Why Trump Continues to Win

Everybody seems to have used the above image by now, but it bears repeating because it’s so darned true.

What is it about the alt-left, progressive brain that makes it impossible for its possessor to learn from experience?

Why do progressives do the same thing over and over again, and yet seem to expect a different result?

Why do they fall for the clever traps that this President sets over and over again? Never mind. I don’t really want to know. There’s too much fun to be had watching it happen.

So this week President Trump takes on the spoiled millionaires who get their jollies disrespecting the American Flag and our National Anthem, and also every patriotic American who reveres them. Yesterday, on Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, the ingrates increased in number as they banded together in the solidarity of disrespect and “resistance,” whatever that means.

Now veteran Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva seems to have been made to apologize, made to feel shame, for having been seen showing respect for the flag and the anthem, when his coach expected otherwise.

Villanueva, it seems, somehow embarrassed his teammates and coach by his show of respect and patriotism, which was noticed by a grateful nation.

So now Villanueva has to apologize, when by all rights his disrespectful teammates and his coach should apologize to him (not to mention the entire USA) for trying to keep this man from respecting his flag, his anthem, his people, his brothers in arms, and his entire country by forcing him to stay in the locker room during the anthem via a phony and bankrupt call for unity.

What absolute gall! Talk about offensive! Talk about macroaggressions! How dare the coach even suggest it? Whom was the coach really trying to protect?

It’s a sad state of affairs when football players are criticized for kneeling in prayer but also made to feel ashamed and forced to apologize for standing up for the flag for which they risked their very lives so that others may be free. Free to be disrespectful, spoiled-brat ingrates.



135 responses to “Why Trump Continues to Win

  1. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/352641-trump-accuses-facebook-of-colluding-with-media-against-him

    And he’s correct again!

    “President Trump on Wednesday seemed to suggest that Facebook had colluded with the news media against him during the 2016 presidential race.

    “Facebook was always anti-Trump.The Networks were always anti-Trump hence,Fake News @nytimes (apologized) & @WaPo were anti-Trump. Collusion?” the president tweeted. … The president’s comments come after the social media platform told investigators that it discovered that thousands of political ads published on its platform over the past two years were linked to fake accounts based in Russia. …”

    Of course, that lamestream article does NOT include some of the background FACTS (the “alternative” facts) that support WHY Trump said this. And here’s part of the answer:

    “Sept 25 WaPo article: “Ads highlighted support for Democrat Hillary Clinton.”” http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/09/russian-roads-lead-dnc-russian-purchased-facebook-ads-promoted-hillary-clinton-black-lives-matter/

    So Facebook allowed Russians to buy $100,000 worth of ads to run on their social media, in a TARGETED fashion, to SUPPORT BLM and Clinton. As for collusion between the media and Clinton, we already know that from the leaked emails. It’s PROVEN, not supposition. Surely Facebook and the media coordinated, too. Maybe another shoe is about to drop.

    • Personal life ….. yeah …sure … the … $$$$$ DOUGH – nater …
      Kaepernick was baptized Methodist, confirmed Lutheran, & attended a Baptist church during his college years.[80] Kaepernick spoke about his faith saying, “My faith is the basis from where my game comes from. I’ve been very blessed to have the talent to play the game that I do & be successful at it.
      I think God guides me through every day & helps me take the right steps &
      has helped me to get to where I’m at.
      When I step on the field, I always say a prayer, say I am thankful to be able to wake up that morning and go out there & try to glorify the Lord with what I do on the field. I think if you go out & try to do that, no matter what you do on the field, you can be happy about what you did.”[81]

      Kaepernick has multiple tattoos. His right arm features a scroll with the Bible verse Psalm 18:39 written on it.
      Tattooed under the scroll are praying hands with the phrase “To God The Glory” written on them.
      To the left of both the scroll & praying hands is the word “Faith” written vertically. His left arm features a Christian cross with the words
      ……. “Heaven Sent” ….. on it referring to Jesus. ? really now???
      Written above and below the cross is the phrase “God Will Guide Me”.
      Written to the left & right of the cross is the Bible verse Psalm 27:3.
      His chest features the phrase “Against All Odds” and artwork around it that represents “inner strength, spiritual growth, & …. H U M I L I T Y ” ????
      His back features a mural of angels against Demons.[82][83][84]

