service at the Washington National Cathedral was a remarkable show of Defiance against a president McCain openly defied in life as the antithesis of the American spirit of service to something greater than any individual.

      Standing near McCain’s flag-draped casket and with Trump’s Daughter in
      the Audience, <<<<

      Meghan McCain delivered a Broadside against the uninvited president without mentioning his name. … <<< U TALKING BOUT TRUMP???

      “We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness ??— the real thing,?? not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort & privilege while he suffered & served,” she said, her voice first choking back tears. …. ACT ON? ….. Then, it Rose in Anger.

      “The America of John McCain,” she added, with a reference to Trump’s trademark phrase,
      “has NO Need to be made Great again because America was always Great.”


      The audience of Washington POWER Players Erupted in Applause. <<???

      SCREW them ALL ….that's from MY HEART !!! SCREW U ALL… !!!

      • What exactly are they rebuking him for–winning the election? Succeeding where McCain failed? And then they have the nerve to call the president “divisive.” NO. Divisive is disinviting and disrespecting the sitting ELECTED president of the United States. DIVISIVE is never accepting the FACT that Trump WON the election fair and square. These are the people who feared that Trump wouldn’t accept it when he lost, as they had expected HIM to do. Notice that they don’t respect our system or our country or our Constitution and the laws, because they still will NOT accept that Trump won and support him AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

        It is LONG PAST TIME for the president to exercise all of his powers. I would like to see him FIRE THE ENTIRE LEADERSHIP OF THE DOJ, FBI, CIA (but for any that he knows FOR CERTAIN were not complicit in this attempted coup against OUR COUNTRY).

        As for Zenway’s question: I’m thinking that she’s most certainly dumb, hateful, petty, vindictive, but NOT blonde, unless you count something that comes out of a bottle. You know what else is sickening? That she and the world, seemingly, act as if she were his only child. Now, seeing as how much she’s like him, one would not be surprised if McCain himself acted that way, too, which says just that much more about his character. Is the first wife still alive? I wonder how she feels about all this, seeing as how she was tossed aside after Cindy Lou showed up, with her bleached blond locks.

  15. ~ drkate ….

    petty, vindictive, idiotic.

    Mcstain committed suicide to avoid the stain of a military tribunal on his family name.

    Soon enough, everyone will know. Interesting that the military released his records before he died. More will come. Not buried in Arlington? Of course not.

    ~ foxyladi14

    #McCainMemorial was about two things: Remembering Sen. McCain and hating on Trump.

    From the reporting on it, it seems the latter was sadly more important than anything else.

    — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) September 1, 2018

      • the CLOWNS they MUST have LESS & LESS Places 2 SPOUT IT
        DJT’s … tweets THAT R TRUE mostly … BUTT’ 2 TARNISH ARETHA?
        SICK SPOILED OLD COOTS !!! BORE US 2 DEATH …will ya? F’ed UP

        • There and at McCain’s funeral, too. I despair for this country. The sheer level of vitriol and hatred is something we have never seen, at least in our lifetimes. Whatever happened to grace, class, forbearance? This is becoming a DemoncRAT thing, and I include the McCains in the DemoncRAT party because they have COMMON CAUSE with them, and I’ve always wondered if he wasn’t a closet DemoncRAT, anyway. Remember Wellstone‘s funeral, which became a pep rally? Mel Carnahan’s, after which, heaven forbid, his WIFE was appointed to his seat, against all rules, when he was “elected” posthumously? That pep-rally-of-a-funeral SIMILARLY featured a grieving daughter who took the opportunity to make an obviously political speech. The widow actually wrote a book using the daughter’s funeral speech catchphrase about not letting “the fire go out.” It’s really disgraceful, if you ask me. It’s bad enough for the guests to do it, but when the family joins in. I really fear that this is a prelude to something awful–like they’ll hand his seat to Meghan or Cindy. Did they put off the decision until after the funeral so that their very obvious melodramatics were filmed and disseminated and shown over and over? Did you see how they all dissed the president and THEN they have the gall to criticize Jared and Ivanka for going and the president for not going and playing golf? Whatever he or his family do will be criticized. If Ivanka didn’t go, then they’d say, “well, she wasn’t disinvited. She’s supposed to be Meghan’s friend. How disrespectful!” We the People see all this CRAP and I, for one, am SICK AND TIRED OF IT. There was an article in my local paper today, maybe it was also in yours, seeing as how they all just run the Party Line that’s written for them probably by Soros minions … anyway, the article was all about McCain’s Christian faith. Yeah, right. WWJD? Hmmm. Did He forgive those who MURDERED him? McCain wasn’t murdered by anyone, much less President Trump. Petty, mean, spiteful to the end, and with a daughter who didn’t fall far from the tree. The world is upside down. Instead of criticizing the LACK OF CLASS exhibited by these people who “shun” the President, they BLAME THE PRESIDENT for being shunned. It’s amazing and sad. NONE of them deserve to be in their positions, much less, for example, nobodies like Markle and her “prince.” WTF is a prince these days anyway BUT the epitome of everything the left supposedly disdains? Talk about white privilege and wealth privilege and elite privilege. But they FAWN over him and her, who similarly dissed her own father. I had forgotten that the president was also disinvited from Barbara Bush’s funeral. It’s a little club of the ELITE. WHEN, MR. PRESIDENT, WILL YOU DRAIN THAT SWAMP?

