Weaponized Hit?

Once upon a time, people were innocent until proven guilty. Once upon a time, the mainstream media would not smear someone first and ask questions later. Once upon a time, the mainstream media would not smear someone, destroy his reputation, destroy his livelihood, without proof that the allegations they were making were at least probably true, based upon substantial evidence, if only to protect themselves from lawsuits.

Once upon a time, the mainstream media, especially, didn’t tar a candidate for office with unproven and at-this-point unprovable allegations right before an election, hoping to destroy his candidacy, not to mention his life and the lives of his entire family. Once upon a time, the mainstream media would approach the accused to ask his side of the story before publishing the smear, instead of blindsiding him.

But that was before. This is now. This is the 21st century, when the mainstream media are now, basically, tabloids.

But wait! That’s unfair to tabloids. Better journalism takes place at The National Enquirer than at The Washington Post.

That was also before the mainstream media gave themselves permission to do away with journalistic ethics, especially with regard to maintaining objectivity and not taking sides politically. In the “age of Trump,” the mainstream media are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

Now, perhaps, we have an inkling about why the mainstream media and the progressive left seemed so happy to go after Harvey Weinstein. Was he the unfortunate but necessary sacrificial lamb, to be slaughtered for the greater good? That being, in the progressive left’s opinion, a country where control of the government returns to the Democrat Party and the alt-left, preferably forever? Where, if this hysterical neo-Salem Witch Hunt bears fruit, President Trump can (and will) be given similar treatment in 2020? A country where “by any means necessary” becomes the guiding principle for the media and the alt-left, so long as they can achieve their goal of retrieving and re-consolidating power to continue with their “fundamental transformation of America?”

The mainstream media has spent the past year milking allegations that President Trump’s campaign “colluded” with “the Russians.” There’s no evidence. There never was evidence. Even the “political hacks” from Obama’s “intelligence community” have said so, some of them under oath.

Now we come to the allegations against Judge Roy Moore, who’s running for the U.S. Senate. Control of the Senate hangs in the balance. These are allegations made only a month before the election. Allegations made almost 40 years after the fact, by a woman who has been “no angel,” as she admits herself. By a woman who has presumably watched Judge Moore’s career for decades–a very contentious career at that–and yet she stayed mum all this time.

It’s been reported that she has made similar allegations against several religious leaders. It’s been reported that at least one detail of her allegations is contradicted by her own mother. It’s been reported that her mother admitted that but for the Washington Post searching her out (somehow) to interview her, she would never have made these allegations.

What’s not been reported is how the reporter found this alleged victim or the other three women used to enhance the credibility of the alleged victim’s charges, even though all three of them say that Moore did nothing wrong during their own encounters with him.

That they willingly dated 32-year-old Moore when they were in their late teens (and over the legal age of consent) lends no credence whatsoever to allegations that Moore sexually abused a 14-year-old against her will.

However, after polls showed that people in Alabama tend to give Judge Moore the benefit of the doubt, the mainstream media dug up a new alleged victim, one who’s represented by a well-known Hillary-Clinton-supporting legal gadfly who loves the limelight that her many press conferences provide.

So here’s yet another alleged victim who waited nearly 40 years to speak up. Another case of “take her word for it.” (An alleged victim who, by the way, had to read her own narrative at the press conference.)

Disgracefully, most of the mainstream media articles claim that now a “fifth” accuser has come forward, when the truth is that three of the five are not accusers. They’re on record saying that they merely dated Moore and that he did not abuse them.

So that makes two accusers, not five, as the lying mainstream media would like to have it.

Note that the latest alleged victim was featured at the top of the NBC television news tonight. Top billing. Far different from the lack of attention given to Bill Clinton’s accuser Juanita Broaddrick, who was basically ignored by the pro-Democrat mainstream media.

Steve Bannon calls what’s happening to Judge Moore a “weaponized hit” upon his candidacy, perpetrated by the elites in the GOP, in collusion with the Democrats and the mainstream media.

