If This Be Treason

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump finally had a private meeting with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Democrats, the radical left, the anti-Trump RINOs and GOPe, and (most especially) Obama’s “intelligence community” lost their collective minds, accusing the president of “high crimes and misdemeanors” as well as treason–all for exercising one of the most basic and important Constitutional charges given to the president by We the People, who elected him! 

As if the president can be impeached for exercising his duties under the Constitution. There’s nothing in the Constitution telling a president how to conduct foreign policy–that’s up to the person whom We the People, in our collective wisdom, elected to conduct foreign policy.

Part of the left’s argument for “treason” is that the president openly doubts the conclusion that the Obama “intelligence community” rendered with regard to who “hacked” the DNC, the DCCC, and John Podesta’s email.

Well, who doesn’t doubt that conclusion? Seriously. Anyone who’s paying attention and who understands fundamental facts about how computers work as well as how forensic evidence gathering should work, doubts the conclusion of the Obama administration‘s intelligence community. You’d be a fool not to. What and where is the evidence?

Some Democrats or members of the media went so far as to call on the “military” to step in to stop Trump, cried out for the “shadow government” to do the same, or even called upon Vice President Pence or (unbelievably) Hillary Clinton to just take over after ousting the president. How exactly, in their minds, would that work?

If you think about it, though, this is actually the next logical step for those on the left, too many of whom seem to believe that they know what’s best and what’s right for this country far better than do the “deplorables” or those poor souls who are too stupid to not be deluded by Trump, in their exalted opinion.

These leftists (in all their narcissistic splendor, believing that they know what’s right, what’s moral, what’s best for everyone else) would of course also believe that their champions–whether it be Obama or Hillary Clinton–should simply take over.

Constitution be damned! Electoral college be damned! Democratic Republic be damned! Vote of the People be damned! Just take over!


Already progressives have made it clear that those who disagree with them do not have constitutional rights. No free speech. No freedom of religion. No freedom of assembly or association. Deplorables simply are not worthy of rights.

They deserve “no peace.” They deserve “no safety.” They deserve “no privacy.” They deserve no jobs! They should be denied public services.

They deserve bullying. They deserve shaming. They deserve to be attacked and, if they don’t capitulate, then their families also deserve to be attacked.

This is the left today. They believe in diversity, but not diversity of opinion. They believe in freedom to choose, but your choice better be the one they want you to “choose,” or else. They believe in free speech, but only if you say what they want you to say and do not say what they don’t want you to say, what they don’t ever want to hear, or what they don’t want anyone else to ever hear, because they’re also the gatekeepers for everything that’s “allowed” to be disseminated to the public. (Ergo, we have social media companies and leftist “fact checkers” and leftist “hate group monitors” deciding what will be seen and heard in the news, on TV, and on social media.)

Suddenly Russia is our enemy. Remember this, though?

Remember this?

Remember this?

Why is it treason, a high crime, for President Trump to meet President Putin, but it’s not treason or a high crime for Obama and Clinton to do the same?

Congressman Louie Gohmert, in the above video from today, grills representatives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter about whether or not countries other than Russia also misused social media platforms during the 2016 election in order to manipulate voters.

While the social media representatives uniformly dodged the question, showing that they came to collude with Democrats to continue the Russia/Trump collusion meme, Rep. Gohmert pointed out an interesting historical fact:

The Russians have been meddling in our elections for 70 years, and by doing so the Russians aimed to get Truman, Stevenson, Kennedy, and Carter elected.

In three out of four instances, their meddling worked. Did any Democrat call for a special counsel to investigate that interference in our elections? Did anyone call Truman, Stevenson, Kennedy, or Carter traitors or colluders?

This article illustrates perfectly well why the left and their fellow conspirators in the Deep State are losing their collective minds over Trump’s presidency.

There are quite a few excellent articles out there that illustrate why there’s absolutely good reason to doubt the conclusions of Obama’s intelligence community that claim that Russia “hacked” the Democrat Party to hurt Clinton and help Trump.

This article lists reasons why there’s no foundation for the charge of hacking in the first place.

This article details how Crowdstrike (headed by a Russian ex-pat, btw) was quite cozy with the Democrat Party and members of the Obama cabal, ending with an interesting question concerning exactly when Crowdstrike created the “forensic images” of the DNC server that they deigned to share with the FBI:

Even the FBI found itself in the awkward position of being denied direct access to the DNC servers, having instead to make use of“forensic images” of the server provided by CrowdStrike, along with its investigative report and findings.

