Progressive Fascism

There’s a dangerous trend in this country where progressives, having unilaterally normalized their own political point of view, now do everything they can, by any means necessary, to prevent other people from voicing opposing points of view. 

We see this on college campuses, where “snowflakes” become “triggered” simply by learning that perhaps someone with whom they disagree may be invited to speak on campus; and so to protect their fellow students from “heresy”, the snowflakes protest (or riot) until the person with the opposing view is silenced, one way or another.

We see this on Facebook and Twitter, You Tube and Google, where progressives engage in organized “reporting” of commentary they don’t like, specifically to suppress points of view with which they disagree.

As a direct result of their reporting of opposing points of view, the social media accounts of conservatives or content posted by conservatives–even members of Congress–gets “shadow banned“, blocked, suspended, limited, or outright deleted.

Additionally, conservatives find their accounts “demonetized” so that they can no longer make money from their posts or videos, while progressives remain free to do so.

Facebook also prevents conservative views from going “viral” or stops conservatives from using certain features. (For example, “Facebook employees admitted in 2016 that the platform “routinely” manipulated its trending news feature to exclude topics of interest to conservatives.“)

So much for freedom of speech.

Mission accomplished! (And with more than a little help from the progressives at the social media giants. Example: Conservative politicians shadow banned, but “not a single member of the 78-person Progressive Caucus faces the same situation in Twitter’s search.”)

From Twitter’s own unconvincing explanation for their biased censorship, which they seem to excuse as a result of their own biased (or at the very least obtuse) “algorithm”:

[H]ere’s what we take into consideration when ranking [aka shadow banning]:

  • Tweets from people you’re interested in should be ranked highly
  • Tweets that are popular are likely to be interesting and should be higher ranked
  • Tweets from bad-faith actors who intend to manipulate or divide the conversation should be ranked lower

This last bullet is the basis of our work around serving healthy public conversation. Here are some of the signals we use to determine bad-faith actors:

  1. Specific account properties that indicate authenticity (e.g. whether you have a confirmed email address, how recently your account was created, whether you uploaded a profile image, etc)
  2. What actions you take on Twitter (e.g. who [sic] you follow, who [sic] you retweet, etc)
  3. How other accounts interact with you (e.g. who mutes you, who follows you, who retweets you, who blocks you, etc) …

How wonderful! They and they alone get to define what makes up a “healthy conversation.” Get a load of Twitter’s “conversational health advisor.” Feeling as if your free speech rights are in safe hands? Hardly.

From Twitter’s explanation of what makes for a healthy conversation:

To put this in context, fewer than 1% of accounts make up the majority of accounts reported for abuse, but a lot of what’s reported does not violate our rules. While still a small overall number, these accounts have a disproportionately large – and negative – impact on people’s experience on Twitter. The challenge for us has been: how can we proactively address these disruptive behaviors that do not violate our policies but negatively impact the health of the conversation?

How can they, indeed? Wouldn’t it be better to ask why they think they need to “proactively address” behaviors that don’t violate their policies?

Their explanation of what they do is as clear as mud: Someone is reported by someone else, but the reported behavior does not violate Twitter’s rules. Nevertheless, the reported person gets punished because the person doing the reporting must have somehow been negatively impacted. (Take their word for it.)

What a load of crap!

Recently, four Republican congressmen found themselves shadow banned simply as a result of President Trump praising them on Twitter. Or maybe it was because these congressmen were openly taking on the former president’s “intelligence community.”

Whatever it was, whatever the troublesome behavior, it must be an example of these men “interacting” with disruptive behavior or with voices that aren’t deemed “credible,” by Twitter’s own biased “advisors.”

Whatever. It’s something. It’s disruptive. It’s negative. It’s not credible. It’s distracting from a healthy conversation. Trust Twitter.

Does their algorithm seek to suppress trolling that consists of deliberately making something “popular” while simultaneously deliberately making something else unpopular? Think it can handle that disruptive behavior?

Does the algorithm track repeat reporters, in order to ensure that someone (like a progressive troll) isn’t gaming the system? Probably not, as one might guess from the results.

Is anyone allowed to look over the (likely progressive) software engineer’s shoulder to see exactly what goes into this magical algorithm that seems to be biased only against conservative views? (Explain this: “left-of-center sites enjoyed a nearly 14 percent traffic increase following algorithm changes last fall, whereas popular conservative sites saw a 27 percent decline.”)

Here’s the story: Whatever progressives disagree with, whatever “triggers” them, whatever upsets them, whatever they perceive as a “microaggression”– all these make for an unhealthy conversation, in their opinion. So basically anything conservatives say makes for an unhealthy conversation and must be suppressed, in their opinion.

How can one assume that progressives are disproportionately doing the reporting of “disruptive behavior?” Common sense.

Most who are complaining about being shadow banned or censored are conservative voices on the Internet. Voices on the left are not censored, no matter how much hate they spew.

Consider the example just this week where someone running for office suggested that First Lady Melania Trump is a sex worker (in his word, a hoe). No algorithm suppressed that speech, nor did any human monitor, even after the speech was on the Internet for hours and was reported as offensive by many people.

Similarly, no algorithm caught and suppressed actor Peter Fonda’s suggestion that President Trump’s child should be torn from his mother’s arms and locked up with pedophiles.

Common sense tells you that there are as many far left voices out there as far right voices. Why, then, are only conservatives caught up in the magical algorithm or blamed for destroying “healthy conversations?”

Let’s assume that conservatives don’t spend their precious hours in a never-ending crusade to quash opposing points of view. We do know, however, (from long experience) that progressives do seek to shut up and shut out those with whom they disagree. For example:

You don’t see conservatives rioting on college campuses to keep leftists from speaking, do you?

Who “mutes” conservative voices on Twitter?

Who “blocks” conservative voices on Twitter?

Who goes all out to make progressive voices “popular” on Twitter?

For that matter, who probably knows exactly how to wage political war against conservative voices in an organized fashion on social media?

Who seems to coordinate activities with other like-minded “folks”, or with like-minded politicians or officials, to game a deliberately arcane system and then later blames the resulting bias on esoteric algorithms which (it will be argued) must remain hidden because they’re trade secrets?