All politicians should take note of what’s happening to Judge Moore. If the alt-left mainstream media’s weaponized hit on him succeeds, then what’s going to stop them from coming after anyone else who dares to support an agenda that does not align with their own?

The Judge and his wife say that they’re going to sue and that they’re “gathering evidence” to show that people were being offered money to make accusations against him. But lawsuits take a long time to wind through the courts. The election is next month. The mainstream media, the alt-left, even the GOP, don’t really care about what happens afterwards.

Their goal is to stop Judge Moore from being elected to the U.S. Senate. They’ll worry about the repercussions of their smears later. For now, they have to stop the draining of the DC swamp and they have to stop We the People from putting more conservatives in Congress.

Except in cases where the accused have admitted the offense, We the People can have no idea how many people who’ve made accusations of sexual harassment and/or assault are telling the truth. That’s for courts to decide.

What should be frightening to everyone is how the punishment is coming before any adjudication whatsoever. The accused are not able to confront the witnesses against them. The witnesses are not subject to cross examination. Due process is tossed aside in a rush to punish these alleged infractions. That should worry all of us.

Due process is important in every case, but especially so when allegations are made against political candidates right before an election. Our entire Republic depends upon having free and fair elections. Free of corruption, especially.

Control of the Senate means Democrats can control Supreme Court nominations, as well as nominations to other courts and Trump administration positions. Democrats can control or halt Senate investigations into the previous administration. Democrats can control or start Senate investigations into the current administration. Democrats can then, of course, control legislation. No wonder they’re using these last-ditch tactics. These weaponized hits. So much is at stake. A chance to “resist” the will of the People–those deplorables, whom they all despise.

Some suggest that the Senate will refuse to seat Judge Moore if the people of Alabama elect him despite the smears. If so, then what becomes of the will of the people?

What becomes of our country, which is supposed to be a country of the People, by the People, and for the People?

Use of these weaponized political hits must not be allowed to stand. The Swamp is playing with fire when they threaten to ignore the will of the people.



163 responses to “Weaponized Hit?

  1. “PUFF” daddy’s SON??? SO FULL of him-SELF!!! …4 SURE!!
    https://www.gq.com/story/colin-kaepernick-will-not-be-silenced ^^^

  2. YEP …as OBAMA ….REALLY gave us ALL….the B I R D !!!! ha’ crap-man

    • ….. NOW the FUN has STARTED …Once AGAIN!!!

        • I don’t know why I find this so fascinating, but I do. Guess it reminds me of all the time we spent debunking the various Obama “birth certificates.” The more you look at that inscription, the more you see. Did you see the video when Allred basically admitted that she’s not sure that Nelson even saw “Roy” sign the book? Even MSNBC (!!!) asked her why she presented it as his signature when she wasn’t positive it was.

          Have you noticed that it’s probably “RAY” and not Roy? You can tell by looking at the way the person who wrote the little poem made a small “a”. Look at the word “say.” Look at the word “a” for that matter. It’s RAY, just as Allred said. Too funny. Freud would be proud!

    • Think what a blockbuster play Shakespeare could have written about that woman.

  3. ~ DJ
    I’m not a mean heartless person but I do have common sense-I worked with
    a man & women here from Haiti. They have had 6 kids here since 2007. They have food stamps & government assistance & medicaid. That is one family of 8 that came here temporarily & have lived very well. I’m 64 & work 40 hours a week & never gotten any of this for free; been working & paying taxes since I was 15. Something doesn’t add up. I am not a Trump supporter in anyway but in instances like these I say send them home. …YEP it’s TIME! …see ya!

  4. ~ Jim Morrison • 28 mins ago

    The time to hesitate is through,
    No time to wallow in the mire,
    Come on baby light my fire,
    Try to set the night on fire!
    Call Gloria Allred & …. sue Oliver! …..ha’ !

  5. ^^^ LONGER than MY SANTA’S LIST when I was a KID! O’ WHAT

    KILL the OWNER ….. SUCH a WASTE …. so sad!


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