Judge Told He’d Better Rule Correctly

Here’s a story that probably won’t receive much publicity in the mainstream media. It’s come to this now: A judge in St. Louis was “warned” by a group of clergy members that he’d better rule that white police officer Jason Stockley is guilty of murder, or else. Or else what? As yet another activist group, which included some of the same clergy members, threatened:

It’s going to look a lot like Ferguson. It’s going to be a hundred-plus days, three hundred-plus days of direct action.

First, a little background:

Activists recently promised mass disruption if Stockley is acquitted for killing Anthony Lamar Smith, the [black] 24-year-old he shot five times at close range after a car chase in 2011.

Stockley’s attorneys say he acted in self-defense by shooting a drug suspect who appeared to be reaching for a firearm, but prosecutors contend Stockley “executed” Smith and planted a gun in his car to justify the killing.

Stockley waived his right to a jury trial, meaning all eyes are now on [Judge] Wilson, who could make a decision any day, either by calling a hearing or issuing his ruling outright.

Here’s what the men and women of God warned the judge:

Any decision rendered by you other than a guilty verdict will make you liable for any ensuing unrest or acts of aggression,” the group wrote. “In biblical terms, ‘the blood will be on your hands.’

Missouri’s governor met with some members of the clergy in order to put a stop to fears of imminent unrest, to listen to fears about an impending injustice, and to warn potential un-peaceful protesters that they will be arrested if they become violent or destructive. This latter promise prompted a further warning from clergy:

We’re not here to try to control our young activists. That’s not our responsibility. That’s not our job. If a militarized police presence shows up, that will incite a certain response.

Is the clergyman saying that if the governor dares to enforce the law and protect the rights of other citizens, then blood will be on his hands, too?

Is he saying that potential rioters are not responsible for their own actions, but instead the judge and the governor will be responsible for the actions of “young activists,” even as the clergy members who speak on behalf of these young activists disavow their own responsibility? Amazing.

As the Robert Mueller witch hunt continues, as his minions drill down and try to invent an obstruction of justice charge against the president because he dared to fire someone who worked for him, someone he has a constitutional right to fire for whatever reason, there’s no mention anywhere that anyone who’s publicly threatening a judge (and the people of St. Louis) is under investigation for anything.

What is our country coming to? Is this, as alt-left activists like to chant,

what democracy looks like?

The judge has been considering his verdict for several weeks. No word yet when a ruling will be announced.

In the meantime, a city is held hostage by threats of, at best, alt-left “direct action” and “mass disruption.”


131 responses to “Judge Told He’d Better Rule Correctly

    • It’s what she does!

      • MO’ like HARD ….HEADED… B*TCH!!!! …O’ Hill U LIE!!!!

        • ^^^^^— Hillary confirms the Clinton family motto: Better to get caught trying than not to try at all.

          The hardest choice Hillary ever had to face was what flavor of cake to eat. The good thing about this book however is if you run out of toilet paper you could always use the torn pages from this book….
          … But then again you might get symptoms of poison ivy.

          Something as easy as telling people only ” 1 ” of her grandparents was an immigrant & she had to lie to us and say all four were. I want to read her Wall Street speeches.

          Whatta joke. Hillary is a Joke and America will be doomed if we elect her. Like come on, do you really wanna elect a Commander & Chief that’s under a full on FBI investigation for doing illegal things?
          WOW, sad. …… Hillary does one thing really, really good tho. She is
          a excellent liar.

          Since Mrs. Clinton is a moderate conservative with Wall Street ties and support, I’m surprised at the negative criticism from those in the conservative camp.

          >>>>> Shouldn’t this book be a work of fiction? <<<<<<??????

          Yeah, real hard choices like whether to let some Americans live or not (Bengazi). Or whether to turn over atomic secrets to Communist China. Or whether to send CLASSIFIED INFO over a private email server. C'mon people!
          The hard choice of whether to run for president or not must not have been that hard, because she is obviously running NOW! So much for being satisfied with working at her family's foundation. Who actually thought she would be satisfied with that? HA! Hats off to stargladiator on this one.
          I agree with trunk-monkey- a work of fiction is just about everything she says really.

