Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville?

Yesterday a young woman in Charlottesville, VA,  lost her life while “walking across the street,” during a “protest” or maybe it was a “counter-protest.” May she rest in peace. Sincere condolences to her family. We pray for them all. May they find justice. True justice, which means the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Also in Virginia yesterday, a State Patrol helicopter crashed and two troopers perished. Condolences to and prayers for their families, also.

Presidents Thomas Jefferson (whose iconic home, Monticello, is shown above) and James Madison lived in Charlottesville, VA.  A heavily Democratic city today, both the mayor of Charlottesville and the governor of VA are Democrats.

The mayor has already blamed President Trump for the violence, although the seeds of these protests were planted by progressives who decided to make Charlottesville politically correct by removing a statue of General Robert E. Lee and by renaming two parks, one of which carried Lee’s name and the other the name of General Stonewall Jackson.

These decisions were made last year, while Barack Obama was president. The Taliban-like purges of symbols of the Confederacy began throughout the country after the Charleston Church shootings, which happened more than two years ago.

The group that gathered to protest the removal of Lee’s statue had a permit, issued by the city government. When the city, under pressure, tried to change the terms of the permit at the last minute, a judge ruled that out of order, so the protesters who gathered yesterday did not constitute an “unlawful assembly,” as reported. At least not until the governor of the state, Terry McAuliffe (rumored to be running for the presidency), decided to declare a state of emergency only moments before the protest was scheduled to begin, trying to accomplish by fiat what the judge had prevented–thereby stifling the free speech rights of those with whom he disagreed, on the excuse that their mere presence incited violence.

Blaming the victim. A tactic we see on college campuses, where conservative speakers are banned lest the leftist thought police go violently berserk in response, as they are wont to do.

A 20-year-old young man has been arrested on suspicion of deliberately ramming his car into “counter-protesters,” and allegedly causing the death of the young woman. Although he’s already been called guilty and condemned as a “domestic terrorist” by people who should know better–because one is still innocent until proved guilty in this country–nobody has yet even heard his version of what happened. Was it deliberate, as so many already claim? Was it an accident? What really happened?

One thing that is undoubtedly true–the powers that be on social media are scrubbing truth before anyone can learn it. There once was a video showing so-called “peaceful counter-protesters” immediately attacking the young man’s car after the crash, rushing into the street with clubs, crawling over his car, smashing the car windows. The car then accelerated backwards, perhaps so the driver could escape this violent mob and preserve his own life. It’s unclear at what point the young woman was struck or by whom.

This raises at least the possibility that the driver acted in self-defense after a traffic accident and that those who were attacking him may be as responsible for the death of the young woman as the driver. Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, the video has now been disappeared, supposedly because it contained “violent or graphic content.”

Let’s hope his defense attorneys find copies of all the videos, because his family, her family, and all Americans deserve to know the truth. There’s another version of the video here, so long as it remains online. (Warning, it is difficult to watch.)

It’s hard to discern what happened. Three different automobiles came down the street. It’s unclear which first struck the people who were marching and loitering in the street. It’s also unclear what happened before the cars came down the street.

Were the drivers being menaced by the mob? Why weren’t the streets closed off? Why weren’t protesters kept out of the street? Have the authorities learned nothing over the years about how to deal with these types of confrontations? Have they learned nothing since Ferguson, since Berkeley? Why weren’t the two groups kept apart? So many questions, so few answers forthcoming.

There have been reports that counter-protesters arrived at the so-called peaceful protests in body armor and helmets, wearing masks, carrying sticks and clubs (as easily seen in the disappeared video), and toting soda cans filled with hardened cement as well as pepper spray and tear gas, which they used to attack the “legal” protesters, who did have a permit to assemble. Did counter-protesters have a permit? Apparently some did, for a different location.

President Trump has been criticized by politicians on the left as well as by many in the biased mainstream media for deploring the violence and hatred evidenced by all sides yesterday.

In their opinion, he ought to have criticized only one side–the original protesters, those the media and some politicians label as “white supremacists.” Strange, isn’t it, that they don’t label Black Lives Matter counter-protesters as black supremacists, nor do they even report much about black-on-white racial violence.

Expecting the president to choose up sides when he’s the president of all, expecting him to condemn violence only on one side of the political spectrum, is reminiscent of those who claim that simply saying “ALL lives matter” is somehow equivalent to saying “black lives don’t matter.”

Even mainstream media reporters (those who retain a modicum of objectivity) have reported that both sides, including and especially the “antifa” counter-protesters, engaged in violence yesterday. The VA State Police spokesperson agreed with President Trump, saying:

We were hoping that it would not elevate to this level of the violence that we witnessed amongst the participants, in the crowds, on all sides.

(She’ll probably lose her job now.)

It’s also reported that the police stood down and did not even try to stop the violence because, in their opinion, it was “too dangerous” for them to intervene. However, it’s far more likely that they stood down because, as in Ferguson, MO, they had been ordered to stand down by progressive higher authorities who hoped to make political hay out of these events, yet that backfired when events quickly spiraled out of control.

It behooves us all to ask and to search out the answer to this question:

Who were the domestic terrorists in Charlottesville?


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  1. Several good related posts from The Gateway Pundit:

    “President Trump was right not to single out just the white supremacists as Antifa and black supremacists also gathered, all of these fringe movements came together to make fools of themselves in the name of identity politics.

    Huckabee asserted that so much of the criticism is coming from left-wing outlets that are completely disillusioned as to what is going on. The media is actively attempting to make fringe movements appear as if they are larger than they are, when the truth is next to no one would ever do anything in reality quite like what occurred on a macro level.

    Charlottesville was role-play fighting that went terribly wrong….”

    Surely just a coincidence that antifa protesters are being violent in Seattle now, too. They attacked a PRAYER RALLY that was run by conservatives. They came ready to cause violence. You probably won’t see this on the mainstream news. What are they going to do, blame the people who were PRAYING?

    That shows you how the best laid plans can spiral out of control. NOW a white female progressive who DARES to run against a black female progressive is ATTACKED by blacks at a convention because by simply running against a black woman the white woman is exerting her white privilege by not standing down, shutting up, sitting down, and supporting the black woman. iow, it’s the black woman’s JOB already, simply because she’s black, so how DARE this white woman try to take it from her? They shut down the white woman’s RIGHT to free speech. She’s not even supposed to speak. If you’re white, if you’re conservative, you HAVE NO FREE SPEECH RIGHTS. That’s what the progressives are teaching.