For that matter, who fed private user information to a progressive presidential campaign and then shut down that system when it started to be used by conservatives?

Conservatives tend to not read, or to read and weigh, or to laugh at opposing views. They don’t try to suppress speech with which they disagree, using the power of the government or of social media companies. That’s what progressives do!

It’s a “thing” among progressives to shut other people up when they don’t like what other people have to say. Not only that. Progressives also work to keep others from hearing and considering opposing points of view.

They’re simultaneously infants, who look to big corporations or the government to control other people’s speech, while at the same time, they’re the parents of us all, the ones who get to decide, for our own good, of course, what’s fit for us to hear or read or learn.

Recently, a self-described liberal columnist, writing in a liberal newspaper, wrote about an alleged incident of racial profiling. His column, however, was unusual in that it was far from being politically correct. The writer pointed out certain facts that were missing (deliberately?) from the news reports about the incident–facts that added much-needed balance to readers’ perception of what really happened. (You can read the column here, if you’re interested.  Bottom line: There was no racial “profiling” involved; the cops were doing the job they’re paid to do.)

The details of the incident don’t matter for the purposes of this post’s argument. What matters is that the liberal columnist strayed from the liberal plantation by defending the cops, some of whom he may know personally, having lived in that small city for years.

Guess how progressives responded to the column. By writing letters to the editor to excoriate the paper for publishing the column in the first place!

“[I]f only we could squelch reflexive negative voices,” wished one writer.

Another writer complained that the paper was “legitimizing such obvious caustic conjecture” by publishing the “virulent column.” He described the columnist as demonstrating a “toxic disconnect that could have been stemmed by newsroom editors and thoughtful standards upheld by leadership at the paper.” 

In both cases, the writers attacked the columnist instead of his arguments, and both tried to shame the editors for having run the column in the first place.

Surprisingly, so far, there’s been no apology from either the columnist or the paper. So far.

Obviously, the knee-jerk reaction of the readers who didn’t like these “alternative facts” was to try to intimidate the editors so that at least in future they will “squelch” (what a word!) or “stem” such “virulent” and “toxic” and “caustic” views.

Facts, you see, are virulent, toxic, and caustic to snowflakes, who often can’t handle the truth.

None of this bodes well for free speech in the age of social media. None of this bodes well for upcoming elections. Currently the left is twisting itself into knots, whinging about Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russia. Totally ignored, of course, is the well demonstrated collusion between the Democrats and print and television media, as well as the at least perceived collusion between Democrats, progressives, and social media.

Prove us wrong, social media giants. Stop manipulating your “platforms” or, if you won’t, at least stop lying to us and hiding behind your indecipherable, magical algorithms. 



176 responses to “Progressive Fascism

  1. THIS is toxic. Talk about censorship. It’s a plan, you see. Who will dare to have a Trump bumper sticker or a Trump yard sign, when this is what happens? Domestic terrorism a la the KKK, only from the “progressive left” who can’t handle any opposing view:

    “A Taunton woman accused of intentionally driving into a man’s car a month ago after becoming enraged by a Trump bumper sticker pleaded not guilty Monday in Barnstable District Court to a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

    Chloe Wright, 25, also faces charges of vandalizing property and leaving the scene of property damage. She was released on $1,250 bail and was ordered to stay away from the victim.

    On June 30, a man called Barnstable police to report a hit-and-run crash. He told responding officers he had been driving south on Bearses Way in Hyannis, and was stopped for a red light at the intersection of Route 28 when the driver of the car behind him began honking the horn, according to a police report.

    The man continued driving onto Bassett Lane and the car followed, with the driver still honking, the man told police, according to the report. When he stopped again for a red light at the intersection with North Street, the driver also began yelling, the man said.

    Thinking that something might be wrong with the back of his car, the man stepped out into the road. The driver began yelling at him about a Donald Trump bumper sticker on the back of his car, he told police.

    “She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man wrote in a statement. “I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names.”

    As the man began recording the incident on his phone, the woman drove around his car, prompting him to step back into the driver’s side door opening, he told police, according to the report. The woman then drove at him and hit the open door, he said, according to the report.

    “She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man wrote. “She also hit the side of my car.” …”

    She does this and is on video and she pleads “not guilty.”

    It’s a thing, I suppose: Not guilty because of TDS. Trump no doubt made her do it. Don’t be surprised if a liberal jury in Massachusetts finds her not guilty. After all, Trump supporters shouldn’t have rights in the first place. They’re evil, disruptive, negative racists.


  2. Too funny. “Caustic” must be a new progressive meme. Another hateful liberal comment NOT removed from the healthy conversation:

    He called Trump supporters “garbage people” who apparently, in his opinion, have bad teeth, too.

  3. This WSJ article is an important one that gives insight into the complicity of Brennan and the lies about when the “counterintelligence investigation” of Trump began. You have to roll down a little to find the article; it’s copied into a comment because the WSJ has a pay wall:

    Basically, what’s being hidden from Congress and was being hidden from even the “Gang of Eight” all along was the fact that the CIA broke a law by spying within the UK (at least that’s what I get from this) instead of having MI-6 or whoever do it. They used those UK “academics” to contact Trump’s campaign people and they did it BEFORE they admitted to Congress that the investigation began. So CIA instigated this (read BRENNAN) and they pushed the FBI to follow suit with an investigation. FBI apparently was duped and left holding the bag, so they all LIE to Congress to evade oversight and the fallout that will ensue from their ILLEGAL activities. As if we didn’t know all this anyway. What else could it be? And we had to KNOW Brennan was behind it, as he was behind Barry from the beginning, with the cauterized passport files and probably the fake BC, too. If there are traitors and/or spies, we know where to find them.

  4. I have a few snippets of information and two worrying questions.
    Snippet 1:
    In the last few days the British Parliament started to debate about what to do about the new and emerging serious threat to democracy. What’s that you might ask. Turn out they are worried that just anybody can use modern technology to broadcast or publish their news like information and no one is controlling these people who therefore might say, well, anything. They are trying to figure out how to get control of this.

