Hillary is Simply Unbelievable

Hillary Clinton has made some amazingly hypocritical and clueless comments lately. Even for the typically far-from-self-aware Clinton, she’s outdone herself in exhibiting her hypocrisy and, especially, her myopia.

Regarding the possibility that the Department of Justice may appoint a special counsel to investigate the Uranium One scandal and Clinton’s role in it, she responded

If they send a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust our justice system. [emphasis added]

Oh, that’s rich. It’s thanks to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, and many others from the Obama administration that We the People already knew that we couldn’t trust the justice system for at least the past 8 years.

The Obama administration, of which Hillary Clinton was a big part, was an authoritarian regime, where political opponents were unfairly and fraudulently investigated. The IRS targeted conservative groups. The names of American citizens were illegally unmasked so that Clinton’s political opponents could be spied upon. The shenanigans of the Obama FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ, especially in the waning months of the administration, make the Nigerian government look as honest as the day is long. President Trump and his associates were and are still being “fraudulently investigated” for the non-crime of “collusion” with Russians (which didn’t happen anyway).

What planet is Hillary Clinton from? Does she really believe there’s a thinking human being left alive who will buy her BS?

With regard to charges of sexual abuse and sexual harassment against Judge Roy Moore and Al Franken, Clinton actually applauded Franken recently for “accepting responsibility” and for “apologizing.” She then went on to lump President Trump in with Judge Moore, comparing them unfavorably to Franken because both Moore and Trump have refused to apologize for things they say they didn’t do, while Franken, on the other hand, had no choice but to admit it because there’s photographic evidence.

Clinton went on to say that President Trump has “disgraced the office” of the presidency. Ironic, isn’t it? This from a woman whose then-50-year-old husband got oral sex from a 22-year-old intern right in the Oval Office. Talk about disgracing the office!

Has Bill Clinton ever admitted his crime against Juanita Broaddrick, much less publicly apologized to her for it? How about Paula Jones? Kathleen Willey?

For that matter, when is Hillary Clinton herself going to apologize to the many women, the “bimbos“, whom she herself attacked and smeared in the media? Have you heard her admit to her own crimes against these women? The “bimbo eruption team?” Has she publicly apologized?

Suddenly, the Democrats are throwing Harvey Weinstein under the bus. Amazingly, too, now they’re throwing Bill Clinton under the bus. (Mind you, it’s safe to say he ought to have resigned, now that the Democrats have enjoyed the power the Clinton presidency gave them, not to mention the millions they’ve accumulated over the years. You didn’t hear any of them calling for Bill Clinton to resign while he was in the presidency. You didn’t hear many of them even criticize his sexually abusive behavior, while there was still a chance he’d be back in the Oval Office, if only as First Gentleman.)

And now, suddenly, according to Hillary Clinton, women who make allegations of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment should be automatically believed. However, that wasn’t her attitude when the charges were made against her husband. Do you get the feeling that they have some women waiting in the wings to make more October-surprise allegations in 2018 and 2020?

Obviously, with the Russian collusion gambit failing, the Democrats need a new meme, a new narrative, to use against the President and conservatives. That swamp cannot be drained!

The race card doesn’t look promising anymore. They’ve overplayed that hand. White middle class voters have had enough of that. (Thus President Trump.) It doesn’t help that it appears  that those dreaded Russian trolls promoted and even funded some of the BLM protests.

The Democrats are obviously hoping to re-up the “war on women” meme and accuse President Trump of sexual harassment or abuse, hoping that somebody somewhere will make a charge that sticks, so that they can impeach him or at least defeat him in 2020. Surely there’s a woman candidate out there that they plan to run. Kamala Harris? Elizabeth Warren? They’ve got to get all the young women on their side, somehow.

No, sorry, Democrats. You don’t get a do-over. You’re the ones who set the standard. You’re the ones who argued that it’s was okay for a 50-year-old man, the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world, to sexually use a 22-year-old subordinate, a lowly intern, with no political consequences. You’re also the ones who refused to even consider the possibility that this same man was a rapist. As long as you and your political agenda would benefit by him staying in power, then you were happy to ignore his victims and deny them justice.

It’s too late now to credibly accuse conservatives in Alabama or “deplorables” throughout the United States of choosing political power over justice for female victims. No, you did that. All we’re guilty of is not believing in these too-convenient, last-minute allegations.

Is it possible some of the accusers are telling the truth? Surely. But you all have cried wolf one time too many.

We’re onto you now. We know all about your fake news. Keep up your games. You’re just wasting your time. We the People don’t believe your BS any more.

And Hillary: Go away.

Just. Go. Away.


121 responses to “Hillary is Simply Unbelievable


  2. Hannity, Solomon, Carter, Toesing- FBI INFORMANT REVELATIONS

    Excellent investigative reporting.

  3. ha’ …. TRASH “W T P ” … U SUCKERS’ … they say next YEAR ….
    they MIGHT stay in the locker area if they want 2 F US OVER ha’






  5. SEASON’S BEATINGS: Shoppers punch, kick, scream; Baby hit with shoe…
    One shot outside mall, brawls shut another…
    BLACK FRIDAY SMACKDOWN: Men squabble over toy car…
    And the chaos goes global…
    Customers wear employee uniforms to sneak in to stores!
    Facial recognition tracking EVERYWHERE; Santa sees everything…
    Cyber Monday forecast to be largest shopping day in history…
    Credit card problems plague MACY’S…
    AMAZON workers strike…


    • Oh, BS. Oprah, Gillibrand, and Fey WOULDN’T have been given the same leeway as Weinstein? What planet are they from? Of course, they would have. They’re ALL rabid DemoncRATS. As for the women having to pay the bills, isn’t that the definition of prostitution?

    • The Russians were followed closely by the muslim brotherhood. Russians aren’t the only ones and the next group were successful, weren’t they? Honey pot. … humma, humma, humma.

      • “Under the code name Operation Ghost Stories, the FBI had been working the ring for a decade. Its targets had burrowed in along the Acela Corridor between Boston, New York, and Washington DC. They lived normal daily lives as Americans to attend universities, run businesses, marry, and conceive and raise children to infiltrate society and subvert government institutions. One of the SVR agents had stolen the identity of a six week-old Canadian baby who had died in 1963. That prompted the Ghost Stories code name. The ring inspired the FX network’s television series, “The Americans.””

        Hmmm. Stolen the identity of a Canadian baby.

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