Get Outta Here!

So “White House visits become political litmus test for athletes.

Political litmus tests! Who could imagine?

From the story:

For victorious sports teams these days, the confetti and champagne are apt to be accompanied by a politically fraught question: Are you going to the White House?

What used to be one of the most innocuous photo-ops in sports is anything but. Going — or not going — has become a political statement in the era of President Donald Trump …

One would think the first “fraught” question ought to be: Are you even invited to the White House? That’s a good question, especially considering that President Trump says,

If they don’t want to be here, I don’t want them.

Simple enough, isn’t it?

But not for progressives and the media, who seem to want to force President Trump to invite winning teams, but only so that progressives and the media can watch and relish President Trump’s humiliation (they assume) when these millionaire snowflakes diss him (and the People) by not showing up or, if they do show up, by orchestrating a surprise “protest” with the President as an unwilling participant.

How unfair of President Trump to spoil their fun and not stand there and take their disrespect and disdain.

WTPOTUS would like to add to what President Trump said:

If they don’t want to go to the White House, if they have no respect for the country or its People, then We the People don’t want them there in the People’s House, either. 

If these athletes won’t go to the White House to show respect for the country and its duly elected president and for all the fans who made them wealthy, when the President has been gracious enough to invite them there to honor them, then We the People should return the favor.

They won’t come to our House with respect, then we won’t go to their houses (with our money). 

Boycott the “houses” of any team that disrespects our president and, by extension, We the People of the United States of America.


50 responses to “Get Outta Here!


    I really, really, really don’t like the meme that the intel community needed a “house cleaning” to make sure this doesn’t happen again (and implication that it’s already happened). NO! Prosecutions and punishment MUST happen; there’s no other way to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Just making sure it doesn’t happen again doesn’t hack it. Going forward and moving on doesn’t hack it. NO! Accountability hasn’t happened yet for the PAST and those guys leaving (RETIRING!) is not enough. JAIL must happen OR ELSE THIS WILL happen again. It’s like with amnesty. We’ve been duped so many times that “THIS amnesty will be the last one and then the borders will be closed.” BS!

    Hold the scofflaws in the Obama administration to the exact same letter of the law that Scooter Libby and General Flynn and many others have been held to. Anything less is treason, because then they admit that for progressives, DemoncRATS, liberals, anti-Trumpers there IS a double standard and there is NOT equality under the law. Orange jumpsuits are NECESSARY. Let them go to jail for 14 YEARS like Blagojevich. If POTUS doesn’t pardon him, then they can share a cell with him. Wouldn’t it be great to see Barry and Blago together?

    • Besides gate keeping for the Federal conspiracy to rig a Presidential Election among the numerous treacherous acts committed by the past Adminstrations, my take is the lawmakers in the know are afraid of the civil war that will immediately erupt with a mere indictment, much less, trials, convictions and punishment.

      I am sure President Trump is well aware of what would happen. I would not doubt that there isn’t a plan in place in advance of an indictment.

      I think “it” also involves the tug of war concerning the Second Amendment….

      …. just remember, “shall not be infringed” is etched in stone, Patriots.

  2. Heads Up
    Rod Rosenstein fired accordin to Q post

    from about 5 minutes in
    Nothing at this point on MSM

    • @ 14:00, more speculation, dave m

      • Could this explain the “fly” business with regard to RR?

        “”Your continued refusal to permit Members of Congress and designated staff to review the requested documents is obstruction of a lawful Congressional investigation,” Nunes wrote.

        Asked about the letter, however, a DOJ official said Rosenstein is currently “representing the United States in a brief unrelated visit to a foreign nation, one of America’s key intelligence partners,” indicating he would plan on responding during the previously scheduled briefing on Thursday. …”

        So, is he in the UK or Australia, setting up more cover ups?

    • Q’s stuff leaves me cold. Why does it have to be like Nostradamus? It’s like a psychic–it could mean ANYTHING.

      • I check in on the Q thing periodically because its something that I don’t want to ignore completely. My interests revolve around Wikileaks, Seth Rich and Julian Assange… the DNC crimes. And of course, the Pakistani-Democrat Spy Ring in Congress (and elsewhere.) 🙂

        • I just have a hard time understanding what he’s (she’s?) trying to say. It’s like with Lame Cherry. Obscure or else my mind is just too darned literal. Symbols and encryptions puzzle me. I posted a video somewhere on this page where a guy analyses some of Q’s recent posts.

  3. The message wasn’t lost on the ungrateful, moaning, groaning millionaire agitators with a public platform.

  4. ????
    If American celebrities really hate Trump that much, why are they trying so hard to re-elect him?

  5. This is great and it’s about time!

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday domestic violence and gang violence no longer qualify as sufficient reasons to grant asylum to immigrants. …

    In a speech to immigration judges Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, “It will be your duty to carry out this ruling.”

    “Asylum was never meant to alleviate all problems, even all serious problems, that people face every day all over the world,” Sessions said.

    Sessions also said in his speech that the American people voted for safe secure borders when they elected Trump in 2016 …”

  6. On Topic: Get Outta Here!

    Knock. Knock.
    Who’s There?

