Playing the Sex Card

We’ve become accustomed to the left playing the race card. Now we’re seeing the left play the sex card in their never-ending quest for power, obtained by any means necessary. They’re sacrificing their own (Franken, Conyers) with the hope of appeasing those demons that they worship: money, power, control. If the scheme works, they get back the reins of government so they can continue the fundamental transformation of America, to the ruin of all.

Their game is as plain as can be. No doubt, they’ve already lined up (and paid for) the accusers-to-be.

Surely you perceive that the accusers-to-be are out there, waiting in the wings for the appropriate time, when the Democrats and the mainstream media will spring them upon us. You know of whom I speak.

The female Trump accusers.

Wait for it. They’re coming. The harpies who shall bring him down. Or so the left hopes.

Someone  is going to accuse the president of sexual harassment and the narrative concocters will ensure that the alleged harassing events are recent. They’ll also be sure to make it seem like a pattern, which means somebody’s going to have to pay more than one accuser for services rendered. Not to worry.

The usual suspects–those who fund these leftist “movements“–have very, very deep pockets. The power to be grabbed is worth far more than the expense.

Let the accusations begin and then hear the cries go up:

The Republicans must do the right thing and throw Trump out!

If all else fails, the left can still hope that the momentum of their astroturfed #MeToo movement will at the very least carry a bunch of female Democrats (never Republicans!) into Congress and, they hope, into the White House.

Due process be damned!

Who the heck cares about fairness, justice, the American Way, when there’s power to be grabbed?

And who the heck cares what it does to our society? Not the power grabbers.

The Democrats, the media, and the alt-left are now doing for relationships between women and men in the workplace, in politics, at schools–basically in any public sphere–what they’ve already done for relationships between the races. In other words, they’re destroying them, just as Obama, who was supposed to be the post-racial uniter, ended up setting race relations back decades.

The #MeToo movement, if it means zero tolerance–no due process for the accused–will do as much harm to women as to men. It will set women in the workplace back 50 years or more. Think about it.

Given a choice between hiring a qualified man or a qualified woman, what sane male supervisor is going to take the chance on a woman? Better to be safe than sorry, if the #MeToo movement means that any time a female underling decides to get even for even the smallest slight, all she has to do is claim sexual harassment and immediately her male boss’s career is ended. What about a co-worker? What’s to stop a woman from clearing the way for a promotion by making accusations against a rival for the job?

Women have fought for decades for equal treatment in the workplace–fighting, for example, for the right to be invited to power lunches or golf games, where so much business is conducted. What male boss is going to include women, now?

Will men even talk to women in the workplace, anymore? Ride elevators with them? Go to lunch with them? Grab a quick coffee? Take breaks? Mentor a woman? Hardly. Relations between the sexes will be poisoned.

It’s the logical result of  #MeToo movement hysteria.

Men, after all, are going to look out for their own self-preservation, which includes, of course, the best interests of their families. They’re not stupid, after all.  Their livelihoods and the well-being of their families depend upon their keeping their jobs, especially since most families need two wage earners to make ends meet.

During the 2016 campaign, the future Vice President Mike Pence was ridiculed and even severely criticized because over his career in politics he’s made it a rule to never be alone at dinner with a woman who is not his wife, nor to ever attend events where alcohol is served unless his wife is also present. Besides making fun of him, feminists also took Pence to task for not affording females on his staff the same privileges as males–such as being privy to solo meetings with their boss, which can help one’s career.

Does he look silly or foolish now? Or has his policy saved him from going the way of others who have seen their careers destroyed over allegations, mere allegations, without any proof?

Conservatives, you see, can’t afford to not be careful. They don’t get the same “boys will be boys” special treatment that the likes of Bill Clinton do. Pence, in other words, has no Democrat Privilege.

Nor do Roy Moore and President Trump.

Consider the case of Republican Representative Trent Franks, who resigned recently because he (arguably foolishly) asked female staffers to consider being a surrogate mother for his wife and himself. The women reportedly felt uncomfortable about this discussion. At least one woman apparently misunderstood, falsely believing that surrogacy required having sex with the representative.

Franks’s discussion of surrogacy was apparently a microaggression besides being sexual harassment (according to leftist thought). Thus, he must be punished, and harshly. No second chances. No dispensation for thoughtlessness or foolishness. No quarter! Zero tolerance. His career must be ruined.

By now we know the drill. Someone feels uncomfortable. Reality doesn’t matter. Intent doesn’t matter. All that matters is the perception of the recipient of the microaggression, not the intent of the alleged aggressor. The feelings of the uncomfortable one are tantamount. She’s been pushed out of her “safe place,” poor little snowflake!

