Busy Bees in the Deep State Swamp

Peter Strzok. Now there’s a name that may live in infamy, at least in the minds of some citizens of these United States. History will tell.

This week brought enlightenment to the masses of We the People. Peter Strzok–the FBI counterintelligence agent who was removed this past summer from the Robert Mueller investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election–got reassigned, demoted, fired (take your pick) because he allegedly sent anti-Trump and pro-Clinton messages to his lover, who was also working on the Mueller team, at one point. A lawyer with whom Strzok was allegedly having an extramarital affair, Strzok’s lover was also moved or reassigned when their messages came to light.

The reason for their removal from the Mueller team was hidden from the public and Congress, despite that Congress has been trying for months to pry the facts from the FBI. Allegedly, these biased partisans were removed from the Mueller team because

among federal law enforcement officials, there is great concern that exposure of the texts they exchanged may be used by the president and his defenders to attack the credibility of the Mueller probe and the FBI more broadly …

So biased individuals were not removed from the investigation out of any concern for fairness to the President or the subjects of the investigation or any concern that these apparently biased individuals were propagating a partisan witch hunt (a silent coup) against the Trump administration. No!

They were removed because so-called “law enforcement officials” were worried that the President would have even more evidence proving that the Deep State has been engaged in a partisan witch hunt against him from the beginning of his administration. Actually, even before his election. These “law enforcement officials” weren’t concerned with justice. Far from it. Outrageous!

Both of these anti-Trump partisans were members of the special “skinny group” that handled the Clinton email investigation, outside the bounds of usual procedure. Strzok’s wife was also a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, the woman whom her husband was supposed to be “investigating.”

Here’s a list of just some of the activities with which Peter Strzok has been involved over the past year and a half:

  • Strzok helped lead the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server–the sham investigation that went nowhere, by design.
  • Strzok initiated and supervised the investigation into so-called “Russian meddling in the 2016 election,” beginning around the same time that he was sending his anti-Trump messages.
  • Strzok’s “office received and handled any attempts at verification of the Trump dossier.” Indeed …
  • Strzok “may have been the agent who offered to pay Christopher Steele to write the Trump dossier. And it was Strzok’s office that was the source for the FISA warrant request to spy on Trump’s aides. Strzok’s supervisor was deputy director Andrew McCabe, who should have been canned along with Comey,” according to Rush Limbaugh. Facts concerning the dossier as well as the FISA warrant have also been withheld from Congressional investigators, with Strzok himself being implicated in obstruction of the Congressional probe. Strzok’s boss, McCabe, had his own problem with conflicts of interest with regard to the Clinton investigation and allegations of partisanship.
  • Strzok interviewed key Clinton associates, including Huma Abedin, and gave them immunity from prosecution (for no discernible reason), even though they made “misleading statements.” (In other words, they lied to the FBI. Compare their treatment to that which Michael Flynn is receiving  from Mueller. See below.)
  • Strzok interviewed Michael Flynn, in what sounds more like an ambush, and without Flynn’s lawyer. Now Flynn is pleading guilty to charges that he lied to the FBI during that very interview.
  • Strzok was also involved in the non-investigation of the supposedly “hacked” (by the Russians) DNC server–the one that the DNC infamously refused to allow the FBI to examine. Strzok, therefore, was okay with the DNC refusing the FBI access to evidence and he was also apparently on board with allowing a contractor hired by the DNC to determine the source of the so-called hack and taking their word for it that it was Russians and not, for example, an inside job, as has been posited by many experts since. Was he involved in the investigation of the Awan family? Unknown at this time, but it would not be surprising to hear skeptics opine that Strzok seemed to be on scene anywhere that truth needed to be obfuscated by the Deep State, by the Democrats, or by Obama administration holdovers or former officials.
  • Strzok participated in the Hillary Clinton interview, which was not transcribed or recorded, and during which she was not placed under oath. Nobody’s going to be able to come after Clinton for lying to the FBI or perjuring herself in that interview. There’s “no evidence,” you see. No record. No oath. Free as a bird.
  • Strzok changed crucial phrasing in the Clinton exoneration speech, infamously given by former FBI Director James Comey. He changed “grossly negligent” (the exact text of the proscribing statue) to “extremely careless” (which amounts to the same thing but which then allowed officials to obfuscate the seriousness of her crime and let her off the hook). This is the exonerating statement that was composed before Clinton was interviewed, before critical witnesses were interviewed, and before the investigation itself was even complete. Note that no sooner had Clinton been exonerated but that Strzok assumed his supervisory position investigating Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russians.
  • Strzok was tapped to “help manage” Mueller special counsel investigation into the Trump administration in July 2017, despite his previous involvement in the Clinton email server investigation.

