Scrutinizing the Scrutinizers

This says it all.

Painter Jon McNaughton has done it again.

Time to turn the tables on Mr. Mueller.  Representative Louie Gohmert is trying, publishing a 48-page dossier on the sketchy special counsel. Read it here.

Next up for the magnifying glass: Stormy’s lawyer.

The Treasury Department’s inspector general is investigating whether confidential banking information related to a company controlled by President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen may have been leaked, a spokesman said.

Rich Delmar, counsel to the inspector general, said that in response to media reports the office is “inquiring into allegations” that Suspicious Activity Reports on Cohen’s banking transactions were “improperly disseminated.”

Detailed claims about Cohen’s banking history were made public Tuesday by Michael Avenatti, an attorney for Stormy Daniels, the adult-film star who was paid $130,000 by Cohen shortly before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump.

On Twitter, Avenatti circulated a dossier that purports to show that Cohen was hired last year by the U.S.-based affiliate of a Russian company owned by Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian business magnate who attended Trump’s inauguration and was recently subjected to sanctions by the U.S. government. The affiliate, New York investment firm Columbus Nova, confirmed the payment, saying it was for consulting on investments and other matters, but denied any involvement by Vekselberg. …

Who would actually be surprised if information seized in that sketchy raid on Trump’s personal attorney’s office may have been leaked to Trump’s political opponents? What’s new here? This has been going on since the Obama administration, when illegal spying and equally illegal “unmasking” took place, with subsequent leaking of private conversations and other raw intelligence to the media, all in order to hurt Trump and help Hillary.

By the way, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are connected to Vekselberg, too, but don’t expect Mueller to investigate that potential Russian collusion.

We live in a banana republic.

If the status quo, the prosecutorial double standard, remains unaltered (where progressives skate but conservatives are held to the most extreme letter of the law), then we will never again see true justice in the USA.

And We the People will never again be allowed to choose our own leader.


86 responses to “Scrutinizing the Scrutinizers

  1. ….many FOOLS ….soLITTLE TIME …. 2 MAGA

  2. BLACKisBACK…. IN…?
    Pop icon Kanye West’s recent conservative comments and praise for Trump is huge. With Kanye’s 27 million twitter followers, millions of blacks heard conservatism for the first time. Since Kanye’s conservative tweet, black male approval of Trump has doubled. In essence, Kanye’s message mirrors mine; stop weakening yourselves with victim mindsets, make right choices and simply go for your dreams. Liberate yourselves from slavery on Democrats’ government dependency plantation. In Trump and Kanye, God is using unexpected vessels to spread His truth. Conservatism truly is best for all people. Kanye represents a huge crack in leftists’ wall of ignorance enslaving low-info voters.

    • I wonder if Barry EVER got 77% support for ANYTHING he did?

      • HEAR ~ TELL’ the FOLKS’ …in the KNOW / the GRAPE-VINE ^^^^^

        ~ AMERICAN GIRL ~ ….
        Let’s hear about the worst president? ever BATH HOUSE BARRY OBAMA
        & gay lover >>> Larry Sinclair <<<
        …. just ASK ERIC HOLDER …as THAT DUDE also PER-TOOK … 4 sure….


    BE BEST !

  4. video/1

  5. 2 KIND LADY’ P’ …comments R RICH… F Mac… he’s a spoiled child

    • She is (2 kind), and always classy. Too bad she never made it to VP or, even better, to being first female POTUS. The thing is about McCain, and this hoopla over what Sanders’s aide said: McCain himself is never one to shrink from personally insulting opponents nor from mincing words. What the woman said was true news. The CONTEXT of what she said is missing as is how she said it. We know only the INTERPRETATION given to it by the media, who universally hate on Trump. Was it a “joke?” I seriously doubt it. Was it a “quip?” I seriously doubt that, too. As with all things Trumpian, the media and the leakers SPIN it and it becomes like those imaginary “microaggressions” we’ve heard so much about. It’s like that old game Telephone, where the story (the REALITY) changes and becomes more dramatic as it passes from person to person. Same with what McInerny said. He didn’t call McCain “Songbird”. He repeated the TRUTH–the FACT that McCain was given that nickname by people back in the day, when he WAS tortured and some say (but of course they spin this, too) he sang like a bird. And who could blame him? I don’t. What person wouldn’t break under that? It’s small wonder he opposes torture. But again, McInerny did NOT call him “songbird” or diss his service. The CONTEXT was whether or not torture works, which those against waterboarding (not torture, btw) say it doesn’t work (although it does and did, in some cases). Why, btw, do the same people who confirmed Brennan diss Trump’s choice?

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    Treasonous Progressive Leftist Democrats LOVE Iranian Terrorist Dictator Ayatollah Khamenei After Instagram Post Reading Discredited Author Michael Wolf’s Anti-Trump Book

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    UK: School Bans Pencil Cases to Eradicate Any ‘Stigma’
    FOX News Hack Shepard Smith Pushes Leftist Propaganda

    BUSTED! Democrat Running For Office In Pennsylvania Scrubs Old Tweets Praising Trump, Blasting Progressives

    Rush Limbaugh: Mueller’s Investigation ‘a Cover-up’ of Obama DOJ,
    FBI Effort to Destroy Trump Presidency

    • They have no choice but to try to destroy Nunes before the TRUTH comes out. President Trump should immediately ORDER THE DOJ AND FBI TO RELEASE ALL THE DOCUMENTS.

  7. Enjoy again. 😀

    • They want MOB RULE. They want simple majority rule. It’s the ONLY WAY they can win (or think they can win).

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