Hitler and Presidents

The future President of the United States, after visiting the site of Adolf Hitler’s home in Bavaria, wrote: [emphasis added]

You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. … He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.

How dare the president praise Adolph Hitler, you may ask? Well, he didn’t, if you’re thinking of the current president.

Those words were written by a former president in his personal diary, back in the 1940s. That president was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Of course, the writer of the article cited above went to great lengths to try to rationalize Kennedy’s words as something other than what his words clearly say. The writer claimed that Kennedy was expressing not exactly admiration but more an analysis of the “mystery” that was Hitler. Reads like admiration. Doesn’t it?

How can one parse the portion of Kennedy’s paean that opines that this mass murderer of over 6 million “will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him,” as if that hatred was undeserved or simply the result of misunderstanding? How can one of Hitler’s ilk possibly ever “emerge” from well-deserved hatred? How else can one read that statement other than as Kennedy’s belief that eventually people will stop hating Hitler?

Kennedy wrote what he wrote. Did he believe that history would judge Hitler more kindly, after the dust of 6,000,000+ bodies settled? Sounds like it.

Hitler’s “mystery” will “live and grow?” Sounds like admiration.

That’s not all that Kennedy wrote about Hitler. This further elucidates his point of view:

Fascism? … The right thing for Germany. … What are the evils of fascism compared to communism? … The Germans really are too good – therefore people have ganged up on them to protect themselves. … The Nordic races certainly seem to be superior to the Romans.

Wow! Why should anyone cut Kennedy any slack, when it seems that nobody in Kennedy’s party or in the mainstream media even try to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt when parsing his words?

Trump is branded a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, and a Nazi, among other false labels–all based upon deliberate misunderstanding or mis-characterization of what he says or does.

If Trump tries to protect the American people by closing the border to illegal immigration, and truthfully points out that criminals and Islamic terrorists are among the many illegal aliens breaking into our country, the Democrats and the media declare that he’s a racist, even though every country on earth enforces its borders and its immigration laws and tries to protect its people from criminals and terrorists.

When Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio after a politically driven witch hunt, which left the 85-year-old former sheriff, whose wife has cancer, facing jail time– in essence, for refusing a judge’s order to stop doing his job–the Democrats and the media declare his actions racist as well as, laughably, an affront to law enforcement authorities everywhere.

When Trump sets up a commission to examine the topic of vote fraud and to find ways to prevent it, the Democrats and the media declare him racist for trying to disenfranchise or suppress minority voters when, in actuality, he’s trying to prevent the disenfranchisement of legal voters–no matter their race, religion, creed, sex, or national origin–who find their votes canceled out by illegal voters (especially illegal aliens).

When Trump states a well-known, common sense truism–that women throw themselves at men who are incredibly rich, because those men are incredibly rich–the Democrats and the media declare him a sexist.

When Trump expresses support for the pro-life community, the Democrats and the media declare him a sexist, when actually they are sexist to believe that all women must, in lockstep, be pro-abortion (or else those women simply don’t count, they’re non-entities, in the left’s worldview).

When Trump says, truthfully, that counter-protesters on the alt-left were as responsible for violence in Charlottesville as the anti-Confederate-monument-removal protesters, that the alt-left protesters came armed and ready for violent conflict with political opponents, the Democrats and the media declare Trump an anti-Semite and a Nazi-sympathizer, despite the fact that
Trump did indeed condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists, that Trump’s cabinet contains many Jewish people, and that his own daughter and grandchildren are Jewish.

You’ve got the picture by now. The point is that there’s absolutely no reason to give John F. Kennedy a pass for his praise of Hitler.

Kennedy’s words are unequivocal. They speak for themselves. This is the new standard, as invented by the alt-left, the Democrats, and the media. Let them be hoist on their own petard.

We cannot continue to honor a man who praised a dictator who murdered over 6,000,000 people, most of them Jews but also LGBTQ+ individuals (homosexuals), Roma (Gypsies), Catholics, blacks, the disabled, and those born with congenital disorders. How can anyone call such a man “significant,” a “mystery,” or a “legend?”

Therefore, every school that is named for Kennedy, as well as every road, every bridge, every building, every park, every airport, every anything named in his honor, should be renamed immediately.

Every statue to Kennedy should, of course, be taken down, in accordance with the standard set by the removal of Confederate monuments throughout the south.

