Will Crossfire Hurricane Be the Deep State’s Katrina?

By now any thinking person has learned the truth: That President Trump was absolutely correct when he said that the Obama administration was spying on him and his campaign. Now that the OIG report is due very soon, the Deep State media’s usual suspects are spinning as hard as they can in an attempt to obfuscate as much as possible and to ameliorate the upcoming damage to Obama’s legacy (if not worse, like indictments).

Yes, indeedy. Not only did the Deep State spy on a presidential candidate within 100 days of the election, but they also even gave their spy gambit a name: Crossfire Hurricane.

Apparently agent Peter Strzok was instrumental in coming up with that too-clever name, according to text messages between Strzok and his “lover.”  Who’s caught in the crossfire now?

The head of Fusion GPS admitted the presence of these spies within the Trump campaign, but he quickly backpedaled with a lame alternate explanation that his source was probably mistaken or he misunderstood. Too late. The cat’s out of the bag. We don’t believe his hurricane-like spin.

Chickens will soon come home to roost. Or so we hope and pray, else we’re in worse trouble than we imagine.

Interesting how the usual suspects in the Deep State media knew when to begin their spin. That would be no sooner than the OIG’s draft report was sent to those who must not leak. Hmm. (Well, it’s not as if laws apply equally to everyone, including Deep State leakers and complicit Congress people.)

Let’s share a bit from a Gateway Pundit article, for a little background: [some emphasis added]

Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork … determined that George Papadopoulos, the lower level campaign worker for the Trump campaign, appears to have been targeted by three individuals with ties to British and/or U.S. Intelligence: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper.

Mifsud and Papadopoulos obtained positions at an organization named the Centre for International Energy and Natural Resources Law & Security. Papadopoulos was a nobody and the Centre sketchy at best. Mifsud vanished in early November 2017, shortly after Papadopoulos was in the news and indicted. His whereabouts are still unknown. …

Alexander Downer is the Australian individual who apparently overheard Papadopooulos talk about Trump and Russia in a bar which alerted the FBI to the story and their eventual spy program on Trump. This story has been refuted for months. Carlson writes – “The Papadopoulos/Downer meeting has been portrayed as a chance encounter in a bar. That does not appear to be the case….”

Shortly after the Papadopoulos and Downer chance encounter, Peter Strzok was in London per texts released by the FBI. “Strzok texts suggest he was in London on August 3, 2016.” The corrupt FBI’s investigation into Trump officially started a few days earlier.

The Downer/Papadopoulos meeting indeed was portrayed as a chance encounter, but now it appears otherwise. The usual suspects in the Deep State media, however, actually very oddly telegraphed the truth in a story from last December about the origination of the “Russia Inquiry,” but one has to read carefully. Spidey senses immediately tingled upon reading this:

Not long after, however, he [Papadopoulos] opened up to Mr. Downer, the Australian diplomat, about his contacts with the Russians. It is unclear whether Mr. Downer was fishing for that information that night in May 2016.

Now why would these usually compliant, if not complicit, Deep State reporters question Downer’s motivations, unless they already knew that he was fishing for information, and why?

Set up like a bowling pin? Mifsud feeds the information to Papadopoulos, and then Downer moves in to receive it back from him, and the rest is history.

Smell a rat? Or a spy? Several?

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out. 

We the People are tired of waiting for the truth. Drain the swamp, Mr. President.

Make America great again.


103 responses to “Will Crossfire Hurricane Be the Deep State’s Katrina?

  1. Gee. I wonder if we’ll get a leak from this? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/here-we-go-mueller-gives-manafort-judge-unredacted-rosenstein-memo/

    “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office notified a federal court in Virginia on Thursday it had filed under seal an unredacted memorandum that is expected to shed light on the scope of his wide-ranging probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. …”

  2. Liars. Pants (and pantsuits) on fire. Flynn targeted for counterintel investigation a year before he called Kislyak. Hmm. Did they also open an investigation on Jill Stein? http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/breaking-comey-yates-targeted-general-flynn-with-counterintel-investigation-one-year-before-his-phone-call-to-russian-ambassador-in-2016/

  3. Let’s not forget that Downer is ALSO connected to the Clintons: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2018/04/23/comeys-freudian-slip/comment-page-1/#comment-218227

    And of course most media prefer to ignore the unprecedented story about the Obama administration using the powers of government to SPY ON HIS POLITICAL OPPONENTS! http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/cnn-msnbc-cbs-abc-hide-largest-political-scandal-in-us-history-from-front-page-obama-spying-on-trump-campaign/

  4. https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2018/05/17/voter-fraud-3-5m-more-registered-voters-than-adults-in-u-s/

    How many votes did Hillary “win” the popular vote by? Amazing statistics on the “ghost voters” of America.