    Snippet 2:
    I mentioned previously that I regularly listen to X22report and Justinformedtalk,who are two vloggers who I consider to have high standards of truthfulness and good investigative practices in digging up alt news that nobody else would touch. In the last two days they have been unable to publish or publish with extreme difficulty. We know the most popular video sharing platform is doing this. Now I can see it happening too.

    and worrying question 1:
    What is it with poor Mary Ann? Has no one ever thought to help her? She may have a mental illness or obsessive compulsive disorder. According to the song lyrics she spends every day and every night of her life sitting by the beach pointlessly sifting sand. This is too sad.

    worrying question 2:
    Who controls HAARP? HAARP, in case anyone needs to know, is the two billion watt RF transmitter array up in Alaska that is designed to heat the ionosphere. Conspiracy theorists make claims about what this thing can do
    like for example:
    but you don’t have to read stuff like that. The thing has a US Patent. Why would anyone patent a super weapon? I guess dem Russians start to build one we can say “Ah ah, not so fast comrades – we have a patent!”
    Anyways in patents the inventor makes a series of claims for what the invention can do. One of the claims is weather modification. The inventor explains that meterological areas of high pressure, also known as blocking highs can be established to prevent rain, steer hurricanes, and generally cause pain to an enemy.

    One notices that it is pretty hot lately. So last year President Trump removes the USA from the global warming agreement and then voila! It gets way too hot everywhere. No evidence but seems suspicious. Too convenient.
    So the question is Trump has never mentioned the thing so does he know about it? Who controls what it is doing? It’s a research project you see but I guess you could say that our nuclear deterrent missiles are a research project in some bit of psychology. Well we know, sort of, about who controls the nuclear missiles but who controls Haarp?

    Probably not Mary Ann.

    • Oh, yeah. The censorship of social media according to progressive/globalist points of view is their goal. They don’t want free speech. Or, I should say, they want free speech for themselves but not for anyone who speaks against what they say.

      This is exactly WHY we have a First Amendment. The Founders would applaud the Internet and uncensored social media. Why? Because they believed in individual liberty and the RIGHT of every person to make up his or her own mind, after having heard and weighed all sides of an issue. They TRUSTED their fellow citizens to be intelligent or informed enough to make judgments for themselves.

      On the other hand, progressives know what judgment “should be” arrived at–and that would be the judgment that THEY want arrived at. IOW, they want to run everything and they want to decide for everyone else what to do, what’s going to be done, how things will be arranged.

      We here have this tradition of free speech, free press, a free and open marketplace of ideas. ARGUABLY, the UK should have the same tradition, given that our Constitution is based upon the Magna Carta, among other English legal traditions. However, the influx of muslims didn’t help because censorship seems to have begun when that happened in the UK, with this politically correct goal of not “insulting” yadda, yadda, yadda. They can insult us all they want, however!

      How can free and open conversation on the Internet be a “threat” to “democracy?” (btw, we don’t have a democracy in the first place. I truly don’t know how to define the UK system. It was a monarchy. Still is, I suppose, but with parliament analogous to our Congress.) The only people who would think exposing all ideas to the light of day and letting individuals decide for themselves what to think or how to vote is a bad idea are elitists (like the globalists, like the progressives, like communists and socialists (at least in practice, as we’ve seen it in the 20th century) who want to RULE EVERYONE ELSE because they think they KNOW BETTER what’s good for all of mankind..)

      It’s a joke that they use the word “democracy,” which is really more extreme than our system, because the last thing they want is for each person to have a say and then HOWEVER THE MAJORITY DECIDES rules. We have Trump as president, democratically elected (according to our system, at least, considering the electoral college), but even though he was the PEOPLE’S choice, these progressives don’t want to honor the People’s choice. It’s the last thing they want to do.

      No surprise that your vloggers were taken offline, if that’s what happened. Who controls the “airwaves” where they were situated? The progressives are gearing up to censor social media and every other means of communication that they can, especially ahead of our next two elections. The entire world (at least the elite who rule in other countries) wants Trump impeached because as we go, so go they. THEY certainly don’t want their own people electing populists who say “(whatever country) first!” Globalist=collectivism (run by the elite)=redistribution of wealth

      Suddenly we have Facebook claiming that potentially (they’re not sure; can’t prove it) “the Russians” are interfering on their platform and choosing the LEFT’S side this time. This is all over the news, so be very suspicious. Warner, the complicit one who apparently conspired with the Deep State to spy on Trump, is out there claiming that the evil Russians have to be stopped before they interfere in the mid-terms. Who believes this is really happening? Or if it is that it truly has any impact on the election?

      This is yet another ploy by the left. They want to get everybody on board with censoring social media. I guess they think that if they drop the memes that rub Trump the wrong way (i.e., he wouldn’t have won without the Russians being on HIS side in 2016), then Trump and the Republicans will join in the plan to censor the Web.

      Once the laws and policies and rules are out there, then it will all depend upon HOW the censorship will be carried out. Do you trust progressives at the social media giants to be fair? Any law or policy or rule will give them legal cover to just continue what they’re already doing, which is SUPPRESSING conservative (let’s say populist conservative, pro-Trump, anti-Deep State, anti-big government, pro-the-PEOPLE conservatives). The RINOs, the GOPe, the DemoncRATS, and all the leftists and progressives will be fine with that. They ALL want to shut up “deplorable” and “alt-right” voices. Imagine if censorship of social media is protected by law and THEN the progressives get power again, by any means necessary. Everything Obama did behind the scenes, complicit with his friends in CA, will be “legal”.

      CONTROL. It’s what tyrants have always wanted down through history. They’re TYRANTS. It doesn’t matter that there are hundreds or thousands or millions of them. They’re still ALL tyrants–COLLECTIVELY. The tyrannical collective.

      I feel like Mary Ann. Is all we do here nothing more than sifting sand?

      HAARP seems like too big of a subject for today. I don’t know what to make of it. I do know that those invested in the global warming meme are back at it again, with their narratives. I thought about re-running my post about how EVERYTHING is “caused by” HUMAN-CAUSED “climate change.” What B.S.

      My rule is that whatever the progressives believe–the opposite is probably the truth.