    • Let’s see if I have this straight

      Unite the Right had a permit to be there

      All was OK


      Black Lives Matter

      Showed up

      How did the Governor know this was going to happen before it happened

      After all he called a State of Emergency before the trouble makers got there

      • My guess is there’s a hotline between the Democrat mayor and the governor, and probably also the media. It’s said that the left was “watching” this for months, planning their counterprotest. That’s why they applied for and got permits to counterprotest on either side of the original protest, which just ensured that the so-called racists had to run their gauntlet in order to even get to the location of their own protest, for which they had a permit. The counterprotesters were not even supposed to be anywhere near that park. They were supposed to be elsewhere, where they had a permit for. They were supposed to be kept apart, but for some reason that we can guess, only the counterprotesters were allowed to MARCH from place to place, in the street. The original protesters were actually penned up in the park where they had a permit to be. When the governor did an end run around the judge who allowed the protest at the park to take place, because they’d ILLEGALLY tried to stifle the free speech rights of those protesters based upon the content of their speech, he issued a “state of emergency” before there even was any confrontation except for skirmishes happening outside the park, where counterprotesters were attacking people trying to go to the protest at the park. So his state of emergency was based upon violence committed AGAINST the protesters, and then he used that excuse to shut down the free speech and assembly rights of the protesters. They’re supposedly going to file a class action lawsuit against the state. Let’s hope they do. This biased crap has to stop. We ALL have constitutional rights. It’s only the LEFT that tries to shut down the free speech of those with whom they disagree. You don’t, for example, see the so-called racists going to antifa events to try to shut them up by attacking them. It’s insane. What’s incredibly unbelievable is that Barry is no longer president and this is happening under Trump. Of course, the entire reason that they’re attacking and blaming Trump is to inhibit him FROM doing what’s required–which is to enforce the laws and crack down on this violent conspiracy of the left. Anyway, when McAuliffe declared his state of emergency, the cops rousted all the original protesters from their “safe space” in the park and made them go through the streets where they were surrounded by these so-called “peaceful anti-fascists.” Then they all got attacked. Just like with the people whom cops routed through anti-Trump rioters at Trump rallies. Here’s a video by a woman who was marching surreptitiously with the counterprotesters:

  2. By standing down and NOT following the agreed-upon plan to keep the groups separate, by deliberately giving permits to the counter-protesters so they would be like a gauntlet that the original protesters had to run, then the authorities, those who ordered the “stand down,” are arguably responsible for the death of that young woman.

    No matter WHAT these guys say, no matter HOW you may feel about their causes or their beliefs, they are AMERICANS AND THEY HAVE THE SAME CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS EVERYONE ELSE. The CONTENT of their speech, their protest, is IRRELEVANT.


    There may be some more there than what we can expect from our own media, which will obscure and obfuscate, as usual.

  4. Perpetrated by the commie democrats. Its an agenda to delude, distract and foment a deep fracture within our country. I am ignoring the entire charade. Can’t ignore the irony that they chose Civil War artifacts and monuments as the crux to charge the violence and uprising, however. Agenda.

    • It’s sad in the extreme. A plan by people who do not care about the consequences. Originated by the community organizer in chief. This country has beyond doubt become more divided and angry since Obama got into the WH. He planned to divide us along race and it’s working, at least so far as the media can make it appear. Out in reality land, people continue to get along. These are small minorities. They WILL paint all whites with the broad brush of this tiny minority, which at most is about .003% of the total white population. However, they REFUSE to paint all blacks with the broad racist brush of the black separatist/black supremacist groups, which surely constitute a much larger percentage of the total black population. If you include sympathizers, including all those idiots in the antifa movement and deluded college students, then they represent a much larger and potentially more dangerous proportion of the entire population. If they’re going to go looking for “domestic terrorists.” Imagine that they actually spoke about muslim terrorists like they do this guy. Did they speak the same in the media about the guy who shot the Republicans at the ball practice? Did they blame all Democrats? (No, they blamed THAT on Trump, too.) btw, it’s beginning to come out that the counterprotesters attacked that young man’s car and did cause him to speed up to avoid the mob:

      “The statement from police officers comes from Taylor Lorenz, a journalist at The Hill, who spoke to multiple officers soon after the event.

      Anyway several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious. They said the driver was scared

      — Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) August 12, 2017 [Note: the link to this tweet also is broken. No doubt it’s not PC to tell the truth.]

      This is not the first time protesters have decided to protest in the streets. Black Lives Matter and other George Soros supported groups use this tactic to make sure they receive maximum media attention, and it has previously kept ambulances from saving lives, police officers from answering real emergencies, and disrupted commerce across entire cities.

      In fact, the act of protesting while standing in the street has specifically been outlawed in North Carolina, and Texas is likely to follow suit. …”

      Indeed, it was seen multiple times in Ferguson and nearby St. Louis where “peaceful protesters” attacked motorists’ cars and the people tried to get away asap. Fortunately, nobody was struck by the motorists, although their cars were damaged. This, too, was downplayed. People really do need to read their insurance policies. They don’t pay for damage caused by riot and/or insurrection. It would be interesting to know if they paid up in these cases, where the police REFUSED to label it a “riot.”


    • It is evil. I don’t think they expected the death, although they are complicit in it, along with all the authorities who allowed this to happen in other cities (minus the death). Fortunately, in the past, “only” buildings and private property like cars and windows resulted. Now someone has died and it’s all because, it seems like, they allow these so-called “peaceful protesters” to march in the streets illegally, to come armed with weapons (even if “only” clubs, cans of pee and concrete, aerosol cans they use as flamethrowers, etc.) and they allow them to MENACE the people in cars who are just trying to go from one place to another, which is what streets are for. They let them shut down highways. They let them lie down in the middle of streets. They let them run at cars, jump on them, threaten the “motorists”, damage their cars. No repercussions. The cops just stand and watch. Now the inevitable happened. If this man feared for his life, is he responsible or are the people who made him fear for his life responsible? Video here:

      Now they have to live with the consequences of their own actions or non-actions. I feel for the mother of this young woman. The authorities owe her an explanation. If she chooses to sue, she probably has a good case.

  6. The Puke Kingdom
    This is related, bare with me,
    All through the obama presidency, we were told by our intelligence experts that kin wrong uhm only had a few primitive warheads that could barely be
    made to explode and would have to be hauled to their targets by the most massive steam locomotive that NK could build.
    Now, with Trump as our President, they have over 60 miniturized warheads
    ready willing and able to be mounted on their clunky missiles.
    So, how did that happen?
    If this story is true, then we have to conclude that NK did not build those
    warheads themselves, that they were given to them most probably by the Chinese, who retaining plausable deniability (as if the matters to Trump),
    nevertheless are going ahead with their ancient war fighting teachings about using proxy warriors to fight your fight for you. (And if we conclude that then we also have to conclude that Iran has also been gifted with bombs.
    If this story is false then we have to ask who in the media cooked up this false scare story to paralyze Trump from doing anything?
    Compare the killing in Virginia and the shock horror discovery of we are all doooomed missiles.
    In either case we have good examples of Cloward-Piven strategy,
    make it impossible for the government to do anything to save itself or the country.
    In either the case of what looks like deeply organized civil violence set to drop on Virginia and ultimately the President or we have deeply organized military defeatism set to stymie President Trump from lifting one finger
    to get anything done.
    This is way too ultra organized to be happening by accident.
    Yes of course that obama guy is a rogue actor and so is George
    Soros who has a few billion spare dollars to subsidize evil where he chooses
    it should exist. But this organization outstrips both of those characters
    and I submit a far more powerful organization is at work here.

    • I think along the same lines as you. If it’s true, then it was all developed under Obama and HIS intelligence community is completely responsible for NOT KNOWING and he for NOT ACTING earlier to prevent this situation. Did the “media” cook it up (provided it’s not true) OR did the intelligence community cook it up (because Clinton lost?)–an IC that is still full of Obamaites and Brennanites and Comeyites? Yes, whatever the truth, they want to “paralyze” Trump on EVERYTHING. It may be true. It may not be true. If it IS true, then the media helped Obama to hide it for 8 years so he could run out the clock and pass the problem on to his successor. There’s no way that this guy SUDDENLY developed the weapons to this extent since Trump took office. They expected Clinton to win. She didn’t. So they came up with this lie (I hope it IS a lie) to make Trump think, “Ok. It’s a done deal. We’ll have to live with nuclear NK and just treat them with due respect.” He’s not about to do that. I think they know it now. What would Clinton have done? Well, being in bed with the MB, Kerry, Barry, and China, you can guess. Nothing. Which is what the powers all over the globe want. The left are of the opinion, Barry especially was, that we shouldn’t BE the sole superpower in the world. Other countries, especially muslim ones, should have nukes in order to “level” the playing field and make everybody equal, AS IF countries led by whackjobs can ever be equal to us or other western countries that ONCE had common sense before they were invaded.