What a busy, busy, little bee Peter Strzok has been! Right there in the center of it all, in the center of the Deep State hive, you might say.

What are We the People to make of this?

Two different systems of justice.

One set of rules for the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and their people. Another set of rules altogether for President Donald J. Trump and his people, including all the “deplorables” who support him.

The elite of the first group despise the hoi polloi of the second group. The first group, our betters (in their minds), want to oust our duly elected President who was chosen by all those deplorables they despise. They’re trying to oust President Trump, by any means necessary.

Are we now living in a banana republic? Looks that way, doesn’t it?

The Mueller witch hunt should be ended immediately. We the People demand a do over. Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

Appoint a new special counsel to investigate–to truly investigate–the Clinton email scandal.

And while you’re at it, truly investigate the DNC server scandal as well as the curious case of the Awan family.

It’s time to, once and for all, truly discover who was colluding with whom.

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud of the DC swamp hatch out.


147 responses to “Busy Bees in the Deep State Swamp

    • I will never tire of this topic.
      It is universe-shattering.

      There’s a silver lining to the “Trump Russian Collusion” farce.

    • Did we know if/that they had the birth records online, accessible to hacking? I thought they didn’t. But it’s SO LONG AGO that we investigated this.

      • Wait! Supposedly the index was online. Wasn’t there some discussion of information being in the index but not reflected elsewhere? Something fishy about the index? Oy vey! I can’t remember. This is when you need butterdezillion and ladysforest again. (At least I remember their names!)

    • My guess is this is a double false flag. Does that make sense? iow, it’s not perpetrated by whom one would automatically think. The same people are behind it as are behind the Moore smear and the Trump smear. They WANT you to believe that conservatives or Trump operatives DO WHAT THEY DO. There’s a reason, probably, and that may be to prime the pump to make you discount anything you see in the future that MAY BE TRUE. And, like with the “fake hate” incidents where blacks put nooses on their own doors or write racial epithets on their own cars, it’s to SMEAR their opponents. If/when they find the perpetrator, be prepared to investigate who the person REALLY is.

      “”The document contains an allegation of inappropriate behavior on September 16th 2011 in Washington, but Schumer was in New York City.”
      “It contains an allegation of inappropriate behavior by Schumer on August 25th 2011 in Washington, but Schumer was in France.” …”

      Funny, it was “shopped around” just like the bogus Trump dossier. Are they trying to set the stage to make it look as if all sides do this? Oh, I get it. Maybe the Deep State created this one, too.

      Funny, also, how they’re so quick to prove that Schumer wasn’t where the allegation says he was at the time. I don’t recall them PROVING, however, that Barry was NEVER IN CT when he allegedly applied for a SS card from there.

    • Results from Alabama as Jones defeats Moore

      Black turnout was much higher ……than anticipated.

      In deeply conservative areas, it lagged far behind. ????

      • That’s what we’re supposed to believe. That Republicans sat out and over 90% of those who voted last year for Clinton showed up. I don’t believe it. It’s rigged.

    • Sure, but they made sure that Jones “won” by more than the half percent margin that allows a recount. Of course they did! They have it down to a science. It’s the usual pattern: The conservative is winning all night long. Even the NY Times predicted he’d pull it out with 55% of the vote, which is about what he was running all night long. Then, in the last half hour, for the last 25% of the votes being counted, SUDDENLY he loses at the last minute. As usual, the big DemoncRAT areas hold back their results because they don’t know yet how many votes they need to rig.