      Near the end of the 2012 NFL season, Kaepernick’s signature touchdown celebration involved flexing & KISS-ing the bicep of his right arm.
      Kaepernick says he kisses his “Faith”, “To God The Glory”, & Psalm 18:39 tattoos & the reason he does the celebration is because “God has brought
      me this far. He has laid out a phenomenal path for me.
      And I can’t do anything but thank Him.”[82]

      Kaepernick reportedly started dating radio personality & television host Nessa in July 2015,[85] & officially went public about their relationship in February 2016.[86] Kaepernick began following a Vegan diet … in late 2015.[87]

  2. Related Links ~ RushLimbaugh.com: The Once-Great NFL Reduced to a Tool
    of the Left – 09.26.17
    YahooSports: Art Rooney II: Our Players’ Intent Was to Avoid Making a Political Statement
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    RushLimbaugh.com: There’s No Way Trump Loses NFL Battle – 09.25.17
    PJ Media: Pittsburgh Store Selling Steelers Gear Facing Boycott, Fan Anger
    CBS: Report: All Patriots To Stand For National Anthem Against Panthers
    UKDM: Trump Says Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Promised Him America’s Team will Stand for the National Anthem: ‘Jerry is a Winner Who Knows How to Get Things Done’
    GateWayPundit: It Begins. Owner of Historic US Clothing Company Pulls Ads from NFL Games
    Reuters: Trump Urges NFL to Ban Players Kneeling During Anthem
    Washington Examiner: 64% Demand NFL Players Stand for National Anthem, 50% Less Likely to Watch Over Politics
    Breitbart: National Survey: Americans Agree with Trump on National Anthem

  3. …….. ~ Doc Farmer✔ᶜᵒᵛᶠᵉᶠᵉ ᵈᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ • ….^^^^^^ Y E S !!!!!!

    It’s a good S T A R T . Let’s see it snowball! Trump! … MAGA! …. Covfefe!!!

    This was a fantastic story to wake up to!
    Definitely put a little pep in my step before work!
    The light at the end of the tunnel is a Trump Train! Look out, NFL!

    This is beyond the Trump Train, though the Trump Train is part of the solution. It is about winning the heart and minds of the American People. We are in the midst of a coup against this country, its values, its people. Do not kid yourself. This is as bad as the time prior to the Civil War.
    >>(Another thing not taught in our public schools & universities)<<

    Do we want a country under this flag, this constitution, this rule of law, this economic & social system or do we want a TOTALITARIAN system that imposes its ideas & beliefs upon us and demand THAT WE BELIEVE AND FOLLOW WITHOUT QUESTION.

    These athletes are being used & they are too blind to see it or maybe they WANT to be used. …??????

    I agree. It's a fight for our very nation and what it stands for.
    I truly felt that if Trump lost our nation would be lost. Now we have a fighting chance but it is a constant battle & it is just beginning.

  4. ~ Laure Barone Wesley Alexander •
    You are so Right, this is a Coup, against AMERICA,
    WELL Funded by the Left.
    The end game, transform AMERICA, Obamas own words.

    Exactly right. I wondered when Obama first won the presidency why nobody asked him just exactly what he meant when he said “WE are 5 days away from fundamentally T R A N-sforming the United States of America”!!

    Well, N O W we know, sadly, what he Meant..and he’s STILL working on it!!

    The Democrats mean what they say unlike the cowardly Republicans. Obama meant it & followed through legally or illegally. Nothing stood in his way.

    The NFL & Hollywood would have been wise if they had read Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s statement concerning America after the attack on
    Pearl Harbor!

    ”I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant & filled him with a terrible resolve”

    This is what the NFL & Hollywood should have read before Spitting on the American people.
    The players are just the ignorant Pawns of the upper management which
    C O N -dones this ……. Behavior!

    OLD …..Hillary should have read it before she called all of us…..
    ……. ” Irredeemable Deplorables “. …..

