Judge Told He’d Better Rule Correctly

Here’s a story that probably won’t receive much publicity in the mainstream media. It’s come to this now: A judge in St. Louis was “warned” by a group of clergy members that he’d better rule that white police officer Jason Stockley is guilty of murder, or else. Or else what? As yet another activist group, which included some of the same clergy members, threatened:

It’s going to look a lot like Ferguson. It’s going to be a hundred-plus days, three hundred-plus days of direct action.

First, a little background:

Activists recently promised mass disruption if Stockley is acquitted for killing Anthony Lamar Smith, the [black] 24-year-old he shot five times at close range after a car chase in 2011.

Stockley’s attorneys say he acted in self-defense by shooting a drug suspect who appeared to be reaching for a firearm, but prosecutors contend Stockley “executed” Smith and planted a gun in his car to justify the killing.

Stockley waived his right to a jury trial, meaning all eyes are now on [Judge] Wilson, who could make a decision any day, either by calling a hearing or issuing his ruling outright.

Here’s what the men and women of God warned the judge:

Any decision rendered by you other than a guilty verdict will make you liable for any ensuing unrest or acts of aggression,” the group wrote. “In biblical terms, ‘the blood will be on your hands.’

Missouri’s governor met with some members of the clergy in order to put a stop to fears of imminent unrest, to listen to fears about an impending injustice, and to warn potential un-peaceful protesters that they will be arrested if they become violent or destructive. This latter promise prompted a further warning from clergy:

We’re not here to try to control our young activists. That’s not our responsibility. That’s not our job. If a militarized police presence shows up, that will incite a certain response.

Is the clergyman saying that if the governor dares to enforce the law and protect the rights of other citizens, then blood will be on his hands, too?

Is he saying that potential rioters are not responsible for their own actions, but instead the judge and the governor will be responsible for the actions of “young activists,” even as the clergy members who speak on behalf of these young activists disavow their own responsibility? Amazing.

As the Robert Mueller witch hunt continues, as his minions drill down and try to invent an obstruction of justice charge against the president because he dared to fire someone who worked for him, someone he has a constitutional right to fire for whatever reason, there’s no mention anywhere that anyone who’s publicly threatening a judge (and the people of St. Louis) is under investigation for anything.

What is our country coming to? Is this, as alt-left activists like to chant,

what democracy looks like?

The judge has been considering his verdict for several weeks. No word yet when a ruling will be announced.

In the meantime, a city is held hostage by threats of, at best, alt-left “direct action” and “mass disruption.”



131 responses to “Judge Told He’d Better Rule Correctly

  1. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/09/awan-brothers-get-immunity-significant-disturbing-story-wasserman-schultz/

    Well, this is total BS. It’s bad enough there are rumors that the wife will get immunity, but this story suggests the Awans will get it, too, in return for testifying against DWS. I want them ALL to go down.

    • This in this morning…


      Last night, saw a video (Jason Goodman CSTT) – the Sprayer Street House had an additional wifi/internet system set up in the basement with a dual splitter – Cox was the provider and the account just terminated in June 2017; the tenant had her own internet cable upstairs provided by Verizon. The Cox set up also had surveillance devices per the Cox representative.

      True Pundit (Thomas Paine)

      • Secret server? Just like Hillary. How can they get away with providing law enforcement with a FALSIFIED image of the server? If that isn’t a red flag that the server contained incriminating stuff, then I don’t know what is. The question is: Who was trying to hide something? The people who created the information (i.e. DemoncRAT Congress people) or the Awans? I’m thinking it was falsified for the same reason they wouldn’t let the FBI see the DNC server. The DemoncRATS are hiding what’s on their servers. Why can’t they trust law enforcement? We can guess. Of course, ordinary citizens don’t get to falsify evidence or refuse to allow law enforcement to see it. The authorities just get a warrant and come in and TAKE it. Who TOLD the Awans to falsify the server contents? Is this Becerra involved in the falsification? Just another case of obstruction of justice but they’re all too busy going after the president for doing something totally within his constitutional powers. How can that congresswoman say there’s no indication Awan stole anything? To have all that information on a private server IS theft. It’s illegal for it to be there. It was illegal for him to put it there. It’s stolen. You also have to wonder whether putting all this information off site where it “could not be taken back by House authorities” was done for the same reason that Hillary put everything off site where it couldn’t be accessed by law enforcement and from where she could delete it at will instead of being subject to subpoena or records rules. What were they hiding? Not just the Awans but the Congress people, too?

