Facebook Follies

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before Congress this week. Millions of people around the world are interested in what he has to say. The stakes are high for Facebook as well as for our Republic. Censorship and regulation are double-edged swords. We’ve seen how the mainstream media “serves” the public, especially when there’s no competition. If social media end up self-regulating, then they will become just another echo chamber for the left.

This link is to a live stream of the testimony happening this afternoon.

Feel free to weigh in with comments.  As for me, I hope someone asks Zuckerberg why Diamond and Silk are being persecuted by his company.

I also want to see a special hearing about what Obama for America did with the data they scraped from an estimated 200 million people. Ditto for the Clinton campaign.

I also want to see Zuckerberg address what Facebook did to facilitate the Obama campaign’s use of scraped friends’ data.

I also want to know whether, like Cambridge Analytica, Facebook went back to Obama for America and demanded that they delete all scraped friends’ data. By the way, Cambridge Analytica bought the data that users sold to a professor. This differs very much from what happened with the Obama campaign.

So far, Zuck hasn’t addressed anything with regard to Obama, but the hearing just got underway. By the way, he isn’t under oath.


156 responses to “Facebook Follies

  1. A Leader!

    • I’m on the fence about this strike. I don’t believe, as much as I despise him, that Assad used chemical weapons. I tend to believe that it was the anti-Assad “rebels” in a false flag (if it even happened and wasn’t just staged video and photos). Trump went out on a limb to where he almost HAD TO act and do something, which was too hasty, imho. He boxed himself into a corner. Not that there’s a negative to degrading Assad’s potential to use those illegal weapons in the future, as I understand that’s what they struck in a precision way. Yeah. We don’t know WHAT the truth is because we’re not privy to the intelligence, but with THIS particular intelligence community, you have to wonder if even THE PRESIDENT is privy to the truth. It makes no sense and I’ve not seen any argument otherwise that Assad would have done this. It would be against all common sense when we were on the cusp of pulling out of Syria. Russia allegedly is not going to escalate, so maybe some sort of back deal was made. Who knows? I just don’t want to hear about any more of OUR guys or gals being killed for that useless place.

      I read about the Boeing deal today and it’s not comforting–the planes are going to be built in INDIA! Boeing is going to build a factory OVER THERE to build the planes, so a negligible number of jobs will be created here.

  2. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    This is how it begins, … Wow what a rock and a hard place we find ourselves. However, the freedom of social media brings with it not only left wing control, but it should be responsibility to actually be fair and it is up to us to accept our personal responsibility in how we use their platforms. I know it is hard to be civil but we can do better.

    • The key will be in what’s put in the potential regulations. As I said, it’s a double-edged sword. Remember the “fairness doctrine?” Sounds good on the surface, but doesn’t work out so well in practice. Saying both sides need to be represented still leaves it up to some unelected somebody to decide who speaks for which side. We see on the op-ed pages of mainstream media what THEY consider to be a conservative: Kathleen Parker, not someone like Sean Hannity. The “side” doesn’t get to pick the spokesperson–the left-leaning, biased editors pick for them. RINOs are the only types considered, if they’re even nominally Republican. No real conservative is represented because the left actually considers conservative speech (especially Christian conservative speech) the equivalent of hate speech that must be banned. Already Facebook laughably plans to use known biased entities like Snopes and Fact Check as the arbiters. One has to wonder why they don’t use crowd sourcing? That way, everyone has a say. In my opinion, no speech should be censored, most especially political speech. Already Zuckerberg is planning a censorship team to review political ads IN ADVANCE! Everyone knows that left to their own devices, leftists WILL censor and shut down the speech of anyone they can. It’s not comforting that Zuckerberg, in his testimony, multiple times used the terminology of the college Nazis about “safe spaces” and the “community.” In their ideology, the community EXCLUDES deplorables, meaning anyone who doesn’t view the world through their ideological lens. Today, even Miss Manners capitulated to the ridiculous belief that one person can be two different “personas” (male or female, depending upon the whim of the day) and so then courtesy and good manners would demand others to accommodate that belief. It’s insane. Good manners does not mean you have the right to DEMAND that others give up their own beliefs to accommodate yours. Nobody has a right to dictate the speech of others, and that includes trying to force them to use only certain pronouns. They’ve gone from shutting up others to forcing others to espouse ideas they don’t hold!

