Ides of October Open Thread

Today is the Ides of October. So many negative things are happening in our world. Let’s take a moment to savor the beauty of October. Peak autumn color arrives soon in most of the United States (if it’s not there already in your neck of the woods). October is the time to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider and crisp, bracing weather. Before you can say “Boo!”, it will be Halloween, and then Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season.

For sanity’s sake, try to take time these next few weeks to appreciate the beauty of October.

After all, it comes around just once a year.



162 responses to “Ides of October Open Thread

  1. As you probably suspect, I’m lazy this week and bereft of ideas for a new post, so this is it! Can you believe that October is already half gone? My favorite month and where did it go?

  2. Where did October go and where did Jose/Jesus Campos go? Any ideas?

    That said, I’m not even sure there is such a person. When the maintenance man called in the shooting in the hall, he didn’t mention him at all. He certainly didn’t say Campos was shot or suggest they should send medical assistance or call an ambulance, besides the police. The dispatch people told Stephen Schuck to be “safe” and watch out. No mention of Campos, even though according to the latest timeline, Campos had already called down to dispatch via his radio AND his cell phone. Weren’t the dispatchers concerned with how Campos was, or are we to believe that Campos didn’t tell them he was shot, either?

    • I’ve been busy the past couple of days so am trying to catch up. Just saw on Steve Quayle a photo of Campos next to one of San Bernadino Muslim shooter couple. Apologies for my brain fog — don’t have time to look up what happened — did they get shot/arrested by cops after they killed 14 people? Is this photo supposedly of “Jesus Campos” (which REALLY looks like the San Bernadino guy) the real thing, even has a buttoned up shirt like the Muslim tunic worn in the other picture. Was this the man who disappeared from the tv studios where he was supposed to be interviewed by Hannity etc.? Can anyone vouch for this? How about the Mandalay Bay employment office? Or is ISIS playing a little trick on everyone? Having Saudis owning top floor accommodations there makes me wonder.

      • If you’re talking about the photo of the man with glasses, a beard that just goes around the edge of his face, and a purple shirt buttoned all the way to the top–yes, that’s supposedly the security guard. That’s supposed to be his employee photo–taken when he was hired. I don’t remember seeing a photo of him next to the CA perps. I don’t remember the details of that event, either. I’ve been busy lately, too, so wasn’t able to follow those theories about him resembling the CA perps.

        Someone somewhere said that it’s a “style” among Mexican gangs to wear a shirt buttoned all the way up. I can’t say if that’s true or not, but the beard CERTAINLY is similar to the beards that muslims wear. I’m just sayin’.

        Middle-Easterners and people of Hispanic background (including Mexicans) resemble each other a lot. It’s because (1) Spain was invaded by muslims and occupied by them for hundreds of years, so there was intermarriage and (2) the Spanish are a “Mediterranean” people and so resemble other peoples that lived around the Mediterranean area–Greeks, Italians, Arabs, Lebanese, even Jews. Lots of Arab blood in people of Spanish ancestry.

        ISIS and other ME terrorist groups have for YEARS planned to teach their terror buddies the Spanish language and get them to infiltrate the U.S. via arriving with Mexican illegal aliens. I can’t tell by just looking at him whether he’s Hispanic or Arabic, but I’m leaning towards the latter, but who knows?

        Laura Loomer now says that he shares a SSN with someone named Jesus A. Quintero (iirc). His name is allegedly Jesus A. Campos. Now, Spanish surnames differ from ours in that they use both their mother’s and their father’s surnames. So it’s possible Quintero is his mom’s surname and he is actually Campos Quintero and at some point dropped Quintero. The only way we’ll know is if somebody actually vets this guy, and one would hope the FBI and LVPD have done so, but actually that may be why he’s not allowed to talk to media and has disappeared.

        What if he’s illegal and they should have known it? It’s a SECURITY risk for sure, especially given the known promise by jihadists that they planned to infiltrate among the ranks of the illegal. Not that it would have anything to do with people’s deaths, so long as he’s not involved otherwise. But even so–consider: As a guard, if you get involved in something high profile, like this event, and you’re illegal, does it affect HOW you respond, knowing that by responding you just may be “outing” yourself?

        Why did the timeline change? Someone elsewhere suggested that it had to change in order to rule out the possibility that additional shooters were able to escape without being seen. (The official story is a lone shooter with no terror connections.)

