Scrutinizing the Scrutinizers

This says it all.

Painter Jon McNaughton has done it again.

Time to turn the tables on Mr. Mueller.  Representative Louie Gohmert is trying, publishing a 48-page dossier on the sketchy special counsel. Read it here.

Next up for the magnifying glass: Stormy’s lawyer.

The Treasury Department’s inspector general is investigating whether confidential banking information related to a company controlled by President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen may have been leaked, a spokesman said.

Rich Delmar, counsel to the inspector general, said that in response to media reports the office is “inquiring into allegations” that Suspicious Activity Reports on Cohen’s banking transactions were “improperly disseminated.”

Detailed claims about Cohen’s banking history were made public Tuesday by Michael Avenatti, an attorney for Stormy Daniels, the adult-film star who was paid $130,000 by Cohen shortly before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Trump.

On Twitter, Avenatti circulated a dossier that purports to show that Cohen was hired last year by the U.S.-based affiliate of a Russian company owned by Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian business magnate who attended Trump’s inauguration and was recently subjected to sanctions by the U.S. government. The affiliate, New York investment firm Columbus Nova, confirmed the payment, saying it was for consulting on investments and other matters, but denied any involvement by Vekselberg. …

Who would actually be surprised if information seized in that sketchy raid on Trump’s personal attorney’s office may have been leaked to Trump’s political opponents? What’s new here? This has been going on since the Obama administration, when illegal spying and equally illegal “unmasking” took place, with subsequent leaking of private conversations and other raw intelligence to the media, all in order to hurt Trump and help Hillary.

By the way, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are connected to Vekselberg, too, but don’t expect Mueller to investigate that potential Russian collusion.

We live in a banana republic.

If the status quo, the prosecutorial double standard, remains unaltered (where progressives skate but conservatives are held to the most extreme letter of the law), then we will never again see true justice in the USA.

And We the People will never again be allowed to choose our own leader.


86 responses to “Scrutinizing the Scrutinizers

  1. You can’t make this up. As TGP writer correctly points out: The progressive left, those social justice “warriors”, tuck tails and run when it comes to having to choose between the little woman (the VICTIM) and one of their icons (the aggressor), in this case Bill Clinton.

    “Bill Clinton’s former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky revealed Wednesday that she is often “uninvited” from events about “social change” because the former President decides to attend.

    How progressive! The left chooses a man who is an accused sexual predator over a woman. …”

  2. ^^^..S E X …..SELLS!! what a CROCK!! HORN-DOG BILL …REALLY?
    TRASH in the SAVED BLUE DRESS …made HER own BED …also<

  3. ~ Donald Trump Ends the Obama Mirage ~ The Iran nuclear deal, 2015-2018

    President Trump announced that the United States would With-Draw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), aka the Iran nuclear deal, on the afternoon of May 8. The deal, announced to such fanfare in July 2015, did not live to see its Third Birthday. And for that, I am grateful. ….YEP! GO TRUMP!

  4. Mental health expert J.D. Mitschke discusses the charge that President Trump is crazy as a template for what will follow against conservatives who believe in traditional values, including the 2nd amendment right to keep & bear arms. Mitschke says his observation is that Trump is not mentally impaired bur rather motivated by love of country. By contrast, OUR>>> stoner president, Barack Hussein Obama, was Impaired by previous drug use, including Marijuana & CO-caine, & seemingly motivated by Hatred of the U.S.A. How do we define mental illness & what role do drugs, legal & illegal, play in some of the violence we see in society?

  5. ….. SNEAKY CHEATER… CON – ^^^ higher that a KITE ? I BELIEVE IT

  6. Which Was The Joke: Obama or Nuclear Deal?

    • No different from allowing her campaign, and Barry’s for that matter, to “skip” naming FOREIGN donors to their campaigns.

  7. OBAMA’s HOT BABE’ ??? … 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL ….HARRIS!!!
    I just love the way Harris asks these questions like she is all mighty & righteous but if she had been in Haspels shoes at the time in question
    she would have been cheering the interrogators on ! And I would have to ask just how moral are you Mrs. Harris !