There is much unknown about these scans — were they taken from May 6, when CrowdStrike first detected what it assessed to be a Russian presence inside the DNC server? Or are they from June 10, the last day the server was in operation? The difference could be significant, keeping in mind the fact that there were more than 30 days between the two events.

Keep in mind, too, that forensic images of a server can be edited, manipulated, or rigged. A server can be incompletely copied and only then forensically imaged. The FBI had no access to the server, which apparently no longer exists, so it’s at least implied that Crowdstrike–employees of the Clinton campaign and the DNC–made these “forensic” images themselves. The images are, therefore, evidence of nothing. 

This is like letting Jeffrey Dahmer decide what he wants to turn over to the police from his freezer. Peas, anyone? Nothing else to see in there. Please move on.

This article provides a timeline that shows the very suspicious coincidences between the fact that the NSA database was misused by FBI contractors who performed thousands of illegal searches (the results of which could have then been sent on anywhere, to anyone) and the inception of the so-called “hack” of the DNC/DCCC servers.

Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike were/are FBI contractors. They also worked for Hillary Clinton. What might have been on the servers that suddenly had to be destroyed? What was the purpose of the meme that these particular servers were hacked? Was the “hacking” simply an excuse for wiping the servers clean?

This article shows some of the dicey connections between Obama’s intelligence community and people associated with Obama, Clinton, and even Russians.

There’s a lot of heavy reading in the linked articles, but it’s well worth the effort for anyone who wants to understand what’s really happening to our Republic.

Senator Rand Paul is one of the most reasonable members of Congress concerning the issue of “resetting” our relationship with Russia; he does a great job dealing with the complicit media:

Notice how hard Wolf Blitzer tries to keep Senator Paul from telling the truth about Obama’s intelligence community.

Let’s hope and pray that President Trump is one slither ahead of all these snakes and that eventually the truth will out.

As Representative Gohmert said, speaking of members of Obama’s intelligence team:

Those guilty dogs are barking pretty loud.

That means that the “white hats” must be getting closer and closer to the truth.

MAGA, Mr. President!



200 responses to “If This Be Treason

  1. yep .. O’ the slimy SICK SLICK DICK .. WORTH? 40 MILLION? +++?
    + $200,000 Gov. PENSION …4 the SCREW JOB on WTP & USA ?

  2. OPINION COMMENTARY ~ WSJ ~ Training for the Jobs of Tomorrow
    A new White House initiative will tackle the challenges technology poses to the workforce.

    By Ivanka Trump ~ July 17, 2018 ..YES …PLAY it FORWARD GO “I” !!!
    ( ….as MOOCHIE’ ….grew some greens & staved them young-ins’ )
    The assembly line, energy plant & retail store have changed dramatically in the past 25 years—and the jobs have, too. Nearly 1 in 5 working Americans has a job that didn’t exist in 1980, many in technology, the fastest-growing segment across all industries. Such rapid change is one reason 6.6 million U.S. jobs are currently unfilled.

    Many of these jobs require skills training, but NOT … a college Degree.
    Yet for too Long, both the Public & the Private sectors have Failed to
    develop innovative & effective training programs…. + more 2 read …

  3. ` Robert Walling
    Kicked out of the chamber of commerce for saying “I wish Democrats would fight as hard for Americans, as they do for illegals.” Hateful? He didn’t say immigrants … he is one. He said illegals. So when you say “Boyle Heights thrives because of our diverse immigrant population”, you really mean our ILLEGAL immigrant population. Otherwise you would understand the distinction in his facebook post. Do you not see how utterly off the charts
    you liberals are? Insanity. Trying to oust a member of your community & throwing Feces at his store for supporting & agreeing with the president … does that meet your qualifications for Hate? Or do the bars for Hate differ
    for those you disagree with? I suspect the latter because you are violent, bigoted, & evil … everything you claim …. about… the other side. <<<<

    ~ Just some guy
    A violent and irrational leftist, what a surprise lol.

    ~ charisee310
    Okay, so these people are LITERALLY trying to shut down a Jewish-owned business, but pointing fingers & calling everyone around them fascists? Do they not see the dangerous irony in this? Do they know who also encouraged harrassing Jewish-owned businesses–literally Hitler. The left has gone completely & utterly insane. For anyone who once held classical liberal views,
    the Democrat party does
    represent you. Time to … #walkaway.

    • You have to wonder if China is the country to which all Hillary’s emails had been duplicated and forwarded.

