Elections Have Consequences

We’ll soon see what “smart justice” will look like, under progressives. First, a little background, from the Los Angeles Times no less: [emphasis added to quotes]

… Robert McCulloch’s 28-year tenure as St. Louis County prosecutor came to a sudden, unexpected end.

In a Democratic primary election, McCulloch got trounced 57% to 43% by Wesley Bell, a city councilman from the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo.

You might remember McCulloch. For a brief moment, on Nov. 24, 2014, he was the most-watched law enforcement official in America.

That night, eastern Missouri was bracing for violence as McCulloch announced that a grand jury had declined to indict police Officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown after a struggle in the city of Ferguson.

Wilson is white. Brown was black. Protesters had wanted Wilson charged with murder, and a riot ensued when he wasn’t. McCulloch, who is white, defended his office’s handling of the case while chiding the public for not pushing for substantive social change after past racial traumas. …

Bell, 43, who is black, rode to victory behind the sustained reformist forces that McCulloch’s announcement helped unleash in 2014. …

Bell had some heavy institutional support of his own, receiving endorsements from Color of Change [Van Jones] and many progressive local advocacy groups.

He also benefited from heavy organizing by the American Civil Liberties Union, which spent more than $244,000 on radio ads, digital ads, phone calls and door-to-door canvassing in the county to educate voters on the candidates’ civil rights positions.

The nonprofit does not formally endorse candidates and did not coordinate with Bell’s campaign, [right] but its effort undoubtedly benefited Bell, whose platform more closely aligned with the group’s initiatives.

The ACLU has waded into about 40 district attorney races in 16 states across the U.S. this year as part of its 3-year-old Campaign for Smart Justice, which is aimed at reducing the nation’s jail population — one of many national criminal justice reform initiatives that gained steam after the 2014 protests in Ferguson.

A community organized, astroturfed effort by progressive activists. Got it.

Van Jones, if you remember, was a member of Obama’s administration. Now he’s a community-organizing member of Obama’s shadow administration.

This win by a black progressive activist cum prosecutor is being hailed all across the country by the usual suspects in the progressive media.

The New York Times applauds the “new hope” that Bell presumably brings to the (black) community, four years after the exoneration of Officer Darren Wilson.

Make no mistake, no doubt Bell received plenty of votes from white, guilt-ridden suburban voters, themselves perfect exemplars of Stockholm Syndrome.

Already the St. Louis Metropolitan area is being victimized by increased crime because police officers, knowing that nobody has their backs, are standing down, even as prosecutors free the convicted (in the name of “justice”) or decline to prosecute criminals in the first place (based upon their race, of course). Political correctness run amok.

While the election of the past week was only the primary, Bell will likely become the prosecutor because there’s no Republican running for the office, which is too often the case in Democrat-run urban and suburban areas. What is wrong with the Republican Party?

Did everyone who voted for Bell realize what would happen next?

St. Louis County’s presumptive new county prosecutor could have a difficult and divisive issue to deal with on his first day in office. There are calls for Wesley Bell to use his power as the prosecutor to reopen the case against the former Ferguson police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown. 

But is it even possible for the new county prosecutor to pursue charges against Darren Wilson the former Ferguson officer?

5 On Your Side took that question to Saint Louis University Law professor John Amman. He said if a prosecutor wants to go for a murder charge there is no statute of limitations for that crime.

And, since the grand jury that originally investigated the case never charged Wilson there is no danger of double jeopardy.

So, we can verify that a prosecutor could still charge Wilson. But what are the chances?

“It would be difficult to do I would think after four years, after one grand jury looked at it and the federal government decided not to do anything,” said Ammann referencing the Department of Justice under President Obama that investigated Brown’s death and declined to prosecute Wilson.

Sure. Difficult to do, but that has never stopped progressives before. They, as we know, resist. Damn the consequences or the expense to taxpayers. Let’s litigate this all over again until we get the result we want.

Currently, progressives refuse to accept the outcome of the last presidential election. They tried everything they could to overturn the results, including this on-going witch-hunt cum soft coup against President Trump, which is being run by holdovers from the Obama administration.

Why would it be surprising that, once in power, no matter how long it’s been or how settled the case is, that a new activist/progressive black prosecutor might continue to pursue Officer Wilson until he’s brought down, by any means necessary?

It didn’t take long for Michael Brown’s parents to call for the case against Officer Wilson to be reopened.

Not surprisingly, Brown’s mother now is running for political office. No doubt mainstream media and organizations like the ACLU will be more than happy to help her to “educate” the public about her policies. Mainstream national media are certainly covering her announcement quite extensively.  Alternate media provides perspective that you won’t read in the mainstream media reports.

