Terror in Nevada

Last night an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, was interrupted by bursts of automatic gunfire from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel. More than 50 people were killed and more than 400 injured (as of recent reporting), whether by gunfire or by being trampled as 22,000 concert goers ran for their lives.

Without doubt, this was an act of terror, because 22,000 people were forced to run for their lives and the entire country awoke this morning to face the absolute horror of this act.

No matter what the “facts” subsequently reveal, no matter whether We the People ever learn the “facts” about what happened or who committed this act and why, the simple fact remains that thousands were terrorized for whatever reason.

Condolences and prayers for the families of the deceased and for those who were wounded.

Thanks beyond measure and prayers for the first responders who undoubtedly saved lives last night.


167 responses to “Terror in Nevada

  1. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/photos-las-vegas-shooter-64-year-old-stephen-paddock-girlfriend-marilou-danley/

    The alleged shooter and about his “roommate.” What is known thus far.

    This link takes you back to the previous post, where commenters began to discuss the Las Vegas shooting: https://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/phony-nfl-virtue-signaling-unity/comment-page-2/#comment-207687

    You may respond there or bring your responses here, to this thread, as circumstances develop.

  2. Killer’s name allegedly Steven (Stephen?) Paddock. As in cattle pen? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/10/02/mandalay-bay-massacre-58-dead-500-injured-during-mass-shooting-at-las-vegas-country-music-festival/

    How does a man use his female roommate’s ID to check into a hotel? He lived in a retirement community! (A commenter at TCTH says reports are that the girlfriend worked at that hotel/resort. So does this mean that he somehow was able to enter through a non-public access using HER credentials?)

  3. The weapons were fully automatic and so, by definition, ILLEGAL.

  4. I have heard it reported on mainstream news, however, that ISIS took credit. This was TV and early this morning. Things change. More from TGP: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/isis-doubles-las-vegas-attack-responsibility-warn-reject-claim-will-regret/

    However, remember that the Puerto Rican officials early on were praising President Trump’s response to the hurricane, but once that became well known, SUDDENLY they changed their tune, obviously because of political pressure from those fellow traveling DemonRATS who want to beat the president over the head with a racist or second-class-citizen club.

    It’s said that ISIS never claims responsibility for things they don’t do.

  5. The Daily Mail usually has the best reporting on U.S. terror attacks (for some reason): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4941092/ISIS-claim-responsibility-Vegas-shooting.html

    Supposedly they “cleared” the girlfriend already, after a PHONE interview. She may or may not be out of the country. Which country is she in? What is her background? (Story says she’s an Australian citizen, believed to be of Indonesian ancestry. (!!)) Is she muslim, (most Indonesians are)? Why is she out of the country, conveniently? Why, according to TGP commenters, are their (shooter and roommate) social media already disappeared?

    More good info: http://heavy.com/news/2017/10/stephen-paddock-las-vegas-route-91-mandalay-bay-shooting-shooter-gunman-suspect-photos-motive/ Girlfriend in the Philippines. Interesting. (Similar phrase once used to describe SAD, “wife in the Philippines.”) HE once worked for defense contractor Lockheed Martin and had a pilot’s license and owned two planes. http://heavy.com/news/2017/10/marilou-danley-photos-las-vegas-shooting-suspect-girlfriend-person-of-interest-shooter-route-91/

    Apropos of nothing, really, but did you see they’re naming a bridge after the so-called Boston bombing hero’s son? Arredondo, iirc.

  6. http://dailycaller.com/2017/10/02/cbs-legal-exec-no-sympathy-because-country-music-fans-often-are-republican/

    Top exec at CBS has no sympathy for the dead because they’re probably Republicans and pro-gun rights.

  7. AND the perp’s father was a bank robber! http://nypost.com/2017/10/02/vegas-gunmans-psychopath-dad-landed-on-fbis-most-wanted-list/

    People say that’s a tattoo of the number 13 on the perp’s neck. You be the judge. What is it? A trache scar? A tattoo? MS13?

    • Truly. Trump and Sanders both quoted Scripture today. We need the Lord’s care and blessings. For sure. Deliver us from evil.



