Census Games

The canard that “whites” will soon no longer be the majority racial category in this country has become almost a “known known.” Whites currently comprise nearly 77% of the population, but because progressives have a vested interest in dividing the population along racial and ethnic lines, the Obama administration played games with statistics to ensure that whites become a minority as soon as possible.

Anyone who watches television or peruses ads in newspapers and magazines would be forgiven for holding the impression that whites in the U.S. are already outnumbered by “persons of color.”

Based upon their over-representation in ads, blacks seemingly comprise the majority race or at least are in numerical parity with the white population, even though they comprise just a little over 13% of the population.

Last year, Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, wrote about what I’m calling census games:     [emphasis added to quotes]

In its waning days, the Obama administration proposed two new wrinkles for the 2020 census: creating a brand new pan-ethnic category for people of Middle Eastern heritage and classifying Hispanics as a race.

The first proposal would create yet another interest group, this time out of Americans who originate in that vast expanse of land that stretches from Morocco to the Iran-Afghanistan border. The new group would be called “MENA,” for Middle East and North Africa.

The new Hispanic classification would make it harder for Americans who originate in Latin America to identify themselves as black, white or some other race.

The proposed new census form, for example, defines “white” as “German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, French, etc.” If you are “Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Salvadoran, Dominican, etc.,” you are directed to check the box for “Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin.” …

The 2020 census will drive redistricting for the 2022 election. Tortured reinterpretations of the Voting Rights Act hold that members of minority groups must be cramped into racially gerrymandered districts. …

It’s not hard to see why progressives like Obama would propose such changes. Creating a new category for Middle Easterners would instantly reduce the “white” population and, through gerrymandering, ensure more “MENA” U.S. representatives from places like Dearborn, Michigan. (Let’s not even go there with regard to sharia law.)

Similarly, “nudging” those with Mexican, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran, Dominican, etc. ancestry into one Hispanic “race” instantly reduces both the white and black population figures. Notably, this redefines those who formerly identified themselves as white, thus decidedly reducing the white population, while retaining those who were formerly black as “persons of color.”

Simply by removing Hispanic whites from the white category, the white population immediately drops from 77% to 61%, bringing the number closer to the progressives’ dream of a “minority majority” consisting of “persons of color.”

From another article, by Edwin Meese III and the aforementioned Mike Gonzalez, we learn about more Obama administration census games:

The Census Bureau … carved the entire country into what social scientist David Hollinger has dubbed “the ethno-racial pentagon.”

Starting in 1980 the census began tabulating all residents into groups that correspond to a vague and unscientific color code: white, black, brown, yellow and red.

If you don’t think of yourself that way, the government will do it for you. … “When Census 2010 data were edited to produce the estimates base, respondents who selected the Some Other Race category alone were assigned to one of the OMB mandated categories.” 

For people who tick multiple boxes—permissible since 2000—OMB has instructed the Census Bureau to “allocate” responses that “combine one minority race and white” to “the minority race.” As Mr. Hollinger puts it, “thus the federal government quietly reinserted into the tabulation of the census the principle of hypodescent”—the technical term for the old segregationist one-drop rule …”

Until the Trump administration stopped it last month, the census was preparing to add in 2020 yet another vast pan-ethnic grouping—“Middle East or North Africa”—for residents with ancestry anywhere between Morocco and Iran. …

So you can see the unholy scheme: Both by assigning those who check “some other race” to an OMB-chosen racial category (by default not white) and by allocating all who check a minority race in combination with white race to a minority category, the white category can be further diminished.

Therefore, someone like Elizabeth Warren, who claims (apparently falsely) 3% Native American ancestry, would have been categorized by Obama’s scheme as Native American alone, just as Obama himself, although claiming at least 50% white heritage, would have been categorized as black alone.

Divide and conquer. When the goal is, for political reasons, to diminish “white” people and to ensure a permanent ruling “minority majority,” all of whom (progressives hope) will vote Democrat, then playing census games with statistics should be expected, at least when progressives are in power.

As the authors point out:

Every level of American government now follows this scheme, as do most other major institutions. Public schools promote the invidious idea that all subjects, even math, should be taught differently to children depending on where administrators place them on the [ethno-racial] pentagon. Universities have become cultural battle zones where students search for victim status rather than truth. …

For the time being, however, the progressives are not in power. Therefore, President Trump should, as these authors argue, do what he can now to break apart this “invidious” (and insidious) “scheme.”

Refer to the article for specific proposals, which include eliminating pan-ethnic categories; delineating by national descent alone, going back only to grandparents; and having a single check box to denote African descent.

As for myself, I would be happy to see all of this racial and ethnic division end now. Everyone in my immediate family, as well as my spouse’s immediate family, are mixed race/mixed ethnicity. We define ourselves appropriately, checking ALL the boxes, when given the opportunity, or checking “other” when not allowed to identify every ancestral category.

How insulting and offensive it is to learn that progressives have been disregarding our choices and deciding for us that we belong to only the category they chose, thus (in effect) disregarding and disrespecting our white ancestors, out of racism.

What else can you  call it? It’s government-sanctioned racial discrimination. This should end now. We the People are all Americans (at least those of us who are citizens).

We the People are all of the same race: human.

Stop this racial and ethnic gerrymandering. NOW!

President Trump, the ball is in your court. 




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