        IF he arrived at the end of the shooting spree, as we were originally told, then SOME of the shooting may have been done by someone else who had already escaped by the time Campos arrived on the floor. However, if they move his arrival time up and say he was there to get shot and THEN the shooter shot at the crowd below, then all exits are covered because Campos allegedly stayed by the elevator after running away from the shooting and nobody could have gotten off the floor without Campos seeing them because the emergency fire door was somehow bolted shut and they would HAVE to use the elevator.

      • On the next page of comments, I link to clips from the Ellen show, where Campos is “interviewed” by her, if you can call it that. It’s STILL hard to tell, for sure, if he’s really Hispanic. He seems to have somewhat of an accent, but it’s not a clear one. He almost (seriously) sounds like a mumbling Marlon Brando. He’s chubbier than he looks in the photos we’ve seen. Older, too.

  3. 🍁🍁 WE ❤ OCTOBER 🍁🍁

  4. Are they sacrificing Weinstein as an excuse to go back to the trough on this one, again?

    One of the women who accused Trump of sexual harassment during the campaign now wants to subpoena records of any allegation of sexual harassment made against Trump. I suspected there was some ulterior motive to this Weinstein thing, besides distracting from LV, the NFL, and other progressive fiascos. Nothing has worked so far to get rid of Trump, so they’re trying them all again. The 25th amendment. They have so-called psychiatrists ignoring ethics to claim that Trump’s insane, unfit for office. (Where were they the past 8 years/) They’re going to try the sexual harassment angle again. Keep going on the Russian thing. Keep going on the collusion. This will go on for the next 3 1/2 years. Nothing’s going to work. I hope they realize that soon. They even trotted out Anita Hill again. Talk about “debunked accusers.”

    Another thought: Mueller is able to “investigate” ANYTHING. Are they trying to find something in this realm to get him to investigate?

    • The more they go after Trump

      The more it just bounces back at them

      Now there are claims against

      George Clooney
      Robert DeNiro

      …I wonder who’s next! 😉

  5. …. NAACP …is on the TOP of …. BLACK BE-TRAY-ERS!!!
    yep “attacking” as they LIVE & BREATH 2 ATTACK ! WHAT FOOLS!

  6. My President!! ❤

  7. The beauty of Autumn. I have got a different picture on my computer as wall paper, it is of a Minnesota fishing lake in Autumn, I don’t know how to post just a random picture. It is very beautiful.
    I used to not like Autumn, because it was a harbinger of winter.
    “You’ll see summer come again” I think I posted that music a little while ago.
    No politics in this one, But we do need to beware the 4th of November.
    Maybe it will pass without incident, I hope so,
    but please when you wake up that day do not expect it to be just another ordinary day.

  8. …… HOLLY WEIRD …. is full of HOT AIR!!! so sad

  9. Still, Kaepernick remains unemployed. The grievance, filed Sunday night, alleges that NFL owners “have Colluded to Deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership & advocacy for equality & social justice & his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial Equality in the United States.” ?????? U STUPID “DICK”!

    In a statement Sunday, his attorney Mark Geragos said the complaint was filed “Only After pursuing every possible avenue …. with all NFL teams & their executives.”

    Ha ! MARK G …… & look where it GOT SCOTT PETERSON ….

  10. ~ Conservative Not Republican • ^^^…SPREAD-ing SICK-NESS 24/7 NASTY!
    Words do not exist ……which can adequately describe how Evil communist liberals really are. This promotion of perversion to kids this young should be
    a criminal offense. It is literally mind rape of young children. Had I been there,
    & witnessed this taking place, I’m sure I would have ended up in Jail, because
    I would not have just stood by & watched this Freak Ply H I S Evil upon these young minds.

    • After reading that, is there ANY DOUBT left at all that they similarly LIED (the Obama administration, I mean, ALL of them) when they said that Barry’s travel documents were lost ages ago when there was probably an equipment jam with the microfilm, or when SAD’s passport records were incomplete, or when Barry’s passport files were just “looked at” but not changed, or when Hawaii said “here is his real birth certificate” or, more important, when at a WH presser they CLAIMED that this was his real birth certificate when it was obviously a digitally created image that NOBODY would stand behind legally?

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