Mainstream Media Malpractice

One has to wonder whether there’s such a thing as journalism anymore. You know, the kind where the “who, what, when, where, and why” was objectively stated and where every fact was triple checked before reporting it as fact.

The terrorist attack in Las Vegas is a case in point. The discrepancies that have been reported by the mainstream media are many and puzzling.

Did the shooter kill himself or was he killed by the hostage rescue team (HRT)? Both versions have been reported in the mainstream media.

Did he shoot out the hotel windows or did he break them out with a hammer? Both versions have been reported in the mainstream media.

Did he engage in a shoot-out with the HRT or was he already dead when they approached his room? Both versions have been reported in the mainstream media.

Did the shooter check into the hotel on the 25th of Sept., or on the 28th of Sept.? Both versions have been reported in the mainstream media. (Note: It’s difficult to link proof in some cases because the mainstream media have a bad habit of updating (i.e., changing) previously published digital stories after the fact, without indicating that they’ve done so. Additionally, they put “robots.txt” on prior versions, so they can’t be found at the Internet Archive.)

The latest puzzle revolves around the true identity of the shooter’s “girlfriend,” Marilou Danley. Earlier this week, Newsweek reported that the woman seemed to be a bigamist who was using two social security numbers, based upon public records searches. That story has now been retracted, because apparently reporters mixed Danley up with another woman with a similar name. (It’s always amusing when the mainstream media, who love to label alternate media as “fake news,” get hoist on their own petard.)

The Daily Mail tries to correct the record, but seems only to further muddy the waters. At this point, it’s difficult to determine what’s true of the shooter’s girlfriend and what are instead biographical facts that belong to the woman with whom the media has confused her.

Apparently Danley’s maiden name is Bustos and that is not the name of a previous husband, as has also been reported in the mainstream media.

Another mainstream media report said that her maiden name was Natividad, but that apparently is the maiden name of the woman with whom she was confused.

Although the shooter’s girlfriend was apparently married to an Australian man prior to moving to the U.S., it would seem logical to presume that since her brothers have the surname Bustos and since they’re now quoted discussing their sister, then we can probably safely assume that her maiden name is Bustos. One brother’s words:

I called her up immediately and she said, ‘Relax, we shouldn’t worry about it. I’ll fix it. Do not panic. I have a clean conscience,'” Bustos said in his native Tagalog language today outside the capital of Manila in their homeland.

Danley told her brother, “I didn’t have anything to do with this,” Bustos said.

She also has two sisters who are speaking out.

Danley’s two sisters, meanwhile, appeared on Seven News on Wednesday evening, tearfully claiming she was sent to the Philippines by Stephen Paddock so she would not ‘interfere’.

Amelia Manango and Liza Werner said their sister is a ‘good and gentle person’ and was as ‘shocked’ as the rest of the world at the horrific actions of her partner.

‘I know that she don’t know anything as well like us. She was sent away. She was sent away so that she will not be there to interfere with what he’s planning,’ Ms Danley’s sister told Seven News. …

‘He sent her away so that he can plan what he is planning without interruptions,’ one of the sisters said.

Interesting. Speculation? Or did Danley say that she knew he was “planning” something and didn’t want her to “interfere?”

The story goes on to imply that Danley was a victim of psychological abuse at the hands of her controlling partner.

Paddock had a habit of lashing out at Danley in front of the coffee-chain’s employees, according to Esperanza Mendoza.

Mendoza, who is the supervisor at the Starbucks, told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday that the abuse ‘happened a lot’.  …

Mendoza said the abuse came when Danley would ask to use his casino card to make the purchase.

The card allows gamblers to use credits earned on electronic gambling machines to pay for souvenirs or food in the casino.

‘He would glare down at her and say, ‘You don’t need my casino card for this. I’m paying for your drink, just like I’m paying for you,” Mendoza recalled.

She told the newspaper that Danley would then cower behind him and softly say, ‘OK’.

Given the discrepancies, it’s difficult to determine a timeline of events. This story says Danley went to Hong Kong on Sept. 25 and then back to the Philippine’s on Oct. 1, the day of the shooting. If it’s true that Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay suite on the Sept. 25th, then that’s the same day that Danley left for Hong Kong. The story also says that Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines, to Danley, before the shooting.

However, this story says:

Travel records obtained by ABC News show that Danley, who uses an Australian passport, traveled to her birth country, the Philippines, two weeks before the shooting, on Sept. 15. She flew from Manila to Hong Kong on Sept. 22 and returned to Manila three days later.

