Columbus Day Weekend

On Monday the United States celebrates Columbus Day, a national holiday. On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the New World.

Some history about Columbus Day:

A U.S. national holiday since 1937, Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. The Italian-born explorer … intended to chart a western sea route to China, India and the fabled gold and spice islands of Asia; instead, he landed in the Bahamas …

The first Columbus Day celebration took place in 1792, when New York‘s Columbian Order–better known as Tammany Hall–held an event to commemorate the historic landing’s 300th anniversary. …

In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation encouraging Americans to mark the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage with patriotic festivities, writing, “On that day let the people, so far as possible, cease from toil and devote themselves to such exercises as may best express honor to the discoverer and their appreciation of the great achievements of the four completed centuries of American life.”

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a national holiday …

Columbus Day remains a national holiday. But for how long? Alt-left activists plan to disrupt commemorations of the day and to deface monuments and statues set up to honor the explorer.

Violent left-wing anarchists have announced a nationwide campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues this coming Monday.

Five Christopher Columbus statues have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks, according to Far Left Watch. In one case last month, vandals defaced a “larger-than-life” statue of Columbus in Central Park, leaving blood-red paint on his hands, and scrawled, “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.

What is coming appears to be a coordinated campaign to destroy monuments all across the country on Columbus Day.

That  sounds like a criminal conspiracy to commit, at best, vandalism. At worst? What is the FBI planning to do about this?

So much for valuing diversity!

Oddly enough, as some here in the U.S. denigrate Columbus and his achievements, many Hispanic nations honor Columbus and celebrate the anniversary of his arrival in the New World:

The landing is celebrated as … “Día de la Raza” (“Day of the Race”) in many countries in Latin America, as “Día de la Hispanidad” and “Fiesta Nacional” in Spain, where it is also the religious festivity of la Virgen del Pilar, as Día de las Américas (Day of the Americas) in Belize and Uruguay, as Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural (Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity) in Argentina, and as Giornata Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo or Festa Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo in Italy and in the Little Italys around the world

Hispanic nations seem to have a much more enlightened attitude towards the meaning of cultural diversity and “race,” in that they honor and are proud of all the various cultures and races that fused over the centuries to create what they call “la Raza” or their Hispanic identity.

If, as promised, domestic terrorists in the U.S. do carry out their threatened campaign of destruction on Monday, one wonders how the authorities in the mostly-Democrat-run cities will respond?

For the most part, left-wing activists have thus far been able to break laws, disturb the peace, attack citizens and police officers, destroy property, riot, and even commit arson, while police were ordered to “stand down” and let them “get their message out.”

For how long will mayors of these cities look the other way while alt-left thugs break the law and in doing so violate the rights of all the law-abiding citizens?

For how long will Attorney General Sessions and the Trump administration look the other way as far-left anarchists, antifa groups, Black Lives Matter, and other so-called “peaceful protesters” riot, vandalize, march in streets and on highways to deliberately disrupt traffic, block store entrances and maraud through shopping centers, shut down the free speech of other citizens (as in Berkeley), and deliberately make others “uncomfortable,” thus violating their victims’ civil rights, all in order to get their way?

In any case, while we still have this national holiday to celebrate:

Enjoy your Columbus Day weekend.




119 responses to “Columbus Day Weekend


    It’s official! President Trump reaffirms the Columbus Day holiday.

    “The president’s proclamation Friday directs the U.S. to celebrate his discovery of the Americas, noting “the permanent arrival of Europeans … was a transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation.” …”


    “The intelligence division at the Treasury Department has repeatedly and systematically violated domestic surveillance laws by snooping on the private financial records of US citizens and companies, according to government sources.

    Over the past year, at least a dozen employees in another branch of the Treasury Department, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, have warned officials and Congress that US citizens’ and residents’ banking and financial data has been illegally searched and stored. And the breach, some sources said, extended to other intelligence agencies, such as the National Security Agency, whose officers used the Treasury’s intelligence division as an illegal back door to gain access to American citizens’ financial records. …

    Sources said the spying had been going on under President Barack Obama, but the Donald Trump appointees who now control how the department conducts intelligence operations are Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Sigal Mandelker.