          This memoir gave me an insight into the role of the US Secretary of State. Clinton describes this role from the day she was offered the position to her retirement. She allows 1 long chapter to each country she visited, often describing how she arrived in the middle of a diplomatic problem. She starts with her visit to the Asian countries & ends with the Middle East countries. Seems she attended many Dinners and got to know the Characteristics of the Leaders of Many countries during these years. When she ends her book, I had the feeling she would NOT … run for the position of President of US. She mentions how much she enjoyed being the SOS as there was no partisan politics involved & her concern for the plight of women in the countries she had visited. …..

          Sounded to me like she would Pursue this interest in the Future through the Clinton foundation. ….

          O' Yeah!!!! $$$$ that ….. MONEY POT of GOLD !!! $$$$

          VERY VERY ….WHITE TRASH!!!! YEP!!!

          • ….page 2 of comments … telling truths….
            ~ StarGladiator …. Jun 27, 2014 … ^^^^^^

            Hillary Clinton tells us she and Bill were POOR when the left the White House & moved into a mansion in the state of New York, complete with a maid. [That is poor?] She neglects to mention her neocon appointments at State, such as Marc Grossman & Victoria Nuland,
            nor does Hillary take any responsibility for the overthrow of President Zelaya of Honduras which [at least in part, if not completely] financed by the MCC, which Hillary chaired. Hillary neglects to mention her anti-worker biases, as in her support of the Indian jobs offshoring outfit, the Tata Consultancy [which was a donor of hers], bringing them to Buffalo, NY – – sadly ….
            most Americans cannot comprehend this: Tata brought in almost 2,000 Foreign Replacement workers to act as contractors & temps & replaced American workers, & also set the groundwork at said client companies to allow them to off-shore more jobs – – therefore Hillary SCREWED over 5,000 to 10,000 American workers out of their JOBS!
            SO WHAT …does Hill CARE 4 ???

            ILLEGAL VOTES??? YES SHE DOES .. & ..that IS ..IT – 24 / 7 !

  1. ~ Born into Privilege and Proud! •
    The Best Weapon against crimes by illegal aliens is
    1. Build the wall
    2. Deport the ones crowding our federal correctional facilities
    3. Hire American
    4. Allow the BP to do its job at the border
    5. Get rid of DACA
    6. Make welfare recipients do the jobs illegal aliens are doing.
    7. Cut all welfare programs to illegal aliens, not for five years, but forever

    ~ Dan Gerszewskiq Born into Privilege and Proud! •
    8. Eliminate birth citizenship for children of non-citizens born on American soil
    9. Start immigration sweeps that require all Americans to prove legal citizenship or be deported.
    10. Seize all the assets of every illegal alien found in the United States
    as profits of a crime.

  2. ~ Cleetus • …..^^^^^^^^
    I am beginning to wonder if we are not seeing a cohesive strategy being waged against the American public. This would be a strategy to eliminate all opposition to potential threats against the upcoming new order wanting to take over the country.

    Part 1 is the continuing Rage against the American male. This Rage has lead to the Demonizing of A L L males such that colleges are now forcing students into taking courses on “toxic masculinity”, man are routinely accused of sexual assaults even though the woman is the aggressor & the man is given no rights to defend himself, etc. We are seeing this become more & more common to the point where these actions are now occurring outside the universities. Being a male willing to fight & such is now being treated as something too terrible to contemplate.

    Part 2 is the destruction of our history. Tear down monuments to our old heroes who rose up & fought for what they believed in. No longer can we revere Thomas Jefferson & others who did great things to make America through rebellion. Some reason must be created to cause the public to demonize these old heroes so they push the absurd idea of racism, slave ownership, associating with slave owners, & other activities that were normal for that time period. The result is that should we no longer have statues or buildings names for those who fought for their beliefs, then our legacy of being free thinking individuals willing to fight for what we think is right disappears.