  5. SURE ….1 BIG ….. happy family ???? R WTP…NUTS???

  6. Comments are disabled for this video. ^^^^ …..I PONDER WHY?
    IN YOUR …”FACE MUCH” … they will never GROW UP ..will they

  7. the ROASTED WEINER … cried like a BABY when his sentence was read

  8. Stuff Like This
    (I am at work)
    OK, I have heard it before, if you’re a prepper every weekend looks like doomsday…
    Dave Hodges was very careful in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey to ask for only legitimate information, signed for in full, about reports coming in that said not only is all the walmart stuff true, but it is being tried out right now
    The link
    Now look here!
    If obama militarized DHS, bought them like thirty billion bullets, gave them prison camps, enabled stuff like you will read about in that link.
    then why would President Trump not reverse it?
    Why indeed??!!??
    I can offer no answer to that.
    It is a question that very very urgently needs an answer.

  9. If you tried to put the best possible spin on this, President Trump has been advised by his military that a powerful EMP attack on our country is imminent and probably not preventable. 100 million + death risk from starvation.
    Whilst we would counter-attack and destroy the nation or nations that perpetrated it, that would be of no help to our civilian population, who would be in a “Mad Max world of civil breakdown, chaos, and death.
    Remember, I am just trying to put the best possible spin on what we see happening.
    The President agrees that extraorodinary measures are needed to try and save as many people as can be saved, and that help will have to largely come from outside the shores of our burnt out country. Hence the UN.
    Whilst that represents the best possible spin, I hasten to add that in no way do I believe what I just said is true.
    So what is happening?
    Why Jade Helms?
    Why the whole walmart thing?
    I have not got a clue – but it is happening.
    I would. by now, think that Donald Trump would have fired the heads of DHS,
    disarmed their own little army,
    and warned the UN, the Russians, and everybody else to get the heck out of the USA.
    Only he hasn’t.
    He either agrees with what is happening and has to keep it top secret,
    or what we think is happening really isn’t happening, ie Dave Hodges wrong,
    or he wants to but CANNOT stop what is happening ie blackmail.
    We need to know.

    • All we can do is pray that the anti-missile defense system REALLY works.

      • When I was just a kid growing up in Chicago there appeared a bunch of air defense missiles right on the shore of Lake Michigan, in Lincoln Park
        I think there were about seven of the things. They were called Nike.
        Funny thing was there was no security fence around them so you could walk right up to them and inspect them.
        It occurs to me now that maybe they weren’t real. The nuclear nigtmare was present in our minds for the first time so maybe they were just meant to try to reassure people. I think they were about twenty feet long and they looked real enough. I guess this is a piece of historical trivia but I can remember it quite vividly.
        Well we all hope we have some line of defense.
        There is this thing:
        speculative for sure, but the concepts mentioned here are actually in the US Patent for the technology. (Why would anyone patent a super weapon?) Maybe we should have patented the H Bomb, then we could have sued North Korea or maybe China for patent infringement!

  10. Wow. I am impressed with Milo.
    “Longtime Geller Report (nee Atlas Shrugs) readers know I have spoken little of the impact this fight has had on my life and the personal toll exacted by these devout savages.

    I thought it was time to tell my story. This is the story of how a NYC newspaper executive went from an apolitical career girl to one of the most notorious anti-jihadists in the world.

    And so I have. And Milo was brave enough to publish it.”

    Of Course I am going to buy the book.

  11. Back to work. ❤

  12. Update on P.R.

  13. Not gonna happen. 😡

  14. Ha!!! just 2 STUPID!!! ERIC DECKER …go chew some HAY!!!
    D O N ‘T …..C O M E !!! …O’ …..really NOW? U think?


  15. DROP IT !..18 % …& counting .. PERFECT MOVE USA … YES!

    • This is a cynical ploy to get all the fans sucked into their protest AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP. That’s all it is and I hope they don’t succeed in this virtual-signaling blackmail. It’s what they want. It’s just like how they’re not satisfied until they make everyone say that being gay is “normal.”

