Happy Mother’s Day 2018

While doubtless some will take exception to the above sentiment, the fact remains that without our mothers, and the “choice” each made, none of us would exist.  And so today (and every day) think blessed thoughts about your dear mother and remember to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Let’s also wish a very special Mother’s Day to the nation’s First Lady, the ever-lovely Melania Trump. What a breath of spring air! Always being best.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! God bless and enjoy the day.  


74 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day 2018

  1. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/05/13/happy-mothers-day/

    That’s a nice article about Mother’s Day. Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend. I am. 🙂

  2. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Miri, and all our Moms here!!

  3. @ Drudge ….. 4 …the LOVE OF ….

  4. Jerusalem Soccer Team Renames Itself After Trump
    Anti-Rights Teen Tyrant David Hogg Tries to Fight Dana Loesch Over Supposed NRA ‘Loopholes’; It Does Not End Well for Him
    SHOCKER: More Details Emerge in Viral Video of White Cop Choking Black Teen After Prom — It’s Not What it Seemed
    VP Mike Pence Releases Statement Following Muslim Terrorist Attacks Against Christian Churches: ‘One of the Worst Attacks Ever’

    ~ President Trump ~ Wishes Americans a Happy Mother’s Day … YES!!!!

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY: March for Life Celebrates ‘Courageous’ Birth Mothers

    Iran Threatened To Name ‘Western Politicians’ Who Took Bribes To Pass Nuclear Deal: ‘That Would be Interesting’
    Iran Threatened To Name ‘Western Politicians’ Who Took Bribes To Pass Nuclear Deal: ‘That Would be Interesting’

    Muslims Use CHILDREN — Including Two Young Girls — as Suicide Bombers to Blow Up 3 Christian Churches While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’… < WATCH: Attendee At Billionaire Climate Commie Tom Steyer < Town Hall Compares Trump To Hitler
    WATCH: Attendee At Billionaire Climate Commie Tom Steyer Town Hall
    South Carolina National Guard Deploys Helicopters, Soldiers to Texas Border
    Bill Bennett: George Will Scorns Mike Pence for the High Crime of Decency
    Hawaii Eruption Sparks Fears in California, Oregon, Washington
    Radical Marxist Open Borders Pushing ‘La Raza’ Stooge Julian Castro — Former Obama Regime Apparatchik — Considering 2020 Presidential Run

    Pro-Palestian Terrorist, Anti-Semitic ABC Condemns Jerusalem Embassy Move, ‘Killing Any Prospect of Peace’

  5. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/05/13/sketchy-porn-lawyer-threatens-people-not-to-look-into-financial-background/

    The nerve of this guy. He’s leaking illegally obtained bank records of Michael Cohen, but he objects to people giving him the same ANAL-ogic proctological exam. TGP has a story that somehow this “sketchy porn lawyer” mysteriously came into $8 million just before he got Stormy as a client and it was just about enough to pay his own stiffed employees and his millions (!) in back taxes. Just look at the muslim/Saudi connections the guy has.

    And have to add this: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/05/09/michael-avenattis-rules-for-radicals-218329

    Why does an unbiased, non-partisan lawyer who simply is helping an “abused” porn “star” hew to the teachings of Saul Alinsky? What he’s doing to Trump is Alinsky 101. But if this is NOT politically motivated, then why use Alinsky’s tactics? This is all 100% political witch hunt.

  6. https://www.weaselzippers.us/384763-harry-reid-sent-sensitive-trump-collusion-letter-over-cia-objections/

    Rats deserting the sinking Obama ship: Now Brennan is denying that he wanted Reid to “leak” the BS that Trump was colluding with Russia. Somebody’s getting awful close to the TRUTH. Pray that it soon comes out.

    • btw, did you see that suddenly Warner is alluding to the “possibility” that supposed Trump campaign collusion with Russians was only a “series of coincidences?”

