A Wriggle and Time

Let’s take a break from discussing depressing subjects like partisan witch hunts and school shootings and go back to our roots for a while. Recently Barack Obama revealed the portrait of himself that’s to hang in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Many have already weighed in on this particular portrait, remarking on its lack of artistry, the poor execution, the odd composition, the controversial person who created it, and its apparent symbology.

A quick once-over, rotating the image in all directions, revealed a few interesting things.

With regard to the revelation that the portrait’s creator often incorporates images of sperm (yes, male gametes) into his work, below is seen yet another instance:

What appears to be a spermatocyte sits on Obama’s (wedding) ring finger, between his fingernail and knuckle. (The image has been cropped, with contrast modified to help illustrate the anomaly.)

Obama has been quoted as saying that he and the artist have much in common and that “it’s safe to say Kehinde and I bonded.”

In 2010, a writer/critic said of “artist” Kehinde Wiley’s work:

Wiley puts contemporary urban black men in positions of power and in history.  …

In the majority of the critiques of his work, nowhere is it discussed the blatant sexual and homoerotic overtones of Wiley’s images. Looking at this work in books or on the internet is one thing, but in person, it’s so obvious! …

Let’s be frank.  These men are gay! …

The art world looks at these images as extremely strong statements of race and identity. The thing is they choose to look with limited vision. Kehinde Wiley not only creates monumental paintings  of black men in power, but he also creates monumental paintings of gay men in power …

Another writer asked,

Is this a joke on Obama, or is it on us?

Trust me: It’s on us. As usual with all things Obama.

As well as subtle symbolism within the painting (subject to interpretation, of course), there’s also explicit symbolism: The Smithsonian informs us that the flowers seen in the background of the portrait symbolize places that are important to Obama’s life story:

Chrysanthemum is the official flower of Chicago, where Obama lived before he moved to Washington, DC.

Agapanthus, supposedly a reference to Obama’s Kenyan father, is known as “Lily of the Nile,” as well as “African Lily”.

The white flowers are said to be jasmine, representing Hawaii, where Obama lived for a short time with his grandparents. Jasmine is also the national flower of the Philippines, where he mother once worked, as well as Indonesia, where Obama spent much of his childhood, although no news story nor the Smithsonian point that out. (Yet the white flowers in the painting do not very closely resemble jasmine. It would take a botanist to say for sure.)

Here’s something that others have not, so far as can be determined, opined upon. Take a look at Obama’s watch. Below is a cropped image showing the watch. (The image has been rotated to show the watch as it would appear to someone looking down to see the time.)

Knowing that Obama is into symbols, snark, and sometimes not-so-subtle insults, it seems pertinent to ascertain what time his watch reveals. Surely it has meaning. Why else is the watch in the portrait?

Looks like it’s 3:20. Assuming that’s correct, what does that time symbolize? Simple searches on the Web turn up a number of possibilities. Let’s highlight a few from religious texts:

Philippians 3:20: But our citizenship is in heaven.

John 3:20: Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

Mark 3:20-22: He came home. Again (the) crowd gathered, making it impossible for them even to eat. When his relatives heard of this they set out to seize him, for they said, “He is out of his mind.” The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said, “He is possessed by Beelzebul,” and “By the prince of demons he drives out demons.”

Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:20: So if they argue with you, say, “I have submitted myself to Allah [in Islam], and [so have] those who follow me.” …

Probably every book in the Bible or Surah in the Koran has a 3:20 verse. Maybe there’s no particular meaning to the time shown on Obama’s watch, but it’s hard to believe that, considering the “artist” and his subject.

The entire portrait has a “Where’s Waldo” feel about it, but it also calls to mind an “autostereogram,”an optical illusion in which a 2-D image contains a 3-D image embedded (and hidden) within, aka a “Magic Eye” image.

The image at this link reveals a shark, provided you stare at it long enough. Not everyone can figure out the trick to seeing the hidden image, and some have visual impairments that prevent them from seeing it. Remember Mr. Pitt?

One has to wonder whether an in-person viewing of Obama’s portrait would reveal more than what you see at first glance.

Is the Obama portrait really an autostereogram? (I gave myself a headache trying to find out, but it would not be surprising to learn there are embedded images or symbols within the repeating, wallpaper-like background. The best I could do was to perceive an illusion of a 3-D Obama floating towards me, against the floral background. Scary!)

There are other questions one might ask about the portrait:

What is the significance of the unbuttoned shirt?

What do the tightly crossed arms indicate?

What about that extreme “manspreading in a sea of poison ivy?”

How about the chair? Are there messages hidden in the scrollwork or the carvings along the seat (as there may also be in the design of his presidential library)? Or does the chair refer back to the photo below, from Obama’s childhood in Indonesia?

We had a lot of fun analyzing that one!

How about it? Do you see other symbols or hidden messages in Obama’s newest portrait?


115 responses to “A Wriggle and Time

    • The comments are brutal on that piece!

      • The only people who have lingering questions are the anti-Trump haters. It’s easy to understand that it really isn’t an “Einstein” visa–it’s for people who excel in their field (in her case modeling) who cannot be replaced by someone HERE (why is obvious. You know anybody else like her? She’s one of a kind.) If Olympic athletes can get that visa, then why not a top model? Why is an actress more credible than a model? There’s not a lot of difference in the fields.

    • You can “believe” the birth certificate is real and also believe that it’s not authentic or legitimate. We know the hoops Hawaii jumped through for him.

