Sin Like Flynn?

The mainstream media and the left are in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome today, salivating because of their belief that President Trump will be … what? Indicted? Impeached? Whatever. They hope to finally be able to overturn the will of the People and remove our President from office, by any means necessary.

In case you missed it, former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty today of lying to the FBI. He did so, after being hounded by the “special counsel” Robert Mueller, as well as after seeing his son similarly hounded.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to making false statements to the FBI – as part of a deal that involves his full cooperation with investigators in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. 

Court documents show Flynn has acknowledged to investigators that at least two Trump transition members were involved in his outreach to Russian officials – though he initially gave false statements about those discussions.

Mind you, and pay close attention: It’s not illegal for anyone in a President-elect’s transition team to speak with foreigners, including Russian ambassadors. They all do it. Nor is it illegal for a President-elect’s transition team to initiate “outreach” to foreigners, including Russians. What’s illegal is lying to the FBI about that “outreach,” which Flynn now admits he did.

What’s outrageous is that the man was put into this position in the first place. What are we? A banana republic? Will every future president’s team be subjected to the same arguably very unconstitutional process, courtesy of the Deep State and the alt-left?

Some in the media, based as usual on anonymous sources, claim that Flynn is going to testify that Trump ordered him (gasp!) to reach out to the Russians. Again, even if he did, it’s not illegal. Barack Obama personally met with foreign leaders, even gave a speech to foreigners, before he was elected. He even campaigned for an alleged relative who was running for office in Kenya.

Trump was at least President-elect at the time of Flynn’s outreach. Trump was chosen by We the People to head the executive branch. Every incoming president does “outreach” to those with whom he or she will soon be dealing, on behalf of the American people.

If you get distracted by claims that it’s illegal for an ordinary citizen to “interfere” in foreign policy, then keep in mind that very soon Barack Obama, now a private citizen, plans to soon (once again) shadow President Trump’s steps on an Asian tour to–guess what–meet with foreign leaders, including the head of what was formerly called Red China!

Is this illegal? Is this collusion? Is this interfering in President Trump’s foreign policy? Can President Trump have Obama investigated as soon as he returns? Can he sic the FBI on Obama and make him testify in minute detail about every conversation he had while overseas?

Remember that Flynn has already admitted to being a liar. He just testified to that as fact. He was fired from the Trump administration for exactly that–for lying (or misleading) Vice President Pence.

So ask yourself: Of what value is anything Flynn may now say? Especially if his cooperation or testimony involves seeing his son let off the hook?

Think about why Flynn lied (if he lied) in the first place. Was it to protect Trump? Compare that motivation to the motivation (to lie?) that  he must now feel as he sees himself facing years in prison and also his son–his own son–being threatened. A son who apparently isn’t being charged at this time.

Nothing in Flynn’s testimony involves collusion with Russians to influence the election, which is the “crime” (another non-crime) being investigated by this out-of-control special counsel. All as a result of what looks like illegal spying upon the Trump campaign by the Deep State and the Obama administration, potentially in collusion with the Clinton campaign, Russians, and even the media.

Already it’s rumored in the mainstream media that Flynn is going to implicate President Trump’s son-in-law somehow.  To what end? Most likely, the Deep State figures that going after the President’s family will be the best way to get him to resign, since they won’t be able to indict or impeach him for something that’s not a crime in the first place.

This is a travesty of justice. It’s un-American. This is the sort of thing that happens in places like Venezuela and Nigeria.

Where will this witch hunt end? When will it end? How much more will We the People have to pay in order for this witch hunt to continue, as the Deep State goes after the man we elected to drain the swamp?

Will the left never learn? Do they really think that if they hound President Trump from office that the way will be clear for a President Harris?

In their dreams.



139 responses to “Sin Like Flynn?

    • Ha. My favorite topic. THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Where the eff is it, Barry? We’re still waiting for it.

    • It’s interesting. The writer seems to accept that Barry was born in Hawaii to the Kenyan and SAD. However, the writer then seems to accept that the birth certificate is fake. But WHY WOULD IT BE? The writer says the lamestream and the DemoncRATS just wanted to ignore Barry’s dual citizenship. But we already “knew” about that. It was even admitted by his campaign when they made that statement about how all of BHO Sr.’s children were Kenyan citizens (too, in Barry’s case, allegedly). The bogus BC says nothing to disagree with what the writer already accepts? That is: Mother an American citizen, father a Kenyan citizen, the kid born in the state of Hawaii, and so a citizen of the U.S. AND the UK/Kenya, whatever. So WHY would the BC be forged UNLESS one or more of those pertinent facts were not true: His mother wasn’t SAD (so maybe not a U.S. citizen), his father wasn’t BHO Sr. (so nobody could determine his own status without the truth of parentage), or he WASN’T BORN IN THE USA AT ALL, so if his father was not a citizen and his mother WAS SAD (but not old enough to confer her citizenship on her child), then he isn’t a U.S. citizen at all and was only a UK/Kenyan one.