      • Miri – No!
        We’re not just sifting sand.
        I think every voice trying to tell the truth makes a difference even if we sometimes don’t think so in the moment.
        I notice there is a media push coming so run the Saul Alinsky thing on “Q”
        so apparently “Q” is being a worry.
        If anyone wants to ask what the heck is “Q” here’s a pretty good answer:

        • I like to think so, too, but sometimes I wonder. Do you, too, notice how there’s so little “going on” these days on the Web as opposed to say, during the 2016 election? This is the direct result of the tamping down of conservative voices by those who control the Internet. So our voices are getting out there less and less and people are losing enthusiasm, which is the plan, of course. Yeah, they ARE attacking Q in the mainstream media, so that tells you that Q is effective and so, like Infowars and others, must be stifled by any means necessary.

  5. As they currently run print and TV media, so will they run SOCIAL media (which is their only true competitor that so far they can’t control). Is THIS dangerous, or what? For the editorial board at the NY Times, no less!

    This is diversity for you. Not enough Asians, so they go find one who, like most of the progressive blacks, also hates white people. Outrageous.

  6. So we can add Spotify now, too:

    What I suggested. It’s a plan. Why would the Deep State Dept. of State approve of what Facebook is doing?

    You know what’s funny? I read a news article today that said that they shouldn’t censor U.S. citizens because they have free speech rights but that Russians and other foreigners don’t. HOWEVER, don’t they always say that illegal aliens have our Constitutional rights? Funny how that works.

  7. Woot

    • I know! It’s great, isn’t it? Seems the more they attack him, the stronger he gets. People are not as stupid as the progressives believe they are.

      I hope something comes of all these hearings. So far I don’t see the questioning Congresspersons being very good at cross-examining these people. They let them get away too often with the line that “we’ll get back to you on that,” which of course means that the answers won’t be given in the public spotlight. I also think that technology is so far beyond the ken of these people. They ought to go to a class where they get wised up to how social media works and how it’s being used against conservatives.

      I totally forgot to put in my post that Rep. Gaetz (hooray for him) filed a complaint with the FEC over the “in kind” donations that the social media giants give to DemoncRATS.

      I could write a book about search engines, too. Even though Google is known to be biased, so many of the others also return bogus results. What’s truly annoying is when I know what I want to find but the search will turn up the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I’m looking for, politically speaking. For example, the other day I was trying to find an article about Matt Gaetz being shadow banned. I searched for “Gaetz shadow banned.” You know what turned up on the results (about the entire first page)? Articles from the alt-left claiming that Gaetz is claiming he was shadow banned but it’s not true and it’s just a conspiracy theory and he’s crazy. Mind you, the VICE article that started this all (hardly an alt-right site) was nowhere to be seen! I searched all different kinds of ways, looking for the Breitbart or Gateway Pundit articles, but they didn’t come up. Only Huffpo or Slate or similar alt-left sites claiming Gaetz is nuts. This is how they “correct” what they call “fake news” and “conspiracy theories.” I have no problem with them putting off on the side alternative points of view. But when someone searches directly for “Gaetz says he’s shadow banned,” then all the articles, especially the first one, should show up and not the opposing point of view to counter his claim. They ban Gateway Pundit and Breitbart, anyway, so that’s probably another reason why their stories don’t show up on the first page of a search, sometimes EVEN IF YOU SEARCH ON THEIR EXACT HEADLINE!

  8. It’s too hot to talk about HAARP,
    but there is this:

    Just like other HUGE hoaxes perpetrated against humanity, the Global Warming hoax is central to a furtive scheme to form a One World Government. In fact, the primary goal of the New World Order agenda is to foist a global government on the entire planetary civilization. The NWO cabal has determined that the best way to meet this objective is to fabricate a universal boogeyman such as an Extinction Level Event by way of a worldwide environmental Armageddon scenario.
    NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

    The primary way that the Global Warming hoax is still believed by so many is through the constant geoengineering of catastrophic weather events, so-called natural disasters that are linked to warming, and other mishaps that cause environmental devastation. Through the absolute control of all the major MSM organs of propaganda, the citizenry is continually overwhelmed with misinformation, disinformation and false information that feed this vital NWO meme.

    Everything about this ongoing conspiracy to support the fake Global Warming narrative is geoengineered from beginning to end. Of course, there’s no better place than California to stage a dramatic hoax of such magnitude since the C.I.A. actually owns and operates all of Hollywood… as it completely controls Silicon Valley…as well as the statewide MIC.

    KEY POINT: Is there any better way to promote the Global Warming hoax than to periodically burn up a whole state with raging firestorms? The wildfires only burn so fast and furiously because of the Great Drought which is due to excessive heat and lack of rain. What better natural disaster is there to prove the existence of Global Warming than out-of-control wildfires. The bigger and scarier the fires the more the Hollywood elites perpetuate the official myth all over the world. Likewise, the Sultans of Silicon Valley further spread this fictitious narrative via so many vectors of dissemination on the Internet. All of them predictably ignore this following reality: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

    ————————————- snip ———————————————-
    People get tired
    but the above, from

    is there for when we are not so tired.
    There is coincidence and then there is massive coincidence.
    I scathed anyone who said 9-11 wasn’t anything other than a terrorist attack, wildly successful against the US, wildly successful for unpracticed guys. I wondered why, on their last night, for being devout jihadists, they attempted to hire “sex workers”. I think they didn’t know they were going to die because they disputed the price and said no – too expensive.
    Then I saw the video of Building 7 collapse
    And anyone who watches that knows it is nothing but a controlled demolition with the cave in being perfectly symmetrical. Once you see that you can’t support the twin towers explanation – yes they were hit by airplanes.
    Why would you put explosives in Building 7?
    Would you say we will put them there just in case the twin towers are ever hit by airplanes and we need to urgently demolish building 7?
    Can you even hear yourself spouting crazy nonsense?
    Building 7 proves 9-11 was a setup.

    Not such conclusive evidence exists yet for the summer of 18 but if global warming was to strike, it wouldn’t strike with a sudden temperature increase of 30 deg F across the whole northern hemisphere,

    Even hot temperatures don’t ignite fires in the wild. These are ignited,
    if accidental, by lightning (what rain?) or human carelessness. You don’t get 17 of the things ignited within a few days across the whole state of calyfornya.

    Like building 7, they over did their attack.
    That excess belies the global warming meme now coming.
    Actually the geo engineers are guilty of Murder. For real.

    so what’s the motive?
    Depends who you listen to.
    If you listen to the commonsensereport, aka Dave Hodges, he says that the
    spooks, in fear of losing total control, would rather plunge the entire USA into food famine, chaos, riot in the streets etc, than give up one single ounce of control.