    • Who believes Comey’s FBI? Seriously. Who does? They have lost all credibility, imho. Especially THIS SOON into the investigation, when they haven’t even examined the girlfriend (possible WIFE) in person. Who believes this?

      This is an attack on our country and our economy. Now all outdoor venues will need shields or roofs. This perp had to be professionally trained in order to have figured out the logistics of the sight lines. All hotels will change the way they operate, especially those that overlook stadiums or outdoor gathering places. I can envision metal detectors. Seriously. They’re going to make us into a paranoid, police state. We need BETTER intelligence agencies that don’t have rules that prevent them from infiltrating the VERY GROUPS THAT HOST THESE IDEOLOGIES AND HATREDS. Political correctness causes this. Why, btw, are so many foreigners employed in our hospitality industry? Foreign citizens, I mean. NON-AMERICANS.

  9. isis name given

    ISIS claims Paddock converted to Islam several months ago went by the name Abu abdul al-Bar al-Amriki

    Isis claims Las Vegas shooting: What have they said? | The Independent
    http://www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Americas

    7 mins ago – Isis has claimed that the gunman who killed more than 50 people in Las Vegas converted to Islam several months ago. The group did not name Stephen Paddock, the man identified by police as the shooter, in a statement released via its Amaq propaganda agency.

    a possibility but my number one choice

    • Now that’s a different name. I had read another one that turns out to be a hoax, if you believe the debunkers. The brother, btw, doesn’t pronounce his name the way one would expect. He pronounces it Pah DOCK. (So as to distinguish it from paddock, which is where cattle are penned awaiting slaughter?) Anything is possible and we may NEVER learn the truth, just as we still await the truth about Obama and WHY Sessions is looking the other way on his corrupt administration.

    • Were they twins?

      The brother says he wasn’t employed at the moment. Or was he? One story already said he worked previously for a defense contractor. Who works for them? Isn’t it rather a coincidence?

    • “Any American is required to have a Class III Federal Firearms License from the BATFE to have a full auto weapon. If you do not, you get 10 years in federal prison. If you tamper with the trigger in converting a semi auto to full auto, it is 10 years in federal prison.

      That is what is missing in this, and law enforcement knows it. No one is telling you about the Class III if Paddock had such a special permit, and no one is telling you what these 10 firearms were, and if they were converted by Paddock or if he got his hands on some black market weapons, like Eric Holder in Gun Runner weapons.

      That is what is of interest, in they are not telling you things they normally do to stoke gun control or smear Republicans and the NRA. This guy does not fit the profile structure, and in this clamp down on information, we are not being told even in “gapsing police leaks” about the origin of these Class III’s. That indicates someone is covering up the origins of these weapons, and that points to connections which have alphabet agencies. …”

      I have read similar things elsewhere. It’s extremely hard to get fully automatic weapons. Obviously, they’re ALREADY ILLEGAL. At the WH/Sanders presser today, she was asked multiple times about when Trump will discuss a “bipartisan” gun control policy. They’re ALREADY teed up. That tells you something. They QUOTED Hillary Clinton who didn’t even wait for the dust to settle or for families to be notified, much less for the dead to be mourned. ALREADY they’re trying to push “common sense” gun control. Sanders said the time will come for that discussion. No, it’s not going to come if Trump expects to remain POTUS. He WILL be voted out (maybe even be allowed to be impeached) if he goes back on his commitment to the 2nd amendment. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO with the 2nd amendment or gun control or the NRA. The man used ILLEGAL WEAPONS IN AN OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL ACT. WHAT LAWS WOULD HAVE STOPPED HIM?

    • LC talks about the “slap” of the weapon. Saw a brief part of an interview by one of the typically smarmy CNN females and she played a video allegedly taken by a cell phone by one of the guys who is ALL OVER THE NEWS, on all channels, as is typical in these instances. What struck me was how LOUD the gunshots were, in comparison to all the other audio/video I’ve heard. I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that somebody has manipulated the audio to make this even more terrorizing to anyone who listens. For political reasons. It will be no holds barred to make EVERYONE in this country fear that they or a loved one will soon be under machine gun fire. With Clinton at the forefront, champing at the bit, I have no doubt. It’s a plan.

