If This Be Treason

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump finally had a private meeting with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Democrats, the radical left, the anti-Trump RINOs and GOPe, and (most especially) Obama’s “intelligence community” lost their collective minds, accusing the president of “high crimes and misdemeanors” as well as treason–all for exercising one of the most basic and important Constitutional charges given to the president by We the People, who elected him! 

As if the president can be impeached for exercising his duties under the Constitution. There’s nothing in the Constitution telling a president how to conduct foreign policy–that’s up to the person whom We the People, in our collective wisdom, elected to conduct foreign policy.

Part of the left’s argument for “treason” is that the president openly doubts the conclusion that the Obama “intelligence community” rendered with regard to who “hacked” the DNC, the DCCC, and John Podesta’s email.

Well, who doesn’t doubt that conclusion? Seriously. Anyone who’s paying attention and who understands fundamental facts about how computers work as well as how forensic evidence gathering should work, doubts the conclusion of the Obama administration‘s intelligence community. You’d be a fool not to. What and where is the evidence?

Some Democrats or members of the media went so far as to call on the “military” to step in to stop Trump, cried out for the “shadow government” to do the same, or even called upon Vice President Pence or (unbelievably) Hillary Clinton to just take over after ousting the president. How exactly, in their minds, would that work?

If you think about it, though, this is actually the next logical step for those on the left, too many of whom seem to believe that they know what’s best and what’s right for this country far better than do the “deplorables” or those poor souls who are too stupid to not be deluded by Trump, in their exalted opinion.

These leftists (in all their narcissistic splendor, believing that they know what’s right, what’s moral, what’s best for everyone else) would of course also believe that their champions–whether it be Obama or Hillary Clinton–should simply take over.

Constitution be damned! Electoral college be damned! Democratic Republic be damned! Vote of the People be damned! Just take over!


Already progressives have made it clear that those who disagree with them do not have constitutional rights. No free speech. No freedom of religion. No freedom of assembly or association. Deplorables simply are not worthy of rights.

They deserve “no peace.” They deserve “no safety.” They deserve “no privacy.” They deserve no jobs! They should be denied public services.

They deserve bullying. They deserve shaming. They deserve to be attacked and, if they don’t capitulate, then their families also deserve to be attacked.

This is the left today. They believe in diversity, but not diversity of opinion. They believe in freedom to choose, but your choice better be the one they want you to “choose,” or else. They believe in free speech, but only if you say what they want you to say and do not say what they don’t want you to say, what they don’t ever want to hear, or what they don’t want anyone else to ever hear, because they’re also the gatekeepers for everything that’s “allowed” to be disseminated to the public. (Ergo, we have social media companies and leftist “fact checkers” and leftist “hate group monitors” deciding what will be seen and heard in the news, on TV, and on social media.)

Suddenly Russia is our enemy. Remember this, though?

Remember this?

Remember this?

Why is it treason, a high crime, for President Trump to meet President Putin, but it’s not treason or a high crime for Obama and Clinton to do the same?

Congressman Louie Gohmert, in the above video from today, grills representatives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter about whether or not countries other than Russia also misused social media platforms during the 2016 election in order to manipulate voters.

While the social media representatives uniformly dodged the question, showing that they came to collude with Democrats to continue the Russia/Trump collusion meme, Rep. Gohmert pointed out an interesting historical fact:

The Russians have been meddling in our elections for 70 years, and by doing so the Russians aimed to get Truman, Stevenson, Kennedy, and Carter elected.

In three out of four instances, their meddling worked. Did any Democrat call for a special counsel to investigate that interference in our elections? Did anyone call Truman, Stevenson, Kennedy, or Carter traitors or colluders?

This article illustrates perfectly well why the left and their fellow conspirators in the Deep State are losing their collective minds over Trump’s presidency.

There are quite a few excellent articles out there that illustrate why there’s absolutely good reason to doubt the conclusions of Obama’s intelligence community that claim that Russia “hacked” the Democrat Party to hurt Clinton and help Trump.

This article lists reasons why there’s no foundation for the charge of hacking in the first place.

This article details how Crowdstrike (headed by a Russian ex-pat, btw) was quite cozy with the Democrat Party and members of the Obama cabal, ending with an interesting question concerning exactly when Crowdstrike created the “forensic images” of the DNC server that they deigned to share with the FBI:

Even the FBI found itself in the awkward position of being denied direct access to the DNC servers, having instead to make use of“forensic images” of the server provided by CrowdStrike, along with its investigative report and findings.

There is much unknown about these scans — were they taken from May 6, when CrowdStrike first detected what it assessed to be a Russian presence inside the DNC server? Or are they from June 10, the last day the server was in operation? The difference could be significant, keeping in mind the fact that there were more than 30 days between the two events.

Keep in mind, too, that forensic images of a server can be edited, manipulated, or rigged. A server can be incompletely copied and only then forensically imaged. The FBI had no access to the server, which apparently no longer exists, so it’s at least implied that Crowdstrike–employees of the Clinton campaign and the DNC–made these “forensic” images themselves. The images are, therefore, evidence of nothing. 

This is like letting Jeffrey Dahmer decide what he wants to turn over to the police from his freezer. Peas, anyone? Nothing else to see in there. Please move on.

This article provides a timeline that shows the very suspicious coincidences between the fact that the NSA database was misused by FBI contractors who performed thousands of illegal searches (the results of which could have then been sent on anywhere, to anyone) and the inception of the so-called “hack” of the DNC/DCCC servers.

Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike were/are FBI contractors. They also worked for Hillary Clinton. What might have been on the servers that suddenly had to be destroyed? What was the purpose of the meme that these particular servers were hacked? Was the “hacking” simply an excuse for wiping the servers clean?

This article shows some of the dicey connections between Obama’s intelligence community and people associated with Obama, Clinton, and even Russians.

There’s a lot of heavy reading in the linked articles, but it’s well worth the effort for anyone who wants to understand what’s really happening to our Republic.

Senator Rand Paul is one of the most reasonable members of Congress concerning the issue of “resetting” our relationship with Russia; he does a great job dealing with the complicit media:

Notice how hard Wolf Blitzer tries to keep Senator Paul from telling the truth about Obama’s intelligence community.

Let’s hope and pray that President Trump is one slither ahead of all these snakes and that eventually the truth will out.

As Representative Gohmert said, speaking of members of Obama’s intelligence team:

Those guilty dogs are barking pretty loud.

That means that the “white hats” must be getting closer and closer to the truth.

MAGA, Mr. President!


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  1. Suck it UP …AMERICA … will paper really help? STRAW-MEN

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