    • Now HERE’S a coincidence for you. The leader of the allegedly white nationalist group who organized this protest was an OBAMA and OCCUPY supporter UNTIL Trump won and then suddenly he became a Trump supporter. Hmmm. Curious awakening or black ops?

      “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (an organization that is certainly no friend to Conservatives), Kessler revealed his political transformation around November 2016 … At one recent speech in favor of Charlottesville’s status as a sanctuary city, Kessler live-streamed himself as an attendee questioned him and apologized for an undisclosed spat during Kessler’s apparent involvement with Occupy. Kessler appeared visibly perturbed by the woman’s presence and reminders of their past association. …”


    • Drives right past the state troopers as he flees the scene at apparently normal speed. Sheesh. Major fail for the governor and mayor.

  7. Texas Darlin – why?
    Why is this site still listed on your blogroll?
    It is a private wordpress site and I doubt few if any of us
    can even recall our old wordpress passwords.
    I remember getting kicked off that site for questioning
    why we should still ask some question about maybe it was the birth certificate
    I don’t think it has any reason to be listed here.
    If you disagree, perhaps you could explain why?

    • facebkwallflower

      Miri’s blog. Please explain why you deserve an explanation? (Having sites from the past on blog roll does have historical significance, by the way; and maybe “just for old time sake”.) What an impertinent comment/demand, in my humble opinion.

      • because, and this is really really simple, so let me explain
        if you click on a site in a blogroll and find that you cannot enter that site
        unless you are already a private member, in which case you would have your secret identity all ready anyways, then it does not serve any useful purpose to being included in the blogroll,
        and why, has this really simple question so bothered you?
        In general, when you read comments on other sites, one finds they
        really are so full of crude hostility as to be embarassing.
        The comments on this site do not very often go in for hostility and are well thought out as were comments on sites like Chronwatch which sadly no longer exists or AJ Strata’s site, which does still exist but only rarely publishes. If we are interested in for old time’s sake then we should put
        Chronwatch in the blog roll because it was such a good conservative web site with thousands of members – of course it no longer exists so you can’t log into it just as you can’t log into TD. Same logic.
        There’s a lot going on in the world that could get one hot and bothered but I don’t think TD is one of them.

        • Chronwatch can be viewed via the wayback machine and Strata’s site is still live. Strata, a NASA systems analyst, had posts characterized by that kind of viewpoint on a lot of controversial topics, such as te London Polonium murder or global warming. These threads are well organized and archived and can be a valuable library like reference if anyone is interested in those topics
          Just sayin’

          • If people want, I can change the blogroll, put Chronwatch on it to use the wayback machine link, instead. Whenever I get around to it, that is. 🙂

        • facebkwallflower

          Dave, the simple question bothered me because it was just plain critical about something that is not even our business. The question seems, to me, picky and complaining and was like, “Man, Dave, what is up with the pickiness when Miri busts her butt putting out article after article and opens her brain and “home” for all sorts of discussions and along comes someone demanding an explanation as to why an outdated blogroll?” So, I was honest. And, of course, because I challenged the challenger I am the one full of crude hostility? It does not matter if the blog does not exist but Miri still links to it. All anyone is out is the time it took to click and find out it was gone, gone, gone. Yeah, maybe I was a wee bit hostile, if that is what defending is. But then, of course, I defended too quickly, as Miri, being the big girl she is, defended/responded herself. The question was directed at her, so I was out of line, most likely, answering in defense. But your question was also inappropriate and aggressive, even if that is not what you intended.

          Would you enter into someone’s home you were invited to and upon noticing the television in a spot with a lot of glare say to your host/ess, “It makes no sense to have the television there with all that glare. The logical thing to do would be to move it over there.” Or would you say, upon seeing a pile of outdated magazines, “Why all the outdated magazines. It is logical to have up-to-date materials for your guests to read when you are busy preparing the meal.”????

          You really do not see how you asked, publicly was unnecessary and ungrateful? Replying to me AFTER Miri responded to both of us, and berating my response is doing exactly what you said this place is not about. Cheers.

        • I also appreciate that there’s no “crude hostility” here. I love everybody for it being that way. I also miss some of the older sites that no longer are around, where there was reasoned dialogue. We’ve already discussed how TCTH isn’t a very safe refuge.

          • facebkwallflower

            I hear you, Miri, and I apologize for not keeping my mouth shut. I know better and as I had one finger pointing at Dave, there were three pointing at me. There is hope for Dave and I; neither of us pulled the “troll card”!

            So, so, so, many good sites gone. I wonder what happened to people. Not many had the intestinal fortitude and motivation to keep blogging….very grateful you have stuck it out.

    • Ha, ha. That’s easy, Dave. I’m lazy and never get around to editing the roll. Not much help around here anymore, either. In any case, it’s not easy in the sense that I forgot how to do it so it requires me to go to the WordPress instructions to figure it out again. That makes me even less likely to keep it up. I did think about it a while back–that I should change it, but time gets away and I forget all over again. Thanks for the nudge. I’ll try to do it soon. facebkwallflower, thanks for defending. Not necessary, but I appreciate the thought. I don’t think TD’s link would work anyway.

      • Don’t do away with me!!!!! I still love you guys. You mean your sidebar sites may be outdated?
        I’ll check out the Chronwatch. I like an archive source and usually save them for fast reference. I do follow you guys still. I used to check Renee’s Sandy Monocle now and then , but do any of you do that. SHe seemed to correspond with Barnhardt.

        • I won’t do away with anybody (if I ever do get around to fixing the blogroll) unless they’re defunct, as TD is now and has been for a long time. I suspect that Red Pill added TD to the roll when TD still existed and when he set up this blog. I probably added a few sites years ago, and by now have forgotten how to delete the outmoded ones. Maybe before I delete any, I’ll run the list by everybody (who still reads us here) and you can weigh in on what needs to go. As for me, I don’t even use the blog roll. I’m so old fashioned that I just type it into the address bar!

          • I kinda like that TD remains on the blogroll. Its where we met and the impetus to leave and create WTPOTUS, with thanks to Red Pill. Its part of the archive and … kinda like an old monument. 🇺🇸 🙂

          • TD still exists. But the owner of that wordpress site took it private and
            if you didn’t get a password from the owner then you cannot visit the site.
            Yes, I find that annoying.

          • you mean we can have our very own “hit list”.
            WE can easily all pitch in and check out a few sites apiece and report back. then you can maybe just relist the healthy sites and then ,Miri,you can pay tribute and say a few words over the other’s passing/demise.

            • I meant that before I delete any from the roll that are still active, I’ll let you all say whether you want to keep them. I guess if they’re private, there’s no use keeping them on the roll. I could try to see if I can find a link in the Way Back Machine for them. I once was able to view TD’s archives, but I think she put a “robots txt” on them so that’s not possible now.