        • Here’s my take, both parties are complicit… the deal with the “renters/tenants” is to keep stuff moving and of course Conrol.
          Technically, the Awan Spies have absolutely no right to receive congressional products at their homes, including certified letters from Congress. So far we know there are 2 out of 12 residences: Hawkshead and Sprayer.that receive mail and electronics. (The latest rumor is Laurel Hendrix Everly has been fired from job with the EEOC…)

          Here’s another twist… (when you have time, of course)

          Just so happens as I type, Sean Hannity is discussing the Awan servers, DWS and Pakistani ISI.

          BTW 🙂 🙂 with love.and gratitude.

          Still ambewildered as to why the Prosecution and Law Enforcement are clueless as to the wherabouts and occupation of the monitored defendant. Why is the media responsible to investigate his UBER job?. Why didn’t they respond immediately in Court on September 1st????

          Happy to report WZ is headlining the reports, though the commenters go off topic. Its vast, complicated and people cannot wrap their heads around it. Why? Because its incredible.

          xo P

  2. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/09/wow-national-guardsman-threatens-assassinate-vice-president-pence/

    Well, THIS IS INSANE. A national guardsman threatens to do a hit on Pence, so long as he’s paid. He gets charged with ” disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats, both misdemeanors.” MISDEMEANORS!

    Read the rest. Pence’s security team, while in South America with the VP, got caught bringing women back to their hotel (not confirmed to be prostitutes, though, as if that matters. Who was protecting Pence while they were dallying?)

    A former Secret Service guy said that political correctness during the previous administration led them to put demographic characteristics ahead of qualifications and ability (not to mention morality, I would add). So it seems. For the good of our country, THIS swamp needs to be drained, too.

  3. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/nbc-exclusive-rod-blagojevich-breaks-silence-from-prison-443821533.html

    Another of Barry’s political victims. If Blago hopes for a pardon from someone, he ought ought to make a start on reparations by spilling the beans on Barry. Will We the People EVER learn the truth?

  4. https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/36604/

    Give them an inch. Look how far this is going now:

    “As colleges across the country struggle with questions related to free speech on campuses, some schools have implemented policies that appear to give administrators significant latitude to discipline students for speaking in unpopular ways.

    Most recently, the dean’s office of Utah Valley University, a public institution located in the north-central part of Utah, distributed a guidance letter to all faculty encouraging them to report to the school’s Behavior Assessment Team any students who use “inappropriate language,” are “argumentative,” or who speak “loudly.” …”

    From hate speech to inappropriate language and now to even more totally SUBJECTIVE judgments (and you’re guilty until proved innocent).

    Now the content of your children’s speech isn’t their only crime, it’s also a crime to speak too loudly or to be argumentative. You cannot make this stuff up. How long before parents stop rewarding these socio-nazis by starving the beast? STOP SENDING YOUR KIDS TO THESE PLACES!

  5. HOW “HOT is SHE????? …^^^^^

  6. ~ RightVote • …^^^^^
    HELLary is getting ready to ‘go on tour’ with her BOOK.
    Imagine PEOPLE paying a lot of $$$$$ to hear her lie ! !

