Former St. Louis City Officer Found Not Guilty

An update to the previous post: The verdict came down this morning on the case of Jason Stockley, a West Point graduate and Iraq war veteran:

Not guilty.

The judge’s ruling and the full explanation of his verdict is found here.

The officer-involved shooting occurred in 2011. At the time, there were state, local, and federal investigations (headed by the Obama DOJ and FBI).

All authorities declined to prosecute.

The family has already received a nearly million dollar settlement in the case, as the result of a lawsuit filed on behalf of the deceased’s minor child.

Nevertheless, last year the St. Louis Circuit Attorney decided to press a first degree murder charge against the former officer, who had resigned and moved out of state years ago. The former officer returned to stand trial, choosing a bench trial rather than trial by jury.

As promised, civil unrest quickly followed the verdict this morning. Downtown St. Louis streets were shut down by protesters, but so far they’ve been blocked by police from entering interstate highways to interfere with traffic.

Currently, protesters are marching through the streets, gathering outside various public buildings and promising to “shut down” the City and the local economy. There’s been at least one arrest so far for destruction of property and “failure to obey” police orders.

Obviously well orchestrated (choreographed, according to a local reporter),  these protests feature many of the usual suspects–all known “community activists” who were seen at the destructive protests in nearby Ferguson, MO, a few years ago.

Protesters are being separated by race by organizers, according to a local FOX news reporter, with whites being asked to go to a different location (i.e. City Hall) from black marchers, presumably to stage-manage what the media will portray in photos and videos.

Events planned for the weekend are being canceled or rescheduled (e.g., Moonlight Ramble and an Alzheimer’s Walk). Schools are being closed. (A snowflake day?) Businesses are dismissing employees early. Other large events, such as a balloon race and a U2 concert, scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday are still on, despite that the events are expected to draw thousands of citizens.

The National Guard has been mobilized, but not yet seen on the streets. Police, media say, are taking a “hands off” attitude, allowing “peaceful protests” in the streets, even though no permit was issued and protesters were given a downtown park in which to protest. So, there’s a “quasi-stand down” in effect.

One must wonder whether the same courtesy would be given to protesters on the other end of the political spectrum who deliberately shut down busy city intersections at rush hour. Imagine if these were “white supremacists” (instead of black supremacists?).

The Democrat mayor said in a statement that she remains “appalled by the death” of the man who was shot (despite that he was engaged in a drug deal and led officers on a 3-mile-long high speed chase while in possession of a firearm, after twice ramming their car and nearly hitting one officer with his car).

Let’s hope and pray that these “protests”  are peaceful and that, as day becomes night, what happened in Ferguson after dark does not repeat itself. Pray for the safety of the citizens of St. Louis.

It’s long past time for the law to catch up with this new style of “peaceful protest.” Legislation is required to protect the rights of other citizens to not be impeded by protesters bent upon blocking roads and deliberately disrupting their day. Laws should also be developed to recompense business people that lose money when orchestrated mobs deliberately target their businesses. Do “peaceful protesters” have a right to financially harm other citizens? NO!

Again, pray for the safety of the people and law enforcement officers in St. Louis, MO.


120 responses to “Former St. Louis City Officer Found Not Guilty

  1. ~peggy6824 • …sick GOV. ….what DO U KNOW??? …^^^^^^
    No doubt with other peoples money! ….$$$$$ ????

    Democrats always claim they have received donations but in reality they find a way to use taxpayer funds.

    ~ SkepticalCat peggy6824 •
    What a twit …
    These are illegal aliens …
    They have no right to any taxpayer-provided benefits …

    ~ rogpeck •
    Rhode Island taxpayers are already suffering with out of control tax burdens not to mention having to pay for illegals housing; medical and education and now the Governor wants to waste even more tax dollars for this?

    ~ MerlinX4 •
    Wow. Imagine if he put that kind of effort into helping legal citizens.

  2. ~ Igor Ivanovitch
    An illegal immigrants is an illegal immigrant with no right of Residence in any country. Pretty faces don’t alter that fact.

    they also want to “START calling” …the ILLEGALS…
    …. DIG THIS 1 >>>…Undocumented CITIZENS << …O' aplayonwords?