  10. More sad news: Legendary rock star Tom Petty has died. He was found unconscious last night in cardiac arrest. EMTs restored his pulse, but life support was removed today because he had no brain activity. RIP. So sad. Only 66 years old.

    • Tom Petty was born in Gainesville, FL, on 20 October, 1950, into a rough childhood. He lived in poverty with an abusive, alcoholic father, when an encounter with Elvis Presley in the Fifties saw him gain an interest in rock music. Aged 17, he dropped out of school to play in a band – Mud-crutch.

    • As for the guns, the narrative is morphing to be that he was a “multi-millionaire” and bought the guns legally. NBC stations are running polls about whether “common sense” gun laws must be passed. Of course, they CLAIM the majority is saying yes. (TV polls on biased stations are not, obviously, scientific polls.) http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/02/us/las-vegas-attack-stephen-paddock-trnd/index.html They’re even changing, AS USUAL, the type of guns, although they say one was altered to be fully automatic. (A CRIME, btw. Against the LAW, so …) He bought at least some guns in CA, allegedly, one of the most strict “gun control” states in the Union. So much for background checks.

    • They’ve already trotted out Gabby Giffords to hype for gun control. THIS IS A PLAN. Can you believe these DemoncRATS?

    • Now THAT story says the girlfriend is in Tokyo! Maybe she flew there in the meantime. He also had explosives and devices in his home. So what use is more gun control against THOSE, with a determined terrorist. And make no mistake. That clinches it. He’s a terrorist. IS he antifa? If he is, will the FBI tell us? Will the Deep State?

    • Sad to see the faces of all the dead. May they rest in peace. They were murdered for a political cause. The people of the USA should NOT let those who support that cause win.

      • Let’s see all the video tapes from the Hotel. Soup to Nuts.

        If they’re not published soon…

        • And for all the other sheep, is he or isn’t he?

          Hang in their Tom Petty. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country.

        • Exactly. A neighbor speaks: https://michaelsavage.com/2017/10/02/audio-neighbor-of-shooter-tells-savage-he-did-not-do-it/

          The guy sounds like Trey Gowdy. He claims the perp saw his Trump Team t-shirt and says the perp liked Trump, so … do we believe this guy?

          • I heard that guy on Savage, supposedly ex-military. Said he saw Paddock sitting out by his garage numerous times, greeting and being friendly. Then spent time with him in a local bar, had a couple of beers and played video poker or whatever gambling machine there is in such places, a short distance away from their homes. This can be checked out. Sounds like Paddock was establishing bona fides/alibi material. The caller claimed to have been doing some construction assignment for several months in Mesquite and then had moved to Texas, where he was calling Savage from.

            • What struck me from the neighbors’ accounts is that Paddock had a HUGE safe in his garage. So if the brother helped him move there recently, did the brother NOT see that huge cache of guns or wonder what the safe was for? Presumably, they want us to believe it held the cash he used to gamble. (Maybe guns, too.)

              Now they have reported multiple times that the guy was worth $2 million. Think about it. He owned multiple homes in pricey resorts. Would he not be worth much more than two million? If his real estate holdings were his assets, then where did the cash come from that he gambled? Or did they just exclude the value of his properties when they gave us his net worth? (Not how it’s usually done.)

              How did he escape the notice of the alphabet agencies? Multiple huge cash transactions in Vegas. Anybody with a lot of cash is almost instantly a suspect to the IRS and the DEA and ATF and government in general. HOW did he manage to ‘LEGALLY’ buy all those guns and NOBODY in our government was watching him? If not, then why not? Because they KNEW who and what he was (perhaps an agent)?

              He not only worked for the Post Office, the IRS, and a defense contractor, but I read today that he ALSO worked at one time for the DEFENSE DEPT. itself. So multiple GOVERNMENT jobs. Is that why they overlooked the red flags?

              I’m just saying that $2 million, imho, in assets is not enough to really call someone a “multimillionaire.” (I’d guess that most middle class people his age are probably “worth” $2 million, especially if they worked for the government. When I hear, “multi,” I tend to think more than 2!) Someone who has so much money that he can bet hundreds of thousands of dollars and risk losing it, is probably NOT someone with a net worth of only $2 million. Of course, he had no kids or dependents and maybe not much else to do with his time and money, so who knows?

