End of a Crazy Week

What a long, strange week this has been. We’ve been treated to some of the weirdest and most infuriating events over the past few days. What is becoming of our country?

This week we’ve seen a representative in the United States Congress politicize the death of a brave patriot who died in the line of duty. This person eavesdropped on a call from the President of the United States to a grieving widow as she was on her way to receive her husband’s casket. The representative then deliberately misinterpreted what the President said in order to make political points instead of allowing the nation to honor the sacrifice made by the fallen soldier and his family, as well as the three others who died with him in an ambush in Niger.

What a betrayal of these families and the nation!

This woman hijacked the solemn nature of the event to make it all about herself and her political party. General John Kelly said it best:

I was stunned when I came to work yesterday morning, and broken hearted, at what I saw a member of Congress doing. A member of Congress who listened in on a phone call from the President of the United States to a young wife. And in his way he tried to express that opinion, that he’s a brave man, a fallen hero. He knew what he was getting himself into because he enlisted. There was no reason to enlist. He enlisted. And he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be, with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken. That was the message. That was the message that was transmitted.

‘It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought at least that was sacred.

No, General Kelly, it seems that very little is sacred anymore, especially in the  age of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If President Trump’s words can be twisted, manipulated, willfully misinterpreted, or rephrased to change the meaning of what he said in order to “perceive” offense or, better yet, find racism, then his words will be distorted, if by doing so the alt-left, the Democrats, the progressives, the mainstream media, and/or the Never-Trumpers can score political points against him.

After all, their overriding goal is to damage the Trump presidency by any means necessary and, if possible, to remove him from office as soon as they can. Anything else, including honoring our fallen heroes, is not a priority to them.

It’s disgusting. It’s shameful. It’s un-American.

To borrow a phrase from Obama: “It’s not who we are.”

These people–and here I include the mainstream media who gleefully promoted and continue to promote this story–embarrassed our country in front of the entire world when they dishonored the sacrifice of those four brave men who died in Niger, as well as the sacrifices of all others who, down through the centuries, have given their lives in defense of this nation.

A totally bizarre factoid came to light this week during the brouhaha: The phrase empty barrel is apparently racist. To call an obvious narcissistic air-headed blowhard an empty barrel is racist, if said airhead happens to be “of color.”  Who knew?


Hostages and hostage statements. We’ve all seen them. Al Qaeda or ISIS or some other terror group captures some poor souls and forces them at gunpoint or at machete point to make a statement. Patty Hearst. John McCain. All good illustrations of how hostages behave under duress. Their cases came to mind recently when I saw the LVPD sheriff revising the timeline for the so-called investigation into the Stephen Paddock terror attack. Have a look:

The sheriff, overseen by his FBI “associate,” as he makes “minute” but very, very confusing and critical changes to the timeline of the event.

The Las Vegas incident gave rise to another similar scene, when the security guard, who may or may not have been present before, during, or after the shooting took place, appeared on a TV talk/entertainment show instead of at the five other interviews he’d lined up and then promptly absconded from. The guard, resembling the sheriff, sat nervously, sweating obviously, looking down as if ashamed, throughout much of the appearance. At his side, as with the FBI agent above, sat a man who, we’re told, is a maintenance engineer at the hotel, who himself may or may not have been present before, during, or after the shooting took place. Oddly enough, this man didn’t appear in the narrative until over a week after the shooting. He came to light only as the timeline began to morph.

So there’s that similarity to statements being made under duress.  A greater mind than mine also noticed the strangeness of this appearance:

Excellent question, Mr. James Woods! The worst mass shooting in U.S. history, and the eye witnesses are on a talk show where, bizarrely, they received NFL caps as prizes and got a YUGE check from Ellen, as if they had just won the lottery.

As if there aren’t 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded. Where was the sympathy for or even much mention of the victims?

Gee, it’s almost as if the authorities don’t expect to ever prosecute anyone, so who cares if the one (or two?) sole eye witnesses on the scene contaminate any future testimony and mess up any future prosecutions or civil cases?

A lawyer went to court this week to ask for a temporary restraining order to ensure that the evidence from the scenes, some of which is now apparently under the control of the FBI, is preserved. In other words, not lost or destroyed somehow.

In ordinary times, such measures wouldn’t be necessary. But we’re no longer living in ordinary times.

We regularly see on TV news the surveillance videos of gas station robbers or convenience store thieves. Where’s all the video of Stephen Paddock as he passed by the thousands upon thousands of cameras in Las Vegas, on the streets, in the casinos and the hotels?

Has anyone even seen a photograph of the man other than one that’s decades old, one where he’s nearly got his eyes closed, or the “leaked” one that’s supposed to be him dead on the floor of the hotel room?

Apparently, if social media rumors turn out to be true, cell phones that were turned in by concert workers were wiped clean by authorities before they were returned to their owners. WHY?