  1. Feds have proof Dem IT workers ‘hacked our democracy’
    Foreign actors ‘infiltrated Congress,’ but FBI blasted for failing to file charges, make arrests

    No outrage. No arrests. No charges.

    “You might almost say they hacked our democracy,”

    “This is the pattern we’ve seen time and again,”

  2. WTP ….COULD have saved USA a LOT ….of …$$$ … U suckers! ^^^^

    • It’s also said that it’s KNOWN to the FBI and the DC cops that Rich WAS the hacker and that he and his brother were involved and that he gave the documents to Wikileaks. It’s on his computer and other devices. THEY KNOW but they’re never going to reveal it because they’re in the tank for DemoncRATS and Hillary and Obama. Cover it up; blame the Russians.

  3. O’Keefe’s report said the foreign party also is paying a $14,500 fine without admitting liability. ….. FUN MONEY????


    • Yuck. She’s never been a favorite of mine. She’s vastly overrated, imho. Who could REALLY act was her late boyfriend who played Fredo in The Godfather. Now what did he see in her?

  5. ~ SerfCityHereWeCome •
    Still holding out a glimmer of hope that this was just another rope-a-dope to get the left-wing extremists to devour the bait and out themselves (yet again) as the totalitarians they are..

    ~ When the schools and police department are in collusion to decrease arrests of school age youth so the schools can qualify for money from government funds, what happened in Florida is exactly what you get.

  6. hold TIGHT …& jerk the RUG from these ^^^….old FART DINOSAUR’S

    • I have to agree with Tucker Carlson on that one. On the other hand, with Trump, you never know if he really believes this or if it’s just his brainstorming method of playing the devil’s advocate and throwing out arguments to see what kind of responses people make. imho, what they did to Cruz’s brother is in a similar vein. What was HIS offense that caused him to be picked up and forcibly detained for 72 hours and given a mental exam? I mean, that’s freaking scary, unless the media are leaving out some very important details. When you think about it, what difference is there between taking the guns first (if someone appears crazy or violent, which is probably what happens right now) and taking someone’s cash who is stopped on the highway and found in possession of, say, $10,000? THIS for sure happens right now. You get stopped with a lot of money and the presumption is that it’s illegally obtained. The cops confiscate it and you have to go through hoops out the wazoo to get it back. Sometimes it takes years. Sometimes, people never get the money back. It’s all semantics and brainstorming. No bill like that will ever reach his desk. If it did, he wouldn’t sign it, but if he or some other POTUS did, the SCOTUS would throw it out as unconstitutional (in many ways).

  7. PASS them FREE ~ BRAINS OUT ….F A S T !!!

  8. http://www.cair-ny.org/gala/ …O’ SURE!!! & WTP pay 4 THIS???

  9. ~ Capt_Morgan • …. ^^^^^
    Show me one single mosque that does not donate money$$$ to 1 of
    these front groups. Boom, there goes the entire innocent muslim argument.


  11. That’s definitely a sperm on his left temple. so weird.

    • Yeah. I can see that one, too. If you go to the gallery’s webpage, they have a high definition version that makes it easier to see the details. I would have put it here, but there’s a copyright and I somehow think the “artist” would be likely to gripe about people who critique his “art” negatively. As soon as I saw the version there, I could see that sperm on his ring finger.

    • This is the new media meme: Why hasn’t Trump ordered NSA, CIA, etc., to do more to prevent Russian “meddling?” Well, they’re also the very people who claim that if he “interferes” in these “independent” organizations then he’s obstructing. Or something.

    • Yeah. Now we see if Sessions really cares about THE LAW or whether he’s going to say this is Russia connected so he’s recused. I’m getting sick and tired of not having a Dept. of Justice. President Trump, the buck stops with you. MAKE THEM do their jobs or find people who will. We the People did not elect you so that you can allow Obama’s shadow government to continue to look the other way when DemoncRATS break laws. We’re sick and tired of two systems of justice, one for conservatives and another for the progressive left.

    • They been rather silent lately, haven’t they? One called for a boycott of spring break in FL. I figured if nothing else, THAT would get the FL authorities’ goat. Suddenly, not so much coverage of these astroturfed little activists.

    • http://michellemalkin.com/2018/02/28/release-the-florida-school-shooting-surveillance-video/

      She calls for them to release the school video. I agree 10000%! I was thinking about this last night. Have you heard ANY audio of that incident? Seen anything that records the incident? Think about how many kids have cell phones that record audio and video. There ought to be many, many recordings of the incident. The loud-mouthed ones have recorded their little anti-gun videos, supposedly while cowering in the closet. But where are the videos from all the other kids? What else did they have to do while they waited for long minutes? Did nobody else, besides the school, get audio of the actual shooting? We’re told that there was a 20-minute delay on the school’s system, so does that mean that they’re going to say that the started to review the tape (stopping the recording) so there’s actually no tape of the incident? What exactly does that 20-minute delay mean? I find it hard to believe that not one of the kids hiding in the rooms or closets realized how valuable it would be to have a video of the incident. It could be sold to the news. It could make the kid an instant Youtube star.

    • That will confound the left. I don’t know yet whether I like them or not, but I do know I’m sick and tired of seeing our country made the patsy of the entire world. Trump knows he’s OUR president and nobody else’s. He’s looking out for US, for We the People. God bless him as he makes America great again.

  12. continue using a NUT CRACKER? .. BUTT’ a tough nut 2 crack!
    SHIT 24/7 HOW SICK getting paid 4 the job of HUMAN GRINDER

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