    It was right at the time to get to the terrorist plots that killed 3,000 people – hmmm Ms. Harris are you anti-American? Looking into the fantasy world do you have the courage to save American lives, Ms. Harras?

    one word – pig!….along with every Dem on the panel

    Kamala-lala-ding-dong can spout her arrogance all over the place but I wonder if she would be willin… See More

    The disparity between these two women is huge. Gina Haspel is a true American, strong, faithful to … See More

    Took the time to watch this egotistical Harris question a real woman. Wanted to slap that smirk off … See More

    Kamala Harris is an ASS. She is nowhere near the Intellect of Hespel. The Technics used were appro… See More

    ooohhh… Look at al lthe triggered snowflake tRUMPettes on this thread!

    Don’t pay any attention to Kamala Harris after all she’s from California.

    Harris would rather they gave the terroists flowers hoping they would reciprocate with niceness.

    Hey dingbat. Do you think beheading, bombing & crucifying are immoral?

    Harris needs to either get on some meds or get off the meds cuz she’s
    a real …. Nut Job !!!!!

    R..THEY ..4 REAL? FRESH from the JUNGLE .. I FEEL SURE of

  9. PLEASE K E E P IT UP > KANYE < … UN-STOP-ABLE …just like "PELE"…

    Women need to take a TIP ….. from Kanye
    Kanye West: "All blacks gotta be Democrats?
    Man, we ain't made it off the plantation."
    To those words I will add,
    "All women have to be liberal to be supported by establishment feminists?" Women have not taken a step forward since the '70s. The oppression of women by the patriarchy has been replaced by the oppression of loud-mouth liberal feminists who cannot stomach any woman who thinks for herself.

    In 2002, after Al Gore suffered a stunning defeat, Gloria Steinem chastised women who did not vote for HER guy. Her exhortation claimed that European-American women who do not vote for the liberal feminist agenda are not worthy of self-respect.

  10. ~ Thomas Michaels IV • ^^^ LOVE IT MO’ & MORE!!! …ha PERFECT!

    “Kanye Effect: Black Male Approval of Trump Doubles in One Week”

    Translation—President Trump winning!

    Should we now assume Robert Sinister Mueller will want to interview Kanye West? Has Kanye ever been to Russia or does he know any Russians?

  11. the velvet glove… works to KEEP PEACE & some RESPECT left…


  12. Great!!

  13. Speaking to the Atlantic Council, according to the Washington Post, Schultz said:
    “We don’t want to become a public bathroom, but we’re going to make the right decision a 100 % of the time & give people the key,” Schultz said, “because we don’t want anyone at Starbucks to FEEL…. as IF…… we are not giving access to U to the bathroom because U are less than.” ?????? ….what a JERK AZZ-MOVE!!!

    • Ha, ha. They do make a pair, don’t they? Now she’s wearing big, drapey scarves to hide whatever it is she’s hiding under her shirt.

  14. MAGA

  15. This seems to be the story of the day. I’m not sure this equates to them having a “spy” WITHIN the Trump campaign, but he surely was trying hard to infiltrate and co-opt some people in it. I wonder what he told them? Who do you think’s behind it? I’m thinking JEB.

    Did we have this Halper guy on OUR radar? I’ll have to go look. Maybe this is why they obfuscate and say that the oppo research was first begun by Republicans. Not hiring Steele or Fusion but laying the groundwork with this sneaky double-cross where it seems as if this guy was pretending to be pro-Trump and willing to help but was really trying to establish connections that make Papadopoulos and Page and others LOOK as if they were colluding with Russians.

  16. Trumped!!

    • Not “alarming” to me at all. Most of the countries they come from have socialized medicine. If they’re sick, then just STAY HOME and stop breaking into our country.

    • And her lawyer has deep ties to Rahmbo and, one presumes, Barry and the rest of his cabal. It was a plan, you see.

    • It’s interesting and refreshing that her initiative is called “Be Best.” What a change from the “everybody’s a winner” even if they’re not, socialized demeritocracy. When’s the last time competition was applauded? When’s the last time you heard someone tell kids to strive to be BEST?


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