    At issue is the collection and dissemination of information from a vast database of mostly US citizens’ banking and financial records that banks turn over to the government each day. Banks and other financial institutions are required, under the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, to report suspicious transactions and cash transactions over $10,000. The database is maintained by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, a bank regulator charged with combatting money laundering, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes. Under the law, it has unfettered powers to peruse and retain the data. …”

    Surely they’re perusing Trump’s transactions but didn’t see fit to do anything about Paddock’s.

  3. Interesting

    • What say you? I have no clue what Trump meant.

      • It could be about what author Glenn Canady writes about in a very recent and long and quite convincing article from that site.
        I’m not going to provide the link but you can easily find it.
        Amongst many things he says that Paddock the shooter is not some unknown mystery man but a former cia pilot who flew weapons to the Taleban when the Russians were in Afghanistan, and he also worked on Fast n Furious for the obama administration.
        He says lots of things.
        It’s worth reading.
        I read to the end of the comments and nobody has found this story,
        if it is true it explains a Lot of Things.
        Yes I realize it’s beforeitsnews but there’s nothing sbout lizards, planet X, shape shifters or aliens!

        • Having the two airplanes and a pilot’s license seems critical. They talk about him and Marilou driving from Mesquite to LV. Now wouldn’t someone with a small plane fly? Especially if the person is rich? So then they claimed some kind of health situation made him lose his credentials recently, or else he was due for some kind of checkup and he didn’t do it in time, so he lost his license. Not sure of the details. But it’s curious. Isn’t it expensive to keep planes in a hangar? Where did he keep them? What sort of flight logs are there for those planes? Obviously, drug and gun runners use small planes out there, near the border. I could easily see him involved in Fast and Furious or some other undercover work, although he was a bit old for that, perhaps. Maybe in the past, so he had the connections. Something fishy, though.

          At least one victim is now suing to keep all Paddock’s assets frozen, potentially for the victims to be compensated from, if that’s even possible. The planes would seem to be worth quite a bit. Airplanes, homes, cars, etc.

          The casino owner, Wynn, said that Paddock didn’t owe any money to anyone in LV, so makes it seem as if he owned all that stuff outright. Would be interesting to know if it was mortgaged to the hilt, maybe, but we know at least one home was paid for IN CASH. Again, how the hell does that happen without the person being on the government’s radar as a potential drug dealer, gun runner, or involved in some other nefarious activity? Especially given his travels out of the country and to muslim nations. DHS should have been watching him. But, of course, they ought to have been watching the Boston terrorists, too.

  4. Everyone has an Opinion on the Las Vegas Massacre. Hysterical gun Control Pundits reach for any useless comparative statistic, such as Nicholas Kristof, …….. who Asserts that gun homicides Exceed combat deaths from A L L …. American wars.

    Why aren’t Kristof & his ilk similarly Aghast that Abortions since
    1973 (Roe v. Wade) Outnumber gun homicides, 55 million to 500,000?

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  5. The brother, Eric, was in business with Stephen. It’s reported in multiple stories. They shared proceeds of the deals he made. Eric said in one story that the money they made as partners allowed him and his mother to live the lifestyle they now have in FL. Mom has her own house, apparently. Eric’s looks very nice indeed. Anyway, what all did this brother know? Did you see this?

    “Is he such a weirdo?” Well, in comparison … Pretty amazing.

    I’m telling you. If my brother had done what his brother did, I think I would feel and express sorrow, grief, remorse, sympathy, even guilt (although nobody’s to blame except the killer(s)), but even so. Anybody is BOUND to feel some sort of responsibility. Ya know? And if my brother whom I loved my whole life (presumably, but especially if he “made us rich), I think I’d at least act a little tiny bit as if I’m in mourning. But then again …

    Every day I see on TV people being interviewed immediately after someone in their own family was killed violently (mostly in gang shootings) or whose family member killed someone violently, and they seem calm, collected, almost happy to be on TV, enjoying their 15 minutes. It always astounds me. So foreign to how my family is.

    Anyway, remember how oddly the parents acted after SH? Almost as if not grieving? So there’s always that.