    I have no evidence that says he is right.

    What I do know, while it is too hot to even raise such big subjects, that we are under attack.

    We can leave by whom, for what purpose, for another day,

    But this ain’t no natural thing.

  9. Enjoy👏👏

  10. ~ Dave_from_Florida • …..^^^^^^
    “Investigators reportedly concluded the driver hadn’t leaked anything of substance and Feinstein forced him to retire.”

    Does this mean he WAS allowed to “RE – tire” with a government Pension?

    ~Shadow Bannedagain Dave_from_Florida •
    Probably…what a joke, I AM SURE NBC ABC CBS News tonight will do A FULL HOUR ON IT…..NOT

    ~Proud Nana •
    She didn’t know for 20 years , yeah okay, can I sell you 2 acres of ocean front property in Arizona.

    • But they KNOW for SURE that Trump “colluded” with Russia. I am NOT looking forward to Mueller’s report because it will parallel that stupid IC report that said the Russians hacked the DNC to help Trump. It will be THAT “unbiased”. Remember how the complicit media lied and implied that all 17 agencies of Obama’s IC agreed that the evil Russians threw the election to Trump? But it turned out that only a few, carefully chosen (by Brennan and Clapper) people wrote the entire thing? THAT’S how “unbiased” whatever evil crap Mueller comes out with will be and the media will NOT analyze it fully AT ALL but WILL sign on to every lie he tells.

  11. Crazy or what?

    • I can’t even … How many times will they repeat this ploy until they discover that all they do is increase Trump’s popularity and power? Some leftist attacks Trump. Trump responds. The fake news media reports that Trump attacked the leftist. WE KNOW, though. We the People KNOW THE TRUTH. However, if they get their way and THEY get control over the Internet, then there may come a time when we won’t know the truth and won’t be able to FIND the truth.

  12. DUMB-BO ….. RAHM-B O !!! …
    Meanwhile, blacks in Chicago are getting wise. It may be time for regime change in Chicago. As President Trump said in the campaign as he actively called for black votes, what do you have to lose?

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook …… dead in the WATER???? ha’

  13. JUST BOOK – UM!!!!
    Senator Booker has a long record of phoniness, going back to the start of his political career, when he pretended to live in public housing. Now he is trying to cultivate the far left of the Democratic Party, which hates Israel, while maintaining his ability to raise money from Jewish donors to the party, some of whom still are attached to the notion of the survival of Israel. Even morons realize that without walls to protect it, Israel would suffer wave upon wave of terror from its neighbors Hamas and Hezb’allah, not to mention the ISIS troops operating in Syria.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • Yes, and that new employee of the NY Times was only imitating the writing/speaking style of her attackers. They WANT to believe whatever rationalization gets put out there by their favored progressives, and so they do. They WANT TO BELIEVE any LIES put out there against their disfavored conservatives, and so they do. It’s the very definition of bias, and yet they still pretend to be unbiased, objective “journalists.”

    • The worst news to come out of that record release is how many times OUR MONEY was paid to Steele for the bogus dossier of fake news that has in turn cost We the People millions more dollars in the form of bogus witch hunts that we ALSO pay for. As I said before, they used the government against the man We the People elected as president and they MADE US PAY THE SALARIES OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE WORKING ILLEGALLY AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE!

    • Would that be the rally astroturfed by the left on BOTH SIDES? Dinesh D’Sousa has proven that both of the main instigators of that Charlottesville incident were progressives, NOT conservatives. The media, however, love fake news labels and so call them right-wing and the violent antifa people “counterprotesters” or “peaceful protesters.” In any case, it’s astroturfed on both sides in order to BLAME TRUMP and BLAME CONSERVATIVES. Just like they falsely called Tea Partiers “right wing” or “alt-right” and blamed THEM for the violence perpetrated AGAINST THEM by leftists.

    • One can’t help but think about that “heavily armed” compound full of what the sheriff says the FBI called “muslim extremists” where they found 11 starving children with their alleged mothers, while looking for that missing 3-yr-old.

  14. That said, Hill’s book is well worth reading for its glowing tribute to America, its penetrating insight into the essentially racist mentality of the left, and its concrete examples of these two conclusions.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • Obama and his many, many minions are doing their level best to reverse that and make all “persons of color” into perpetual victims. They’re certainly accomplishing a lot with regard to making people of no color resent those “of color.” It’s hard work to try to remember that not ALL are of Barry’s ilk–haters all.

  15. ~ Cleetus • …..^^^^^^ O’ SO SAD!!!!
    A common and easy thought lost on so many today is not how being a victim creates who you are. Here’s a news flash – we are all victims from something or someone.
    Claiming to be a victim is just another form of cheap identity politics where people are classed according to those “crimes” committed against them. If you are a female, then you win the misogyny victim prize so you are a victim. If you are black then you win the racism victim prize. If you were born Poor then you win the “I am poor as dirt” victim prize. The list goes on.
    It is so easy being the victim because in life nothing ever goes the way you’d like them to. Whether it was because you did not get that Special TOY for Christmas, you were discriminated against since you were BORN, your parents were killed in the gas chamber so in some autocratic hell hole of a country, or something in between, not only does everyone H A V E …. Disappointments to tragedy in their lives, most everyone views everything, even the most minor, as a tragedy of the highest form.
    The reason is this is so easy to Blame others for it gives everyone an Excuse. When you are a Victim you can always Blame others 4 your failures & such which leaves you freed from any sort of Responsibility in your life to excel. AS a Victim, Failure is NEVER your Fault. Unfortunately, being the victim & Screaming Endlessly about your Victim-hood does nothing to
    F I X ….. Y O U R ……. Life or address YOUR failures.
    The take home lesson is that everyone is a Victim & who cares. It is not the victim status that we celebrate because it is a normal condition for everyone & trying to claim one person’s victim status is greater than another’s is an absurd exercise in trivia. No,what we celebrate, what creates character, & what separates those who are great from those who are Whiny Wannabes, is whose who over came their Victim-Hood. This is why we Celebrate people like Ben Carson because he Overcame the extreme poverty & made Himself a career as a great Surgeon. It takes courage & Strength to overcome those obstacles in your path to being successful & it does not happen often enough which is why we celebrate it when it occurs. In fact, the greater the hurdles you have to overcome, the greater a character you build, the greater a person you become, the more you have to celebrate as a victor of those events & people who conspired to hold you down.
    I could care less about the Victim. Like butt holes or armpits, everyone has them. What too few have is the Drive, the Strength, & More, to Overcome those Hurdles. Show ME the person who overcame their victim status & I’ll show you a Hero in everyday life WHO Deserves to be celebrated for what they Accomplished. Show me a Victim & I couldn’t care less for they are as Common as blades of grass in the park & have accomplished about as much. ….. ZERO??? …. HELP > ME < !!! U DO THE WORK!!! …ha'