    Part 3 is the destruction of important rights such as free speech. By labeling free speech as hate speech and demanding that hate speech be outlawed, you have essentially silenced those who wish to speak out. If people are unable to speak out, then there will be no one there to inform the public, rally the public, or otherwise make the public aware of what is being done to them & get them motivated to do something about it.

    Part 4 is the conversion of various government systems into weapons that can be used against the people. Should healthcare become single payer where the government controls who gets what treatments & medicines, then you effectively control the public. If you have so many people dependent upon the government for financial support, then you control their actions lest they lose their funding. If you have laws such as confiscatory laws, then people Fear being arrested & having their things Taken from them.
    ……. How better to control the public? …???? YEP!!

    Part 5 is selling the media to your supporters and pushing propaganda so no one knows the truth of what is happening to them. Facebook has become a primary news source for so many and yet Facebook is clearly being propagandized. The same is true of the NYT, WaPo, & many other newspapers. Even YouTube is politicizing their search engines such that you can only find what they want you to find. Completing this information control is how YouTube, Twitter, & others, can shut down those providing input for any reason they Choose. Ultimately, if you Control the information, then you Control ……. people’s thinking.

    Part 6 is the destruction of our religious foundation. Destroy Christianity & you destroy the foundation to many people’s belief system. Destroy peoples religious foundation and they lose touch with what is right & what is wrong. This destroys the ethics that makes people want to stand up against those things they see and think are wrong. For this reason, religion must be neutralized.

    All of this and other steps now appear to have the same goal. That goal is to tell Americans that standing up for principle is wrong, that we have no history of fighting for what we believe, that being a man is simply wrong, &
    so forth, to control what we do. That control is supplanted by threats from government agencies lest we do something wrong & lose money, healthcare or something else. The finishing touch is the complete control of what we are allowed to hear, say, & see, which finishes the task of controlling our thinking. Now the only question that remains is whether this is a nutcase conspiracy idea or is this something real & coordinated? What do you think?

    ~ Aion Cleetus •
    You pretty much have it nailed, dude. I believe the election of Donald Trump threw a Huge monkey Wrench into their plans & forced them into the open before they Were Ready. We’ll only have this one chance to contain & neutralize those whose greatest desire is to destroy America.

    It’s time for sleepers to Awaken & take Back our once strong & proud nation.

  3. ha’ ..kim & Hill …1/2 a brain between THEM!!!! … stupid trash junk!

    • pretty ….. ~ Hemlock ~
      This is one of the most famous Poisonous plants in history — it’s the flora responsible for killing Socrates. All parts of the plant contain the relatively simple alkaloid coniine which causes stomach pains, vomiting & progressive paralysis of the central nervous system.

      Hemlock is also known by several common names, including ……
      devil’s porridge,
      beaver poison
      or poison parsley. ….ha’

    • “presisent?” Nobody’s ever going to mistake KK for a rocket scientist. Whew!

    • This was while he was in office. I’d be interested to know the tab for protecting all of them NOW, as they gallivant around the world.

  4. Here is the Problem. Neither Churchill nor Martin Luther King Jr. reflected Obama’s Vision for America. After 8 years in office it is Evident that busts of Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, & Edward Said would have been the Appropriate busts in Obama’s office. But statues are symbolic & the stature
    of those statues would have EX-Posed Obama’s actual H O P E for Change
    in America. . YEP! …the CON of CON’S …has ALWAYS had IT DOWN! ^^^^

  5. 13 Responses to “Hannity Guest Raises “Birther Conspiracy””

    ~~ JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS Friday, September 15, 2017


    08-28-08- TODAY:
    >Nancy Pelosi FAILED by commiting 9 unaccounted continuous years of national treason

    >All 50+ Secretaries of State FAILED as responsible election officers in the 2008 & 2012 general elections by willfully rejecting ballot integrity

    >All 535 Electoral College members FAILED to heed questions on narrative Obama II identity