    Did you catch the OTHER similarity with other suspected FFs? He says his brother “IS” and then catches himself and changes it to “WAS.” Remember how that was also typical of SH and other events? I’m not saying nobody died in LV. I know they did. However, did THIS perp die (despite the photo)?

    Watch that again. Seriously. Is THIS how you’d behave? He says he’s not guilty for being successful. But his brother was the “successful” one, who made him, by his own admission, RICH.

    He doesn’t strike me as “distraught,” at least in the first video. I believe the interviews are presented in time order. I didn’t see this one with the crying until only a day or two ago. I believe that interview came later. Anyway, read the Gateway Pundit article for analysis of the body language. Okay. Wait. The second video contains the first one. It’s just the longer version. Sorry.

    I do feel very sad for the mother. So sad about the husband and now her son. Over 90 years old. God bless her. Okay. About a half hour into the longer one, he begins to sound more “normal” in expressing some sympathy. He knows something, though. He talks about him “taking care of Marilou” (after denigrating $100,000 as a pittance) and he says even if she broke up with him or he lost $4 million, his brother wouldn’t have reacted to it. Then he talks about how he should have called him back. He says something “happened” to Steve “over the course of months.” What? (Converting comes to mind.) He “liked” his brother.

    • For your consideration.

      I focused on that thing he started to say about 19 and a half minutes in, when he said, “Steve was an arm …” From the link:

      “”People are saying, ‘Oh, he must have had help.’ Steve had no help. Steve didn’t need help. Steve did not take help. It did not take a village for Steve. Steve was an arm … [sounds like he was ready to spout the word ‘arms’ or ‘army’ but catches himself and stops abruptly] I’m sorry. Please don’t, I’m using, I was about to use a colloquial term that would besmudge one of the armed forces. Steve was a stand-alone guy. Steve, if you wanted to hang out with Steve, you hung out with Steve, but you had to understand that Steve was a little quirky.””

      What do you think he was going to say?

      “Some have speculated that Eric was 0n the verge of calling Steve an “army of one,” a one-time Army recruiting slogan that would likely have seemed quite tasteless given the circumstances.

      Others wonder if Eric was about to identify his brother as an “arms dealer.” …”

      In context, the first possibility makes more sense.

      In the understatement of the century, he says his brother was no “angel.” Well, angel of death, perhaps. About 22 minutes in, he almost gives a gun control argument because if his brother (who left no clues and was off the radar, apparently) could pull this off, then (presumes he means) anybody else could and there’s no way to stop them so …

      • Another thing: Somewhere in all those interviews (turns out there were two on two different days and it seems the clips are mixed together), anyway, somewhere in there he talks about how his brother sent Marilou away because he wanted to make sure she didn’t get shot–BY THE POLICE! That they’d come into the hotel and, having seen her picture, might have seen her there and shot her.

        • and
          The Feds aren’t telling me anything in case I’m lying; chuckle, eyeroll.

          • That was amazing, wasn’t it? After I watched the videos analyzed by the “body language expert,” though, I began to wonder about my whole life and sanity. Why does SHE pick up cues so differently than I do? I thought that guy was “off” from the get go. I never thought what she seems to think about him. Am I autistic or something? (She thought at some points she was seeing genuine emotion, for example.) I think the shooter idolized the father he never really had, and this brother idolized the “father” he thought he had in his brother. That said, I don’t think he loved him as we probably all love our siblings. I think he admired him. Envied him. Was “proud” of him. Enjoys this attention, as his brother was an attention-seeker, also. Both HUGE egos. Believe(d) they’re smarter than others. As the body language woman did say, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

  6. I”ll never forget this day ~ the elimination of St. Christopher, Patron Saints of Travelers.

    The beginning of he End…

  7. Applause!!!

  8. The one that started this Mess!!

  9. 3/4 down at large peace sign IS that the Starbucks
    they went 2 a walk from the Mandalay Bay Casino?