    HELLary and her Book:
    Chapters (SHOULD) include:

    1. In the beginning : A Rapist and a 12 Yr. old Girl
    2. The Vast RIGHT WING Conspiracy
    3. Rigged ELECTIONS Rigged ERECTIONS ***/ a Profile of ME and BILL
    4. Who Murdered Seth Rich (and others) !
    5. Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi / the 13 hr. Stand Down
    6. The C-linton N-ews N-utwork
    7. Vanished E-Mails … “Like with a Cloth”
    8. “Skin(S) Crawled” … Bills’ Raped and Groped Women
    9. MY (Fake) Husband / MY (Fake ) Marriage / MY (Fake) American Patriotism!

    And with a special ‘thank you’ to ” Saul Alinsky ” ……for allowing ME & O’
    to implement your “RULES” for Mass Take-Over.
    And to Jonathan Gruber for confirming that the American People are ‘STUPID’.
    Pri$ed to $ell (America) ! …WHAT A JOKER …BROAD she IS!

    • Oh crap I said I was going to turn off the tv or avoid the channel with Hillary on the VIEW and darn it….there the H….. she is. She’s like those pesky weeds that I thought I eradicated in my yard and suddenly….they continue to irritate me. She still thinks she’s relevant and is trying to be,,,Barf, barf, barf. Excuse me while I turn off Hillary and her sycophantic vulgar friend, Joy (who’s worse).

      • Oh, I know. I was peacefully reading my paper Sunday morning when there she came on the national morning show. Yuck. I had to watch a travelogue instead.

    • Did you read the story that said that Trump is being drugged? I think it was Alex Jones by way of someone else. Forget where I read it. Anyway, maybe San Fran Nana got into the drugs, too. 🙂

    • Exactly–WOW! That explains or could explain so much. The mainstreaming of homosexuality. Trying to make it equivalent to a birth condition, something beyond someone’s control, and so a protected status like being black. I could totally believe this, especially given the news that artificial intelligence computers have better “gaydar” than human beings. Computers do better at identifying homosexuals based upon facial features than any human being. The AI computer was something like 91% accurate in identifying gay men and 80-something % accurate in identifying lesbians. Amazing. I still believe there’s a “culture” and environment component, but pumping hormones into women and into everybody via eating meat that itself was pumped full of hormones is bound to have an effect. I wonder if so many hormones being secreted into the environment play a role in the disappearance of some amphibians and the birth defects seen in lots of animals that live in polluted water.

      • You can just imagine the pressure put on this by those (especially liberals) who SO WANTED to have a convenient pill to make women “equal” to men in that they can be as promiscuous as desired without any consequences. Then there’s the massive amount of money made. But consider if this were publicized and women stopped using the pill. How society would change again!

        Gosh. Now that I think about it, in light of, for example, the huge settlements for people who used baby powder and later developed cancer–just imagine the YUGE lawsuits if/when women discover that their children or grandchildren are gay BECAUSE of the pill. Imagine the gays all suing the pharmaceutical companies because of their condition! This is AS BAD as other instances where KNOWN side effects are covered up. How many women would have taken the pill had they known their offspring would end up gay? NO WONDER they want to normalize and even celebrate (PRIDE!) homosexuality.

      • This next quote seems to confirm what my boss told me that the effect
        will …… SKIP …. a generation to the grandchildren. …..^^^^^^

        According to a newly released hypothesis, homosexuality might not lie in DNA itself. Instead, as an embryo develops, sex-related genes are turned on and off in response to fluctuating levels of hormones in the womb, produced by both mother and child. This benefits the unborn child, however if these epigenetic changes persist once the child is born, and has children of its own, some of these offspring may be homosexual. – SciTechDaily

        There YOU …. have it. The anecdote RELATED …. to ME 30 years ago,
        by my boss, has some scientific merit. ….???? ^^^^ ….WOW <<<<<