  3. Tim Hardin, 1965
    If I listened long enough to you
    I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true
    Knowing that you lied straight faced while I cried
    Still I look to find a reason to believe

    Rod Stewart covered that later

    • Seems like everybody’s lying straight faced and we’re the ones crying. I thought things would change when Barry was gone. (Except he’s never gonna leave, anyway.)

  4. Trump isn’t bombing Syria. He is taking out the Deep State Assets & Members within Syria. It’s smoke & mirrors. Why do you think Russia allowed the strike with no response?

    What You See & Hear Is Not What Is Happening, Troop Withdrawal On Track – Episode 1545 X22 Report
    We will see.

    • Well, that’s a thought. I hope we eventually do see. There’s so much over the past decade we’ve not been allowed to see and are left to wonder about.

  5. Black Author Reveals What Living Among Whites is Really Like… Immediately Gets Labeled an Uncle Tom by Leftists
    Thousands of Women Tell Supreme Court: Abortion Facilities Misled Us
    ‘Not Being Viewed as an Enemy’ Propels California Company’s Move to Texas, says CEO
    Nikki Haley: Russia Will See More Sanctions ‘Again on Monday’
    Dershowitz: Comey Is ‘Revenge-Driven,’ Never Should Have Run FBI
    High-Ranking FBI Agents Slam James Comey’s Book: ‘Crosses the Line of Professionalism’

    BIG BROTHER: Facebook Tracks You Online Even if You Never Sign Up; People are Livid at the Lame Explanation

    James Comey’s Book: Obama and Loretta Lynch ‘Jeopardized’ Hillary Email Investigation, Says Obama Declared Hillary’s Innocence Before Investigation Complete, Lynch Demanding Hillary Investigation Instead be Called a ‘Matter’ was ‘Overtly Political’
    …. @The Liberty Daily

    • Whatever happened to the unwritten rule that former officials keep their damned mouths shut and don’t second guess (to undermine) the current administration? They took good advantage of that rule (also playing the race card) when they had power.

  6. Here’s a very good site for a playbook for when the crap start spinning in the global fan.

    I’ll drop it in links.


    • Nor did I. Don’t think I could have stomached either of them. Appreciate the summary. Gateway Pundit has some good takes on it, too.

  7. https://www.wikizero.com/en/David_Buckel ….

    The 1987 Cornell Law School graduate argued during his career against the Boy Scout BAN on Gays and for the establishment of a gGay student club at a Utah high school.

    He also helped a Pennsylvania woman WIN a lawsuit allowing her to place the epitaph “beloved life partner” on the headstone of her Gay partner, and took on the IRS over TAX Breaks for gay non-profits.

  8. O’….BUTT’ of COURSE!!!
    Catherine Varous, a neighbor of Mr. Buckel’s, said HE was very active in gardening, & together they worked on the Greenest Block in Brooklyn competition.

    She said she often saw Mr. Buckel & H I S Partner at the Park Slope Food Co-op & a farmer’s market. “He WAS the quieter of the TWO,”
    she said, referring to Mr. Buckel. “He was definitely MO’re Serious.”

  9. The act of self-immolation was so shocking, the loss so sudden, that friends and family of Mr. Buckel 60 struggled on Sunday to make sense
    of his legacy, if not his death
    His Partner …. of nearly 34 years, Terry Kaelber, said.
    “And he wanted to give more than he was taking from it.”
    Suicide is, ultimately, ineffable, & experts caution that there is a rarely
    a single reason people take their own lives; they say there are often UNDER-lying issues, ….. such as mentally GAY??? illness.

    His family and friends acknowledged that Mr. Buckel had become distraught recently over the national politics of climate change – “all that’s going on with the Trump administration & the rollback by Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency,” Mr. Kaelber said, referring to agency’s embattled administrator, Scott Pruitt.

    In retrospect, Mr. Morales said he knew Mr. Buckel had been UP-set as recently as February …. when he began discussing articles about the environment, about how 96 percent of human beings breathe polluted
    air & another about the Arctic Circle experiencing record breaking temperatures.

    Mr. Morales said two weeks ago Mr. Buckel sent him an email with all his contacts for the compost site, showing him how to complete paperwork, annual reports & other documents that would need to be turned over to
    city agencies.