    • Yep. I was thinking about the white nurses in Australia who are now expected to apologize first for having white privilege before treating Aboriginals, etc. If this comes to the USA, then how will it work? What about whites who were never wealthy, never profited from slavery, had ancestors who never held slaves but maybe instead even died trying to end slavery? Will they have to apologize first to the likes of Barry, who may have darker skin but who never was a victim of anything, seeing as how his mother’s family (if she was his mother) actually held slaves and his father was from Kenya, where neither he nor his ancestors were ever slaves in the U.S. but instead may have, probably did (being muslim), participate in the slave trade?

      This is for sure straight up racism because how can one blame an entire skin color for the actions of other people, centuries ago, who may or may not have shared that skin color?

      What if a white nurse just emigrated to Australia from the U.S., where obviously neither that person nor his or her ancestors ever had anything whatsoever to do with British “persecution” or even displacement, if you want to call it that, of Aboriginals? Think how stupid this is.

      What about a Swedish or Norweigan nurse? He or she would NEVER have had “white privilege” at all because for most of history Sweden and Norway were 100% “white.” How can there be white privilege in a homogeneous country? Is there black privilege in a 100% black country? Must be, to logically hold together that theory.

      What IS white privilege, anyway? Is it now universal?

      If someone is born on Mars with white skin, will that person, in the new space-faring culture, ALSO have white privilege?

      What about a white nurse living in China where maybe, probably even probably, his or her family is or was suffering from the effects of yellow privilege? Surely there’s yellow privilege in China and black privilege in Africa.

      So if you’re white and in the hospital in Ghana and a black doctor comes up to you, does she or he have to apologize before treating you because of black privilege in a black culture?

      If a white person gets sick in Chicago and finds herself in the hospital and the nurse is black, does the black person have to first apologize to the white patient for all the crimes that are perpetrated upon whites (and blacks) in Chicago? I mean, after all, it’s the entire race’s fault for anything that’s been done by a person with the same skin color, right?

      If you’re of Irish descent in a UK hospital, and the British nurse comes to see you, does she first have to apologize to you for the effects of the potato famine that was exacerbated by the UK government, which wanted to starve the Irish out of their own lands so they’d leave and go to the U.S. or anywhere else but Ireland, so the Brits could have/keep the land? I’m just wondering where it will all end.

  16. ~ Left_Foot • …. <<< A SMART Left FOOT!!!
    In 2008 I listened to Obama's speeches and understood him. I understood that as President of United States, he would do what he promised: change the country. I understood him because I listened to his words & phrases which reminded me of the dictators in my native Communist country. Yet, a multitude of Americans in awe of his Harvard Law degree & empty rhetoric, voted twice for the creature, and today we reap the consequences. In 2008, however, I, a woman with a doctoral degree in Physics, & life experience under a Communist regime & residence in Western Europe, was told that I could not possibly understand the Perfection of the American system, with its clear division of powers. By 2016, I was horrified by the transformation. By the way, I am mentioning my profession, because, although I am a woman in a field sparsely populated with people of my sex, I never regarded myself as a victim.

    Going back to the aspect of victimology, so perversely promoted by power-thirsty individuals, my question remains as to why were these people so successful in metamorphosing entire generations into robots. Based on the current Western definition of victimhood, we were all victims in my native country, yet no individual thought of himself/herself as such, for we were too busy eking out an existence. We studied very long hours and helped our parents with chores. We survived in tiny apartments, with little food, & very few had a car or even a television set but none complained. As regards choosing a profession, it had to be something productive.

    In today's America, there is a Cornucopia of Lawyers, people who have Honed their Skills in making money from law suits for bogus cases; these are the people who generate a class of victims presenting them with money- $ making opportunities; these are today's FBI/DOJ/CIA 'directors' who have the power to victimize & destroy the lives of honest individuals. These are the Americans who have polarized the nation & destroyed any semblance of democracy. And please do not label them as socialists or leftists, for they have nothing to do with that ideology. They are simply crooks who have artificially created a diversity of 'victim' categories, which, together with the MSM, enables them to take over & establish the sort of dictatorship, that even I did not witness in my young years. …… YEP!!!!

    • I suppose Barry did finally accomplish SOMETHING in his life. He did change the country. For the worse. It’s his legacy, what we see now. All the hatred and division and tribalism and … did I say HATRED? Racism, too. For anything non-“person of color.”

    • It is SICKENING, isn’t it? How is THAT for “cultural appropriation?” There’s no end to the hatred of the leftists. Latinx. Don’t you love it? Did you know about womxn?

  17. ‘All Cops are Bastards’: Police Under Attack for Protecting Patriot Prayer from Violent Communist ‘Antifa’ Goons
    Newseum Caves to Democrat Mob, Stops Selling ‘Fake News’ T-Shirts
    Anarchy in Portland thanks to Democrat Mayor, Far-Left Loon Ted Wheeler
    Bombshell Report: Parkland Killer Asked for Help Months Before Massacre, But Broward Country School District Officials Ignored Him
    Portland Braces for More ‘Antifa’ Violence, as the Violent Communist Front Group Tries to Shutdown Peaceful Patriot Prayer Rally
    COLLUSION! Russian Spy Hired by Secret Service Worked in U.S. Gov’t Building for Over a Decade!