        • It’s been known that hormones fluctuate in the womb, based upon the mother’s and the child’s secretions of hormones. In fact, iirc, that’s how you can end up a hermaphrodite. Something goes haywire in the process. Something’s turned on but not off, in time. Too many androgens or too few. Whatever. What’s unclear is the mechanism that makes it “persist once the child is born.” In any case, I wonder how it ends up being transmitted to the grandchildren! I’ve always believed that the recent obesity epidemic comes from hormones in food and in the environment. Had never considered the Pill, but it makes sense. Women aren’t designed to have their cycles held up at a specific point unless or until they discontinue the pill. It’s, basically, NOT NORMAL. Just as homosexuality, almost by definition, is NOT normal. Whether the problem is in the DNA or in “epigenetic changes” is just a matter of semantics. If it’s ABNORMAL DNA or ABNORMAL epigenetic changes, it’s still abnormal. Either a mutation or a birth defect. Take your pick. Not that people should be treated badly because of their condition. Not arguing that at all. No more than I’d say people with Down Syndrome should be treated badly or discriminated against. The scientific FACT is that homosexuality is not normal, which is sort of a “duh” statement. Sexuality exists to perpetuate the species. Two men cannot do it. Two women cannot do it. It takes one of each. My only objection is for people to tell us that we CANNOT state simple scientific fact without being accused of bigotry and, especially, that they want to try to FORCE US to state what THEY want us to say–which is that homosexuality is not only normal but supernormal, even better than “cisgender.” Know what I mean?

    • A good book, out of print but can still be found, is “The Way Home” by Mary Pride. Now, some is rather black-and-white with no grey in reference to Biblical applications but alot of food for thought. She was a feminist who went full Jesus Following Conservative Homeschooling Chosen Barrenhood to 7-8 children. She was a fully indoctrinated feminist and when became a Christian was shocked at how much Feminism had infected the American Christian Culture. The Book was written in the eighties but still applicable today. She exposed and broke down the Feminist usurpers in Christian circles and well, many hated her books while they changed others’ lives completely. She talks extensively about birth control (and turned many off with “Let Jesus plan your family” which wasn’t exactly the point of her book but can see how many took it that way). Anyways, worth a read, siftling what needs to be sifted to get some great inside insights. Reading this AT article I see Mary Pride was waaaaaay ahead her time.

    • Here is food for thought along the same lines as the article. My mother was real big in AA movement in the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties, along with involvement in Alanon. She had access to all sorts of research and studies. I remember one she shared about the findings that children conceived from drunk sperm were having children with a range of birth defects. This would be the grandchildren of the drunk sperm. She said the defects ranged from severe jaundice (the type needing transfusions) to unusual birth marks to missing fingers, ribs. There also was an issue of babies having strokes of some sort in the womb and not developing on one side of body but these were being attributed to the carrying mothers’ having the flu during the first few weeks of pregnancy, instead of to the drunk grandpa.

      I have never been able to find anything on this. I did not pay much attention to Mom when she would tell me her findings/readings and by the time I developed an interest, she was gone. The woman lacked in the imagination department to make this stuff up.

      So, I wait until the day comes when out comes stuff and Mom was right after all.

      • That’s interesting. I’ve never heard that grandchildren can be affected, but I know about fetal alcohol syndrome, where a mother who drinks during pregnancy can have a child with certain characteristic defects. I really wonder how today’s young women would react if they knew taking the pill might cause them to have homosexual children or grandchildren. Would they take that risk?

    • Just another fake news story, imho. The devil is in the details. I won’t get upset until I see that whatever’s decided stinks. IMHO, allowing them to remain in the current status is just the status quo. I have no objection to that, really, except that it’s UNFAIR, totally unfair, for them to take jobs that AMERICAN CITIZENS need and to take SCHOLARSHIPS that should go to AMERICAN CITIZENS, and to get social benefits. IF they stay, then these caveats: (1) NO, NEVER a path to citizenship unless they get at the back of the line and their wait time for citizenship begins WHEN they reach the front of the line, if they ever do, and NO SOCIAL BENEFITS WHATSOEVER, then (2) NEVER are they allowed to use their own status to have their parents legalized or to bring anybody else from their family over here as a result of their new “legal” status. NEVER. NO AMNESTY FOR ANY PERSON WHO CAME HERE ILLEGALLY. NONE. Everyone of them, if allowed to stay, should go through a vetting process–the process they were SUPPOSED to go through but during which ALL were simply rubber stamped. And then, (3) NO NEW APPLICANTS FOR DACA, EVER. NONE. Never again. The list stops here. Nobody new allowed to apply or be processed. EVERY OTHER ILLEGAL ALIEN, AS SOON AS IDENTIFIED, GOES HOME. (4) The WALL is built. (5) Legal immigration is overhauled and based solely on MERIT, with reduced numbers. (6) NO MORE REFUGEES. Period.