  4. WOW

    • Of COURSE they are. With Rosenstein helping. Heads ought to be rolling. Where is SESSIONS? He may have recused on the investigation of Trump/Russia, but he didn’t recuse on the issue of the ethical behavior of his employees, which includes all of them–Wray, Rosenstein, Mueller. HOW they do their jobs is not something their boss is recused from. He’s recused from overseeing the investigation, but that doesn’t mean he’s recused from stopping the politically motivated shenanigans they’re engaging in.

    • Multiple CRIMES there, but don’t expect DOJ to go after THEM. Cohen is a lawyer, so he broke all ethical rules by doing this. Anything seized in that raid should be secret. It was a LEAK and so that’s illegal. How did the CONTENTS of this tape get out? I read somewhere that by law they can’t even listen to it if it’s attorney/client privilege, which of course it is. Mueller and his crew are totally unethical slime. They’re breaking laws even as they pretend to be trying to enforce laws. So he’s going to give Podesta immunity for the very crime he’s trying to pin on Manafort?

    • You know what’s a shame? That even if this is true, it puts Trump between a rock and a hard place. Whom to believe? We already KNOW that the IC as run by Obama was totally traitorous. The ousted ones are complicit. Those still in it may or may not be, depending upon the color of their hats. Anything Putin may give Trump is likely to be disinformation. So what do you do and whom do you believe when it becomes obvious you cannot trust ANYONE, not even your own people? You also can’t trust former allies. The Brits are in on the Obama Deep State deception. I can see why it’s been reported, don’t know if it’s true or not, that Trump has been advised to disband and rebuild from the bottom up. Clean the swamp entirely. Start over. Clean house NOW. Where the HELL is Sessions?

    • la la la ….. CHE – t

      • And so this mystery is this:

        Where did they come from? (Jessie Jackson) and who installed them? (the Bush-Clinton Cabal) Why? (global Coup d’etat). USA Traitors.
        We know who you are. We know what you did.

        Its obvious. The stuttering moron gave us a silver lining.

        Thanks barky!

  5. CLASS..”ACTS” ….O’ REALLY ….F —- the OBAMA’S ???


  6. Call me crazy. Call me zany. Call me anything you want. Going forward anytime I am in a discussion or hear the words United States of America, I will sign the Cross on my forehead, on my lips and my heart. As I was taught as a Child under the Latin Rite, a Creed. A Vow.

    Long live the Natural Born Citizen and their Families, Circa 20th C. USA

    The Last of The Mohicans are We. WTP.

    Call me Spiritual. CavePerson.

  7. This One FBI Text In The Russia Probe Should Alarm Every American.


  8. ~Nick Charles donnieboy64 • ^^^^ the DIRTY VIEW .. & WORSE!!
    The idiot chicks are responding to Applause prompts. The View is Merely
    a Communist/Leftist puppet show with American housewives as the Props.

    • Wow. That’s a great article, too. Powerful stuff:

      “When judges make up laws rather than interpret the law, including the Constitution, they subvert our democracy by arrogating to themselves the power that belongs to the people through their representatives. For example, 55,000,000 Americans voted against redefining marriage, yet a few rich white lawyers on the Supreme Court imposed gay “marriage” on the country.

      If the democratic process had been followed, the people could have thrown out of office the politicians who voted against the desires of the people, but because the redefinition of marriage was imposed by the courts, it’s nearly impossible to throw out the judges. Impeaching a judge is much harder than electing a different senator, for example.

      By stealing the people’s power, activist judges undermine democracy and reduce the importance of elections to what type of judges a candidate will support, since it is the judges who wield the real power in America today. If judges only interpreted the law rather than making it, no one would care whom Trump nominated to the Supreme Court. …”

      How true is that? No wonder the DemoncRATS want to control all the nominations to all the benches.

  9. ~ Steve Wright ….^^^^^ …..Y E P !!!!!
    This is the key. This shows how the Deep State operates. The mechanisms of their power. Sending in teams – & taking over investigations —- not to uncover the Truth —- but to protect the Powers that Be by making sure evidence never sees the light of day…. All you have to do is —- Track the Prosecutions/Convictions/Penalties — & lack thereof… From Jeffrey Epstein to Dennis Hasert to Iran-Contra to The Franklin Conspiracy to Mena Airport & on & on & on….