              Were there outstanding mortgages on all the homes? If so, how did he pay them and still be able to gamble?

              He either was really stone cold broke, basically, having gambled away almost everything, or else he was far wealthier than they’re telling us. (Or somebody was bankrolling him.)

              He may have had Social Security AND a government pension, but still. Given his background, there’s plenty the government can reveal about this guy, if they will.

              • I’ve been out on errands and just saw your post re: Paddock’s wealth status. I agree, a couple mill, mostly in real estate, is not “rich.” Was he gambling to launder money, knowing that his losses would be payment somehow for other transactions (arms deals) to be covered up? Seeing the bank records on his house purchases might be enlightening. I’m going to find out more about the hotel and its owners.

                • Another possibility! Yep. Money laundering. But doing it in a way that the government will HAVE TO KNOW, because of those regular reports of large transactions. So what’s up with that?

    • There’s VERY LITTLE to be found about the so-called multimillionaire real estate investor who was also a big-time gambler and son of a known “pathological” bank robber. It’s almost as if he never existed until last night. Is it possible for someone to be so anonymous? (Other than Barry.)

    • Now THIS is very interesting in light of the fact that A. Jones claims that someone he knows in L.V. law enforcement said antifa literature was found in the hotel room AND the fact that his girlfriend/wife(?) is an AUSTRALIAN who’s conveniently in the Philippines (which is on the way to Australia or Indonesia, btw). https://everipedia.org/wiki/stephen-paddock/36936817/

      Melbourne antifa takes credit for the attack. Says Paddock was one of their allies in their “Las Vegas” branch. The image starts to show the guy saying something on Twitter about a video made by someone who was attending … (the concert? Could it be one of the people who told the young woman that everybody there is going to die?)

      Nearly EVERYTHING they’re reporting about this guy’s background comes FROM HIS BROTHER. Just look at the guy on the video I linked. Is he credible, do you think?

      Gleaned from links at TCTH to social media: Perp was a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. The girlfriend was reported to be IN CUSTODY at 3:45 a.m. Now, she’s supposedly out of the country. Girlfriend’s ex is a BIG leftist. Allegedly her son is, too. The ex somehow now owns Paddock’s house (or one of them). He married her in 2011. (The ex, I mean.) These are all random alternate “facts,” but as with all these types of stories, the facts morph.

      • https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/10/02/las-vegas-shooting-suspect-stephen-craig-paddock/

        They report that the girlfriend is Filipina. However, the U.K. paper said she’s an Australian citizen of Indonesian background. Indonesia and the Philippines are relatively close, as we know from following the amazing adventures of SAD. There were FOUR siblings in the Paddock family. Another brother was Bruce. There’s a rap sheet at that link about the dad. People back then were SURPRISED that this ordinary guy was a psychopathic serial robber. The rap sheet says the robber and his wife had FOUR kids (as of that time). Why are there NO other photos of this killer?

  11. ~Ajax
    The problem isn’t Donald Trump and the NFL. The problem is NFL players and NFL fans. Fans understand that our flag stands for “liberty and justice for all,” and for the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” The flag stands for our constitutional rights. When NFL players protest at the presentation of the flag, they disrespect the most dearly held values of NFL fans. They can rationalize their protest all they want, but it is disrespectful, misplaced, and divisive. NFL fans get it, NFL players don’t get it. That’s a problem we fans solve by not watching.

    • Someone needs to teach these ingrates what the anthem is about.

      The lyrics come from “Defence of Fort M’Henry”, a poem written on September 14, 1814, by the 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.

      … Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
      Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave?
      O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  12. Girlfriend recent photo in Dubai !!!! Shooter recent convert to Islam !!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z1ud_T6XJs

  13. Just like San Bernardino and Orlando we’re compelled to ask:

    Who is that mysterious woman?