  7. lol Miri!
    And I am selling Bridges! 😆

  8. Great!!!


    • It was a plan and their “insurance policy,” only now it seems that maybe they defaulted on their premiums or else the insurance co. went out of business? 🙂

  10. Praying

  11. So I go see what’s happening at Weasel Zippers and the first two stories that come up are so synchronous and cry out for juxtaposition:

    “On Saturday, California State University Los Angeles Professor Melina Abdullah tweeted out a clarion call to Americans: stop calling the police on black people. … The argument thus seems to go: don’t ever call the police, but specifically don’t call the police under any circumstances if the person about whom you are calling is black. …”

    Now I’ve seen that suggested somewhere before, maybe here: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/calling-the-police-on-black-people-can-put-them-in-danger

    But in any case, here’s the second story from Weasel Zippers:


    “Ten children believed to be violently abused and living in “horrible” conditions were removed from a home in Fairfield, California, and their parents were arrested, police announced Monday.

    Garbage, rotten food, and animal and human feces were found strewn throughout the house, Lt. Greg Hurlbut said at a news conference Monday.

    He added that the children described in interviews various incidents of “intentional abuse.” They suffered puncture wounds, burns and bruises consistent with getting shot with a pellet or BB gun, according to the department. …”

    So, what can we assume from these two stories? That Professor Abdullah would NOT have called police on these “parents” and would instead have doomed these children to continued abuse at the hands of their own “parents,” all to make a specious point about “institutional racism.”

  12. https://www.dailywire.com/news/30622/watch-black-voters-blast-sanctuary-city-policies-paul-bois

    Gotta love that woman’s hat as well as her passion! We are Americans and we should all stick together and fight for making America great again, which includes protecting our borders, our wealth (in the form of taxpayer monies), and our benefits.

  13. Oh, poor “Stormy.” HER, too! https://www.dailywire.com/news/30580/porn-star-makes-damaging-allegations-against-ryan-saavedra

    “On Monday, a newly-released report from The Daily Beast outlined damaging allegations made by porn star Tasha Reign, who claims that Stormy Daniels did nothing when Reign was sexually assaulted by one of Daniels’ crew members. …”

    Hoist on her own petard. It’s amazing how huffy these lefties get when they get a taste of their own medicine:

    “If you are questioning my integrity as a director or “the environment” on my set, you and I are going to have a HUGE problem. … it makes me sad that you’d make such an erroneous claim about me and the people that I VERY carefully select to work for me. We are done here and forever. …”

    HA! Her “integrity.” Imagine.

  14. ~ overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ • ….^^^^^^
    King realizes when you over-use the Race Card, it hits its limit & will NO
    longer get you what U want.

    Dr. King knows the difference between right & Wrong (or right & Stupid).

    … SO WHAT …Barack gave me my race card. No limit on dis card honey!

    If Waters can’t PLAY … the race card she has nothing. Zip.. zilch …nada.

    COME ON NOW! If Maxine & OTHERS…were NOT the greatest politician, what would
    they….. be?
    JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE IN the CROWD!!!!. .. ha’ …really????

    • It isn’t just Google and You Tube. I can’t find relevant and logical search results on ANY search engine. Even Duck Duck Go, which is recommended all over the place, finds only leftist type results. Just search on the name of some well-known conservative and then on a well-known liberal. The conservative search turns up all kinds of negative stuff (e.g., yesterday I searched on Tomi Lahren) but the liberal search turns up only positives (e.g., yesterday I searched on Rachel Maddow). It’s OBVIOUS, because even when there’s a big story in the news that specific day, a POSITIVE story, searches turn up old stories, even 2 years old, so long as they’re NEGATIVE. Search on Tomi and you get every liberal’s screed criticizing her. Search on Madcow, and you get every liberal’s paean of praise for her. I’m SICK TO DEATH OF IT. The search engines are basically useless, because they try so hard to hide anything they don’t agree with or fear will help Trump or other conservatives with a different viewpoint.