    ‘Civil Disturbance’ Declared After Portland Riot Cops Forced to Use Flash Grenades on Violent Communist ‘Antifa’ Goons [Pics, Videos]

    Left-Wing Rage Mob Comes After Fellow Lefty Andrew Sullivan After He Suggests Anti-White Racism Is Still Racism — Even at the New York Times

  18. If you want to know more FACTS, then it’s best to get as close to the local news as possible:

    “Taos County sheriff’s deputies who raided a makeshift compound Friday in search of a missing Georgia boy arrested two men at the remote site and took 11 children into protective custody but didn’t find the tot, the sheriff announced Saturday in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

    Siraj Wahhaj, 39, of Clayton County, Ga., was arrested on a Georgia warrant accusing him of abducting his 3-year-old son late last year. Lucas Morten, also of Clayton County, was held on suspicion of harboring a fugitive, Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said in the statement.

    There was evidence the missing boy, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, who might have a medical condition, had been at the site in recent weeks, he added. …

    The 11 children at the heavily armed but otherwise ill-equipped and “filthy” site near the Colorado border, which had no water, plumbing or electricity and little food, ranged in age from 1 to 15, the statement said, adding that the children had “basically dirty rags for clothing” and no shoes. …

    deputies found Wahhaj inside the compound with an AR-15 rifle, five 30-round magazines and four loaded pistols. … In the phone interview, Hogrefe said FBI analysts told him the suspects appeared to be “extremist of the Muslim belief.”

    You know how the Muslim women and children are treated,” he responded when asked about the claim. “Men are the authority supreme.” [he probably will be fired soon.]

    FBI spokesman Frank Fisher, asked Saturday to comment on the investigation, referred questions to Hogrefe. Fisher did not respond when questioned specifically about Hogrefe’s claim that the federal agency suspects the men are engaged in religious extremism. …”

    Political correctness in fake news means you won’t be reading this many details in the national news. There was no mention of the weapons in any story I read recently. How would this have played in the news if the men had been Christians? Note how the FBI won’t comment on religious extremism. A compound with heavily armed muslim guy with women with lots of kids. Sounds like a job for the FBI. Maybe they want to treat them like they did Koresh’s band? NAH. muslim lives matter and who on the left really cares about domestic abuse of women and children by muslim men? NotMeToo? Ditto for the heavily armed muslim compound. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    There is another HUGE story here that we won’t hear about. Just like with Vegas. Is this the same guy or just a namesake?

    • If related, then maybe the grandfather? Love this part:

      “Wahhaj was born as Jeffrey Kearse and raised in Brooklyn. His mother was a nurse and his father a hospital dietitian. His brother is writer and editor Gregory S. Kearse of Silver Spring, Maryland. …”

      Hmm. Silver Spring, Maryland, where all those Obamas lived. Near Malik, iirc, and Mark, too? Can’t remember. And the O Timeline reminds me that Mark also lived in Atlanta. Is there more here than meets the eye? How safe are we really when we have an obviously compromised FBI and DemoncRAT Party?

      “Wahhaj has made statements in support of Islamic laws over liberal democracy. He also supports capital punishments such as stoning for adultery and cutting off of hands for thievery. He has said: “Islam is better than democracy. Allah will cause his deen [Islam as a complete way of life], Islam to prevail over every kind of system, and you know what? It will happen.”[9]

      He has also said: “If Allah says 100 strikes, 100 strikes it is. If Allah says cut off their hand, you cut off their hand. If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, then you stone them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger—nothing personal.”[when?][10]

      1993 World Trade Center bombing[edit]

      Wahhaj was one of 170 people identified by US Attorney Mary Jo White in 1995 as “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators”[11] in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing,[12][13] but was never charged,[13] and denies any involvement with the bombing.[12]

      Wahhaj was a defence witness at the trial of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel-Rahman, the former leader of the Egyptian terrorist organization, Gama’a al-Islamiyya.[11]

      In November 2009, Wahhaj was one of many Muslim leaders who met with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg at City Hall. ”

      NICE, HUH? This is your progressive left.

      IF there’s a connection, no wonder media downplay everything:

      Maybe the other guy just admired him so much that he took his name?

      DEMOCRATS “EMBRACE” the guy!

      And Ellison (no surprise): He was one of the infamous “flying imams.”

      2012, as the imam was to speak at the DNC convention:

      “Read these mind-blowing statements from Wahhaj, and ask yourself, “How could the Democrats associate their party with such a man?”

      “As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah [Ok. He was involved in politics and who was his leader?] You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” [ii]

      If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we would elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.” …”

      • The imam has 7 daughters and at least one son (because there’s a daughter-in-law quoted). Daughter is in Atlanta, GA. Interesting. She’s a “life coach.”

        Writes a how-to article:

        The father of the missing boy is of an age (39) to be a son or perhaps nephew (?) of the imam. Much of the imam’s family is connected to Atlanta. There’s a section in this article about muslim children being taught to hate on the imam:

        • This does appear to be the family of the imam who was one of the flying imams, suspected unindicted co-conspirator for first World Trade Center bombing, and who is a darling of the DemoncRATS. It would be far too much of a coincidence for the alleged kidnapper’s women friends (probable sisters) to have the exact same names of at least two of the imam’s daughters and also that he himself is “Sarif ibn Wahhaj” which basically is like “junior” because he’s the “son of Wahhaj.” Also that the daughters are exactly the same ages roughly, and with the same names, as two of the women from the compound full of dirt, filth, garbage, feces, and guns, who are the mothers of some of the 11 kids put in government care. These do appear to be the children of the peaceful imam.

          Remember that the FBI first called them muslim extremists and then went mum when the local sheriff blabbed. HEAVILY ARMED with that gun progressives love to demonize, unless it’s muslims or leftists or other favored groups who have it. THIS all explains why the mainstream isn’t reporting much and when they do are glossing over WHO THESE PEOPLE are. And they’ll probably use the excuse of “national security” to “explain” why they don’t report details.

          “The three mothers of the 11 malnourished children found living in a filthy New Mexico compound were arrested and charged Sunday along with two men described as armed Muslim “extremists” after authorities raided the property in search of a 4-year-old boy.

          Jany Leveille, 35; Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, and Subhannah Wahhaj, 35, were arrested and charged with neglect and child abuse of the children. The three women, who were found at the compound in Amalia, initially refused to answer any questions.”