    With a BACK IN-jury that Limited his work, Mr. Buckel was struggling over what he could do next. >>>> O’ … WHAT 2 DO ???
    Mr. Kaelber said he interpreted this “dramatic ACT” as “what can a person
    at age 60 do that >>>> people would pay attention<<<< to.” ???

    Mr. Buckel was the lead lawyer which a Nebraska sheriff was found liable for failing to protect a transgender man murdered in Falls City, & was the strategist behind same-SEX… marriage cases in New Jersey & Iowa. ??

    He Retired from Lambda Legal in November 2008, … & was a grant writer before starting at the composting site at the farm.
    Mr. Buckel lived his message. He took showers with a minimum use of water, & walked 1 hour to work & back from his home rather than use fossil fuels. He refused to use machines ? at the composting site, evidence of a passion that friends say was his True Fuel.???

    “I think he had a purity OF spirit that was NOT a possibility in this World & that pained him very much,”??? said Marisa DeDominicis, the executive director of Earth Matter, which composts on Governors Island.

    “I struggle to believe that this is a PRO-test Suicide. …. I think that, underneath, he’s got to be in a very DARK… place, it’s not characteristic
    of David,” he added.

    On a grim Sunday, neighbors gathered at Mr. Buckel’s home.
    George Bachman, a retired firefighter, would greet him tending his garden. His 16-year-old daughter knew …..
    Mr. Buckel’s …college-age Daughter, Hannah.<<<< The END!

  10. Coast to Coast …. ….WOW …Lots 2 LEARN …NOW!
    In the latter half, Jamie Bartlett, director of social media analysis at the
    UK think-tank Demos, reported on how data breach scandals around companies like Facebook & Cambridge Analytica affect our democracy.
    He argued that through our embrace of big tech, the building blocks of democracy are slowly being removed, & civil society weakened. Living in a digital age with more information, connectivity, & devices it was thought that “we would make better, wiser, more rational decisions,” but this Bartlett pointed out, “does not seem to be bearing fruit.” People on both the right
    & the left have been less rational, and more emotional and anger-prone, he cited.

    Cambridge Analytica, he continued, is just one of many companies that are collecting data about us without our general awareness. Cambridge had some 5,000 individual data points about each of the millions of Facebook users they were able to access. Bartlett sounded a further note of caution related to the multitude of household devices being turned into connected “data collection machines,” further eroding privacy. He envisioned a time when someone might just consult an AI helper that has amassed data about them as to who they should vote for in an election that would be in their best interests.

    The People Vs Tech
    Radicals Chasing Utopia
    The Dark Net

    • And how many “data points” on how many MILLIONS of people does the Obama cartel have, courtesy of special treatment by FB?

  11. ~ RepublicanDon • …^^^^ sad BUTT’ TRUE
    Some people might describe Mr. Buckel as a flaming A’hole, but I see him as a trail blazer.

    ~ DrDan RepublicanDon •
    You’re just a bad person. Can I buy you a beer?

  12. ~ Former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova: ‘James Comey is a Criminal;
    …. He Should be Charged’
    FLASHBACK: Michael Cohen Judge was Rejected Bill Clinton AG Pick
    Here We Go: Left Continues to Use Kids as Political Human Shields: Children Sue Republican Florida Governor to Force Progs Climate Change Scam
    Hannity Responds to Media Reports: ‘Michael Cohen has Never Represented me in Any Matter’; ‘I Never Retained Him, Received an Invoice, or Paid Legal Fees’
    5 Big Takeaways From Comey’s Big ABC News Interview
    Andrew McCabe Should Face Same Justice Michael Flynn Faced

    Sweathouse? Amazon Warehouse Staff Peeing in Bottles Because Nearest Restroom is 1/4 Mile Away, Employees Afraid to Go Because They’ll be Accused of ‘Time-Wasting’

    Fmr. President, FBI Agents Assoc: ‘Makes No Sense’ for James Comey to Write Hillary’s Exoneration Before Even Interviewing Her; Says ‘Standard Protocol’ was to Investigate from Field Offices, NOT at FBI Headquarters on 7th Floor

    ‘MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME’: Hillary, DNC Funneled $84 Million Through State Parties To Avoid Campaign Finance Laws, Lawsuit Claim

    @The Liberty Daily

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