  5. http://dailycaller.com/2018/05/16/awan-witness-radical-islam/

    I mean, now THAT seems a bit … illegal? What? A lawyer grills the Awan’s stepmom in the civil case about the dad’s insurance money to try to find out what she might have told the FBI and/or a Grand Jury about the BROTHERS! At times it also seemed as if he was intimidating her for some reason.

  6. WOW!!

  7. Two high-profile shooting events. Coincidence, considering the news about the OIG report coming soon?

  8. Violent Humans Are Animals, but Not Behaving Like Animals
    It’s about time media and others get the behavior of nonhuman animals right

    “If animals could protest, they would sue us humans for slander (link is external)”

    Each time there’s a violent incident involving human animals (“humans”) there are far too many snippets in various media and other outlets claiming something like, “They’re just animals.” The use of the word “animals” always refers to nonhuman animals and this is a radically misleading and dismissive claim. Biologically, it is so: humans are animals. However, the humans involved are not behaving like nonhuman animals (“animals”) and ample and detailed data show this to be so.

    An excellent example of an incorrect reference to the behavior of non-humans can be found here (link is external), where it is stated, “Humans are supposed to have evolved and be civilized with high intelligence—that is what separates humans from animals. These men are behaving like animals.” Another can be found here (link is external), where it is claimed, “Rape is not just a women’s issue. It’s about men who stop behaving like human beings & start behaving like animals.” So, Jacob Koshy is correct, “If animals could protest, they would sue us humans for slander. (link is external)”

  9. ‘Less Than Human’: ….. “YEP” !!!!! …The Psychology Of Cruelty

    David Livingstone Smith is co-founder & director of the Institute for Cognitive Science & Evolutionary Psychology at the University of New England.

  10. MOTTO’s of… MS-13 is …. “KILL~ RAPE ~ CONTROL”


  11. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/05/18/president-trump-questions-fbi-and-doj-campaign-surveillance-and-spy-operations-carter-page-and-george-papadopoulos/

    More about the topic of this post. Basically what I said: They set up Page and Papadopoulos to LOOK “dirty” so they could then funnel this “intel” back to the FBI so they could get their FISA warrant to “justify” (after the fact) what they’d been doing all along–spying on Trump (FOR HILLARY, to hurt Trump and help HER get elected–exactly what they accuse Russians of doing for Trump).

  12. Clapper is sometimes SO FUNNY! Here the media are and here all the leftists are trying so hard to spin the news that the FBI SPIED ON the Trump campaign, denying it in so many words, and Clapper goes out there and for once TELLS THE TRUTH. He ADMITS they were spying and actually says that’s a good thing! You can’t make this stuff up. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/criminal-clapper-its-a-good-thing-obamas-fbi-was-spying-on-trumps-campaign-video/

    “They may have had someone who was talking to them in the campaign, [they=FBI; someone=the spy) but, you know, the focus here is not on the campaign, per se, but what the Russians were doing,” Clapper said.

    Right, the Russians were the focus, not American citizens…

    Clapper then said it’s a good thing if the FBI had someone observing the Trump’s campaigns interaction with the Russians because the “Russians posed a threat to the very basis of our political system.””

    Uh, huh. Keep on talking, James. Sometimes a useful idiot really is useful.

  13. That woman was confirmed and I’m not convinced that’s a good thing. She parses and dances and refuses to answer Sen. Paul’s straightforward questions. BTW, Brennan has admitted that the CIA and FBI met to plan/coordinate (dare I say COLLUDE) on Crossfire Hurricane.


    “Senator Paul’s second question was if Haspel, or anyone else at the CIA, was aware of any US government or non-government agency being involved in the collection or monitoring of any presidential candidates while they were travelling outside of the United States.

    Meetings involving the dossier reportedly all took place in London — while Haspel was the CIA’s London Station Chief. Her role would have required that she know and sign off on all active operations.