    In San Benadino we were sent on the trail for hours looking for the woman who fled to the day care/ senior center and in Florida it was the abused wife…

    Manteen (Florida) worked for G4S…

    Farook, a five-year veteran of the San Bernardino County health department

  14. https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2017/10/02/caller-makes-a-great-point-fbi-rules-out-isis-connection-to-vegas-massacre-in-less-than-24-hours-but-theyre-still-looking-for-collusion-between-trump-and-russia/

    Oh, yes. The perp allegedly (haven’t seen the social media yet) “LIKED” Rachel Maddow and anti-Trump sites, etc., and is a registered DemoncRAT. BUT the FBI has already cleared the girlfriend of collusion. And they’ve declared that the perp had no connection to ISIS. HOWEVER, they still can’t decide whether to clear our president of collusion with Russia!

  15. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=lR6DsDGM1no

    ” A lone wolf.” At about 2 minutes into this frightening video, you hear two guns shooting simultaneously. One sounds cricket-like at first. A smart girl keeps insisting to doubters that it’s a “real gun.” Some don’t believe her and go out into the open. (Hope they’re okay.) Later, you can hear a more deep-throated gun shooting along with the cricket-like gun. I think this “flap” is what LC was talking about. I can’t say, knowing less than nothing about guns.

  16. Marilou Danley, the name of Paddock’s lady friend, who is “out of the country.” Having lived in Hawaii when my husband was in the Navy, I learned to discern among various Asian types, and I believe she is Phillipine. Also, the name “Marilou” is a Christian one, and the Phillipines are mostly Christian/Roman Catholic, although I am aware of the Muslim problems there. One thing I do know for sure and that is that Phillipinos love American music and are incredibly gifted at playing it, you could say mimicking it perfectly. During the Vietnam War era there were numerous great rock bands at the hotels in Waikiki and on various Navy bases throughout the Pacific where they provided top-notch entertainment. The US Navy mess stewards were also Phillipine, and were considered part of the Navy, with full retirement benefits etc. They lived like kings when they went home after their service. Many of the women train as nurses and go all over the world to work, often in horrid conditions in places like Saudi Arabia where they are mistreated.
    I also read somewhere that Marilou worked at the hotel. Maybe that’s how he was able to bring up the materiel for shooting to the room, if Paddock’s actually the one to blame for this. Many strange blanks in the narrative.

    • All great points.

      Yes, did she work there and is he actually to blame? They need to release the hotel videos.

    • An article somewhere said that she sang very well and often at karaoke nights at casinos and bars, while the “boyfriend” sat there like a lump. Supposedly, someone reported he liked country music. Sounds like disinformation to me. I wondered about Marilou. We know that Danley is her ex-husband’s name. Somebody reported her maiden name as Bustos, iirc. (Correction. That was the name of one of the husbands she was married to at the same time she was married to someone else. Her maiden name probably was Natividad, according to this story. But, you know, that’s usually a given name.) Have you known Filipinas to be named Marilou? They said she did work at the hotel as some kind of hostess and that he (variously) used her credentials to gamble and/or to reserve the room. Also used her credit card, iirc. They had her name before they had his, because he used her identity. They now say he carried in 10 suitcases! She was only his girlfriend (or live-in) since January of this year. Now they’re saying she’d been in Hong Kong. Yesterday, it was Tokyo. And the Philippines. I suppose it could be all of the above. Supposedly, she’s coming back here soon. I wonder. She also reportedly has a niece she visits in Dubai. Could he have been a sugar daddy? Assuredly, but it may also have been more sinister than that. He did recently send $100,000 to the Philippines, whatever that indicates. They didn’t report that he sent it to HER. So to whom? IF he bought all those guns legally, then at what point does someone who has bought 42+ guns, many of them semi-automatic, get on the government’s radar? IF he wasn’t on it, because, say, he had a top security clearance, having worked for the government …?

      I know you can’t go by looks, but if I had to hazard a guess, based upon where they live/lived and how he and the brother LOOK, they look like liberals to me.

    ‘Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki’…
    Emotional moment of silence at White House…
    Hero Marine raced wounded to hospital in pickup truck…


    • Someone at one of the articles I read said that this guy PERFECTLY fits the profile of a long-time “Deep State” operator, if you know what I mean. Transient. No visible means of support. (btw, read he not only worked long ago for defense contractor but also for the IRS. So long-time government connections.) Also, he has no social media background. Few pictures available of him. Numerous foreign trips and foreign girlfriends. Actually, one former wife had a Japanese surname, so she’s the second Asian. Lots of other indicators that he may belong to some “alphabet” agency.

