Comey’s Freudian Slip?

Former FBI Director James Comey is much in the news these days, because of his alleged lying, his leaking of classified information, and his whirlwind book tour. In an interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, Comey made what seems to be an interesting Freudian slip.

A transcript of the interview provides the pertinent section:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: While this is all going on in July of 2016, the FBI also opens an investigation into the Trump campaign. Why?

JAMES COMEY: Well– to be more clear, we opened an investigation into whether there were any Americans associated in any way with the Trump campaign who were working with Russia as part of Russia’s effort to influence our election. And so in late July, the FBI got information that there was somebody who had had– was a foreign policy advisor named Papadopoulos to the Trump campaign.


JAMES COMEY: Right, who had been talking to someone in London about getting dirt that the Russians had on Hillary Clinton as part of their effort to influence our campaign— the– our election. And the reason that was important was that was long before the– there was any public indication that the Russians had material they were going to dump, which they started dumping in mid-June.

A Freudian slip of the tongue?

Throughout the interview, Comey carefully referred to “the TRUMP campaign,” when speaking specifically about the Trump campaign.

When discussing Papadopoulos getting dirt on Hillary Clinton, Comey expressed concern that the dirt was a Russian plot to influence “our campaign.” He then corrected himself: The Russians were trying to influence the “election.”  

By saying “our campaign,” did Comey subconsciously reveal his true concern–that the Clinton campaign would be adversely affected by this (true) dirt instead of that Russians were trying to interfere in the election?

Mind you, Comey knew all about the Clinton-funded, Fusion GPS/Steele “dossier” of RUSSIAN-supplied, “salacious and unverified” dirt on Trump, which was meant to influence not only the Trump campaign but also the entire election.

Where was Comey’s patriotic concern about that foreign interference? Did it occur to Comey to begin a counter-intelligence investigation of the funders and creators and collaborators of that foreign-assisted (UK, Australian, and Russian) interference in our election–the anti-Trump dossier? 

In the interview Comey specifically stated that the FBI was investigating “Americans associated in any way with the Trump campaign who were working with Russia.”  

Why not investigate any Americans associated with ANY campaign who were working with Russia (or any other foreign countries) to influence the election?

We probably, unfortunately, already know the answer to that question.

It was reported recently that Comey’s wife enthusiastically supported Clinton for president and “was devastated when she lost.” Comey’s “four daughters” and perhaps all five of his children, according to Comey himself, wanted Clinton to win the election. So perhaps he really did mean “our campaign” when he talked about his concern that Papadopoulos was allegedly gathering dirt on Clinton.

You be the judge. A Freudian slip, revealing his bias and his true intentions?

How else does one explain Comey’s apparent lack of concern that Russians, as well as UK and Australian citizens, were actively creating and spreading false “dirt” about Trump to interfere in the 2016 election?


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    • We always thought so. What took the media so long to figure this out? At least Turley is being honest and somebody’s actually publishing this.

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  6. YES!!

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