Who are “they,” one wonders? The evil, other “they.”

Do you think this wasn’t planned and coordinated long ago? Why else would national media cover the election of a black activist as prosecutor in St. Louis County, MO, and why else would they cover Michael Brown’s mother running for city council of a tiny city within that same county?

This is national news but covering the achievements of President Trump, which impact everyone, is not?

The Washington Post, halfway across the country (with its own fake news to cover) has weighed in, right on cue:

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch was defeated in a Democratic primary on Tuesday by a young African American reformer who ran a campaign fueled by a coalition of local and national organizers. As they say in Ferguson, Mo., where McCulloch, most notably, oversaw the farcical investigation of police officer Darren Wilson following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown: #ByeBob.

This is a sign of hope and change. The process should now come full circle. The next prosecutor — presumably Wesley Bell, the Democratic nominee should reopen the Brown case.

Farcical, the writer calls the investigation. What’s farcical is how four years after, progressive activists still won’t face reality. Instead, they believe the narrative, the fake news, promulgated by racist progressive activists and so-called journalists.

Hope and change? Where have we heard that before?

Doesn’t Color of Change sound a bit, well, you know, racist? Divisive? Maybe Facebook would like to look into that. But I digress.

Obama’s own DOJ–corrupt as it’s been shown to be–declined to prosecute Officer Wilson because there was no crime and no case. 

Where’s justice for the store clerk (an immigrant of color) who was assaulted by Michael Brown?

Where’s justice for all who suffered injuries, financial loss, and even death as a result of racial riots that were instigated by racial activists, consequences that were more severe because progressive activists leaned upon local authorities to stand down from protecting those communities (of color)?

In the meantime, Bell says he will announce his decision about reopening the case “soon.” Before the election in November, so the citizens know exactly what they’ll get if he wins, so they can decide whether they may prefer, if possible, a write-in candidate or a Libertarian or an Independent or a Green Party candidate, if any are running? Don’t count on it.

There was not much discussion, if any, of reopening the Brown case prior to the primary. Let’s suppose that was by design, in the same way that Democrats currently avoid the topic of impeachment (until after the mid-terms). Such inconvenient facts are not necessary for the deplorables to know, especially before they cast their fateful ballots.

By implication, we can suppose that Bell is not going to say one way or another before November. He claims that he first must see all the “evidence” before he responds, evidence that he wouldn’t likely be privy to before he’s sworn into office.

So he answers the question with an obtuse non-answer, but he knows, and we can guess, his answer already. Is he likely to not reopen the case after giving all these people “hope?”

This is why citizens must pay close attention. That’s the lesson from this primary result, which we can imagine many voters in St. Louis County now regret. Or soon will, if they lack the foresight to understand fully what Mr. Bell intends to do next.

If the case is reopened, that area is in for yet another world of hurt. No matter which way a reopened case turns out, civil unrest and racial division will follow.

It will likely become more and more difficult for citizens, especially conservatives, to learn the truth, to hear “alternative facts,” and to discern ulterior motives as we get closer to November, based upon the current purging of conservative views on social media.





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  2. ~CyanUmbrella … ^^^^^^
    Yes , I guess Hillary agrees that Monica was exercising her Rights
    when she was kneeling.

  3. Shadow Ban: Conservative Prager U … ? ..JUST FEAR BASED

    …. Reveals Immediate 99.9999% Drop in Facebook Reach


    • Disgusting. And that entity was basically BENIGN and, in the tradition of universities (at least in the past), dedicated to TRUTH, unvarnished TRUTH. They can’t handle the truth, though.

  4. ~ fird jaeger •
    Hypocrite Zuck The Cuck is a real beauty.

    What Zuck is saying is that one can be BLACK and outspoken …

    F the Fakebook baloney.

    Diamond & Silk are unsafe to the Communist, race baiting Democrats. That’s a fact. So the FB Praetorian Guard are protecting their Masters, the Marxist Democrats.

    They say Zuckerberg would be questioned by congress, but the fact is
    46 out of 55 congress critters have been bribed by Facebook !!

    Why have a congress when we put thieves there?

    Won’t be a peep out of Congress asking how much info was given to Obama & Clinton.

    • Apparently there’s supposed to be a demonstration against this social media censorship in CA tomorrow (iirc). WISH TO HELL I COULD BE THERE. I haven’t publicly protested anything since the 60s, but this is one issue that would get me out there again. If only I weren’t hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

    • Gosh. It makes me sick every time I think of who has taken over Disney’s reins. I imagine he’s rolling in his grave.

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