Celebrate September, 2017!

The alt-left in California are changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, so to follow suit, let’s dispense with celebrations that bear more than a whiff of alt-left-like “direct action.” Created by socialists, Labor Day sounds more like something the former Soviet Union would celebrate than the good old USA. Seeing as how all things Russian are on the outs, let’s instead call this three-day holiday weekend a celebration of the end of summer.

Let’s celebrate September.

Days are cooler. Nights are even cooler. Kids are back in school, giving parents a much-needed respite. Football’s back. (Yeah, I know. Football is about as popular now as the Russians. Too bad. Enjoy it while you still can.)

Pumpkin flavoring is back, already showing up in bagels and lattes. Before long, we’ll break out our down jackets, drink hot chocolate and apple cider, and take long drives in the countryside to admire the colorful leaves.

The Dog Days of Summer are past (let’s hope).

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


147 responses to “Celebrate September, 2017!

    Flattens buildings…
    More powerful than 8 major storms of year –COMBINED!
    Breaks weather station!
    Thousands of troops deployed…
    Line wraps around store as Floridians seek supplies…
    Empty shelves everywhere…
    AMAZON faces complaints of price gouging…
    Gas Stations Run Dry…
    Plywood dispute at HOME DEPOT turns bloody…
    Sheriff threatens arrests at shelters for fugitives…
    Threat of Collapsing Construction Cranes…
    Will storm hit East Tennessee?

    WRATH OF IRMA ………. & I GUESS BUSH did ALL this? ..ha’

  2. Time to give up on identity politics: It’s dragging the progressive agenda down
    Identity politics has only served to disempower the left and fuel the rise of white nationalism. Can we move on?

    Topics: alt-right, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton, Democratic Party, DREAMers, Economic populism, Hillary Clinton, Identity Politics, Immigration, Liberals, neoliberalism, Populism, Progressive Agenda, Progressives, Richard Spencer, Undocumented immigrants, White Nationalism, Politics News

  3. USURPER 50/50 on LEFT<> on Right

    • ~ Lucille says: … & mo’ ^^^^^ ….in comments…^^^^
      Oh, my, having a genius as President is so refresh-ing! …. re-fresh’ ha’

      I wonder if China KNOWS President Trump is this good… or if they still think he’s just an imbecile like the leftists do?

      Imagine the scenario after they get done talking, Xi says “No, he still doesn’t understand. I tried to explain it to him, but he kept talking about how we both want to get rid of the Nukes. What? I did! I did bring up what Vlad said but he ignored me!”

      Interesting question. In my head I imagine there’s an argument about it among the Chinese leadership. One faction says, “Trump is an idiot, he’ll cave like all the others did”. A smaller group is thinking, “Trump is on to our shtick, if we’re not careful we’re gonna get hurt bigly”. Xi asks around & gets these conflicting opinions. He mutters to himself “the guys are confused, guess I’m on my own. Gotta keep the talks going, maybe I’ll figure some way out of this fix…”

      I’ll bet you’re right about there being two lines of thinking among the Chicom leadership but I’ll also bet that the side that recognizes our President’s genius is afraid to speak up.

      I remember a STORY .. about the Soviet Politburo applauding Stalin for HOURS without stopping. Clapping until some of them collapsed. Every single man was afraid to be the first one to stop clapping. People got shot or sent to Siberia for that sort of thing. That’s the way these commies are – afraid to go against the consensus.

      Our President, on the other hand, has made sure to put people on his team who are not “yes men” and don’t necessarily agree with him on everything. It drives the purists nuts
      (“Oh noes! Trump’s caving to [insert villian of the week here]!) But it’s smart strategy to hear from different sides. … YEP!!!

      Exactly. Mattis was STILL impressed by that, just recently. Said that Trump disagreed with him on 3 big things in his interview, & then hires him! SO brilliant!

  4. ~ Harv Sibley says:
    The past President would have never stopped to speak with the media..he would have walked in the distance towards the helicopter and just waved. And perhaps someone would have held his umbrella…just saying…


      • What The Media ….^^^^ Doesn’t Want YOU 2 …. Remember
        about …. Immigration Policy – Trump ending DACA
        #SeekingTheTruth ~ 3,755 views ~ Published on Sep 5, 2017

        If you Share anything this year, let it be T H I S …. Obama statement
        & …… Bill Clinton Statement……..
        In the Midst of all the OUT …. R A G E !!!! over Trump ending DACA,
        the hypocrisy is glaring. ^^^^^^ YEP ..G L A R I N G !!!! 24 / 7 ….