              We could have a ceremony of remembrance for their passing. 🙂

        • facebkwallflower

          Alfy, I miss your comments and info you pass on. Glad to hear you still haunt here~ I still check out links to old sites every once in awhile in hopes there may be a restart on some of them. Silly, huh? Sort of of like sitting on the porch, rocking away, waiting and waiting for someone to walk through the front gate for a chitchat.

  8. POTUS Trump condemning the violence!

    • Good speech. Thanks for sharing it. I’m guessing it wasn’t enough for them yet. Yes, you can hear from the questions as he leaves the podium: “why didn’t you condemn yadda, yadda, yadda.” Where is it written that THEY get to decide what he says? It’s totally insane. It’s like with the BS that you can’t say “all lives matter” without being called racist. btw, did you see that the man who hit those people is schizophrenic and on medication (or was. Don’t know if he still is.) So he’s without doubt mentally ill. Will there be any sympathy for him? Doubtful. We see endless sympathy for teen-aged thugs who in cold blood murder on a daily basis. “Their minds aren’t fully formed yet.” “They come from an underprivileged background.” “They were abused as children.” The media are going back talking to his 9th grade teacher, who calls him a neo-nazi then. What? When he was 14? Was his brain fully formed? Was he even then schizophrenic? They’re, of course, searching out his social media posts. Just as they did with Michael Brown. You all know they went back and talked to his teachers. Right? HA. Just kidding. Of course they didn’t. Double standard.

      My point is this: What’s become of our country, our system of laws, the FACT that someone is innocent until proved guilty in a court of law, judged by a jury of his peers who have heard the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth, and who at least TRY to make an unbiased, objective judgement, NO MATTER THE PERSON’S RACE? Are white people now guilty until proved innocent? What is WRONG with this media who cannot see the truth of their own criminal BIAS? This is a greater danger, arguably, to our nation than idiots who like to march around in nazi outfits with tiki torches.

      These racists want to blame ALL white people, ALL Trump supporters for the actions of one reported schizophrenic 20-year-old who may or may not have been acting in self-defense or maybe even under the influence of prescription drugs that exacerbated his fears. They DON’T KNOW why this happened. It had nothing to do with “white supremacy.” btw, if you wonder why they didn’t attack the driver of the maroon car, it’s because that driver was a black woman. It’s said that the object that struck the young man’s car before he sped up was a flag of some kind, but the crowd was closing in on him and menacing him before he sped up.

      Again, I blame the authorities who did not control this crowd and who allowed them to march in the streets. Just all that confusion meant that the young lady wouldn’t be able to see the cars coming. It gave all of them a false sense of security. I hope whatever investigation takes place, it fully examines ALL angles and especially that they get the videos. There ought to be hundreds of them out there.

      • I still say Trump should just leave the media hanging and fussing over him all the time and just go to the issues he wants to solve, but bring up some doozies like investigate Haiti like he told the Little Haiti group in Florida he would do. That could lead into the whole Clinton Foundation corruption. He should play on the sympathies of the real mistreated people (like the Haitians, the Veterans etc.) and turn the narratives upside-down. Scare the “Bejeezus” out of everybody,all the crooks in Washington, that he may be targeting them next. Leave em guessing everyday and don’t listen to or answer to the media’s ridiculous questions or propaganda (agitprop). He’s gotta jumpstart the retoric if he wants to ever get out from under this planned “coup”.

        • Good points, alfy. For the most part, I agree; but at the same time I understand WHY he responds. He’s genuinely and rightfully angry about the unbelievably rude, disrespectful, and hateful treatment he’s getting and especially the lies they tell about him and his family and their DELIBERATE “misunderstanding” and mischaracterizing of what he says. Imagine that they actually believe it’s their job to SCRIPT the President of the U.S.

          • Fighting the Culture War, One Skirmish at a Time

          • I understand that, but the “skirmishes”, the fakey rallies, the “hired assassins”, i.e. media groups, Soros agitators don’t deserve the time they get and so responding to that just prolongs the anguish and grief he gets and unrightfully so. It’s wasteful of airtime and mine too.

            • Don’t get me wrong. I agreed with everything Trump said in his responses. “I just want him to follow up with ….”We’re getting to the bottom of the past years of corruption with Obama, Clinton and Comey, Lynch (and so on and on) and before long the truth will come out and Sh** is going to fly”. We now see that Comey was in “collusion with the justice department , thanks to Judicial Watch FOIA and Jay Sukulow’s FOIA and we see that Comey has been lying his Arss off and the whole justice department have obstructed justice. He should include that in the same speech that he’s answering the media about all this fantasy creation of racism/nazism. It’s doubtful half the people involved even know what Nazism /Socialism/Communism even is. So Staged!
              Remember, before Trump knew how to use the media. Hope he hasn’t forgotten how.

  9. Transcript

    • Papoose, I watched that drone video yesterday and then over at least 5 times today, from your link. I still cannot see the Charger anywhere. How can they say this captured the impact? I see the maroon car hit and knock down some people. I think I see the second car, just barely, over the edge of the roof of the building, but I don’t see anybody getting knocked flying. Do you? Not like in the street-level view. When the scene stops, where’s the Charger? I still see only the first two cars. And I still have the question of why people are screaming in the Gilmore video before the Charger gets anywhere near the crowd. Did they offset the audio? Why the jump in the view? Edited? Where are ANY photos that clearly show the identified suspect IN THAT CAR?

      • Ok. One more before I sign off for the day:

        You don’t hear screaming until the impact. So why do you on Gilmore’s video? In addition, on the overhead view, why are two cars stopped, the first one having knocked down at least one person (that car driven by a black female), and yet the Charger is not on the scene yet? The Gilmore video shows the Charger proceeding by itself down the street. It’s said the other two cars are already at the intersection, stopped. So on the overhead shot, the cars inch forward, the red one knocks people down and stops. IF the cars were stopped when the Charger went down the street, who knocked the people down? Where is the Charger in the drone view? Nowhere to be seen. For some reason, the people at TCTH seem to not be doing their usual video analysis.

      • I was wondering why the drone shots don’t show the car going full steam in reverse.

        I can’t deal with this. The whole thing is absurd. Its a blame Trump and get white people charade.

  10. I added some links at the old post because it was in response to something Dave M. wrote.

    In looking at the video of the crash as recorded by Gilmore, a few things jump out. First, the sound seems off. I hear people screaming before there’s any crash. Other videos don’t have screaming until the crash. The part that Gilmore has at the beginning, is just before the man hits the suspect’s car with the flag on a stick, causing him to speed up. In another video, the car seems to be going normal speed, while in Gilmore’s it seems speeded up. Another thing: There’s a photo out there of the suspect standing next to his car. Then there’s the car in the video. Although both are gray Chargers, they appear to be different cars! There’s a difference in the wide stripe on the hood and the logo in the center. What’s up with that? Has anybody pictured the guy who was arrested IN the car? Could he be another MKUltra “candidate”? As usual, WTF is going on?

    • I never thought we’d be dealing with this type of suspicion of our own government, once Trump won. WTF? WHEN will this stop? Will President Trump and Sessions stop it? Can they?


      Just more to consider, especially the comments about the creepy affect of the mayor who almost, according to the writer, looks “cheerful.”