    >All 535 Congresspersons FAILED to fully identify narrative Obama II for some 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed Ameican citizens

    >The LEFT-SPIN for-profit media and millions of for-pension minions called “U.S. Government” FAILED to hold narrative Obama II accountable for his crimes against humanity

    >All 50+ state attorney licensing Boards FAILED by silently watching virtually every single licensed attorney perform as active or passive licensed attorney-criminals in covering-up the full identity of enemy-presIDent Adopted Barry Soetoro-Narrative Obama II

    Will it take another civil war by We the People on Main Street USA to ARREST-CONVICT-PUNISH The Pelosi-Soros’ Soetoros (Barry & Michelle) for their ID-felonies & crimes against humanity 08-28-08- TODAY?

    ANSWER: With each unaccounted passing day, such a civil war by Knowledge Patriots appears more likely.

  6. ~ Harv Sibley says:
    September 14, 2017,
    Speaking as a NYer, I know the following:

    Trump is a doer, will do what he needs to do to get the job done, with partners willing to work with him.

    He holds allegiance to those who support him, but will not let past alliances prevent him from reaching his goals.

    Schumer is a force to deal with, like it or not. He and Pelosi have the power to lead other Dems to the table and Trump sees that. Playing the Obama game of “I won..” just does not work, never did.

    Trump will work with Ryan and McConnell, but not to his detriment.

    All these folks need to embrace the C word..compromise.

    Trump looks like the most independent President in our lifetime. Now we will see if that results in real action in DC.

  7. Pass the duck sauce, & hold the wall. ….. NEVER TRUMP!!!!

    The top House & Senate Democrats announced an immigration reform package Wednesday that will protect Dreamers & provide border security, following
    a dinner meeting with President Trump in the White House at which they had Chinese food. ………. ANY FORTUNE COOKIES?
    did the fat lady sings? …NOPE ….. SEE what they SAY … hold TIGHT!

  8. https://www.pinterest.com/explore/roy-moore/ …..
    vs … Big Luther Strange in Alabama

  9. ~ Heather
    It was announced today that Megan McCain is leaving the show outnumbered on foxnews to spend time with her father. She announced
    it today. I guess this means that McCain’s days are numbered now. ??

    • I won’t miss her. She’s her father’s daughter. Annoying. Sorry that he’s ill. Wish him the best, but no point in mincing words now.

  10. ….SHOW >>>>>ME!!!! …R U ALL ….”NUTS” …. SHOW WTP !!!!

    • WHY are THEY still talking about this? I know why WE are, but why are THEY? Methinks they protest too much. He’s history. What do they care, at this point? Is something about to break? We can only hope!

    • Remember how ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh simply for criticizing (accurately) the abilities or lack thereof of a black quarterback?

  11. Democrats allowed this ridiculous behaviour, and now they have to live
    with it. Interesting to see Pelosi opposed by the very group she wishes to Coddle. If anything: to Dem’s and Repub’s, it shows these illegal aliens need to be deported now…..they don’t have a clue what they are talking about!

    Rodney Foster · Indiana University (Bloomington)
    Arrest these illegal aliens and then deport them!

    Tom Stephens · Works at State of California
    Funny how these entitled pieces of garbage actually attack the people that are on their side. Makes you wonder what, exactly, is safe with these creatures.

    Bob Fisher · Pine Grove Area High School
    “The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco alleges the move violated the constitutional rights of immigrants who lack legal status” right there ends this lawsuit because if you’re not a citizen you DO NOT have constitutional rights!!!!!!!

    Eunice Richards
    I remember Nanacy saying “there just little Children.” She is the queen liar and deserves it Arrogrant, selfish, whiney and stupid is what the illegal aliens called “Dreamers” are. Deport all illegal aliens.

    What I find most interesting is the all out BLITZ by the Democrats, MSM, every faculty member at any university in the country fighting to the death for illegal aliens? If we could ONLY get them this excited about issues involving American citizens?