    Low-level Navy submariners get thrown in prison for personal pics on a classified vessel — but not only does Hillary avoid prosecution for far worse breaches of security — she gets the whole apparatus of the DOJ & Intelligence Agencies supporting her presidential campaign efforts…. — BANANA REPUBLIC

    ~ Jenifer Cope
    Obviously, Strzok is a treasonous player along with many in the CIA, FBI & the Senior Executive Service. They are out to bring America down. This guy needs to be prosecuted as a traitor, oh, & he has been friends with Barry Sotaro (CIA plant: Obama) through out his life, Stzok’s father was CIA too.
    If Any 1? is Looking for a Treasonous Actor in all this, IT Would BE Barry. <

    • I suspect that Ms. Cope is 100% on the money. https://www.teaparty.org/bombshell-peter-strzok-grew-iran-saudi-arabia-315084/

      Remember Geithner and Barry’s supposed white girlfriend living in Indonesia with him at the same time. Remember where ValJar was born. Remember Brennan living in Saudi and potentially converting to Islam. Remember Huma and the MB. Remember Barry’s sympathy for the MB and the numerous sketchy people visiting the WH. I wonder if anyone checked to see if Ms. Butina was ever a visitor during Barry’s reign, given that it’s now revealed that she met with his Treasury Dept. Hmm. Colluding with Russian honeypots. Did they miss this one when they sent the other bimbos back post haste? Was she, like Veselnitskaya, tasked to spy on Barry’s political enemies? Why, if they KNEW she and Carter Page WERE foreign agents, as they claim in the paperwork, did they NOT WARN both the NRA (American citizens last time I checked) and the Trump campaign (again, AMERICAN CITIZENS. WHOSE SIDE WAS THE FBI ON?)

  10. O’ ….DON’T WTP ….JUST LOVE IT!!!! …I SURE DO DO DO !!! ^^^^^^^
    USURSPER>>>> Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, came clean on CNN & stated that former President Obama was behind spying on President DONALD JOHN … TRUMP!
    James Clapper was on CNN yesterday & he stated that Obama WAS behind Spying on President Trump & all the corrupt & criminal actions involving the government, including the Mueller investigation –

    According to Obama’s former spy chief, James Clapper, who appeared on CNN to say it was Obama who set the entire Russia witch-hunt into motion by tasking the intelligence community assessment.

    Attorney Gregg Jarrett ???? ….. Calls Out Liar Comey After
    Carter Page FISA Warrant Docs Confirm FBI Misled Courts

    ~Clapper said –
    If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama I S ….. Responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place.

      • And he doesn’t even have that! If anything, Trump listened as Cohen suggested paying the National Enquirer for the rights to her story, so they wouldn’t perhaps ever run the story. But they DIDN’T make the payment, anyway, and Trump said to pay with a check to ensure transparency! So what does he have? A bunch of lying bimbos that it was easier to settle with than to deal with. Just like all large corporations “settle” rather than go to the trouble and expense of litigating, EVEN WHEN they know they’re in the right. So it is with the bimbos. And why not keep anything secret? To publicize it is to invite other liars to come out of the woodwork for a payoff. Just as with the Catholic Church which, in its naivete, thought that paying off the deluded accusers was Christian and would help THEM heal.

    • https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2018/07/first-thoughts-on-the-carter-page-fisa-application.php

      This is a good analysis. It becomes obvious that it was very necessary to indict the 12 Russians for allegedly hacking/phishing the DNC BECAUSE THEY USED THAT AS A “FACT” (not in evidence, of course) WITHIN THE WARRANT TO SPY ON PAGE. This was part of their evidence that may have helped to convince the judge that a real and serious conspiracy to attack the DemoncRAT party via Russia IN COLLUSION WITH TRUMP was happening in real time and so they had to get to the bottom of it. However, it was all circular. A Deep State op being run between the Deep State, the FOREIGNERS hired by and colluding with Obama/Clinton/Brennan, etc., and THE COMPLICIT MEDIA. They planted stories in the media and then used the planted stories to bolster the request for a warrant. Of course, we suspected all this. But this is why the hurry up and indict. The DOJ was going to release that warrant and potentially Trump’s going to make them release everything so they need to plant in the media (AGAIN!) as much spin as possible. They have now set in stone (soft, mushy, unset concrete, though) that THE RUSSIANS HACKED THE DNC. They didn’t. We know it and anybody else paying attention knows it. But it doesn’t matter. He got the indicted ham sandwiches and then passed the cases off to be buried in the DOJ somewhere. The “fact” will forevermore remain that the Russians did it, even though we all know EVERYONE is innocent until PROVED guilty (and they didn’t do it, anyway). But this case will never go to court and so no proof will EVER be proffered. Just more planted SPIN AND BULLSHIT from the Deep State, which includes Mueller. I wish the Russians would do us all a favor and send just one of those indicted guys over here to stand up in court and ASK FOR DISCOVERY.

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