Memorial Day Weekend 2018

This weekend, we remember those who gave their last full measure of devotion so that we might remain free and continue to enjoy the blessings of the greatest Republic the world has ever known:

Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service. In observance of the holiday, many people visit cemeteries and memorials, and volunteers often place American flags on each grave site at national cemeteries. A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time.

Memorial_Day_at_Arlington_National_Cemetery - Copy

Over this long holiday weekend, all Americans should pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Aisne-Marne_American_Cemetery_and_Memorial - Copy

While you’re picnicking, barbecuing, attending parades, golfing, camping or enjoying whatever it is you do over a long holiday weekend, please don’t forget to take time to remember and honor the fallen.

May they rest in peace.

May God hold them in the Palm of His Hand.

May their families be comforted.



Have a safe, peaceful, and blessed Memorial Day weekend. Be careful out there.


121 responses to “Memorial Day Weekend 2018

  1. RIGHTS …YEP …WTP can make UP OUR OWN MINDS! & when 2 DIE 2

    • Imagine that! Freedom to choose what to do with our own bodies and we need permission from the government to be free. I thought the Constitution gave us that right already. Sad that POTUS has to reaffirm the rights that are already ours.

  2. Paul Elliott •
    It is great that those that have to suffer from not only their illness but also from the poisons big pharmacy forces upon us, while known natural treatments and cures are well documented and known but hidden from most Americans, can finally and legally get the medicine needed to cure their illnesses .
    Thank you President Trump!


    • She’s still an Iranian by birth. That’s a FACT. If she’s NOT, then no “anchor baby” is an American citizen by birth.

  4. The quote to attributed “Valerie Jarrett, Stanford University, 1977” about her “seek[ing] to help change America to be a more Islamic country” is an unfounded one that has no source other than recent repetition (primarily on right-wing web sites and blogs). TRUTH or REAL? ^^^

    • It is beyond sickening to see, once again, the beginning of a political “dynasty”. The absolute HUBRIS of the assumption that McCain can deed the office to his wife! That the powers that be would go along with this is beyond the pale. Is she even Republican? What are her qualifications? And the same people are currently decrying what a mistake it’s been, in many places, to go with the inexperienced outsider instead of professional politicians.

  5. WHAT-EVER they will come after US… 1 WAY or the OTHER some DAY!
    Boy I can’t wait .. ear plugs with GLUE is in order .. GETTING SCREWED?

  6. they R ROASTING BARR …as if she IS OUR PRESIDENT ???

  7. RUSH: Let me tell you: You are right on the money with that. That’s the whole point of continually identifying her as a strong Trump supporter. “Roseanne Barr, strong supporter of Donald Trump…” We’re all now “far right.” We’re not conservative, maybe right-wing now, but far right, far right. Anything other than left-wing socialist or communism is being called “far right.” It is intended to be derogatory. It’s intended to stigmatize anybody who is not them as a kook!

    • There’s always the possibility that this was also a sham. Note how DT is taking all the flak and the blame for her attitude. Very convenient.

  8. LIE ~ a ~ WATHA !

    • Exactly. I picked up on that during his interviews, remembering that NO DOCUMENTS were shown to them. It’s all a sham.

      • TCTH says that it’s entirely possible what’s still being covered up (besides the documents) is that the briefing Brennan gave to the committees was DIFFERENT from reality. Iow, he hid much of the truth from them and his testimony and briefing conflicts with what the documents say, which is probably why they’re not turning them over. This would be of a piece with the incomplete briefings and misleading briefings these same people gave Trump as POTUS-elect as well as POTUS. Obama and his cabal actually MET to discuss how they would NOT tell the POTUS-elect the truth about certain things, with the implication that he wasn’t able to be trusted either before or AFTER his inauguration. iow, they still lie to the POTUS and do not tell him the TRUTH about what’s going on, even though he’s the POTUS and the sole constitutional authority over all of this information. I would be they’re STILL keeping him out of the loop and perhaps even still keeping former pos in the loop.

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