  15. He Won!

    • So they’re confessing? Or is this just a bunch of spin to minimize the damage now that they KNOW the truth is coming out? So does the NY Times KNOW all this because documents and information were LEAKED to them illegally, being the exact documents and information that the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. are deliberately hiding from the representatives of We the People? They’re LYING when they say this “investigation” began only AFTER they closed the Clinton case (why would it? What would be the nexus?) and also that THIS was the beginning of it (the Aussie ambassador claiming Papadopoulos “knew” about Russian meddling). This Crossfire Hurricane was the insurance policy and it was designed by Brennan and probably Obama and it was a typical CIA propaganda gambit but run against a U.S. citizen and the people of the USA. They dispatched SPIES, not FBI agents to interview Aussies. It’s B.S. The Aussie was dispatched. The other guy was, too. What was his name? Stefan something or other. Also Mifsud, the professor. (May have his name wrong, too.) In any case, they were suborning B.S. (so-called raw intelligence) FROM Page and Papadopoulos, feeding it to them, or just giving the impression that some meeting resulted in some info, all in order to create an “investigation.” They think we’re stupid. They really do. As for the spies in the Trump campaign, they could very well BE Page (who worked with the FBI before) as well as that Stefan guy and maybe even Papadopoulos and Manafort. So today, they release the transcript of the interviews of Trump Jr. about that meeting with Veselnitskaya, who is most likely just ANOTHER person inveigled by the CIA/FBI to set up Trump Jr. to CREATE THE ILLUSION OF COLLUSION. Again, they think we’re stupid. If Trump doesn’t get to the bottom of this all, if he doesn’t do what the Congressmen asked him to do today–order the release of ALL the information–they maybe he deserves some blame if they do manage to oust him, which I hope and pray doesn’t happen. AND I hope and pray that the people at TCTH are right when they imagine 3-D or is it 6-D chess being played here? I am quickly losing hope that Brennan will ever be punished for the multiple outrages he’s committed.

    • And look what they do to further inflate the stats of the very racist video that PJW is critiquing: It automatically begins playing after his! Not a video similar to his, but the very one that’s the exact opposite of his message! Gee, I wonder if PJW’s criticism automatically plays after Childish’s (well named, btw. He is. Quite.)?

  16. First of the indictments unsealed.
    May 16 against Antony Weiner

    from about the 20 minute mark
    Miri mentions how hard it is to get alt media news from the usual search engines.
    Here’s a tip.
    If you go here
    that’s the X22 report which I am pretty sure is put out by one of the good guys.
    When you click on his latest report, youtube will start playing it for you but yuotube also helpfully suggests all sorts of similar videos.
    That’s how I found this guy who calls himself just informed talk.
    Use this helpful facility while it still exists.

    I have been pretty quiet yesterday because I don’t want to get caugt up in or spread fake news.
    On the subject of whether Megan’s Dad will or will not come to the royal wedding on Saturday – I have no idea!

    • Thanks for the tip, Dave. The sad thing is that it’s not just alt news that the search engines block out. It’s even mainstream news that’s damaging to the media’s party line. Today I see that You Tube actually blocked/censored a political ad because they called it “hate speech” because the candidate featured a “deportation bus” that would take illegals “home.” (I haven’t seen the ad, just read about it in the news somewhere.) But the thing is, political speech is the main reason that we have a First Amendment. How can these users of public communications violate the free speech rights of ANYONE, much less a political candidate? We may as well assume that NO Trump ads or even Republican ads will be allowed to run on You Tube of Facebook, because they’ve already positioned Trump as being a hating racist, so anything he says is “hate speech,” in their minds. Just notice how yesterday CBS spun (LIED with FAKE NEWS) saying Trump called all “undocumented immigrants” criminals, dangerous, and “animals.” He didn’t of course, but CBS as well as even CSPAN edited the conversation at the round table to deliberately OMIT the context in which he spoke. He said it immediately after a sheriff referred to the dangerous, animalistic, terroristic GANG MS-13. I suppose Andrea Mitchell and her ilk would be happy to take these “undocumented immigrants” into HER home.