    • This could be totally a Building Seven setup.I have no way to know, as of today.
      President Trump DOES have a way to know.
      For whatever inexplicable reason he is not using the power the he has
      to order investigations into all of these matters,
      and fire his AGs if they do not want to open those investigations.
      I don’t think he realizes that ON THIS ISSUE his previous Tweets
      will no longer work.
      He could be as right as rain but he will still lose, for our country, the benefits of having a libertarian/conservative president

      • I know. I’m talked about this before, how he seems to act or speak sometimes as if he’s not in charge. As if things happen and he has nothing to do with it or hasn’t any ability to stop it. I wonder if it’s his advisors? It would be best, imho, if he just stopped tweeting. Stopped pressers. Put his nose to the grindstone and let his spokespeople put out statements. In this instance, of course, he ought to have just said he condemns racial hatred, violent disruptions at protests, and especially grieves for the lives lost. Who knows what’s the right thing to say? That’s why he needs people to script the responses for him–people who know how the media and the left think and who are better able to finesse it. Who knows, though? We’re never going to know how people feel in general about what he said or didn’t say, especially coming from those who support Trump. It’s why the media and the left missed the fact that his support was far greater than they imagined–they have made it impossible for people to speak freely, but they cannot change what people THINK and, by extension, how they’re going to vote. Already it seems his poll numbers have gone up, if we can pay any attention to these biased polls in the first place. But they’re a benchmark, at least. And at this point in time, they mean little.

      • What struck me as totally bizarre, considering we’re talking about taking down Confederate statues (north vs. south; slave owners vs abolitionists), WHY were these so-called white nationalists chanting anti-JEWISH slogans? What does anti-Semitism have to do with defending Confederate monuments? If they were chanting anti-black slogans, we would have heard them. But, no. They were chanting about Jews and what some say is a Nazi slogan, “blood and soil,” which makes little sense either. We’ve never found out who vandalized the Jewish cemetery. Or why. Some suspect (many, actually) that it was done as a black ops to gin up the belief that Trump is an anti-Semite (ridiculous, considering his family). Then there was a story that FALSELY and despicably said Trump’s father marched in a Nazi/KKK-type rally. A LIE, but they’re trying to make it appear that he’s anti-Jewish. WHY? Why anti-JEWISH? Now there’s evidence that they’re pushing on people in his administration that are Jewish, trying to get them to quit on him. Here’s one guy:

        “The markets would crash if top White House economic adviser Gary Cohn resigns, Yale School of Management’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld told CNBC on Thursday.

        “I don’t want to be an alarmist, but there is a lot of faith that he is going to help carry through the tax reform that people are looking for,” Sonnenfeld said on “Squawk Box.”

        “I think if he steps away, it would crash the markets,” he said.

        The New York Times reported Wednesday that Cohn, who is Jewish, was “upset” and “disgusted” with President Donald Trump’s response to Saturday’s deadly white nationalist rally in Virginia.

        The extreme right protesters were heard shouting anti-Semitic slogans as they marched through Charlottesville. …”

        ASTROTURFED, imho. Faked for several goals. To “win back” crossover votes. To damage Trump, of course. To help the DemoncRAT who’s running for Sessions’s Senate seat. You do know, don’t you, that his claim to fame is having prosecuted a bunch of KKK neo-Nazis? And they’re trying to get Roy Moore as his opponent, the guy who defended the Ten Commandments MONUMENTS. Setting this up as a real cultural war between an anti-neo-Nazi guy and pro-monument guy. Screaming ASTROTURFED and SOROS, imho. Of course it seems to be fake news that Cohn is thinking of quitting and as usual only (fake) anonymous sources cited, BUT it nevertheless pressures the Jewish people in the administration. Death by a thousand cuts. Whatever works. By any means necessary.

        Other goals: censorship of the Internet (today it’s announced that Paypal won’t allow “hate groups” to fund raise or share funds on their side–BLM exempted, I’m sure) and criminalizing certain symbols (but of course not others).

        btw, did you know there’s a monument to LENIN in Washington State?

  11. See Tennessee State Capitol uproar re: Nathan Bedford Forrest portrait bust in legislative chamber hallway. I don’t think the Republicans put it there! Also, Confederate soldier statue covered with a tarp yesterday in court house Square in Rutherford Co TN.

    • They’re like the Taliban at Bamiyan. Or like the muslims all over the world when they force a culture to “submit.” If they don’t destroy, they take over and transform. See former Jewish temples and Catholic/Christian churches all over the world. Or like Napoleon who shot cannons at the Sphinx. Totalitarians cannot brook non-comformity. Submit or die. Their way or the highway. Otherwise, you’re shamed or worse. Doxed and then fired. You WILL be destroyed.

      Isn’t it interesting that the mainstream media can somehow dox the man who hit that woman with his car, even going so far as getting his JUVENILE records, which are supposed to be sealed, and yet they still don’t report the background of “heroes” like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown? Heaven forbid! We’re criticized for daring to violate their privacy rights and the sanctity of juvenile records.

      Do they really think that people don’t NOTICE this obvious bias and double standard?

      Lester Holt, on NBC last night, seemed to be smiling as he reported that people in the protest on the “right” are being doxed by those who are trying to shame them into submission (in what used to be called BULLYING and HARASSMENT, but only lefists are protected. If you exercise “wrong think,” then you’re fair game.)

      They’re picking out people’s photos and posting them online, asking for them to be identified, trying to get them fired from their jobs or expelled from college. Whatever punishment they see fit to apply.

      Holt seemed to have no problem with this OTHER than to warn them that they should be careful and not misidentify someone. Oh, yes. My goodness. That would be a MAJOR mistake because if someone loses a job on account of it–major financial and possibly criminal repercussions might ensue.

      There is such a thing as slander. There is also such a thing as civil rights and constitutional rights violations. These “doxers” run the risk (Jennifer Lawrence, are you hearing?) of being sued and losing millions, but they also run the risk of becoming subjects of a civil rights complaint for VIOLATING THE CIVIL RIGHTS OF PEOPLE IN A CONSPIRACY TO KEEP THEM FROM EXERCISING THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Is this NOT akin to the left’s accusations of “voter intimidation?” Isn’ts it also a crime to intimidate people with threats of public shaming and loss of their livelihoods if they persist in engaging in speech the left doesn’t like?

  12. WOOT!!! 😆

  13. When you look at whatever videos you can find about the violence in Virginia,
    in my opinion it is really very ugly.
    Now I don’t care about all those pre-civil war arguments.
    One: Black slavery should not have happened. How could it have happened?
    Well you could say the Romans took slaves. They also sanctioned death games in the collosiem. I went there once on a tour of Italy. Even 2000 years later it has the most awful creepy feeling to the place, just wanted out of there.
    Two: Modern people should not use the historical past to further their own
    political agendas.
    Now President Trump may be completely correct in his latest pronouncements that both sides are at fault,
    he is being politically stupid in the extreme to walk into this set trap and
    embrace it.
    I watched it happen in Britain, where a conservative leader of Parliment announced a manifesto to further take back what conservatives would agree were unfounded welfare payments, especially to pensioners and
    people on disability allowance, and further (that would be Teresa May) thought it would be a good time to bring back fox hunting. That;s a sort of rich man’s sport in Britain. Horses, dogs, uniforms, and brandy but
    not loved by most of the population.
    I make no argument to her manifesto except to note that she lost her majority to the most unelectable commie opponents. Now she clings to power with the tiniest of majorities due to a power sharing with an irish party.
    My point is the idealogical purity, and I am not even sure that Trump can claim that on this issue, is worthless if your political stance is so stupid that you lose power.
    You cannot win on this issue.
    If you try to win, by appealing to your base, you may take some of these,
    but that will not be enough.
    I voted for Trump and I see the deep state doing their best to take him down..
    Trump should see that as well.
    If he ignores the writing on the wall, then I think he has no future,
    because he is inexperienced and his cleverness does not rise to meet
    a challenge this organized.