Harvey Weinstein. Are we sick of hearing about him yet? Women are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches when the lights go out. Where were all these women when others were being used and abused, if the stories are true? If he’s what he appears to be, then likely every woman he ever met has a story to tell. So what can we make of this?

Literally for decades, if the stories are true, this man was a predator, stalking the young and the beautiful out there in La La Land. “Everybody knew,” they say. But nobody let on and nobody in the mainstream media, who also surely knew, let on.

Let this be a shining example for those who claim that there can’t possibly be any large-scale conspiracy in this country. That’s exactly what we were told when people questioned Obama’s biographical details.

“You must be insane. Take off your tinfoil hat! Do you really think all the Democrats and all the media could keep a secret like that, if he’s not who he claims to be or wasn’t born where he claims he was born?”

So much for that argument.

Can there really be a vast conspiracy that’s not just a “theory?” The answer is a resounding YES!

Some of us really do think that the alt-left and most of the media (in the tank for Obama) and all the Democrats (dependent upon the power an Obama presidency gave them) would and could keep anything that even hinted at Obama’s ineligibility a complete and total secret.

They covered for Weinstein, so why not for Obama?

If you ever again hear an alt-lefty say that conspiracies to keep secrets about powerful people are impossible to keep secret, remind them of Harvey Weinstein.

Actually, maybe it is impossible to keep the secret, but it’s completely possible (it’s been done) to discredit anybody who knows or suspects the truth by simply calling them crazed conspiracy theorists and refusing to report the truth, or to even look for it.

A liberal professor wrote this in the Wall Street Journal today:

Get Harvey Weinstein out of the newspapers and into the courts. If convicted, punish him as the law requires, but remember that he, like all of us, is a human being. We have forgotten this about anyone who has been labeled our opposition, and this has made us a meaner and ultimately more dangerous country.

Would that academics, the mainstream media, the Democrats, and all the Never-Trumpers would remember that President Trump is also a human being.

Somehow I don’t expect to read anything from this same professor decrying how the president of the United States is portrayed in the newspapers, or how he’s the victim of a “witch hunt,” a “lynch mob,” or an “angry mob,” even though it’s obviously true. Or is that also a “conspiracy theory?”

I’m not holding my breath waiting for intellectual honesty from anybody in the media, academia, or the alt-left.


95 responses to “End of a Crazy Week

    • Could this possibly be true? It would be great, but can it be true?

      • Oh, I see. They’re only investigating Podesta’s group because they must, since to get Manafort they have to go after them, too, because he worked WITH them on that Russian stuff. They’re not going after the uranium deal. How do we know? Because Mueller himself is up to his eyeballs in it! Ditto for Rosenstein.

  1. Here’s something that slipped by me: http://www.dailyprogress.com/news/local/heather-heyer-s-cause-of-death-ruled-as-blunt-force/article_cf362edc-b2c6-11e7-bfa4-8749ed76aae2.html

    Did anybody see this? Parse it:

    “Heather Heyer’s cause of death was blunt force injury to the chest, according to the Central District Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond.

    Heyer, a 32-year-old paralegal who was protesting the white nationalist Unite the Right rally in downtown Charlottesville on Aug. 12, died after a car rammed a crowd of pedestrians gathered at the intersection of Fourth and Water streets. Dozens more were injured.

    The manner of Heyer’s death is still pending, a representative with the office said Monday.

    James Alex Fields Jr., of Ohio, is charged with second-degree murder, five counts of malicious wounding, three counts of aggravated malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run. He is being held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.

    Virginia code states that all murder — other than capital murder and murder in the first degree — is murder of the second degree.

    Scott Goodman, an attorney who isn’t associated with the case, said the state would have to prove that malice was … involved. He also said a court could determine that the vehicle was used as a weapon.”

    Key points: MANNER of death not yet announced. What caused the blunt force injury to the chest? Remember that her mother said she died of a heart attack. A blow to the chest can do that–stop the heart. What caused the blow? Someone’s foot? She was trampled. She was not hit in the chest by the car. I’ve looked at those videos enough to know that by now.

    Note how they don’t say the car struck her, only that she died AFTER a car hit a crowd of pedestrians (but they weren’t pedestrians, they were protesters blocking a street)! Fields is NOT charged with first degree or capital murder, which means premeditation. And they said the court “could” decide the vehicle was a weapon. How could it be if it didn’t hit her?

    Are they going to argue that but for his car coming down the street and the “pedestrians” scattering to get out of the way, then knocking her down, she’d still be alive, so he killed her? If the protesters weren’t blocking the street they wouldn’t have had to scatter or knock her down in their haste to avoid the car, so couldn’t we argue that their crime of blocking the street was a cause of her death?

    btw, TGP says he’s sure that Spencer is a leftist troll. I do think this is a good theory. Leopards don’t change their spots. This is ALL astroturfed. Both sides are astroturfed. Spencer sets it up and then antifa knocks it down. It’s kabuki theater. There IS no white supremacist “movement.” Did you see the “crowd” at Spencer’s most recent event? There were about a dozen supporters there. Anybody can find a dozen idiots to sit and listen to anything. Hundreds of antifa protesters were on that campus “protesting” Spencer, and the university is whining about having to spend $600,000 for “security.” Go ask Soros or Obama. Don’t whine to us.