    SO his loses did not equal the ROOM COMPS …so they were
    not giving him a free ride ..? This time they did …is what I read..
    He would get mad at gal -pal over wanting to use the Casino credit card …
    did he not want her unloading it on her stuff? …OR did he not want
    2 show where he used it at? … were they UP his BUTT’ a BIT?
    Did he have someone in his room eating? or DID he want it 2 look like
    he was a player … & take the heat of his GAL? ..

  10. ‘I was born Bad’: …?….more like> “BORN a MAD SEX NUT LOSER” ~ !
    Las Vegas prostitute who Romped with mass killer Stephen Paddock says he enjoyed violent rape fantasies as she reveals he boasted he had always been evil
    Stephen Paddock known to have hired prostitutes on regular visits to Las Vegas… One has spoken out about their ‘violent’ sex sessions & Paddock’s ‘dark side’
    She said the gunman as ‘obsessive’, ‘paranoid’ & loved conspiracy theories
    Police are still hunting for a call-girl Paddock solicited days before massacre
    A Las Vegas prostitute who was hired by murderer Stephen Paddock has spoken out about their ‘violent’ sex sessions & how he bragged about having ‘bad blood’.
    The woman, who spoke anonymously, said she would spend hours drinking & gambling in Sin City with Paddock, who she described as ‘paranoid’ & ‘obsessive’.
    IF he HIT a winning streak, he would take her back to his room for ‘really aggressive & violent sex’ including living out rape fantasies, SHE Said.
    A prostitute who was hired by Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock has told how he harbored rape fantasies & got her to take part in ‘violent’ sex session
    The 27-year-old, who was NOT named, described Paddock as ‘paranoid’, ‘obsessive’, & said he ranted about conspiracy theories including 9/11 being ‘an inside job’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • NO!!!! He was a “gentle” and “good” man. According to his girlfriend and family. Yep. Sounds like a “secret life” to me. Wonder what other secrets he had? Truth is: The longer this goes on, the less I believe what so-called “witnesses” and people who “knew him” say, because … you know: the narrative. So now he loved “conspiracy theories.” Now how long before they say he was a Trumper, a Tea Partier, and/or a Republican neo-Nazi white supremacist KKK member?

    • This one: LC thinks the GF was some kind of agent and money was being laundered.

      Now this: “Trading anomalies” in the stock market with regard to MGM stock and GUN stocks. (Not talking about bump stocks–talking investments in stocks in the gun industry.) Paddock, remember, said he was a BIG “gun hobbyist.” Did he own stock in gun companies? Did he intend to make money (a gamble, for sure) off his own actions? If he owned stocks, then did he have anger at Trump because after Trump’s election those stocks plummeted? Did he blame Trump for losing money, maybe? We do know that the sheriff said that FOR SURE Paddock had planned to survive this and to escape. (That’s why he shot for only 10 minutes, one expert surmised. Because that was the window during which he probably wouldn’t have his location identified and it would take at least that long for cops to respond. He wanted the camera in the hall so he knew when time was up. Somebody, also, had jammed the fire escape stairway door.) Did he plan to escape because he would make mega-bucks off investments that he wanted to live to enjoy, perhaps in casinos in Dubai? How long until they tie him to the NRA (or claim they have)? And then, and then, and then–NOTHING ELSE will matter and the media and the DemoncRATS will have their narrative, but we will know FOR SURE this is a false flag.

      Then there’s this: Paddock’s and probably Danley’s transactions HAD TO HAVE BEEN monitored hundreds and hundreds of times by FinCEN. (I talked about this before.) There’s NO WAY that DHS et al were not aware of both of them UNLESS the intel community is 100% totally INCOMPETENT.

      So WHY weren’t they stopped before now? LC also notes that the Sheriff has been shunted aside. As I said and as I suspected.

      Did I link earlier to the inside info (somewhere, can’t remember where) that came from the LV police who said that the sheriff had lots he wanted to say and reveal but was being muzzled by the FBI? They said he planned to put hints into the pressers, hoping that reporters would ask certain questions so he could answer. He mentioned the shooter’s plan to escape, his possible radicalization by somebody unknown, and that he didn’t act alone–it would be stupid to think he did, iow. The very NEXT DAY, the sheriff disappears from media attention after the FBI guy (who the body language gal thinks is a-okay, btw) glared at the sheriff and himself gave up nothing but a lecture to reporters and the public.