    There is an estimated 800,000 DACA recipients in the US. The MSM and Democrats would have you believe that all 800 thousand are not taking j…See More

    ~ Eunice Richards
    No one talks about the expense. $$$$$$ The costs to us the taxpayers. $$$
    * The cost of educating illegal aliens children is staggering. From K-12 it costs taxpayers $122,000 for EACH illegal alien. That is not even counting the FREE school lunches every day ……. for 13 years.
    * 2012 illegal aliens sent home $62 BILLION…… in remittances back to Their countries of Origin. This is why Mexico is getting involved in OUR politics.
    *30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. Does not include local jails and State Prisons. At 21,000 per year expense per inmate in Federal Prison—do the math.
    * U…See More

    Tammy Tisher
    Exactly why they need to be deported, this proves they care nothing about standing in line.
    They can’t even wait to be heard!
    Take take take, they don’t care about reason or laws. They were raised by law breakers, taught that it is ok…No, ship them out with their parent that broke the law. ……YEP!!!!!!! GREAT IDEA!!!!
    And by they way, you people are not UNDOCUMENTED, you are ILLEGAL.

  12. YEP !!!! ….HERE’s … a …..FIRST!!! …. change ON…

  13. really? …she finds …HER ..”FOOTING” .. really … GO LADY …U ROCK IT!

  14. ….the RISE … & the FALL ….of HATERS ! ….NO CLASS just TRASH!

  15. Chelsea Manning’s latest claim: Not a traitor … so did U ask WTP???

    Still basking in adoring crowds after selling America down the river & getting away with it, Chelsea Manning declared he isn’t a traitor in response to a question at a tony Nantucket conference.

  16. ~ Somebody In Texas •
    Cohn, Tillerson, McMaster and Kelly are ALL Damn New World Order GLOBALISTS and therefore are TREASONOUS Against The United States
    of America. And just How is it TREASONOUS ?

    Because the End Game is to Create the New World Order of One World Government.

    Step One is to (Eliminate National Borders).

    Step Two to Establish the Regional Governments and in the case of North America that is to Establish the North American Union.

    And Step 3 is the Final Step is to Merge all of the Worlds Regional Governments into GLOBAL Government as in the NWO.

    The Various GLOBAL TREATIES such as NAFTA and GATT and TPP is a way to get the New World Order In Line with a Set of GLOBAL Trade Treaties and or Agreements.

    Another Step in the Forced Man Made Evolution to take the USA and the Worlds NATIONS into the FALSE LIES of Man Made Climate Change.

    In the END with all of the Above TREASONOUS PLANNING is to REPLACE the Globes NATIONS with the Created The New World Order of One World Government.

    And it is the ELIMINATION of the NATIONS and REPLACING them with Regional and Global Government. This is TREASON Pure and Simple that Replaces our NATION and our US CONSTITUTION with a HIGHER Level of Government that is Not Elected by We The People of The Untied States of America.

    I am NOW going to Speak Plainly. For the last 200 Plus Years it has been the Illuminati and the Masonic Lodge that has been the Force behind all of this Planning of a One World Government and a One World Economy and a One World Religion.

    And under the Direction of the Illuminati is the Most Powerful Organization of NWO Planners and Organizers Created by the Private Organization of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds called Council on Foreign Relations, CFR. Other GLOBALIST Organizations like the Trilateral Commission, TC, Brookings Institute and Skull and Bones.

    About 70% of Each and Every US Presidents Cabinet are CFR Members and or Members of these Other GLOBALIST Organizations. Mainly the CFR in the Presidents Cabinet. They are the Real GLOBLAIST Powerhouse in the Presidents Cabinet and it has been this way for the Last 100 Years.

    The Only Way to End this Drive for a GLOBAL Government is to PURGE these GLOBALISTS Out of the Presidents Cabinet and REPLACE them with AMERICA FIRST NATIONALISTS.

    Mr. President ………… Get Rid of the CFR Members from your Cabinet and Hire Back your NATIONALIST Friends and Advisors ASAP to get your Legacy On Track.

    Thank You for Listening President Trump.

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