  7. PUSH …PUSH …B-CUS they CAN STAND “OUT” in every way N O W!
    I KNOW WHAT & WHY they R PUSHING US BACK thanks OBAMA …etc.
    B- cus they R ALLOWED .. 2 DO IT!!! ..& WTP WATCH? not FUNNY!

    • Now this is interesting, if it’s true. If Mr. and Mrs. Awan are cooperating in return for nailing higher ups, then what’s the theory of this case? What exactly was going on? Was it a spy ring wherein Pakistani nationals get hold of secret information that can be used by foreign governments and so THEY sold it to the highest bidder to enrich themselves? If it wasn’t that, then what was it? A deliberate plan by Congress persons to funnel U.S. government inside information to foreign governments like Pakistan because they’re “fellow travelers?” OR were the Congresspersons themselves enriching themselves by selling data? OR were they setting up these private servers for the same reason Clinton did–to hide from FOIA requests and prying eyes of law enforcement all the potentially illegal things they did (illegal campaign donations, illegal backdoor collusion with who knows who, etc., e.g.)? Did they then, by doing this, not only break U.S. laws but also allow the information to be stolen by these foreign actors who used it to enrich themselves? What are they hiding on that server? What exactly WAS on it that was allowed to be in the purview of all these foreign nationals?

  8. Well how in the heck am I supposed to know what happened here?
    Cops sometimes kill people. Minnesota, Chicago, San Diego, happens.
    Soros sometimes kils people. Hillary is alleged to have killed people and I for one am persuaded to think the accusations in her case are true.
    There is no way to know at a distance what happened.
    What I do know is that from Nov 4 onwards, the Soros mafia have promised unending days of rage, to continue until President Trump is toppled.
    Why is Soros not charged with sedition?
    Good question and a lot more important, sadly, than who did what in this case.
    All these incidents are planned to distract. I choose not to take any notice of them.
    That may seem harsh. Sorry.
    I had nothing to do with causing them.
    Remember, one sort of little hydrogen bomb from China can ruin your whole day even if it is delivered on a sort of North Korean sort of rocket.

    • Nobody REALLY knows what happened in the case (if you’re talking about the one from my post) because, like with Trayvon and Michael Brown, facts are being distorted or simply made up. The judge, presumably, is in the best position to know. There’s no jury for the obvious reason–the guy would NEVER get a fair trial in St. Louis. He was NOT charged after this happened, in 2011. (Yep. 6 long years ago.) iirc, he either quit the police force or was fired for not following some technicality, and then he moved to TX. He’s been living there for years. Suddenly, on her way out the door, the prosecutor decided to press charges against him, claiming new evidence. He willingly returned to St. Louis for trial. There’s a new prosecutor now, a black woman. The previous one was a white woman. It’s totally politicized. There are two different police unions in St. Louis. One for all cops and a separate one just for black cops. Of course, the black cops have ALSO come out publicly, since I wrote the post, saying that defendant should be found guilty. This from a group of supposed law enforcement officers who ought to know better than to weigh in on a pending case, to in effect try to intimidate a judge, and to prejudge a case that they have no way of knowing every nuance of. They should know and recognize that everyone, no matter his race, is innocent until proved guilty and judged guilty in a court of law. They even claim it’s racist to have allowed the officer to have a bench trial instead of a jury trial, when their entire wish for a jury trial was because they knew the jury would be packed with black citizens. These officers didn’t see the evidence or hear and cross-examine the witnesses. Based upon WHAT is their judgment that he IS guilty of first degree murder beyond a shadow of a doubt? They have overcharged the case, as anyone with common sense can see. The black “community” came up with the meme (like “hands up, don’t shoot”) that this officer planted a gun in the car after shooting the perp. So far as I know, there’s NO evidence to support that. It’s just a supposition/guess/hope/typical liberal narrative. I would hate to be the judge in this case. Apparently, he’s going to retire soon, so that’s probably a good thing from his point of view. No matter what the decision is, it will probably NOT be guilty of first degree murder. Perhaps of manslaughter, but will that satisfy the mob? Surely it will be appealed and probably overturned on appeal if it’s first degree murder. I believe they deliberately overcharge just SO there will be an acquittal and then there will be an excuse for their “direct action,” which, of course, is all part of the SOROS plan. It’s another Michael-Brown-like powder keg. The white female mayor is totally sympathetic to the black “community,” which, in a way, is an insult to the black people with common sense who do NOT march in lockstep with these BLM activists. I wonder if the clergy and the black police union realize that by weighing in they give the guy a perfect rational FOR the verdict being overturned on account of the fact that the judge will have, no doubt about it, a conflict of interest in that he’s being threatened to rule a certain way or else there will be “mass disruption,” riots, and HE will have “blood on his hands?”