It’s only fair, after all.



70 responses to “Hitler and Presidents

  1. Amen

    • That was a touching photo. That the man was able to easily carry both mother and child was a testament to our amazing guys in uniform. Nobody’s worrying about their white privilege, either, are they?

    • They really should have to change the name of their channel because what passes as “music” is a joke these days. Did you see that McAuliffe, when asked specifically, REFUSED to condemn antifa terrorist violence but instead, HE was allowed to say, basically, that there’s violence on many sides. Just what Trump said, but you won’t hear the media criticizing him. Remember, however, when Barry infamously said, “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun?” Isn’t it funny that Barry is STILL beloved of the media despite condoning such violent escalation? Like a THUG. Imagine if Trump had said anything remotely like that.

    Army Corps Opens Dams…
    Dramatic before-and-after photos… VIDEO: Drone View…
    FEMA expects 450,000 victims; 30,000+ in shelters…
    Houston First Orders Given Days After Told People to Stay…
    Leaders Defend… Gov, Mayor Split…
    Explosion, Fire at Downtown Building…
    ALL 12,000 TX National Guardsmen Deployed…
    Cajun Navy Resuscitates Lifeless Floating Woman…
    ‘Island Of Fire Ants’…
    Police battling looters…


  3. facebkwallflower

    Great article Miri!

    • Thanks. I happened upon that quote by Kennedy a while back. I’d NEVER heard that before and, of course, you won’t see the media talking much about Kennedy’s admiration for Hitler. Now they do mention his FATHER being sympathetic to Nazis, but never their Camelot king JFK. It blew me away. At first, I thought it was fake news. 🙂

  4. enjoy! ❤

  5. facebkwallflower

    Thought this was a pretty good post on fb:
    Jeff Yarger
    50 mins ·
    This piece was written by Sharon Rowell, the friend of some friends.
    It’s concise, well written, and very pertinent to some of those things happening in our society today. Well worth reading!
    BREAKING NEWS for all those who, in broad daylight or in the dark of night, choose to erase American history …
    If you were to take down every statue on the continent, slavery and the American Civil War still will have happened.
    If you have minimum wage skills now, taking down statues won’t change that.
    If you’re up to your ass in college loan debt, taking down statues won’t change that.
    The nation will still be $20,000,000,000,000 in debt.
    We will still be in a global economy.
    North Korea still will be run by a lunatic who wants you dead.
    Radical Islamists still will want you dead.
    People who hate you now still will hate you, perhaps even more.
    Soros, Obama and the Clintons will still be sleazy and corrupt, and you still will be just a puppet for them.
    The Department of Education still will not have succeeded in educating anyone.
    Abortion still will be murder.
    Hillary still will not have won the 2016 election, and Bernie still will be a Communist charlatan.
    There still will be opposing views outside your “safe spaces.”
    You still will be accountable for your own choices, and the world still will owe you NOTHING.
    Taking down all the statues still will not change the fact that Communism has been responsible for more slavery and death than the Confederacy ever was and the fact that it was Democrats who fought to KEEP slavery while Republicans fought to stop it..!
    The removal of statues won’t change the fact that the first slave owner was a black man.
    Removal of the statues still will not change the fact that it was black tribal leaders who sold their people into slavery.
    So, if you have a problem with a statue of Robert E. Lee in Virginia but no issues with a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle, we’ll erect a monument to your cowardice and depict a huddled mass of frightened and drooling idiots who can’t find their asses with both hands and a map.
    Oh, and Donald J. Trump STILL will be our PRESIDENT!

  6. Gotta love my President and FLOTUS. MAGA and Thanks be to God.

    America The Beautiful. My Home Sweet Home. 21st Century, A.D.