  3. as ^^^ they tried 2 block .. the ^^^^^ TRASH WHO DOES IT???? them!

  4. ~ flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable, winner says:

    & …… Why doesn’t ICE attend these events?

  5. ~ sunnydaze says: This is great. They’re lumping the Dreamers in with all “11 million” illegals…exactly what the Dems don’t want to happen-
    not out loud anyway. ……ha’

    hear it’s 860,000 ..NOT just …800,000 ? DO WTP KNOW ANY-THING?

  6. #WinningBigly …….U GO TRUMP ….the PERFECT …. STORM!

  7. ~ Apfelcobbler says:
    This video shows how Nancy was fawning over the Screamers, before the shouting began:

    That particular camera angle captures Nancy’s Moment of Realization that these brats are not quite the putty she assumed. But she’s careful to keep the plastic smile in case any camera captures her frustration. Here’s the chaser at the end:
    & ….HOW DO U ….SPELL …HAPPY ???

  8. the “CHILDREN”??? … (DREAMERS & ALL !!!) need 2 GO 2 BED …
    them…. MOUTHS’ … R washed WITH ENGLISH SPRING!!! NASTY!

  9. ~ common sense doggma •

    They want to associate the Constitution with Racism and then rewrite it. They were so close to destroying the USA it wasn’t even funny and those that think we are safe are not filled in with all the facts. We need the Judges that will uphold the Constitution in now. We need the Senate to stop obstructing Trump’s appointments. We can’t get the right people into play to investigate and stop the corruption. Those that obtain power loot the National Treasury and promise to lock up the old so they can do it. Trump wants to end that but the Deep State wants their money.

  10. ~ Sarah Jones (edited)
    They are not “youth”. They’re ages 16-36, median age is 25.
    Most are adults. I knew if they legalize “dreamers”, they’re going to Demand Legalization of all the Rest of the 30-40 million illegals. Meanwhile our border is NOT….. secure, they pour in, & fly in on visas & just stay. This lawlessness is why Conservative Freedom Caucus politicians are winning elections. We’re fed up & electing people who’ll enforce our immigration laws & deport the demanding invading criminals. ….NASTY!!!!!children?

  11. I think Donald Trump is a deal maker and not an idealogue.
    He has probably in business had to negotiate many times with people he didn’t particularly like.
    The Republicans in the Senate have basically blocked him and he could just do nothing until 2018 if anyone thinks that would fly.
    I think what he might be doing with DACA is using it as a bargaining opportunity to get some of the immigrations stuff he wants, border wall, travel bans, etc in exchange for giving the Democrats some of what they want.
    I’ll wait to see.
    Meanwhiles there is some sort of last ditch effort to get Obamacare repeal through the Senate before the reconcilliation deadline expires at the end of the month.
    I’ll wait to see,
    but it looks like Donald Trump cannot rely on the support of the Republicans in the legislature for like anything.
    They only have themselves to blame.

  12. The new cnn story:
    Yes, that actually means FBI Director James Comey was using propaganda commissioned by Russia, funded in part by the FBI, to attack Trump, as the framework to launch his FBI investigation into candidate Donald Trump and Russian collusion.

    Expanding the reality from that testimony. This means the Russian collusion narrative the U.S. media has been running with for a year to attack Trump, was actually factual collusion between Russia and the the U.S. FBI, via James Comey.

    We also know the actual surveillance within these FISA warrants was carried out by the NSA. Additionally we know that NSA head Admiral Mike Rogers met with President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday November 17th without notifying ODNI James Clapper. The day after Admiral Rogers met with President-elect Trump, the entire transition team left Trump Tower and moved their work to New Jersey. Admiral Mike Rogers still has his job as head of the NSA.
    —————————————- end snip ———————————–
    The entire article is well worth reading,
    My question:
    Why is Sessions still here?

  13. great speech occurring now
    President Trump is speaking very rapidly and does not appear to be
    reading from a teleprompter

  14. in Venezuela, the problem is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implemented,

    Hall erupts in strange noise.