This is the 21st-century version of the Salem Witch Trials.  (At least the witches got trials.) The #MeToo movement also resembles the daycare sex abuse hysteria of the 1980s/1990s.

Lately, young men on college campuses have experienced this same sort of unfair, unjust treatment after being merely accused of sexual abuse or sex crimes, especially during the Obama administration. Only with the Trump presidency has there finally been a change with regard to ensuring that the accused receive due process along with a presumption of innocence.

Now what’s been rolled back on campuses has infected businesses and politics. It’s punish first, and never ask questions at all!

The accused is required to prove his innocence, standing centuries of Western jurisprudence on its head. It’s next to impossible to prove a negative. Men are quitting rather than to put themselves and their families through the process of an “ethics investigation.” Who can blame them?

Is this what you want for the men in your own families? If this continues apace, your  family could be next. Your son, your father, your husband, any man in your family, could be at the mercy of a person who wishes to see his career end, for whatever reason. All that person has to do is make an accusation and poof! His career is over.

While some of the accused men may very well be guilty, they remain innocent until proven guilty.

For those who’ve acknowledged guilt and taken their punishment–fine. That’s their choice.

However, those who, like Judge Roy Moore, deny the allegations deserve due process.

Innocent until proven guilty.

It’s the American Way.

12/12/17: Today the post was updated with links, in red, documenting events that have happened since the post was written two days ago. These links lend credence to the suppositions made in the post, concerning the motivation behind this astro-turfed #MeToo movement.





174 responses to “Playing the Sex Card

  1. ~ Rick …..^^^^
    Arrested? Jailed? ???

    Muslim Privilege. ……much?????

  2. CRACK this CASE WIDE OPEN ! ….WTP want & NEED the TRUTH …

  3. @OrlyTaitz …..???? would she, could she?
    If Trump fires Sessions and Rosenstein after signing of the tax bill, Rachel Brand would be the acting AG & would be the one to fire Mueller

    Rachel Lee Brand is an American lawyer, academic, & government official. She was sworn in as the United States Associate Attorney General on May 22, 2017, after being nominated to the position by …Wikipedia
    Born: May 1, 1973 (age 44), Muskegon, MI
    Spouse(s): Jonathan Cohn
    Children: 2
    Succeeded by: Elisebeth Cook
    Education: University of Minnesota Morris (Bachelor of Arts), Harvard University (Juris Doctor)

  4. … Will Gloria Allred Be Next Trump Attacker To Fall [Video]? ..^^^^

    Things Political, ….. Christian & ….. Conservative

    Lindsey Vonn thought it Clever to attack President Trump; less than forty-eight hours Later her Olympic career was in jeopardy After Crashing down A mountain. …… ha’ OUT of CONTROL??? LOSER!!!

    The super stars of Hollywood, NPR, ABC, NBC, & every major news organization have been humiliatingly exposed for their misdeeds after falsely maligning President Trump. Angela Merkel & Theresa May suffered humiliating political setbacks after wrongly maligning President Trump.

    The FBI, CIA, James Comey, Robert Mueller, The Clintons, & Obama
    have had their D I R T Y Secrets Exposed after Lying & trying to…. Sabotage President Trump.

    The question I have IS will Gloria Allred BE Next? How long will she BE allowed to Spread Lies & Plot against men of Honor before she suffers humiliating consequences of H E R …..actions?

    Fact #1
    The Alt-Left hates us for standing up to them.
    Fact #2
    We take no support of from parties, PACs or candidates.
    Fact #3
    We are 100% Reader Supported. See Fact #2.
    Fact #4
    Without your support, we will cease to exist.
    Fact #5
    We’ve come too far together to stop now.

  5. that DICK …with his STICK … PUKE – on – U !

  6. Ho.
    ^^^ F ~ U ..OBAMA ? or whom ever U might B? as U TRASHED USA

  7. & THIS is what WTP THINK … of a REAL PRESIDENT of the USA


    — Michael Zullo, formerly the commander & chief investigator of the
    Cold Case Posse (CCP), a special investigative group created in 2006
    in the office of Joseph M. Arpaio, formerly the sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona will be the guest.
    Mike Zullo has worked on this case since the beginning.

    CIA breaches Hawaii Government Computers in Obama” ……….
    Birth …….. Certificate …… Quest

    Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators had discovered bombshell evidence that the CIA & or other government entities Illegally Hacked into Hawaii Department of Health records searching for birth records on Barack Obama.


  10. take a CLOSER …L O O K- i e …. MAN’ .. that’s SO UN-LADY LIKE!

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