      I do think, however, that the writer may be correct in that Barry went after Trump, used all his power corruptly and used the Deep State to do it, to pay Trump back for daring to expose the probable truth about Barry–he was NEVER eligible and so should never have been potus. This new story about how the FBI was trying to ruin Flynn sounds like they’re preparing to make the FBI, Strzok, and Ohr and anybody else, take the blame, take the fall, for spying on Trump’s campaign. They don’t want it to be known that the FBI was used to spy on and try to prevent the election of a candidate for the presidency and, failing that, to continue to try to destroy the subsequent administration. That’s a scandal TOO FAR, so they’re going to deflect and say they were only on a witch hunt to ruin FLYNN, not Trump. The reason being some bad blood from back when Flynn worked in the Obama administration. I don’t buy it and Jordan, Gowdy, and the rest need to get to the bottom of ALL of this corruption NOW, or else our country will be ruined forever. We cannot have an FBI, a CIA, a FISA court, a NSA, that allows a corrupt “intelligence community” to conspire with (not collude–conspire with) one political party to defeat the other party’s candidate. That means secret police and ONE PARTY RULE, like in Red China and the Soviet Union.


        They’re going through 10,000 text messages Strzok sent to Page, his mistress. (I wonder how the poor wife feels these days. My heart goes out to her. Dollars to donuts she’s HIS age and 20 years older than the mistress.) Hoist on his own petard, huh? He allegedly (probably) used the bogus dossier to get the FISA warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign, kids, maybe even Trump himself. With luck we’ll see. NOW he’s being subject to the electronic proctological exam. HOW DOES IT FEEL, PETER?

        What is our country coming to, anyway? Just imagine if some bureaucrat was trolling through, EXAMINING, reading every one of your text messages. Whatever happened to privacy? This is some scary shit. (Pardon my terminology, but I don’t feel kind today.) I can’t stand Strzok, if he did what he looks like he did; but I do feel for ANYBODY who has the likes of the “DOJ” looking through their private messages. God help our Republic to stand.

        • So I keep replying to myself. Bear with me. I keep thinking of new angles. Consider: JUST NOW the DOJ is going through the text messages, to see what’s fit to turn over to Congress. THAT MEANS, then, that they DIDN’T got through them all before. Right? I mean, they should already KNOW the pertinent ones–the ones that got him moved or fired or whatever happened. So were they NOT CONCERNED about all 10,000 before? What sort of investigation did they do of him?

          Wray refused to respond to Congress today on many questions because he said there’s an ongoing OIG investigation or he implied that the judiciary committee wasn’t the equal of the intelligence committees with regard to getting classified FISA court stuff, such as the application for the FISA warrant to spy on Trump. Not true, but he testified so, anyway, because–hey! They’re not about to tell the truth in public, without making the Congress pull every little bit out like pulling teeth. They KNOW what happened and what kind of hell there is to pay for what’s happened. It’s going to hatch out sooner or later, but they’re going to make our representatives pull it out of them and they’re probably telling themselves they have to lie and cover up for the good of the country, because We the People can’t handle the truth and they, the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc., can’t survive us KNOWING the truth of what they did. IOW, they’re SO CRITICAL to the country, to national security, that we CAN’T know how corrupt they are.

          Trump and Congress need to start over. Not “clean house.” They need to disband the entire apparatus and start over from scratch. FIRST OF ALL: EVERY Obama holdover should be fired. Why is McCabe STILL in the FBI, for example?

    • Wow. I’m so accustomed to the lamestream just ignoring conservatives, that it didn’t even occur to me that Paula, Kathleen, and Juanita should have been on that cover. They actually talked to Juanita, but didn’t include ANYTHING she had to say in the article. Nor did they put HER photo on the cover, even though she’s been nearly single-handedly leading the “me, too” so-called “movement” for the past three decades! She was the original BRAVE ONE. These others? They waited to jump on the bandwagon, once the coast was clearer. God bless Juanita. I hope she finds some peace. It’s a shame that even now, when Clinton is getting a little taste of what’s due him, she’s still being dissed.

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