    • Speaking of cocky, it takes SOME cojones to try to interfere in the Un/Trump meeting, BUTT we do know that he has been calling sports guys arguing, instructing, ordering them to NOT go to the WH to see Trump, or else … He’s also interfering in the future DemoncRAT candidates–picking and choosing. Shadow government. Anyway, this is in this video that has a Q analysis within it. It’s interesting how this guy seems to make sense of what is indecipherable to me:

      btw, I figured out where RR is: Montreal, giving a speech:

      Probably backstabbing the POTUS while he’s at it, visiting with Trudeau, no doubt. I wonder, wonder, wonder if the Canadians as well as the other Brits (UK, Aussies) were involved in the attempt to take down DT BEFORE the election. Meaning: Part of the sting operation run by the UK professors, our FBI, Brennan, honeypots, and 5 Eye spies “incidentally capturing” things they have no business capturing.

    • So THIS probably explains the BS story that I read yesterday where some a-hole claims that there’s an entire group in the Archives dedicated to taping back together documents that out of habit the current POTUS tore up and threw away. They CLAIM (with NO EVIDENCE OF COURSE) that this group says that the POTUS is like a 3-year-old who cannot learn that he must keep all documents that pass through his hands and that to protect him they have to go through his trash and tape back together things that must be saved. This OUGHT TO BE EASY ENOUGH to confirm–ask for a document and see if it’s taped together. In any case, as with ALL BREAKING STORIES that may make Hillary or Barry or some other DemoncRAT icon look bad, the media and the Deep State MUST IMMEDIATELY set up a false equivalency. “See, it’s not only Barry. Trump does it, too.”

      It’s probably likely that maybe President Trump ONE OR TWO TIMES accidentally tore up a paper that had to be saved and somebody taped it together again, but it’s instructive that even the media say it was because he’s in the habit of tearing up business papers when he’s finished with them and that it takes a learning curve to build a new habit, seeing as how businessmen like Trump are not accustomed to preserving every darn piece of paper they touch.

      In Barry’s case, however, we and probably even the Deep State media KNOW that when Barry destroyed or didn’t save or deleted documents required by law to be preserved, he did it ON PURPOSE to hide from the PEOPLE what he and his cabal were up to. It’s the same with Hillary. Does anybody REALLY BELIEVE she had “no intent” to break records laws and mishandle classified information OR that all the 33,000 emails she DELETED were personal, all about her grandchild, Chelsea’s wedding, and yoga?

      • Should ANY OF THEM be surprised, seeing as how Barry has a long-standing habit of destroying documents, going all the way back to his kindergarten papers that were “eaten by bugs,” the disappeared entry/exit records for international flights the week he was allegedly born, and the cauterization of his passport files by Brennan’s flunkies?

      • Ok. So I searched for the story and found a plethora of them, COINCIDENTALLY published the same day that Lipscomb published the story about Barry’s mendacity. What a coincidence. It has all the earmarks of a CYA “Journ-o-list” narrative to help out the DemoncRATS and help preserve Barry’s legacy. This is what they do ANY TIME something bad (and truthful) comes out about their idols. Here’s one story:

        • Notice that Trump’s people know to save the documents and do save them and do preserve them, despite having to tape them back together. Barry’s, on the other hand, are simply GONE AND WILL NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN. Like the docs Sandy Burglar stole from the Archives. Like the 33,000 emails Clinton deleted.


          Notice in the Politico story how the people speak about the POTUS and how they think preserving these documents are beneath them because, after all, they make $60,000 a year and have more important things to do. Note also that these informants praised Barry and that they GOT FIRED and so no doubt have a reason to slam current POTUS.

  7. EXCEPT ME ~ Zenway! I KNEW WE had CLASS over TRASH (barry-ha’)
    small-hands? BIG DEAL MAKER!!! .. U R ALL BLIND… “SEE only FOG”

    June 12, 2018 ~ Trump’s Statesmanship Surprise ~ By David Prentice

    Nobody knew. ?? None of us saw it.?? Among his biggest supporters, maybe a handful suspected IT. (YES WTP….DID!) Many of us expected the economic renewal of the U.S. to happen. Many of us foresaw a significant roll back of … Saint Barack’s …….horrid, destructive agenda.
    A lot of us hoped for a major push back on the left.
    All of which we have gotten.
    None of us,? no one I have read,? no one I know, <<<<
    expected Donald Trump to be a Giant in Foreign Policy. NO 1 expected? him to RE-Shape the World. Yet Donald Trump, in a short time, is doing so.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  8. ha’…… GET OUT of HERE <<<< DIG THIS FOLKS!!!
    ~ Jerusalem Post Diaspora
    Triple Crown winner Justify Partially OWN-ed by …. George Soros's company …… really???
    The three-year-old colt Justify won the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, after previously winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the three most prestigious horse racing events of the year.

    Justify, the 13th horse ever to win the Triple Crown, is Partially Owned by a company controlled by the top employees of Jewish investor George Soros.

  9. IF IF IF IF ??? … Fee FI FO FUM !!! what a FU*KING DICK he IS!!!

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