    In her response, Haspel stated simply, “the CIA did not target for collection the communications of any 2016 US presidential candidate.” The response did not answer the question about if she was aware of any government or non-government agency collecting or monitoring a campaign while abroad.

    “Have you, or anyone else at the CIA, ever cooperated with any foreign intelligence services to surveil, monitor, or collect any information on candidate Trump during his travels outside the United States in the preceding five years? Specifically, was candidate Trump ever under any surveillance or of interest to the CIA during his previous visits in Europe?” Senator Paul asks.

    Haspel responded that “the CIA would not cooperate with a foreign intelligence service’s effort to surveil or target for collection the communications of a US presidential candidate.” …”


    “What’s valuable about the Corn/Isikoff account is that it inadvertently provides a picture of Brennan running an anti-Trump spying operation right out of Langley. Even after the FBI probe formally began in July 2016, Brennan was bringing CIA agents, FBI officials, and NSA officials into the same room at CIA headquarters to pool their anti-Trump hunches. To give these outrageous meetings a patina of respectability, Brennan invoked the post-9/11 rationale of interagency cooperation. …”

    Compare that to what Haspel says. Already off on the WRONG FOOT, imho. Lying, obfuscating, spinning, evading, prevaricating ALREADY.

  14. About that wedding, one question: Should Tiffany Trump decide to marry while her father is president, will there be WALL TO WALL coverage of HER wedding? This morning, I could not even find any news other than this wedding. Multiple cable channels and even broadcast channels covering this wedding, and all the pre- and post-wedding folderol. The “morning news” consisted of NO NEWS EXCEPT this wedding (as if it’s not news that the FBI was spying on Trump for years). Again, how would the media treat Tiffany’s wedding? It’s not as if this royal marriage is going to stand the test of time, but time will tell. WHY is our media so obsessed with this? They would certainly NOT be as obsessed with a Trump daughter marriage or, for that matter, a Bush daughter’s wedding. Of course, just wait until (if) one of the Obama girls marries. btw, it will be interesting to see if the new duchess gives up her U.S. citizenship. Already the spin is that she may to avoid having to disclose royal finances to the IRS. Right.

  15. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/more-lies-exposed-deep-state-informant-spied-on-trump-campaign-before-fbi-officially-began-its-investigation/

    “Current and former officials — apparently so fearful that an FBI informant’s identity and role would be outed by congressional Republicans — confirmed both to the New York Times and the Washington Post in an attempt to offer their own narratives first.

    Both outlets offered details that readily identify the informant — but do not name him, citing concerns for his safety and warnings from U.S. intelligence officials.

    The details, however, match a person described in the Daily Caller as Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor and longtime Washington, D.C. fixture who worked for three Republican administrations and has links to U.S. and British intelligence.

    The Times and Post are the first outlets claiming to have confirmed his identity, and to describe him in such detail as to match the description of Halper.

    The accounts also indicate the FBI lied about when they first began surveilling the Trump campaign, or might have done so, without any particular intelligence. …”

    Oh, so they LIED. As if we didn’t know. But hey! They did it to protect national security and to protect TRUMP. Seriously. That’s their spin.

  16. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/dnc-lawsuit-reveals-new-connections-between-the-dnc-outside-contractor-crowdstrike-and-fisa-court-abuses/

    “New revelations by Jeff Carlson at theMarketswork reveal that the DNC claimed that their servers were compromised by Russia on the exact same date that the FBI stopped allowing outside contractors access to raw FISA data collected by the US Government’s intelligence agencies. …”

    There ARE no coincidences.

  17. ~ allangen • ..LOVE IT ~ WTP RULE the SWAMP ~ + Comments

    While the president’s behavior does coincide with Alinsky’s rules, especially in isolating & humiliating your enemy, their are a variety of ways in which you can understand the Trump phenomenon. Trump has wed conservatism with nationalism and populism which won’t satisfy movement conservatives but is just fine with the rank & file of ordinary citizens who see their wages rising as vitality and strength returns to America. Enough people were fed up with a globalism that put foreigners first to get the president elected.

    Call it Alinsky’s rules, but Donald simply talks straight and when he identifies you as an enemy he won’t treat you with kid gloves. He knows it’s not a game for the faint of heart & he does to the enemy what they wish to do to him only faster & with more strength and skill. Tell him you’ve got a nuclear button & he’ll tell you yes, but mine is bigger, & it works. The people observe all of this, listen carefully, & love every bit of it.