  9. If we talk, for a minute, about supposedly respectable high ;evel politicians, George Osborne was the Treasury Minister under Davuid Cameron in the UK.
    When PM Cameron resigned and was relaced by Teresa May, she fired George Osborne.
    He now said this:
    George Osborne has already called Theresa May a “dead woman walking”.

    Now he has apparently said he will not rest until the Prime Minister is “chopped up in bags in my freezer”, according to a magazine.

    Mr Osborne, who now runs the Evening Standard, made the comment to “more than one person” at the newspaper, Esquire magazine reported in a profile of the former chancellor.
    Can you imagine what would happen if Trump said that about Obama?
    I can’t imagine it, it would be violent beyond prediction.
    How does a senior member of the government go psycho-killer cannibal
    and live to blather another day?
    Words have some power.
    They can encourage followers.
    Ref to previous post about calling for violence.

    • Wow. That’s outrageous. Just today, I read where that dope Anthony Bourdain (who styles himself some kind of food guru) said that if he were to make dinner for Trump he’d serve hemlock. What a guy! Nice, huh? I’ll be sure to NEVER watch his program. I usually don’t but hubby has been known to.

  10. …i hear ..if IT’s …still BREATHING …she MIGHT B …running! ha’

  11. YEP …..O’ “POOR” ….it ON!!!! …. it’s just GRAVY!

    Praise in San Francisco for Pelosi and Trump!
    President vows to work with Dems…
    ‘Wall will come later’…
    Schumer hot mic: He likes us…


  13. Quinn was critical of President Bill Clinton during the impeachment trial, stating that he had “fouled the nest”. Quinn had a long-standing animus for the Clintons, possibly due to a perceived snub by First Lady Hillary Clinton, who declined a party invitation from Quinn. Harry Jaffe wrote in Salon that Quinn’s condemnation of Bill Clinton’s adultery rang hollow coming from someone who broke up the marriage of her boss Ben Bradlee before going on to marry Bradlee herself. …..^^^^^^^^ O’

    Grey Gardens, in January 2009
    Quinn was the third wife of Benjamin C. Bradlee, her former boss at The Washington Post, until his death in 2014. They married on October 20, 1978. In 1979, Quinn and Bradlee purchased Grey Gardens in East Hampton, New York from Edith Bouvier Beale, known as “Little Edie.” Edie sold the home to them for $220,000 (equivalent to $726,000 in 2016) under the terms they were not to tear down the house. Little Edie told them “All it needs is a coat of paint!” The couple then spent several years remodeling the home and fully restored it to its former glory. In 2017 Quinn put Grey Gardens on the market.
    Quinn and Bradlee have one child: Quinn Bradlee (born in 1982)

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