  15. He has told the NWO to 100% forget about it.

  16. That link carried the speech live but now that it is over it is not
    offering a replay. We’ll have to find that somewhere else.
    The speech was very strong and there will be a lot of I think hysterical media reaction to it tonight.
    He said North Korea is seeking it’s own destruction.
    The nuclear deal with Iran cannot stand.
    Sanctions against Cuba will not be dropped.
    Venezuela was the new problem for all of Latin America.
    amongst a few other things.
    He also said that if the UN held to it’s original purposes, these problems could be solved but if it chooses not to help then it has no real purpose to continue it’s existence.

    couldn’t just put the Facebook video up so if you go down a little on this site there’s a surprising video of Black Lives Matters convergence with another group and the turnout turns GOOD. Worth watching! Positive results!

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it? When the alt-left, especially those snowflakes on college campuses, talk about having a conversation, what they really mean is a lecture. They speak and you, especially if you disagree and/or are WHITE, you sit down, shut up, and listen to your lecture before you submit and agree to their way of thinking. You get NO OPPORTUNITY to speak or refute their arguments. If you try, you’re labeled a bigot. If you ask them for dialog, what you get is called a bunch of names, because they ordinarily won’t engage in any DISCUSSION of disagreements to find common ground. To them, there IS NO common ground. It’s their way or the highway. So it’s very interesting that the BLM guy took the pro-Trumpers up on the invitation and that when he made some points, the crowd cheered for him, but when (as usual) he just made broad statements and false statements (e.g., how Garner died), they booed. THIS is what CONVERSATION looks like. It’s almost an insult that he was surprised that he was given a fair hearing. He shouldn’t judge others by the way his own group behaves. Good for him that he apparently learned something.

  18. POLLS

    Are you still on the Trump Train?

    Hell yes (54%, 13,888 Votes) .. YES as if U CARE 2 tell the TRUTH???
    Yes (30%, 7,697 Votes)
    Hell no (10%, 2,506 Votes)
    No (7%, 1,752 Votes)

    Total Voters: 25,843

  19. Trump: ‘The Problem in Venezuela Is Not that Socialism Has Been Poorly Implemented’ but ‘Faithfully Implemented’
    ‘All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests & their well-being, including their prosperity’

    TRUMP: “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. (Applause) From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation & failure.

    “Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime. Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action. All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests & their well-being, including their prosperity.”

    Trump Calls out Venezuela: ‘This Corrupt Regime Destroyed a Prosperous Nation By Imposing a Failed Ideology’

    Trump: ‘I Will Always Put America First, Just Like as the Leaders of Your Countries Will Always’ Do

    Trump on North Korea: ‘Rocket Man Is on a Suicide Mission for Himself and His Regime’

    Trump: ‘A Massive Source of Embarrassment to the U.N. that’ Human Rights Offenders Sit on ‘Human Rights Council’

    CNN’s Kirby: This Was a Sermon, and He Wasn’t a Pres., He Was a Preacher Giving His Dark Worldview

    MSNBC’s Ruhle: Was Trump’s Speech ‘Unsophisticated’? Maybe Americans Don’t Get U.N.?

    ABC’s Moran on Trump’s Threat to ‘Totally Destroy’ N. Korea: Borders on ‘a War Crime’

    Flashback Montage: 11 Times Obama Talked Down the U.S. in His Final U.N. Address

  20. Trump warns of ‘rogue regimes’ in America First-focused U.N. address

    In his debut address before the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Trump doubled down on his America First outlook as he warned of the threats posed by “rogue regimes.” He declared that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who he referred to as “Rocket Man,” is “on a suicide mission,” and noted that the U.S. “will have no choice but to totally destroy” the country if it threatens the U.S or its allies. Vowing to “stop radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump also referred to the Iranian government as an “economically depleted rogue state” whose chief export is violence. “Major portions of the world are in conflict and some, in fact, are going to hell,” Trump said.

    • Well, I’m willing to give him a chance on this one. There’s a new sheriff in town. We’ll see what develops. At least, I should hope, they’ll no longer be made to “fight” with one hand tied behind their backs.

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