See the problem with mainstream media “facts?”


109 responses to “Mainstream Media Malpractice


    Isn’t THIS special? John Kelly’s phone apparently hacked since LAST DECEMBER, before the Inauguration. Gee, is HE the leak all along? Why was he not on the plane to LV when he was supposed to be? Holt on NBC tonight implied it was so he could huddle with Tillerson et al to smooth over the “moron” gaffe.

    • Thanks for that. I need all the comprehensive updates I can find.

      • What’s interesting from this video, to me, at least:
        1. They didn’t work for the Intelligence Committee, but for DemoncRATS on the committee. That means it wasn’t NECESSARILY classifed info, but it could have, imho, contained references to classified information since they DID have access to the committee members’ emails. I mean, anything and everything could be in their email and we have seen from Clinton and others that they were extremely lax about technology and using even unsecured devices and personal email accounts to share classified information.
        2. Evidence isn’t “evidence” if it’s not sourced by official investigators. Iow, since nobody from the government (like Comey’s FBI) examined the DNC server FORENSICALLY (and they’ve testified that they did NOT) and since the same holds true for DWS’s laptop, then there is NO “evidence” from either that can be used in any prosecution. That could explain why DWS wouldn’t ALLOW the FBI to examine the server, but just had CrowdStrike do it. And the FBI went along. Why? So they wouldn’t/couldn’t prosecute! Who were they protecting from prosecution? Themselves? Awans? Both? If there’s no “chain of custody,” then the evidence isn’t evidence.
        3. Since the “evidence” that the “Russians” hacked the DNC server is NOT EVIDENCE, then what’s it doing in that intelligence report that everybody, including BURR (a supposed Republican), cites as absolute fact, definitive “proof” that the Russians did it?
        4. DWS hired her own lawyer to weigh in on the legal aspects of keeping the investigators from looking at the laptop. That means that the regular route–the GOVERNMENT-PAID lawyers whose job it is to help Congresspersons with this kind of thing–gave her an answer she didn’t like (such as, she can’t use the “speech and debate clause” to keep the Capitol Police from examining the laptop). Judicial Watch guy says this potentially shows intent or, iow, that she had “guilty knowledge.”
        5. Rosiak suggests Rep. House guys look the other way on this as protection of “their own,” even if they’re Dems. They don’t want to have the image of chaos in the House out there. It looks bad. I think it could be far worse, though, and that ALL OF THEM would be invested in covering it up. If there’s really a spy ring in the House, then not only did the Dems. allow it but also the Reps. (who oversee the House) allowed it, too. So did the Capitol Police, the FBI, etc., if only by negligence and stupidity (not to mention corruption if any of them were being blackmailed into keeping their mouths shut).
        6. Why does it seem as if they don’t even care about the potentially STOLEN equipment that belonged to We the People? The way these guys got so rich and had so much money, resembles Paddock, doesn’t it? In both cases, the government that ought to have been picking up on these red flags, dropped the ball (accidentally or deliberately, depending upon the facts). If car dealerships are a notorious front for money laundering, etc., then wouldn’t real estate transactions be similar, especially when someone pays cash? Human trafficking? Possible in both cases.
        7. They claim that Congresspersons regularly falsify procurement documents to stay under a threshold so they can misdirect equipment or money. It’s been done before:

  2. Sorry for interrupting with this but it’s quite comprehensive on the Awan Brothers and others involved. The details seem updated too.

    • Gee, that’s GREAT. And you know what? This will help Target find those high-quality employees, since they claim they need to pay $15 per hour because it’s getting SO HARD to find employees for retail these days.

    • Imagine how many people they could feed, how many people they could get health insurance for, how many homeless they could house, if liberals would simply stop wasting our tax dollars on crap like this! This should be like it is with civil cases–when they “lose” THEY have to pay the equivalent of “court costs.”

  3. Gary Von Neida • …^^^^^^
    Take the cost of this WITCH HUNT directly out of Their retirement–if any after They are dismissed with a boot in the —.

    20 trillion in debt what another 10 million……..right democRats….
    This is not a witch hunt, but is a COUP. Mueller & his cast leading this COUP should be arrested, & not go to prison, but meet a firing squad. Serious.


    Puts forward two points:
    Shootup at the Bellagio,
    Mandalay 32nd floow was a setup,
    the patsy thought he was doing a fast n furious gun deal.

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