          • They have the GALL to write headlines implying that the president chose not to go, when he was insulted by being uninvited. They take the opportunity to smear him at funerals because they know he has the class to NOT criticize someone who’s (allegedly, but you can’t prove it by looking) mourning. It’s like with the Gold Star father. They ENLIST people whom they think it’s impossible to criticize. Like Gold Star parents, daughters of deceased senators, Barack Obama (untouchable and un-criticizable because he’s black). They make me sick. HAD Trump shown up, and not been “conspicuously absent,” then they would be howling about that.

            The writer of this story is SORELY deluded if she thinks that McCain’s death has UNIFIED the country and that the entire country is in mourning. I, for one, am disgusted with the entire spectacle, both at Aretha’s funeral (ALSO disrespectful of the woman and her life) and McCain’s.

            We are certainly a divided country. We are two wholly separate cultures now. One that believes in everything America stands for and the other that has given up EVERYTHING we once all stood for. I don’t see how we can reconcile this and become unified, when you have people pouring out such hatred and vitriol against Ivanka, for goodness sake, solely because what? She’s white, rich, beautiful, and so they HATE HER? What has she done to them? What did she do other than show some class and MANNERS and go to the FUNERAL of a friend’s (alleged friend’s) father. If Ivanka HAD BEEN Meghan’s friend before, then I don’t see how she can NOW remain her friend given that the woman took the opportunity of her own father’s funeral and the publicity attendant to her little speech, to insult Ivanka’s father and force her to stand there and take it. How hateful is that woman? It’s a shame, really, to so publicly have humiliated HERSELF. And the media and half the nation, apparently, applaud this bully. Applaud her.

            Somebody said being progressive is a religion. So, like the Amish, they’re going to SHUN anybody with whom they disagree. But the irony is that only a decade ago, these same people were SHUNNING MCCAIN because he dared to challenge the totally inexperienced and unqualified but black Obama for the presidency. Seriously, putting aside McCain’s obvious mental challenges, who would have been more qualified to run the country?

            • Another case in point. Just because your daughter was murdered, does not mean that YOUR opinion or even HER opinion cannot be disagreed with.

              Now Mollie’s father thinks that just because Donald Trump Jr. disagrees with his own opinion and allegedly that of his sadly now-dead daughter, his opinion and hers is the LAST WORD and nobody can gainsay it. Just as the left believe that nobody can disagree with Obama, because he’s black, or McCain, because he’s a deceased “hero”, or a leftist, radical Gold Star father because his son is dead, now they think that whatever Mollie Tibbetts in her innocence, ignorance, and naivete thought MUST BE ACCEPTED AND REPEATED AND NEVER DISAGREED WITH.

              So in her memory, we’re supposed to give up our own thoughts and our own minds and become sheeple in thrall to the progressive meme? This is a grieving father. I get that. But there’s much to be said for the Stockholm syndrome.

              The media love this stuff. They believe that nobody can DARE to disagree with someone in Tibbetts’s position. WRONG. We don’t lose our Constitutional right to FREE SPEECH just because someone else has suffered a loss. He calls Trump Jr.’s position a “racist” view. HOW INSULTING, especially so coming from a man whose daughter would still be alive if Obama had not allowed the murderer to stay illegally in our country. THAT is indisputable. And that is the issue: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND NON-ENFORCEMENT OF OUR LAWS.

              Mollie is not dead because of Trump Jr.’s opinion, but she would be alive if her murderer had been STOPPED AT THE BORDER or NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET AND KEEP A JOB or DEPORTED. I still want to know if he voted, and I expect it’s probably so and that he did PLENTY under the name he was using illegally.

              • When you think about it: How DARE they use McCain’s death and Aretha’s death as “political propaganda,” if anti-illegal-immigration politicians can’t use Mollie’s death to point out the obvious?

                • btw, whatever happened to Iowa?

                  • The father said this: “At her eulogy, I said Mollie was nobody’s victim.”

                    WHAT?!!!! He actually talks in the op-ed about watching McCain’s POLITICIZED FUNERAL and equating his deceased daughter to McCain. But what about the former presidents POLITICIZING McCain’s funeral to poke at the current president? What about McCain’s daughter doing the same? This is unbelievable. Don’t politicize Mollie’s death but DO politicize McCain’s. He also mentions Aretha’s death. So is his daughter now in her company, too, as well as McCain’s? (What company would that be? All Trump haters?)

                    And let’s not even talk about how the left habitually POLITICIZES THE DEATH OF ANYBODY KILLED IN “MASS SHOOTINGS” IN ORDER TO EFFECT GUN CONTROL.

        • Wow. I didn’t hear that part of Aretha’s funeral. Can you believe that? They only diminish themselves, and they insulted and tried to diminish Aretha. How disgustingly dis R E S P E C T ful. Of course, as they cut Farrakhan out of all photos and videos, they omitted this choice part of the insults to our president, because they KNEW how it would play in the USA. And we can count on FB and Google and the others to shadow ban any videos that try to let people see and hear what was said. Did the networks cut away when this guy spoke? I didn’t watch EITHER funeral.

    • Fearful that before long they’ll rule over us all. WHEN exactly is Trump going to drain that swamp? It looks more and more as if NOBODY is going to pay the price for all the corruption over the 8 years of Barry’s rule.

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