        The mainstream media use to praise Clinton & Obama about this immigration policy but now that Trump wants to enforce it it makes him
        a racist, ????? the Zombies B U Y it & R E -Gurgitate it to every …
        Trump supporter they >>>>>> see. <<<<<<

        The sheep are to Blind to Wake up so it is up to U S …. to plant the
        S E E D …… & hope that IT ….. G R O W S !!!!! pass it ON please …!

  6. U S A ~ B-LONGS ~ 2 ~ W T P !!!

  7. OBAMA ….. LAND? ..THE democratic … swampERS

  8. ~ Patty •
    We Now Know Where the Illegal Votes Came From

    Shocking figures from Fox News Research show that approximately 60%
    of the DACA population was responsible for Hillary’s popular vote “win.”

    This is a great reason why we need to end DACA and deport the
    DREAMers back to their country of origin; DACA was always just about
    ensuring more votes for Democrats.

    If these DREAMers are allowed to stay, they will ensure that
    Democrats win the popular vote, in sanctuary states like California &
    New York, for the foreseeable future.

    Globalists like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio, who are just Democrats in
    disguise all want to keep DACA specifically for this purpose.


  9. Ginneystar Kruczek1 day ago
    I’m just wondering, did anyone see something wrong with Obama’s talk or rapist Clinton talk? It goes to show you one thing they can do it because they’re Democrats and they lie steal and deceive and do anything illegal including breaking our constitution. But yet we have a president that we elected and yes he’s not a politician and he is a Republican but even the Republicans turned on him because like I said he’s not a politician. Our president Donald J Trump is done more and 7 months then the last illegal immigrant which was put in office by the Democrat fraud. They didn’t even bother vetting him the proper way! And the USA citizens love our president Trump he’s doing the best that he can to keep the evil evil illegal immigrants out of our USA and to put out the ones that don’t belong here that the illegal Obama allowed in the USA. And yet the Democrats and the Liberals want to condemn our president Trump! You have to be kidding me, one of these days you’re going to try to do something to our president Trump and the whole USA citizens will come down the DNC and the Liberals ass and pull it right through their throat. Enough insults is enough if this was within the past 8 years you would have already been in prison. There’s a lot of people in prison between rapist Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton and Obama and the DNC. That was put in prison for no reason that needs to come out and the ones that did the Dirty Deeds need to go in. And the illegals need to go back where they came from also they cannot keep on pushing their ideology into the USA and their citizens because we have a constitution we have civil rights we have a ten commandments. Which illegal immigrants would never want to stand behind the Ten Commandments. Because of their ideology, and illegal immigrants and illegal aliens they don’t have a constitution they don’t have civil rights they broke the law they got to go and go fast. 🔩🔩We’re tired of paying for illegal immigrants and our USA. AMEN 🇺🇸

    • But they want us all to believe that most citizens in the U.S. want DACA and want “comprehensive immigration reform” and amnesty.

  10. You have to at least look at the possibillity that Irma is a guided
    kill shot towards the USA.


    The fact that technology exists to guide storms along a pre chosen path does not mean that this technology was actually used.
    There is pretty suspicious circumstantial evidence.
    We have had very quiet hurricane seasons for the last 8 years.
    We pull ourselves out of the globalist Paris Climate Change Accords.
    Now that can have no effect on climate in itself
    In fact expert predictions are that if the Paris Accords was successful beyond all predictions, it might lower the surface temperature of the Earth by 0.1 deg C in 50 years.

    So nothing to talk about there.
    This could just be a coincidence,
    or maybe not.

  11. usapatriotsshout • <<<, I miss HER !
    Let me state how grateful I am for Weaselzippers. It is a way for me to keep what little sanity I may have in the face of all the horror that is happening in the world and in America. It gives me an opportunity to voice my opinions regarding so many political and social issues that are in today's spotlight. Even though no one or only a few ever read my comments, I feel better for having found a place that allows me to get my ideas off my chest. I imagine I am contributing to the great pool of thought regarding challenges we face. Thank you, Weasel Zippers and the many visitors who share their thought, too.

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