    A very elegant and to the point analysis of Trump. Especially the part of wedding conservatism & nationalism. Excellent post.
    Your comment above is strong. We contemporary tax payers haven’t ever experienced a true blue patriotic & highly intelligent American alpha male at the helm. It’s fun to watch the manliness brought out in the men across our country. Suddenly, you guys started producing testosterone again. Trump’s presence is having a positive existential electrical charge.

    ….. I want my country back …
    The contrast between the “life-experienced” President Trump” & no-nothing, done-nothing Obama is startling. To think that Obama was somehow more qualified to be President as opposed to President Trump is incredible. And to think that some believed that corrupt and ignorant of National security Hillary would have protected the Constitution better than well just about anybody else, is ridiculous. Donald Trump puts it all on the line for everyone to see, while his predessor & his minions used the power of the Office and government agencies to subvert or attack the People for whom they were supposed to serve. The list is too long to list here; just read the contents of this website, FrontPage, The American Spectator, The Conservative Tree house or even National Review on a good day.

  18. PONDER THIS ..EVEN IF WTP have ONLY 1 GUN left .. sick fools KILL

    IT’S NOT the GUNS .. IT’s SICK MINDS .. BOOZED DRUGGED & NEEDY .. LEFT on their own… PARENTS WAKE UP!!! U made them!


  20. Obama’s FBI Unconstitutionally Spied On The Trump Campaign, So What
    Did He Know And When Did He Know It?

    Informant Spied on Trump Campaign Before the FBI Officially Began Its Probe

    Obama FBI Spy-Op Exposed, Trump Campaign Infiltrated By Longtime CIA &
    MI6 Asset Working for Obama Regime

    @ The Liberty Daily

    • They have moved the football on that one, too. Instead of spying on TRUMP before the official beginning of the “counterintelligence investigation,” Deep State media (NBC) claims that the “informant” began his work after the investigation of “Russian interference” began. NOT TRUE, but notice how they just change the narrative and the end result is always Obama=right; Trump=wrong. Also, it does indeed seem to be a setup to try to blame Trump, Nunes, Gowdy, Republicans in general, or any of the Deep State’s opposition for “outing” a “source.” Even Wray is in on that one.


  22. BUSTED FLAT in Baton ROUGE, headin’ for the trains, feelin’ nearly faded
    as my jeans…… MOOCH how LOW is THIS??? WTP GOT YOUR # ….

    • Well, according to Strozk/Page texts, Barry wanted to know EVERYTHING about Crossfire Hurricane as it happened, in real time. Now they didn’t use the clever codename, but the gist is TRUE FACTS. He knew EVERYTHING because, like the third-world leader using third-world tactics that he is, he had to have his finger on every pulse and it was PERSONAL, too, because of the way Trump called him out for what he is.

    • Did you see the funny thing Gowdy and Nunes pulled on the Deep State? They tried to dupe them into meeting with them Friday. Then the media teed up this outing of the spy. When Nunes/Gowdy learned it was a sham meeting–that they were NOT going to turn over the subpoenaed documents, the Congressmen stood up the Deep State, but they didn’t warn them in advance! Nunes implied on Bartiromo’s show that the Deep State had probably planned to blame Nunes and Gowdy for the “leak” that revealed the identity of an “informant.” btw, sound familiar? Just think Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame. A successful gambit, so why not try it again? They would have crucified Gowdy and Nunes for “outing” Halper when they did it themselves. However, they PLANNED to blame it on Nunes and Gowdy and maybe even end up getting them indicted by Mueller or making them (again for Nunes) recuse or step away. But it didn’t work. Now the POTUS has said he plans to ORDER Sessions to investigate and that probably means turn over EVERYTHING to Congress. Warner is deep in this, too, and I hope he gets nailed. As usual, the media is saying that by ordering Sessions to investigate this most outrageous and treasonous behavior, Trump is obstructing justice and interfering in the DOJ. This is what Yates was alluding to recently, too: That there’s a “wall” between the WH and the DOJ/CIA/FBI, which, of course, is NOT TRUE and certainly wasn’t under her previous boss who, according to Strzok and Page, wanted to know EVERYTHING about Crossfire Hurricane.