    • I totally believe that, too. Why else the shenanigans of going to court to fight over whether the digital images of electronic votes should or should not be immediately deleted? Iirc, some DemoncRAT judge ruled they should be deleted.

      What probably happened was collusion between the parties. Both the DemoncRATS and the GOPe preferred him to lose.

  1. https://www.infowars.com/bombshell-evidence-of-cia-role-in-forging-obamas-birth-certificate/.
    This gets me thinking all over again some very questionable stuff. Remember those days.

  2. Oh, Sorry Zenway….I see you already posted this. I love that this same CRAPola is coming up all over again. It’s a photoshopped world these days!!!!
    Isn’t Arpaio about 85 or some such as that? I wish he and Zullo would just get this out there…….you know there seems to be nothing wrong these days with “allegations” and innuendo”…..so just throw it out there . The media loves allegations, right? Seems it gets more traction than facts these days.

    • Have you seen the stories about Schumer being accused of sexual assault via some so-called bogus documentation of a complaint? OMG. The media were examining and declaring it rigged, forged, using different or unusual fonts, etc. You know, just like you can see on Barry’s bogus BC. Oh, if they’d only been as concerned with FORENSIC DOCUMENT ANALYSIS back in 2011. But then again, I think they actually HAVE a document regarding Schumer, not just a digital image of one!

  3. Yea, so its all coming to pass now. We’re on the threshold and bear witness to major evolution in process. We’ve learned about it in History, the people. It takes time for eras to conclude.( 2000 years, I think.) And here we are, Americans, merely infants, in recorded time, with no Country. pfffft

    Born in Pisces, lived in the dawning of Aquarius. We are truly the last of the Mohicans in what we called ‘The Modern Age’. It’s all relative in evolving. We are the serfs of yore, when you stop to think about what the Global Demons have been doing to condition us through the decades. The CIA, The Patriot Act.. oh wait, do tell, I’m dense. What is the difference the between THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY and the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY? Which reminds me to ask. I’m on a tangent. Do you feel safe? Hmm me neither.

    So the CIA coup’d the United States of America when they assassinated JFK when we were children. Of course, there is labyrinth of forked roads that will keep us guessing and occupied,so to speak as they slide in Bush. In fact, I remember Reagan on TV with Bush… The Nightly News, as a matter of fact, that archaic thing: fact. The debate in the interview was ‘should there be a Co-Presidency?’ We were listening to that heap of horsecrap for days…and so we’re conditioned by a good 30 years o remember: Wow, that’s right! We can have a Co-PotUS’. It didn’t fly, but its ingrained. Etched.

    So meanwhile, while the CIA is running the Government – the Bush*Dynasty, The Clinton Clown Cars, the Bbbbbirth ssssscertificatessssss along with that Militant mug from the TUCC and of course the ugly crowd, i. e., the Weather Underground (btw, Hi Louie! Hi Jessie!) gets into the Oval Office.

    * that the CIA created and well, Director of Central Intelligence (1976–1977)

    The tangled web… Today. As we see with our bleeding eyes after some 9 years of that thingamabob from Hawaii, the CIA embryo.

    Now they are forcing their Brothers in the FBI to take the fall on the HUGE FAIL to oust Trump, before, during and after, yet. today, now.

    yeah, mumbling along because these SPECIAL AGENTS caught red-handed in the conspiracy to overthrow the government, who used to be folks known actually, as, We The People, the Government. Grunt. Yours Truly. ~Okay, so the point. Anyone who is recognized on sight as THE investigator, interrogator, prosecutor and political operator whist colluding with another to overthrow a Presidential Election and Seated President should be marched to the gallows in living color.

    **** We The People are Self Governed and Sovereign Individuals by Birthright and they need to DILUTE what a 100% WTP is….Thanks Obama!
    (hiya Bill and Bernadine!) We see the TREASON.

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