          Read the blog I linked to yesterday. Jany is a daughter-in-law, iirc, from reading Hujrah’s blog. The latter is the one who wrote the wonderful “how to” book about loving a muslim man. Wonder how that worked out for her? Wonder if the other guy arrested, the one with the non-muslim name, is the husband of all the women.

          Keith Ellison loves their dad. Isn’t he trying to run for higher office? Hmm. Not convenient at this time for this truth to be revealed. Bloomberg hosts the imam–that peaceful guy who is suspected of being a co-conspirator in the WTC bombing #1. WTF?!!!!

          So far, I don’t see anybody else making the connection.

          Cutting edge, we are. 🙂

          Oh, wait. I just watched the Kilmeade video and his guest does link the son to the father–a “radical imam in Brooklyn.” Doesn’t name him (why not?) but it’s not hard to figure out given they have the SAME NAME. These are followers of MX. Along those lines. NOT muslims from the Middle East, unless by marriage. Anyway, I made the link yesterday, so …

          • That said, where the heck is the poor missing little boy? On Laura Ingraham’s show last night (which probably explains how suddenly now the lamestream will report SOME of the facts), she mentioned (I think this is where I learned it) that the child is handicapped and can’t walk and is dependent upon medicine. Elsewhere, maybe, I read/learned that the father wanted to do an “exorcism” of the child. It’s almost as if they want to somehow give the illusion that these religious extremists are, you know, evangelical Christians or something. Pray that that poor little boy is found and is safe. At least his cousins et al will be looked after well; that is, until some progressive judge or social worker orders them returned to their wonderful family.

            Taqqiya. I’m telling you. If you read the blog, it sounds like a normal family with daughters who are accomplished, modern, and just love the heck out of their doting father. Very slick. She herself is a favorite in some media circles and academia. The blogger, I mean. Goes to show.

            The guy on the video says the compound is a terror training camp. The FBI wanted to keep watching, while children were abused, neglected, and starved, but the local sheriff said, nope, he’s going in. Good on him. We can guess why Obama holdovers in the Deep State FBI, accustomed to coddling muslims under Brennan and Obama, perhaps didn’t want to expose the connections to this radical imam (even if he’s not involved in this particular stuff, maybe) and the DemoncRATS, especially right now. But if this were Clinton’s FBI, I suppose they’d have burned the kids in order to save them from abuse and all those guns. You know, like Waco.

            Lovely photos here: While they last. That article identifies them definitively as the imam’s daughters. The poor little missing child can’t walk or talk. God bless and keep him, wherever he is. I note this is derived from the UK News, which ALWAYS has information that We the People should have and need to have but which our own COMPLICIT MEDIA will NOT report. The story also reports their relationships.

  19. o/t


    • Ha, ha. They even have to reform cacophemisms. The disease is Trump DERANGEMENT syndrome, but TAD sounds so much kinder to the “victims.” They’re not deranged (yes they are); they’re anxious. Aww. Poor snowflakes. I’m getting sick and tired, btw, of them unilaterally recreating the English language. Womxn. Latinx. Xe. Ze. Theybies. Arghh.

      Is it just me or does the new woman (with an a) sound like Kimberly? Just her voice, I mean.

  20. WOW!

  21. Couple things I keep forgetting to add. (1) the photo at the top of the post is (allegedly, how would I know?) the output of an algorithm. (2) yet another way the progressives suppress conservatives is labeling email from conservative groups “spam.” You may think that what you alone label as spam would affect only your email boxes, but no. That’s apparently not how it works. How do I know? Two ways. (1) anytime I label something as spam, I get a thank you from the provider for helping them to “learn” what’s spam. (2) When items I HAVE signed up for end up in my own spam folder. How does that happen? For example, emails from Steve Scalise and Devin Nunes are in my spam folder. How can that be? WND also. Mail from them will be in my spam folder. How can that be, when I want mail from these people? It’s because someone, somewhere, probably progressives, labeled these sites as senders of spam, and so automatically, even if I want this mail, the provider sticks it in my spam folder where I may never find it.

    • I knew it was happening because of all the stuff I found in my spam folder and I suspected they were joining in. They read our email for goodness sakes in order to, they claim, better send us ads we might be interested in. Anyway, now it’s confirmed that the email companies were ALSO sending conservative email to spam where people were less likely to see it. This proves it’s a cabal, collusion with the DemoncRATS, in order to suppress conservative political action. HOW ELSE CAN THEY EXPLAIN IT? Well, they’ll say it’s their magical non-partisan algorithms, as if software can’t be deliberately written to be biased and to do exactly what they did. They sent conservative email to spam folders. Confirmed! It’s worse than their so-called social media banning or censorship because at least they say that’s NOT political but is based on their idea of “hate” speech. This is deliberately targeting politicians and their messages, which are First Amendment rights. That’s exactly WHY there’s a First Amendment–to protect POLITICAL speech, especially. But these companies are colluding and violating any number of laws. This is a YUGE IN-KIND DONATION to DemoncRATS. It’s worse than what they claim the Russians did. IF it’s not deliberate, then all the emails from people like Ocasio-Cortez and Daily Kos, and their ilk, ought to have been in the progressives’ spam folders. Wanna bet they weren’t? Here’s the link to the proof:

  22. Check it out. UNBELIEVABLE. It’s NOT racist for an Asian woman to say these things about white people, but it IS racist for a black woman to say these things about blacks or Jews. The SAME THINGS. The SAME COMMENTS. The SAME SITE. Asian account NOT punished; black account punished! SAME ALGORITHM, too!

    btw, do check out the comment section. The readers NAIL IT with TRUE and ALTERNATE FACTS about slavery and oppression through history and how many, many white people were oppressed by “people of color” and other white people and were even made SLAVES and raped and murdered by muslims. HISTORY IS A BEOTCH for some people. First of all, they don’t get taught the truth in school. Second, they don’t bother to read or educate themselves. What exactly is Ms. Jeong’s oppressed history? Apparently she’s Korean. As Ann Coulter pointed out, the same horrid white men who she hates actually gave years, lives, or limbs to free her ancestors from communism. Funny that, huh? She’s a girl of privilege, without doubt. And yet, in the progressives’ ledger, she’s oppressed simply by virtue of NOT BEING “WHITE.”

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