  7. I wonder where Rupert Murdoch sits in that spectrum.
    As I may have explained, I work part/most of the year in England and as of 1600 hours yesterday, Fox News has been shut off.
    Murdoch did it.
    He withdrew his feed from the BSkyB satellite that has provided that station for the last ten years.
    The excuse provided was not enough people are watching!
    BSkyB has hundreds of what I can only call Junk TV programmes
    such as:
    Ice Road Truckers
    Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away (about baliffs)
    Buy a house, home and away
    Remodel your Garden
    I doubt these are watched channels.
    What is more likely is that the Murdochs, seeking to obtain a controlling majority shareholding of BSkyB are dependent on the UK Home Office to say that the Murdochs are fit and decent people to have that award.
    I don’t think we have anything like that in the USA.
    If Bill Gates wants to buy the NYT, nobody is going to question the morals of Bill Gates.
    But we have that here and I think Murdoch, it was never about fair and balanced it was about discovering a newly found market, just panicked.
    Amber Rudd, the UK Home Office Secretary, will decide in the next few days whether Murdoch is a fit and decent person to have a UK majority amongst
    I just don’t like being told what I may watch and what I may not watch.
    THIS IS CENSORSHIP, even if self-imposed.
    It came to England and so it may come to the USA next.
    For the moment there are some work arounds. I won’t speak of them
    and help the censors eliminate them.
    I find it Chilling.
    I find it Expected.
    Lastly, with a nod to the UK Home Office, these are experienced people and they will not be swayed by some last minute panic CYA reaction.

    • That was in the WSJ today, about FOX. They claim that in all of the UK, only about 2000 people watched it daily. I find that hard to believe, although they say the most-popular shows played early in the morning (overnight, that is), so maybe it’s true but there are MILLIONS of people in the UK and probably a lot of them are up and watching TV early in the morning. Supposedly, they dropped FOX because they want to buy SKY and (I presume) the government would believe they would have too large of a share of the audience (monopoly?) so they had to drop something out. Sort of makes sense. They make companies divest here when they want to merge. Do you know about the possible business law application here? It’s amazing that someone has to be considered a moral person and fit, whatever that means. Suppose it’s like here, where the alt-left have positioned themselves, with the complicity of the media and academia and all the DemoncRATS, to be the “deciders” of what’s right think or right speech, and social media (Google, YouTube, Facebook) follow suit. The entire campaign against FOX as being full of sexual harassment, etc., is just another campaign of the alt-left to shut up anybody who disagrees with them. I sure do hope that the “conservative” voices we had in O’Reilly (such as he was) find some way to keep conservative views on TV. (Hoping for a new conservative channel. It would do blockbuster business, that’s for sure.)

      • Anybody watching BSkyB has a SKY box and all of those have built in hard disc recorders so time shifting any program is super easy.
        Murdoch closed a profitable UK newspaper (News of the World) because it got caught hacking mobile phones (actually they were all doing it)
        so Murdoch is twitchy about morality judgements on his ability to expand his empire.

  8. I agree!!!

  9. ~ jerrydon10✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:
    LOL…..If ABC filmed him walking on water, their headline would be: TRUMP CANNOT SWIM!

    ~ Grandma Covfefe says:
    Exactly! Media’s minds are twisted in evil-ness.

    ~farmhand1927 says:
    Crooked media on display. … as …. WTP … “SEE” THEM…1 …& ALL!!!!!


  11. O… SO ..MUCH 2 SEE …the SWAMP SLIME …still slippin’ ABOUT!!!

    • Well, they’re so un-diverse and discriminatory (based upon the statistics–% of white players vs. % of white population) they really should just be shut down for being so racist.

  12. Here is an article complaining about gooogle using their ad revenue service to enforce “thought control” on political websites.
    Dave Hodges has pretty much the same complaint:

    I find it hard to be sympathetic.

    I remember the 60’s and the emergent hippie message summarized in one sentence: “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” and this meant receive the simple hippie message, discover the hippie experience in some way, and then disconnect from society and live your newly found independent life.

    It was never going to be that easy.

    There was a very successful British TV comedy series called “The Good Life” in which a fed up engineer quits his job and with his wife try to set up a totally self sufficient little farm in a suburb of London. This can probably still be watched on you tube. It’s quite funny.

    Thing is, one can “Drop Out” but the next question is “Then What”.
    In general we do domething useful for someone else and then they do something useful for us. You pay your way.

    The Alternative media essentially drops out of conventional media practices and association. Now what?

    Then there’s the Internet! The basic premise is that nobody earns money on the Internet – at least not by displaying intellectual property, news content, or political opinion. Nobody pays for this. Some newspapers try to get you to take out a cheap subscription. I just look somewhere else and I bet most people do that too. You can sell stuff, like mail order flowers or clothes, but not just publish ideas.