      • Check out this comment on TGP article: “Jim Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International gave money to CAIR, Southern Poverty Law Center and a slew of Soros-tied groups. He voiced his support for DACA recently and spoke up after Charlottesville. He endorsed Hillary because he thought Trump would be bad for the markets. [Oh, and he was bad for the gun market!] On a side note, I’m wondering if there were any meetings of the minds among Hollywood elite before or after the Primetime Emmy’s which were held at MGM Grand 2 weeks prior to the massacre. …”

      • Hope no one minds me making light of the situation…..but sorry,just can’t help it…..I can just visualize some dudes( FBI, CIA ) sitting around some paper strewn desks with coffee drips and crumbs everywhere, writing out this whole scenario, which keeps growing and changing, evolving on forever. And at this point it really doesn’t matter the number of false details are fed into the story, the story has supplanted the necessary points. Then of course all the human interest of characters that is just what the public feeds on. It’s all garbage, and very sad really, what has just taken place……that people are swallowing it all so eagerly.
        Maybe I’ve used this before….but I just can’t help it…..remember this anyone?
        One bright morning in the middle of the night
        Two dead boys began to fight
        Back to back they faced each other
        Drew their swords and shot each other
        Two deaf policemen heard the noise
        And came and killed the two dead boys
        If you don’t’ believe my story is true
        Just ask the blind man….he saw it too.

        Well, this horrendous massacre brought me to this …..Why….isn’t it obvious yet.

        • And that dude Eric is the biggest spreader of false information. He says he hadn’t really been with or around his brother for about 10 years, then as he proceeds he tells of various situations where he had been in contact with his brother and how involved he and his brother had been. Total bull****. But as this video points out (and I think I believe this Mr. Wynn) Stephen and his friend never imbibed, THen why does Eric say he made plenty of money and enjoyed an expensive bottle of PORT?

          • As with all these events, the stories disagree and “facts” change as witnesses come out with contradictory stories and as people point out the discrepancies. It’s interesting that a woman would be a hostess in LV and not drink. It’s interesting that a gambler who sat all day at a video poker machine did not take advantage of the FREE drinks the hostesses usually provide. Wynn said Paddock was around LV since 2006–11 years. I didn’t have time to see if that conformed with previous stories. Both NOT drinking would, of course, fit the muslim convert meme. She would apparently be Catholic, based upon her name, the language her brother speaks, and the area of the Philippines she’s allegedly from. But things change, as we know. Cat Stevens comes to mind. Living in LV and gambling, around all that “vice,” however, doesn’t really fit a muslim lifestyle, so … Yeah, the brother is full of it. He seems like the type that if you just keep him talking, he’ll talk himself into a hole. At first he said his brother made him rich and made the mother well off, too. THEN he said that he himself worked many decades at a stressful and demanding job to get everything he has. But he didn’t ever, so far as I know, mention what kind of job he had. It’s clear that he was in touch with his brother. He did claim that he let the FBI look at all the texts on his phone. What? Does he save them all forever? In any case, one thing struck me and that was how he seemed to regret texting his brother back about something recently instead of talking to him. This brother was in the real estate business with the shooter. That was reported in the mainstream, who did records searches, so he can’t now deny that it happened. His name and even Marilou’s name were on properties.


            From CNN, so take with a grain of salt. Notice they talk about how he carried “his drink” around with him. Of course, maybe it was just soda. They say he bet up to a million bucks a night, but Wynn (who owns a casino Paddock frequented) said he didn’t–he was just a middle of the road gambler. It says, also, in his 2013 deposition for the lawsuit where he fell in a casino, that he drank sake.

        • That poem sure sums it up! If you used it here before, I don’t remember it. It’s a keeper, though.

        • So how can HE own the plane if it’s owned by somebody else? Unless HE’S part of that company?

          • Oh! And I forgot to mention one of the interesting things that slipped out of the brother’s mouth on one of those interviews. He bragged about how when he was “flying over” Vegas, sometimes he’d just drop down and visit Steve there. So, it sounds as if Eric is a pilot, too, or else he flies around in small planes because surely he wasn’t talking about a commercial jet landing to let him off when he takes it in his head to visit Steve in Vegas, as he flies over! Brother also admits having taken his kids to firing ranges and teaching them to shoot. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but it sounds as if he’s supplying answers for questions not yet asked.


