Warrior for the People

This would seem to be a no brainer.

Somehow, former CIA director John Brennan reportedly retains top secret security clearance and Senator Rand Paul wants it revoked. In our opinion, it cannot be revoked soon enough.

Lately, Senator Paul seems to be one of the very few senators with his head screwed on straight. With regard to Brennan, Paul wrote:

“Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance? Is John Brennan making millions of dollars divulging secrets to the mainstream media with his attacks on @realDonaldTrump,” the Kentucky Republican tweeted Monday morning. “Today I will meet with the President and I will ask him to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance.”

More concerning than the potential for Brennan monetizing his security clearance is the potential for Brennan continuing his apparent Obama Shadow Government campaign against President Trump and, by extension, against We the People who elected President Trump.

John Brennan has always been a thorn in the side of We the People, especially when it comes to illegal spying, corrupt activity, and doing whatever it takes to help Obama. He accuses President Trump of what he arguably has done himself.

Senator Paul has always been a warrior against the Deep State, especially by trying to prevent exactly what happened to our country under Obama and Brennan: An out-of-control, weaponized intelligence community.

First they came for Candidate Trump and his campaign; next time they may come for you or any other ordinary citizen who disagrees with the aims of the politicized, unelected, progressive, traitorous shadow government that is the (former?) Deep State.

President Trump must clean the swamp now, or else our country will no longer exist as a free and democratic republic.

Such treason cannot be allowed to stand.



111 responses to “Warrior for the People

    • What a shame. RIP and condolences to the family. Just take a look at the illegal alien who killed him. Allegedly. Don’t expect to see any protest marches or riots to speak out against this outrageous murder.

  1. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/07/29/chairman-devin-nunes-american-people-will-be-shocked-if-remaining-pages-of-carter-page-fisa-application-are-unredacted/

    I’m not sure the People WILL be shocked if the rest of the FISA application is released. The people who already follow this and want it released will hardly be “shocked” by anything Obama’s people did. The rest of the people–those NOT following this or paying attention or those who are willfully covering their eyes and ears (while saying “nah, nah, nah” so they don’t hear the truth)–now those people will never be exposed to the whole truth such that they become shocked because the media will NOT cover it and/or will spin the document to make it appear ho-hum, non-shocking. iow, they will LIE about the implications and make it appear as if the Obama administration was simply protecting national security.

    What really is shocking, and should be shocking, is not even reported by ANYONE, including Nunes: Page was a KNOWN agent OF THE FBI. He cooperated with the FBI to get Russians (yes, real Russians) convicted, and he was cooperating with them at the Russians’ trial mere MONTHS, only a few months, before the same FBI turned around and called Page an agent of Russia and got this warrant to spy on him (actually to spy on anybody he communicated with and then with everyone THOSE people communicated with). It’s outrageous, but even if it’s totally redacted and released, don’t expect ANYBODY (much less the ACLU) to be “shocked.”

  2. really should TRY NOT 2 RUB in their SHITY’ FACES

  3. This person does a reasonable job deciphering Q: https://www.neonrevolt.com/

  4. Great!

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    • Of course! That’s the whole point. ALL they care about is power. If they BELIEVE they should be allowed to vote, then what do you think are the odds that in DemoncRAT-run cities throughout the country, “sanctuary cities” especially, they’re NOT allowed to vote? These cities will not cooperate with the federal government on enforcing immigration laws. Do you think they’ll cooperate with the federal government in enforcing election laws with which they disagree? Of course not. All these illegals DO VOTE and will continue to vote in big cities because nobody’s going to enforce the laws, just like they don’t enforce many laws now, especially those that impact “people of color.” Cops can’t enforce traffic laws. They can’t enforce laws against protesting in streets, impeding traffic. They can’t enforce laws against rioting, for goodness sakes. Do you think DemoncRATS who want illegals to vote and who believe they ought to be able to vote will stop them from voting? THIS IS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF MOTOR VOTER, ETC. Register them and look the other way when they vote. If caught, blame it on the person not understanding that he isn’t allowed to vote.

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    Many gas masks include protection ….. from both types. ! ha’ ?

  7. SATAN ~ S M I L E .. !!! O’ YEAH … such a wasted 8 YEARS !


  8. One Nation Under Socialism I pledge allegiance to the United States of America, And not to an ideology, which can never stand, One nation under socialism, divisive, With no liberty or justice for anyone. …^^^^^^
    YEP !!! This… ABOUT SAYS IT ! …O’ BA MA the TURD!

    • Love that first line!

    • Wait, what? Didn’t I just read about a professor who actually APOLOGIZED for praising a Republican who’s running for office because he went to school with him and had the nerve to call him a nice guy? He APOLOGIZED for having a personal positive opinion of a friend/schoolmate with whom he played sports and attended classes but apparently with whom he doesn’t share political views. But look here:

      “BU’s Associate Provost and Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore gushed that Ocasio-Cortez is “brilliant — she is boldly curious and always present. She makes me think and could always see multiple sides of any issue. … I can’t wait to see what happens when her time truly comes.””

      Granted maybe this isn’t a public school, but what a double standard. The provost/dean takes political sides but a professor at another college has to APOLOGIZE for doing so? Besides which, are ANY colleges private anymore, considering how much government money is poured into them? Is BU getting tax breaks for being a not-for-profit? Note that the first guy apologized because he may have “offended” students who disagreed with him (who called the Republican racist. They were triggered by a white-privileged professor not understanding that maybe his erstwhile classmate is implicitly racist. iow, white=racist and so you cannot praise a white person who’s running for office without offending “students of color.” OFFENDED because a man said his classmate was a nice guy. OFFENDED and so had to be apologized to, and the man did it! That’s the problem in the USA. Have the freaking cojones to stand up and not apologize for your own opinion. The perception others have of what you said is nothing YOU have to apologize for.

      WOW. I just learned from that professor’s twitter feed that he also retweeted a Time cover that praised his Republican friend’s opponent. THERE WAS NO OUTCRY THERE NOR WAS HE MADE TO APOLOGIZE NOR DID HE THINK HE OUGHT TO. What a double standard. Of course, it’s politically correct to support a black woman running against a white man. So … It’s a complete lie to pretend, therefore, that this was a matter of not expressing political views on the school’s website because it’s a public university. The difference is that not enough conservatives fight like the progressives do. And they can’t, when you think about it. To get out there and troll the professor for expressing POLITICALLY CORRECT views puts the offended conservative students in the shame spotlight. They will be harassed and shamed by their “peers” for expressing a view AGAINST a black woman, even if their point is simply that professors at public colleges are not supposed to politic on university accounts. There’s the difference. There’s right think and wrong think. Think or say the “wrong” thing and you’re persecuted. THIS is what they learn in colleges now.

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