      • facebkwallflower

        You know the video of him in the pussyhat protesting Trump event? Well, he appears to be conscience of the video and closes his eyes when pans him and the still shots have his eyes closed, just like the bar shot. Even when drunk, he is aware to close his eyes. What kind of training for that? Or just paranoid?

        Also, watch the protest video again. He does not seem like a “real” pussy protester. Could he have infiltrated the group (think of Crowder’s recent expose video), and got suicided for trying to stop or get out when saw the moment had arrived for reality? Was he deep undercover and his support “lost” him? Heck, his pussy hat was not even the authentic “homemade” kind.

        • All possibilities. I’m not totally convinced that’s him at the rally, but it’s entirely possible he was an agent of some kind, involved in infiltration and/or gun sales to terrorists, whether domestic or not. I posted, iirc, a link to an expose of antifa in Berkeley, where someone told the undercover videographer that they were awaiting an assault rifle and had a lot of big knives they planned to use on their enemies (not her word, mine) after they lured them into an area where they couldn’t escape. Sound familiar? This was from weeks ago, iirc. There have been reports elsewhere, weeks or months ago, that antifa planned to take it to another level and instigate violence like what we’ve seen in LV. The person who went undercover got out as fast as he could when he realized what their plans were. They took the video to the FBI/authorities, who apparently were already (thank goodness) aware of these potential domestic terrorists. They arrested the people. It appears that the undercover guys filmed that, too. They took their videos and offered them and the scoop to ALL the mainstream news outlets and NOT ONE OF THEM reported this story. Curious, isn’t it? Or not. The DemoncRATS control all of the mainstream media. They are simply the (free, btw) PROPAGANDA ARM OF THE LEFT AND THE DEMONCRAT PARTY. Make no mistake about that. There’s NO OBJECTIVITY to the mainstream media anymore. They’re not looking out for ANY American who disagrees with their agenda.

    • Wow. The similarity to the Unabomber. I wonder where Paddock went to school? You don’t work as an accountant or at a defense contractor without, probably, a college degree. I’d forgotten totally that the Unabomber was subjected to psychological experiments in his college days. Remember also that his own brother doubted that he was involved, even though the wife picked up on it. It wasn’t until he read the manifesto that he recognized his brother and turned him in. I’m not saying, though, that bro here was oblivious.

  18. Maybe this explains why the mysterious woman said they are everywhere and you are all going to die.


  19. P.R. 😀

  20. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/10/know-dont-know-vegas-killer-stephen-paddock-motive-still-big-unknown/

    They’ve settled on the girlfriend being Filipina as that’s her “home country.” I’d be interested to know WHAT she was doing and WHERE she was prior to January 2017 when she became his “girlfriend” and moved in with him. Isn’t that an interesting dateline? JANUARY 2017. What else happened that month?

  21. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/10/03/updates-mandalay-bay-massacre-gunman-wired-100k-to-philippines-first-look-at-weapons/

    There’s a graphic photo here of the gunman, so be warned. He’s dead. A commenter pointed out something critical: There’s a shell casing on TOP of the blood that flowed from his head after he was shot. On top. Clean looking. Are we to assume that a careless first responder kicked a shell casing into the blood OR that the man was killed (to take the fall) before the shooting began? Well, it will take a forensic expert to decide that one. I wonder if WE the PEOPLE will ever see the results of the investigation?

  22. I looked at that picture. The way the blood flowed from the back of his head after he shot himself (in the mouth, it looks like) meant that it just sort of puddled under anything in its path, like that casing. So I don’t think that the casing was placed there later. Now if it could be done, I would lift that casing straight up, pretty crusty by now, and see if there was blood underneath it, which would mean that the casing was “placed” on the pool of blood afterwards, as you say. If there was a clean strip of carpet under it, I would say that my theory would apply.
    There is a whole forensics science about “spatter” patterns, so I hope there is a great deal of investigation dealing with this at the crime scene–the park where all those people were shot. Spatters might indicate from where the shooting was initiated and show if there was a 2nd or 3rd shooter. It was so dark when the people were fleeing.

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