    • Also a lot of good points. I wish it were not so. I think he cannot help himself. You’re right, though, that it is a most despicable trap. The one thing about him that has always bugged me is his swaying with the wind. Remember when he was the champion of the birthers? The very first “big guy” who said what we all thought was obvious–that Obama doesn’t have any birth certificate that he can show the world. But then, as soon as the totally FAKE BC got presented, Trump swiveled around, accepted it at face value, and took credit for getting it revealed. Only later did he suddenly then decide that, well, maybe it’s fake, after all. Nothing came of whatever it was he accomplished. Now, of course, he’s in a position to prove the damned thing is a fake, and to reveal everything else phony about Obama, but for some inexplicable reason he chooses not to, even though surely a lot of the voters thought he would not let us down. Similarly, we’re still waiting to see anybody “lock her up.” We know this entire thing, the Charlottesville setup, is a charade. Especially that neo-Nazi march onto the campus with the tiki torches. Did you see that already one of the guys who got doxed has been described by one of his former friends as someone he always thought was a progressive? Well, that’s probably because, like the leader of that group founded as soon as Trump was elected, he IS a progressive. And an actor. Maybe even a paid one. Why, pray tell, would someone (the leader, it’s said) who’s a white supremacist, a white nationalist, vote twice for Obama? We know the media’s not going to ask that question. This is what Nancy Pelosi would call astroturfed. Of course, it’s in Trump’s power to have them investigated. After all, someone is dead. Many were injured. Others had their civil rights violated by community organized thugs. Apparently the DOJ is trying to investigate the group/s that organized the disruption to the Inauguration. Will they similarly look into who organized and funded this so-called white nationalist protest? Why are all of the monuments suddenly being removed in DEMOCRAT cities?

      It’s interesting how you bring up Rome. (Lucky you for having been there. Somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.) Anyway, imagine if the current-day Italians were so politically correct as to tear down the place where slaves had to fight to the death and Catholics and others were eaten by lions for the crowd’s entertainment. They embrace their history. Of course it was cruel, unjust, horrible, evil. But it is HISTORY. It’s not going on today and neither is slavery in the USA. If people whose ancestors may or may not have been slaves would go live in any other country in this world, would they have it better there than here?

      You know, they can get rid of Trump and it will make no difference. There’s nothing that the progressives can do that will make Trump supporters support them or any of their policies, especially if they run Trump out of office. They haven’t learned THEIR lesson. Nothing they do will make us love the media. Or suddenly submit to this progressive group think in which every white person is supposed to be made into a silent, second-hand citizen whose only job is to SERVE and SUBMIT TO those whose ancestors may or may not have been slaves, enslaved by white people who probably are NOT the ancestors of the very people who today are supposed to give up all their civil rights and protections solely because of non-existent “white privilege.”

      You know, the Colosseum is one place I’ve always wanted to go. I imagine it truly is haunted.

      I once visited a home, owned by an acquaintance, that was built in the early 1800s. Big place. The people who built it had owned slaves. There was a dungeon in the basement. A real dungeon, made of big blocks of stone, with heavy iron rings on the wall, and chains through the rings, and shackles hanging from the chains. It was absolutely the most haunted place I’ve ever been in. Just an overwhelming feeling of sadness and suffocation. Not scary or creepy. Just extremely sad there, and I couldn’t catch my breath. It was something I hadn’t expected when I went in there, but it was definitely not my imagination. You could literally feel it, as if the air was just too thick to breathe. The owners said it was haunted. The door to the room would NOT stay closed. It opened by itself. Well, maybe not by itself. Somebody (or non-body) opened it.

      • Hi Miri,
        here’s a happy story about that visit to Italy and Greece, funny too.
        We also visiteded Athens.
        The tour bus dropped us off at the bottom of the mountain upon which sits both the Parthenon and the ancient site of the Olympic games.
        No bad vibes here.
        But it was HOT. !!!!!!!!!
        I think it was July and the temperature was maybe 110 deg F.
        Our tour guide marched us up the hill, it was a beautiful place.
        There was no refreshments up there.
        We came down after about an hour and felt, me, near death.
        OK! I probably exaggerate. but it was bad.
        Upon exiting the Parthenon site, there were happy Greeks selling
        ice cold liquid drinks.
        I bought two Cokes.
        I paid like $20 for those two drinks.
        They were wonderful and I might have paid twice that.
        Knowing where there is a market!
        You could be cynical about this the next day,
        but looking back on it now, it was a wonderful day,
        and if I paid a Greek guy $20 for what, at that moment, seemed like the nectar of life,
        that’s still OK with me and lives in my fondest memories drawer.

        • Ha, ha. Clever capitalists there in Greece. Taking advantage of “global warming?” I’d have paid the $20, too. You’re fortunate to be able to say you’ve visited those places. I’m with you, though. I’d have wilted in 110 degree heat, especially having to climb a mountain to get there. (I’ll bet the bus driver is in cahoots with the Coke sellers.)

          Is it a “dry heat?” That does make a difference–Mediterranean breezes, etc. Where I live, 110 is about as hot as it’s ever gotten (in recorded history, that is) but it’s also most of the time at least 70% humidity on summer days and usually in the 90s, temperature-wise. It’s awful. I stay inside as much as possible.

          Will political correctness will ever hit in places like Italy and Greece? After all, there was slavery there and violence and suppression of certain groups. It’s the “thing” to go after western civilization and blame it for all the ills in the world. Our cultures owe a lot to Rome and Athens.

          These antifa protestors like to chant “this is what democracy looks like.” Well, they’re right, in a way: MOB RULE. Ugly as it can be.

  14. Yea. Okay. So people in face masks and helmets with bats, clubs, bicycle chains, bottles, rocks and urine/feces-filled balloons carrying shields are merely innocent defenders of our nation. They’re bused in having no permit just to assault the haters. Mmmmmkay.

    Antifa – call it what it truly is: Anti First Amendment/ Anti Free America

    • And they think Trump’s a totalitarian! Their attitude is that anybody who supports Trump does not even have First Amendment rights or any other rights, for that matter–not even the right to earn a living or to be left in peace to even THINK freely.

      You MUST think as they think and like it and submit, or else. What? Death? Gulags? That’s the way these people are headed. They decide what’s acceptable speech, thought, attitude. THEY, of course, have all the constitutional rights. Not anyone who opposes their way of thinking.

      As we used to say in grade school, “Who died and left them boss?”

    slime belly creeps… PRE TEND …NOT 2 WANT 2 GET IT!!! ha’

    • They did, unbelievable as it seems, arrest the woman who climbed the statue to help tear it down and then bragged about it afterwards, so emboldened are they that they believe they are above the law.

    • Yeah. That was reported early on, by this middle-school teacher who thought his student was a Nazi at age 14/15 and who is such a great guy that he doesn’t care about psychoanalyzing (as a teacher, mind you) someone who was basically a CHILD when he knew him, nor violating his privacy. So much for HIPAA. Yeah, I know, that applies to doctors, but still, is it kosher to blab about someone’s mental health diagnosis and medication? Supposedly, this guy actually tried to help him overcome his white racism. It sounds like a bunch of hooey. The usual meme/narrative. Now, if that’s the diagnosis, it’s not something you outgrow. And you have to stay on the medication. [btw, is this the Rev. Sekou in the photo? One word: FERGUSON] Wow. It bothers me to dox the dead woman, but those are some amazing connections there, which leave little doubt about the astroturfing of the counter-protest as well as the protest they were countering. This is no different from how they planted fake white supremacists at Trump rallies, holding their nazi flags and saluting nazi-style, ever ready to be interviewed by the media.