    • I don’t pay attention to the Prince’s wedding much because why? Because we don’t have “royalty” and this means I don’t give a rat’s patoot about this so-called “American princess” to be. Funny how times change. Remember Wallis Simpson? Sheesh. Anyway, my opinion on this business with her Dad: He sold photos to the paparazzi. Somebody took offense. Could be the Queen or the Prince or some other “royal” who thought it unseemly, or maybe even his own daughter. We’re told the photos were the idea of his daughter by another mother. (One can presume perhaps some sib rivalry here, with princess-to-be getting in a snit?) He announces that he won’t attend so as not to embarrass the “royal family.” But wait! That makes THEM look uppity. I mean, how cruel to disinvite the FATHER OF THE BRIDE, or even to suggest that he’s an embarrassment? (btw, the guy’s quite accomplished. Has an Emmy.) So spin is necessary. Suddenly he may come after all. As suddenly, he has a heart condition and must leave it up to his doctors. Suddenly, doctors say, “Oh, no. Not safe. Can’t go to the wedding (of the century, so far). MUST have a procedure.” Viola! They get him out of sight but they don’t get the blame for the REAL reason: embarrassing Yank. Let’s guess who (more politically correct) will walk her down the aisle. How much better optics and such a better narrative to have mother of color (a first!) take such a big part in the wedding! Let’s also suppose said mother doesn’t particularly want to even see ex. Am I right or am I wrong?

    • One thing about Haspel: Some say she’s a protege and apologist for BRENNAN! Others say the opposite. Which is it? I suspect, given that Brennan and Warner and other anti-Trumpers support her, it’s the LATTER. So will she get in only to COVER UP?

    • As for Weiner, isn’t that an unsealed WARRANT application, not an unsealed indictment? Would this, then, be the warrant for them to examine the contents of his laptop, the one that contained all the Hillary emails and documents and also, if you believe some, evidence related to a sex perversion ring including the aforementioned?

    • Good read. They’re going to continue to succeed with their plan for an elite MEDIA, though, because without a doubt they’re fighting to eliminate, if they can’t suppress, the alternative media. Thus, conscripting all the social media platforms into CENSORING anything that’s in opposition to what the Deep State media wants to be the narrative.

  17. Happy Mother’s Day, All !!!! Have been having to stay with my Mom of late, due to her recovery from a fall. At 88, she can’t stay on her own anymore. Will just pop in from time to time. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day !!!! Just, home to feed the cat, anymore !!!! http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/obamas-deep-state-plant-in-trump-campaign-was-bill-clinton-classmate-and-later-advisor-to-clinton-administration/

    • Thanks, James. So sorry to hear about your Mom’s fall, but glad to hear she’s recovering. You’re a good son to stay with her. She’s blessed to have you and you’re blessed to still have your Mom. Happy to hear you’re still lurking, even if you don’t have time to comment. We’re still hanging in. I’ve been busy, too, with family obligations, so I know how it goes.

  18. wow

    • You know what I still fear? That his report’s going to solely focus upon Comey’s break from policy in ANNOUNCING the crimes Hillary committed before he took Lynch’s place to announce they were letting her off. So the media will spin that Hillary got a raw deal, it will “confirm” that Comey is the one who caused her to lose, and they’ll just forget all about the multiple criminal acts committed against Trump and the American people and our system (iow SPYING ON CITIZENS). I won’t believe it, really, until I see it.

  19. tee hee

    • Right. I just posted that on the new thread. It’s amazing, isn’t it? They began to spy on Trump and ANYBODY associated with him as soon as they thought he would run. That’s obvious. Corrupt through and through. The question is: Will they be so protective of the “legacy” of the “first AA president” that even THIS MUCH CORRUPTION (third-world-style corruption, I should say) will be given a pass, just like they gave Hillary a pass? And I’m betting you that the REASON they gave her a pass was NOT because they similarly love her but because she and Bill ALWAYS had their ducks in a row with regard to USEFUL INFORMATION to achieve their goals. In this case, it would be “we’ll tell all we know about Obama” unless …

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