  2. Boy oh Boy, That botched Vegas thing is really gone. Like in gone.
    Biggest mass shooting in USA “peacetime” history and it’s just gone.
    That is so like totally amazing. Who would have thought?
    Anyways, there was an F1 race this weekend in Texas.
    The UK has this very successful driver called Lewis Hamilton, who happens to be black.
    He is successful because he in probably one of the three best F1 drivers in the world at this time, the other two are Sebastian Vettel and a newcomer called Max Verstappen.
    Lewis is winning the entire championshp this year.
    He is quite rich, not by Soros standards, but by athlete standards.
    He is a UK tax exile, lives in, I think, Switzerland.
    Prior to the Texas race, a wannabee journalist asked thim if he too would “take the knee” during the USA national anthem.
    He fudged a reply.
    His team boss from Mercedes, that would be Toto Wolf, told him he is not allowed to join that protest and I think his contract is for another three years at about 30 million dollars per year.
    Lewis said that he supports the goals of the black NFL players who oppose racism and oppression in the USA but would not himself take the knee.
    What to make of that?
    I think he remained standing during our national anthem.
    OK for that.
    But what a s**k a** evasion.
    Here is, I might suggest, a better answer:
    “I am a guest in your country, thank you for inviting me, I will remain not political and not disrespect your national anthem. Please enjoy the race.”
    I can find no web article that says whether he did or whether he did not take the knee. All the articles posted today discuss whether he “would or would not” take the knee.
    I would expect TV not to show what happened during the anthem.
    Does anybody have any recent information?

  3. We can pretty much conclude, thinking for ourselves, that Las Vegas did not happen in anyway according to the approved narrative. Too much contradiction, too many cellphones, too much video, too many eye witnesses – some now dead.
    All of that could be discounted as usual conspiracy theory stuff –
    one week later,
    some pervy guy in Hollywood, admittedly a rich movie producer, is outed by the NYT which is the remarkable incident featuring an altra left wing newspaper destroying an ultra left wing friend of hollywood.
    If the media were independant, then some would talk about the producer guy and some would still be interested in the Vegas story.
    Nope. no. nada, nyet, non, forgetaboutit!
    Nobody is now covering the vegas story. It’s as if they were told to switch.
    It’s old history.
    In the story of controversial killings, this must be one of the shortest running discussions in history.
    We don’t know who, but we can suspect, even more is we don’t know why – what was the objective of this mass murder There are at least a dozen different theories and I have no evidence that can support any of them.
    Equally I have no evidence that can support Mr. Haddock and the fishy tale of his epic adventure.
    That is the most significant fauture of this story – it’s ultra quick ending.

    • I’m positive that they WERE told to switch off the LV coverage. Not that there was much there in the first place. It’s too uncomfortable for them. The TRUTH about what happened, that is. Any victims will be paid off by the extremely wealthy casino/hotel owners (many of whom have deep pockets because of ME OIL). The settlements will ALL be contingent on people keeping their traps shut forever. Unfortunately, most will probably take the deals. If they don’t, then their lives will probably not be worth much, so …

      Do you think Sessions’s announcement of a special focus on MS13 may have something to do with it? I mean, they ARE into drug dealing, prostitution, AND gun running.

      • What I mean is that I put some credence in the theory that Paddock was a patsy. That he, being wealthy, having resources, having multiple houses, knowing that Filipina/Australian woman who may have connections of some kind or another, just might have been a go-between, a supplier of guns, who could buy them easily, without question (apparently), and then bring them into that suite from which they could be handed over. He could easily have been double crossed, killed, and then the buyers are the ones who did the shooting. What or whom did Campos and Schuck SEE? Who was that Australian (!) guy who claimed he was checked into the second room from which Paddock allegedly shot, even though that room was supposed to belong to Paddock and the suite was later registered to Marilou, not Paddock! Why were Hispanic people telling the crowd, 45 minutes before the shooting, that they were all going to die? Why were Hispanics in cars taunting people in the crowd as they ran from the venue? LV itself is a hotbed of prostitution and drug dealing, among other things–like gambling, obviously. Some of it probably illegal. We know there are many illegal aliens, Hispanics, Filipinos, and Middle Easterners in LV. This seems to be either a gun purchase turned into a terror attack, or maybe even a sting gone wrong. Either way, Paddock was a patsy. Then again, it could have been a drill gone “live.”

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    This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

    President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

    Sarah H Sanders Twitter @SHSanders45

  5. http://www.breitbart.com/sports/2017/10/24/report-colin-kaepernick-trying-get-book-deal/ ….
    OR ….. ha’
    ~ phillie_fan62 Pork Chops • 2 hours ago + comments….
    OR … “I take a knee, cause I suck” …..

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