      • Wonder who really was driving the murder weapon.

        • Me, too. I admit to wondering about that. It seemed very staged. The “viral” video of the car going down the street made it look as if the car was stopped right in front of the videographer until he peeled out and went down the street–being filmed the whole way, and for what reason? The kid allegedly is schizophrenic. Is there any video of him being arrested or taken in? I’ve seen no video showing him driving the car. He hasn’t been seen in person–he was on video at his arraignment. If he’s truly out of it (schizo), then how hard to get him to say or believe anything? Anyway, watch for something odd to happen, like a plea deal for a guilty plea and whoosh–he’s off to “prison” and never seen again. Or worse, something happens like with Oswald. Can you imagine a trial where everything comes out? I can’t!

          The people in the other light-colored car are suing him, and the organizers of the original protest (but not, of course, the counter-protesters, although they’re the ones who were marching in the street. The other people weren’t even around–they were at the park, where they had the permit for).

          Why would they NOT sue the city of Charlottesville for not keeping the antifa out of the street? (Wouldn’t that be where the deep pockets are? WHO are these victims, anyway?) Why ONLY sue the guy who hit their car from behind and the organizers of a rally that was in a park, not on that street?

          Why not also sue the counterprotesters who were blocking the road they were trying to drive on? The antifa were in the intersection. Blocking traffic. The antifa protester thugs attacked Fields’s car, apparently causing him to speed up to escape from them, which caused him to allegedly hit their car, which caused either their car or the car in front of their car to hit the young woman. I don’t think she was between Fields’s car and theirs. I don’t see that from the video. This entire thing is so suspicious.

        • Has nobody analyzed all the different photos? It’s very confusing to me because sometimes there are other cars on the street by the wreck and other times they’re just not visible. From the drone video, all I see is the maroon van plowing over a bunch of people. It seems to me that the middle car may be the one who hit the young woman. Technically, that is. If shoved into her, the driver can’t be blamed (although insurance companies do seem to blame someone who hits the car in front of them even if they were rear-ended into it. It happened to someone I know. Fortunately nobody sandwiched between.) I don’t want to blame the dead but my mother always taught me NEVER to walk between two cars stopped in the road, for obvious reasons. She was “just crossing the street,” the media say. The crowd was IN the intersection, blocking the street. Somehow, some people got in between the cars, I guess. Again, though, my point is that I can’t figure out how it all happened. Now I read somebody said (a “witness” ) that the driver who caused the crash backed up the street, stopped, and then came back down the street. Now why would he back up the street? What it sounds and looks like to me is that possibly he tried to go down the street. The intersection was blocked by armed and swarming counter-protesters, so he backed up. But if you see other videos, the street behind him suddenly filled with people, too. So maybe he was trying to get through and there was really nowhere to go. Maybe before he backed up the first time, he was being menaced, as we see people striking his car as he went back down the street towards the eventual crash. So was he, like that truck driver who got beaten by a mob in CA years ago, just trying to somehow escape from the mob? They weren’t hitting or menacing the other drivers, but it seems they were black women, so …

          Look at the photos at that link. Where is the maroon van and where is the other silver car? I just can’t figure this out. The video from the drone clearly shows the van, but not either car. And that Fields guy’s car has that darker stripe on the hood. At TCTH, they had a photo (in comments somewhere) showing Fields standing by his car. It did NOT have that dark stripe down the hood.

          • This commenter points out something I didn’t think of in terms of my own inability to see the other cars. Maybe the driver of the Charger didn’t see them, either:

            He’s scared. People are beating on his car. He’s trapped in front and back. The people seem to be getting out of his way until boom! He hits the immobile cars that maybe he didn’t see until the people scattered. Not excusing him, but there do seem to be lots of circumstances to consider. I don’t know what I’d do in a similar circumstance, if I felt trapped by a mob. In Ferguson, the mobs attacked white women who were driving down the street. He’s a white male. The people in the other cars were black women. His car was being hit by protesters; I don’t see anyone hitting the other cars. He was a target, apparently. btw, in the link above, there is a photo showing the driver but it’s really blurry. White shirt. Seatbelt on. I don’t see the black and white shirt seen in the mug shot. Did he stop somewhere to change clothes?

      • ^^^^^ REV IT UP!!! another “ORGANIZER” …. ^^^^^
        Reverend Sekou is featured in Orlando de Guzman’s 2015 documentary film Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory.. He
        was arrested multiple times during the Ferguson Uprising, including for ‘Praying while Black’ outside the Ferguson Police Department in September, alongside over 40 clergy, faith leaders & community members during the 500-strong Moral Monday protest during last year’s Ferguson October convergence, & more recently, on Moral Monday 2015, as part of more than 50 people & faced federal charges following a sit-in at the Department of Justice. In February 2016, Reverend Sekou stood trial for his first arrest in Ferguson & was found not guilty.

        In May 2015, Reverend Sekou moved back to St. Louis to focus on organizing against police violence, predatory court systems, & economic & social injustice.


    What our world is coming to. How will parents protect their children from THIS?

    Tell me why these people can’t be arrested for stalking or harassment.

    “I did not feel that I could freely express my own views without being shunned by my classmates and professors alike. So, I did not. I kept my head down and did my best to avoid sparking controversy. …”

    THIS is how they want ALL of us to feel. What they also want is to shut down our free speech on the Internet. It’s also WHY they demand that people are identifiable when commenting on lamestream news sites. Conservatives don’t attack others personally for their speech. They don’t bully and harass. They don’t dox. They don’t go after the person’s family and friends or try to make them “untouchables.” But progressive radicals do, and that’s why they do all of the above–to SHUT DOWN FREE SPEECH. They don’t need the government. They get people to self-censor to save their own lives. Just like Youth for Hitler. The Brownshirts. Or the Taliban.


    Knew this was going to happen. He’ll probably be a nice guy and NOT sue. For everyone’s sake, he should sue, except that he sounds liberal himself so he won’t sue, unless it were done by a conservative and then ….

    • Supposedly Twitter has a policy against doxing. And yet they allow the “anti-racists” to use that hashtag to dox the so-called racists. In another oddity, the owner of the hashtag himself got doxed, and so Twitter deleted that Tweet and banned the doxer. See how that works?

      They are engaged in a conspiracy to harass and harm people. They should be sued, if not prosecuted, if circumstances warrant.

  18. OK I learned what antifa meant but I don’t know this word “dox or doxing”
    thanks in advance

    • Supposedly it’s short for gathering documents (docs) on somebody, mostly by searching online or in public-access databases (like criminal court cases, etc.) and then posting what you find on the Internet. Mostly it’s considered a no-no when the person is a private citizen. Especially media (most of them) have (or used to have) rules against doing it. As usual, there’s a double-standard and it’s okay to do to conservatives but not liberals. The liberals dox people in order to send harassment or worse their way. Public shaming, too. More people have lost their jobs for being at that rally at the statue. (The peaceful one, btw.) I was going to write a post about it. Still may, but I got off on a different tangent today. There’s a guy in CA who was fired and it sounds as if he’s going to sue.