  16. Hey hey hey!
    Way to go!
    I see Drudge has some Calyfornya plan to ban all gas cars.
    Before I laugh at Calyfornya, I have to say that the crazed government minister over here in England has also announced such a plan.
    Now an announcement is not legislation but I am still ROTFLMAO.
    I am an electronic/electrical engineer.
    It amazes me when government poobahs with no knowledge of the subject whatsoever starts telling everyone how it’s going to be.
    The problem isn’t that you cannot make an electrially propelled car.
    We have been doing that with diesel rail locomotives for ages and they are fine things.
    The electric motor is powerful and versatile and drive circuitry is very well understood by now.
    Well yeah, they are still rubbish as resevoirs of energy.
    Let’s just pretend for a mo that we can make a better battery.
    Like Disneyland or something.
    So like, what’s the problem?
    How much extra electricity will need to be available to run these cars?
    Quick calculation, probably more true for the UK than for Caklyfornya,
    Everybody needs to drive their cars for an hour a day and uses 10 horsepower/ That is 7KW hours per person per day.
    This equates to about three times the electrical usage presently supplied.
    The commuting in Calyfornya will require a much higher generating capacity.
    OK Great, we only need to triple our generating capacity (in the UK)
    But that kind of infrastructure expansion typically takes like 25 years to get approved and online. Since all of it will need to be nuclear, as the only renewable source might be the hot air of rubbish politicians blabbering on and on and on, it will take even longer because nobody wants nuclear in their back yards (NIMBYs).
    So there isn’t a hope the generating capacity could be brought on line to
    power these cars.
    CALEXIT is looking better by the day, and by that I mean the plan where a narrow strip of land from LA to SF, running 10 miles inland, forms their own
    little soon to be conquered country, and we keep the rest of the productive state.

  17. ~ Liz Phipps Soeiro, the EX-pert on the Racism of Dr. Seuss, wasn’t always in the know. Back in 2015–March 3, 2015 to be exact–she tweeted a photo of herself dressed in a Cat In The Hat costume & holding a Dr. Seuss character toy & the Green Eggs and Ham book. The photo of her celebrating Read Across American/Dr. Seuss Day was on the school’s Facebook page…apparently unaware that she was promoting Racism. …..^^^^^^

    You can’t make this stuff up!
    Wait….was it wrong of me to send a copy of Little Black Sambo to this librarian?

    She probably starts the Kindergartners off on ‘Rules for Radicals’.
    Oh, poor Dr. Seuss being pushed under the bus by a very ditzy librarian.

    This librarian thinks she can insult the First Lady, who has done nothing to deserve her venom & our country’s iconic children’s book author?

    • Remember Little Black Sambo? That was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. Loved the tiger. Loved that the kid outsmarted him. btw, the kid was an INDIAN, not African. Who knew Dr. Seuss, the liberal, was racist? Wasn’t he Jewish? So isn’t this anti-Semitic? If you read that “womyn’s” entire screed, you can see how insulting she was and INTENDED to be. She made snide remarks about Melania’s gold letterhead, and about the president’s Sec. of Education, and about how well-off kids don’t need books. She lectures the First Lady on what books she should have chosen and to whom she should have sent them–implying that Melania probably doesn’t care about poor kids. But think about it: What’s this social justice warrior of a librarian doing TEACHING in a tony school? Wouldn’t she be better off taking her “skills” to somewhere that children are more in NEED of them? Where she could TEACH THEM TO READ? Walter Williams has said that black children, as they graduate from high school, are lucky to be on an 8th grade level of reading. So, when an employer hires them or a college accepts them, they’re taking on the equivalent of GRADE SCHOOLERS. Wouldn’t this librarian’s skills be put to better use in the inner city? Why, then, does she teach in a tony Cambridge school? She lectures the First Lady about how Dr. Seuss is a “cliche” and the books the librarian chooses are about immigrants, “minorities,” and other groups that alt-lefties pander to. Melania knows all about immigrants, being one herself. This womyn should be sent all of Miss Manners’s books! btw, Soeiro is a Portuguese surname. It sure resembles Soetoro, though. And so does she, somewhat.

    • My local paper “reported” on this but they ONLY talked about how FLOTUS sent books to a wealthy area and how the librarian suggested that she doesn’t need the books and that they should have been sent to poor schools. Trying to make Melania look like an elitist. They said NOTHING about the woman’s snide remarks about Melania’s letterhead, or about her complete RUDENESS. Who receives a gift and then criticizes it, saying, well, you should have chosen this, or this, or this? If she felt the books would be better somewhere else, then she could have graciously accepted them, thanked the First Lady, and then sent them to the poorer schools she felt would need them more. Problem solved. The school, instead of FIRING HER, just said it wasn’t her place to write this letter in the first place, to accept OR decline the gifts, or to make political statements, and that she’d been talked to about it. IF the shoe were on the other foot, had this been Mooch, then the librarian would have been fired immediately. AND the school would have apologized to the FLOTUS. HAVE THEY? Have they apologized to Mrs. Trump?

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