    Maybe these guys thought advertising was a way to get some money and maybe it was for a while, but using a big super powerful company as your central ad agency and paynment clearing house of course puts you at the mercy of gooogle, whom I suspect is not the world’s kindest company.

    It’s not fair?
    You expect gooogle to be fair?
    Well expect away, me – I don’t use gooogle anymore anyways
    There’s almost a war going on. The other side will fight back.
    You can always publish for free, at least so far, but if you want to earn money – well everybody wants to earn money, the Internet is not the place for that.

    Finally I have a helpful blogroll here

    • Thanks for the blogroll, but I wonder how many of the links will continue to work? The alt-left, in conspiracy with the DemoncRATS, are ramping up their campaign to censor the Internet. (Why? They believe that “alt-right media” helped Trump win.) They can’t censor via government (yet) but they’ve done an end run around that by using the leftists in the social media industry. How long their shareholders will stand for it, God only knows. The thing is, we have laws that OUGHT TO APPLY when a company with SO MUCH POWER (monopolistic and/or YUGE), for whatever reason, treats customers/users/clients/individuals differently based upon viewpoint. Bakers can’t refuse to bake cakes for LGBTQ weddings, even though being LGBTQ is NOT a protected class. There is precedent for regulation in cases like this. It’s long past time for the big companies to either be broken up and made subject to REAL competition and/or to be regulated like the public utility they are. Yeah, I know. That puts me on the side of the “net neutrality” people (if I even understand that whole concept) and on the side of (heaven forbid!) Barry, who wanted the Web declared to be akin to telecommunications instead of an information service. It’s neither and it’s both. So they need to come up with something in between to disallow VIEWPOINT DISCRIMINATION. The Web was built with public money. It, like the airwaves, should and does belong to the people. It’s quasi-government, imho. It should NOT be allowed to be used against a certain political group. It’s OBVIOUS that they’re censoring based upon viewpoint. I’d like to see a list of alt-left sites that have been punished.

  13. Early Warning, North Korea
    As of yet, nothing on Fox News
    and I quote:
    As some of you may know, for 15 years (1993-2008) I worked as a national security intelligence asset for the FBI. The final five years, from 2003-2008, with their Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). In that role, I forged many close relationships with high level people throughout the US Intelligence Community. All that ended in 2008, and six months or so later, the Obama regime betrayed me by Indicting me for an Editorial I wrote on this web site, in which I said three judges in Chicago were Traitors to the Constitution who “deserve to be killed.” I said that was an Opinion; the government said it was a “threat” — putting me on trial THREE TIMES (two hung juries) – and ultimately imprisoning me for 33 months. Thankfully, despite the raw deal I got, I have maintained close relationships with my former colleagues in the US Intelligence Community, who feed me detailed information of importance.

    At 5:00 this morning, my “Silent Circle” encrypted phone began ringing off the hook. It was some of my former colleagues informing me that the United States stunned the UN Security Council during its closed session on Tuesday, by telling the world body “The United States may withdraw from the Korean War Armistice” in response to the firing of missiles by North Korea over the territory of Japan and into the Pacific Ocean.

    Ambassador Nikki Haley was widely quoted by mass media as saying “Something serious has to happen” as a result of the latest missile barrage. But only now are the alleged details of that “something serious” being leaked.

    Sources familiar with the discussions at the UN say the US told the UN it is considering withdrawal from the Armistice and may further state “Any future missile launches or nuclear test detonation by North Korea will result in resumption of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula.”

    This would be a “red line” that North Korea could not pass without assurance of military action against it.

  14. One last thing:
    you have probably heard of it,
    It’s Patented!?!
    You would think that a secret unheard of military weapon would be kept in the dark.
    No. There is a US patent office patent, which describes
    the intended capabilities of this thing.
    These are very much military.
    This website will give you the link to the US Patent Office and you can read the patent for yourself. (Patent applications are quite full of hard to understand language, like doctor’s prescriptions), but you can still get the idea.
    Why patent it? In case Russia makes one?
    Can you imagine the conversation?
    Uh you seem to have infringed our patent on a device for total world dominance and we need you to give us royalty payments?
    Too ridiculous for words.
    Maybe they just wanted the world to know we have it.
    Here’s the website with the patent office link,

    • What do you think the Cubans used on our diplomats, btw? Just curious if anybody has an idea. Where did they get this weapon?

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