  12. Miri asked me to link to websites that I trust with a real
    explanation for the Vegas massacre. I waited a while.
    Whatever you think about who did the deadly act, we can now be certain that the establishment narrative is too ridiculous for serious debate.
    So I now offer this web link as a likely and real explanation:

    A Special Report
    On The Las Vegas Terror Attack
    & Mass Casualty Incident

    This is The Millenium Report

    The Deadliest Terrorist Attack
    On U.S. Soil Since 9/11

    ROUTE 91 HARVEST: A Domestic Terror and False Flag Operation Conducted by Same Perps Who Did 9/11
    Vegas was an op the likes of which has never been seen before in the USA.
    That’s because they had to disguise it as a lone gunman who could become
    a patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald. So it was really an assault on the POTUS
    and the patriots camouflaged as a lone wolf–another white guy who snapped.
    This is the ONLY way that the CIA spooks could have plausible deniability.
    — Former Intelligence Analyst

    I think The Millenium Report is trustworthy. This is not about promoting gun control. This is something much different.
    Please read on…

  13. Please remember the coming 4th of November
    This is billed as an Antifa thing, to riot and worse until they topple the USA itself.
    I think it is safe to assume that Antifa, by itself, could not hope to achieve that goal,
    but what just happened – they tried to attribute to Antifa, Las Vegas police reported finding boxes of Antifa literature in the shooter’s room,
    as if,
    as if you would take all that stuff to the crime scene.
    I think it is safe to assume that when violence breaks out on the 4th of November, it will not just be ANtifa and Soros loons doing it.

    I think when Trump said
    “Calm before the Storm” he was signalling that he knows
    what, where, when, whom, why – in the tradition of what journalism used to do.
    Be careful. Don’t get caught out yourself. Assume it is not an ordinary day.

    • That makes me wonder, too: Doesn’t LV have those gunshot locator devices like so many urban areas have? It’s to help the police. They use them all the time where I live. You’d think a big, commercial, touristy area like LV would have them, too, where crimes are probably frequent, if only robbery of people carrying loads of cash.

      btw, that’s a really impressive presentation and even I understood it.

    I bet that even right now someone is working on a theory that says due
    to unusual atmospheric anomalies caused by global warming, sound waves encountered strange refractions that have never been seen before and therefore what appears to be sound waves coming from a different location – are – not. Just an unusual trick of the atmosphere and anyways it’s all your fault for not helping with global warming. You should shut up and buy a small car.

    • Sounds like a “theory” they’ll try to foist off on the uninformed. I have already heard that it’s echoes. Just as some say the flashes on various levels of the hotel were reflections. But first you need something to reflect and I still haven’t seen a definitive video showing flashes from the rooms with the broken windows. I would sure like to see a video showing broken windows that night, and not just the next morning, in daylight.

  15. Sarah and the idiots. 😆


    “Lawyers for Imran Awan, an ex-aide who ran information technology (IT) for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, “feel very strongly” that a laptop with the username “RepDWS” should not be valid as evidence because he put a note that said “attorney client privilege” near it before leaving it in a phone booth on Capitol Hill, they said in federal court Friday.

    Prosecutors revealed that when they arrested Imran at the airport in July as he tried to board a flight to Pakistan, he was carrying a resume with an alias in the Jackson Heights, Queens neighborhood of New York City. Imran may have planned to “relocate” there, seemingly under a different identity, Prosecutors suggested. They said he had wiped his cell phone hours before the arrest, suggesting that he was taking “active measures” to hide evidence.

    Hina Alvi, Imran’s wife, was arraigned on four felony counts of bank fraud. Wasserman Schultz of Florida added Alvi to her payroll after the couple was already the focus of a criminal investigation into misconduct on Capitol Hill. …”

  17. SP used back parking area doors to bring in the REST of the bags
    not the FRONT entry … unnoticed … ??? …

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