    • Category 5. That’s clever. Wish I’d have thought of it! Now that I do think of it, isn’t this entirely too violent? Remember how Sarah Palin was criticized for her campaign putting a target over, well, a targeted place on a political map? What’s the FBI doing naming an investigation of our candidate Trump CROSSFIRE? 🙂

  23. ~ Robert Walker Mark Walton • in comments… ^^^^ REMEMBER THIS? ha’

    Obama does not have any Kenyan blood in him. He is half White, a quarter Asian and a quarter Arabic. The Kenyan story evolved from his getting free tuition by saying he was a foreign exchange student from Kenya however,
    he was born in Hawaii. His real father’s name is Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo who was the leader of the SUBUD Cult (pictured above). In 1960 Muhammad was in Hawaii setting up a SUBUD center and he met Stanly Ann Dunham. Within a year Obama was born & several years after that Dunham took Obama and moved to Indonesia to be with Muhammad. Obama was adopted by yet another man so he could get Indonesian school benefits.
    I challenge anyone to prove this wrong!

    All of this reinforces our belief that Obama was NOT what he presented himself as…. AND, it underscores why his records are still more
    >>>TOP SECRET<<< than America's ICBM Launch Codes….

    Additionally, this information effectively moves his book "Dreams From My Father" to the FICTION Department of bookstores and libraries!!

    That's true however who let him into the agency way back in 1980? Or was the Agency already rotting back then? My best guess is that someone thought he would have a unique insight into the mind of a Marxist having actually voted for Gus Hall for POTUS. I'll bet one can look back upon his career with the CIA and trace at least half of that agencies 'uck-ps since he joined it, straight to whatever office he held at the time.

    Hopefully Brennan, in a last ditch effort to save his rotten carcass will roll on Obama & Jarrett. I’ll settle for Brennan licked up for life to see VJ swing & Bathouse convicted.

  24. Who is Stephan Halper?

    As the treasonous players in the Deep State try to explain their illegal spying on the Trump campaign (see headline below), we headed back into the mines to see what we could find out about Halper.
    Corrupt Intelligence Apparatchik Leaks “Informant” Name (Stefan Halper) & Defensive Perspective To New York Times


    • Is this dude STILL a U.S. citizen or is he one of those British subjects with duel or triple citizenship, like a former potus we once hated to know?

      btw, his connections to the Bushes just screams out: JEB, JEB, JEB. Getting even. He hates Trump.

      • Another irony is that the $3000 they paid Papadopoulos, which set him up for the sting he didn’t bite on, much to their chagrin, came probably from WE THE PEOPLE. They paid this guy for supposed “research.” He paid George for a research paper, which George apparently did write. I wonder what Halper did with the paper, in the end? Most of the time, there’s detailed work product required to justify grants like this. Hoops to jump through. Have they just dummied up a bogus research project? Would be interesting to see someone get the down low on this “research” Halper allegedly did. Dig into all the details. Who paid for the dinners where he tried to dupe George into saying he “knew” the Russians hacked Hillary’s emails and gave them to Wikileaks (as Mifsud planted this info for George TO reveal, but apparently he didn’t or forgot it)? WHO PAID FOR GEORGE’S FLIGHT and hotel room? US?!!!! Nunes and Congress better dig into all this and quick. Already the left is saying (via Deep State media collaborators) that control of the House means they can then investigate and it also means Nunes gets dumped from committee chairmanship and will no longer be investigating anything. http://www.stltoday.com/opinion/columnists/national/eugene-robinson-democrats-must-keep-their-eyes-on-the-november/article_afb5e06c-d256-5250-aec9-9bd369f6bdc3.html

        “If Democrats were in control of the House or the Senate, they could fulfill the responsibilities that Congress is given by the Constitution. They could conduct oversight. They could investigate, with subpoena power. They could protect special counsel Robert Mueller and allow him to follow evidence wherever it leads.

        So yes, this midterm election is important. …”

        This is their plan. And they KNOW now that “impeachment” is poison. They won’t use the word (although it’s certainly another part of their plan. They just won’t admit it like they won’t admit any truth about their policies or agenda to the voters. They also KNOW the voters, given a real say, reject their entire agenda, so LYING to the people until they get elected is critical.) Anyway, they will NOT mention impeachment (except Mad Max and they’re trying to shut her up). What they’re going to hype for is this control of investigations. That might sell to their hard-core people and to delusional and ignorant youth.

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