  19. Whose Blog Is This Anyways?
    It was a minor dispute but the statement “It’s Miri’s blog”
    made me think.
    I guess this blog was started by a chap going by the internet alias “I took the red pill” and then had several joint authors. I got here after I was kicked off of that TD site because I wouldn’t stop mentioning the “birth certificate”
    whatever that was about.
    The outstanding feature of this blog was the skilled investigative work that all the authors accomplished during the obama era. (and the decentness of all the posters – Chronwatch had two full time moderators, fortunately not needed here)
    Now it can’t just be left to Miri, if the rest of us do that then sooner rather than later she may become weary and quit.
    Solo bloggers tend to do that.
    A.J. Strata rarely posts now but his blog
    has many archived threads with the viewpoint that a science oriented engineer could bring to the daily world.
    The same also happened at
    (Error theory is a term in philosophy about the consequences of not thinking accurately). Errortheory is a thought provoking blog, now rarely updated.
    Eventually it is too much work for one person to do and apparently get little thanks for the effort.
    Strat’s website had a “Tips” box, I bet nobody put much into it. I put a tenner in once. Once!
    I do not have the skills to do the kind of public record investigation that this blog is famous (or infamous!) for. I am a professional engineer and I wrote one piece about what’s wrong with digital downloaded music.
    Writing anything makes you think about how much time it takes.
    I was going to write a second piece about the dodgy science behind global warming but then I sort of didn’t.
    Anyways, I think Miri needs more help and all of us who read stuff here could maybe post like I don’t know, one artcle a month.

    • facebkwallflower

      I second, third, fourth, fifth, and zillionth this comment.

    • History: We were all on TD’s at the time she decided to give up her blog. That’s iirc, and sometimes I don’t. Anyway, the original group of us decided we’d carry on elsewhere, when TD went private. Red Pill knew how to set up a blog, because he had his own blog. So he set up this one, and asked people at TD’s if they’d like to participate. (This must have been after you left TD’s.) We ended up with the original group who are still listed on the blog because their posts are still here. RP does his own thing and hasn’t been here for a while. The others fell away. (Well, that’s a long story, too. Not necessary to get into. Some personal disputes that I ended up in the middle of but wasn’t an active party to. I’m the sole survivor, other than RP who can still come here whenever he wants to.)

      Dave, I didn’t know you were kicked off TD’s. Hmm. The BC issue is what made me find her blog in the first place. Before that, I’d never visited or commented on a blog. The PUMAs were mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s show and I got curious and searched the Web for PUMAs and somehow just picked TD at random. She was blogging about the BC. I started to get less and less involved there after suddenly Lori Starfelt allegedly “found” the proof of Barry’s birth in Hawaii–the so-called birth announcements. I was skeptical of their authenticity and her identity from the beginning. Starfelt, I mean.

      It IS sometimes wearisome going it “alone” but I’m getting by so long as nobody expects a post a day! I try to put up new posts whenever there get to be too many comments on the previous one.

      Yeah, it was fun to do all the research. I especially loved proving Barry wrong or tripping him up with his multiple lies. It bugged me so much that he believes we’re as stupid as he thinks we are and that the media were so biased, not bothering to “dox” him at all! We’ve been onto him from the get go. Maybe some day, Trump will satisfy our curiosity about WHO Barry really is.

      Don’t need any money but won’t mind if anybody wants to do a guest post. Just let me know.

    I was looking at websites I know that manage to raise come money for the authors and I thought of this one.
    It’s a funny comic that I look at sometimes
    and it is mostly about politics as seen through the eyes of four employees of some big company who got together, sort of like “Friends”
    It is sometimes not entirely safe for work.

    Day by Day (webcomic)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Day by Day
    Author(s) Chris Muir
    Current status / schedule Daily
    Launch date November 1, 2002
    Genre(s) Political, humor

    Day by Day (also Day by Day Cartoon) is an American political webcomic by Chris Muir. The humor usually centers on four principal characters who had initially been presented as coworkers at an unspecified firm until the firm went out of business on December 25, 2007. Romantic relationships among the principals resulted in marriages and children, with one of the couples opening a small bar in the (unnamed)Texas Rio Grande Valley ranchland in which the strip is now principally set. Texas license plates figure prominently, as well as the iconic Shiner Beer. These characters (and their friends and family) remain center stage even though some strips focus on public figures and feature none of the main cast, in a manner similar to Doonesbury. The strip has a conservative libertarian viewpoint, and often makes reference to political weblogs. It was a Yahoo! Pick in the “Comics and Animation” category in 2004.[1]
    I think it just points out how hard it is to earn any kind of financial income from the web. We live everything for free, and we don’t often enough think about the effort it takes to keep a website running.

    Thanks Miri for being a hero.

    • Thanks, but I doubt I’m any hero AND I doubt anybody would pay to read anything I write. 🙂 That’s why it’s free.

    This is (sorry in advance) off topic but is more likely to happen to you than you get beat up in an antifa march.
    It happened to my wife, and it’s a good scam and it could happen to you.
    Two things setup the scam,
    firstly you have an account with and lots of people do.
    secondly you give your email address to some free offer and that free offer is run by the scammers.
    Then this happens:
    You get an email purportedly from Amazon,
    “We are investigation your account in order to comply with local trading laws and tax regulations. We need you to verify your identity. Your amazon account will be locked until you send the required documents. In order to find out further details go to (an sort of web address)
    It all looks legit.
    It is not.
    First thing you will probably do is try to access your amazon account and
    YES it really is not possible to log in. That’s convincing.
    What do these guys want you to do.
    My wife was asked to FAX!!!!! to some number in the States, copies of her passport, birth certificate, driving license, and checkbooks to that phone number.
    OK, we’re not THAT stupid.
    If you put in the entire web address provided you got to a very decent
    amazon looking page telling you to fax the above stuff.
    But if you only put in the first bit, you know,, and then looked for navigation links to get to the same place, they didn’t exist.
    As a scam it was way more sophisticated than “Hi I’m Tricia, talk to me”
    Here’s how I think it worked:
    Most people will not worry to give out an email address, you get asked for one all the time, can’t do no harm? right?
    The scammers just bet that you probably have an amazon account and if you don’t so what, no big time loss to them.
    Their computer tries to log in and most people use their email address as the initial part of the login to amazon. (That’s amazon’s weakness)
    Now sure, they don’t know your password so they can’t really log in but what they can do is just hit amazon over and over again using any old passwords.
    Eventually Amazon responds by locking your account as most servers will do after repeated failed attempts to log in.
    Then the scammers send you that email and if you are convinced by the fact that your account was indeed locked, you might do what they asked.
    Fortunately I do not know what would have happened next.
    Amazon confirmed that they had not sent out that email and eventually and I do mean eventually we got our account back.My wife had some music and books that she pirchased in there and it’s a reminder that if the stuff you bought is “in the cloud” you don’t own it. You just think you do.
    Just an email address?
    “Trust no one” I think I heard that in X-Files.

    • Thanks for the tips. I got that email once. The first thing I thought was: Who cares? Go ahead and lock my account. 🙂

      I didn’t hit their link but I did go to Amazon from the address bar and my account wasn’t locked. I was able to sign in.

      There are so many of these scams going on. We get calls all the time from guys who can barely speak English, saying they’re “Windows” calling about a problem with our computer. Windows? Windows is an operating system!

      Sometimes I play along with them but most of the time I say, “I’m confused. I don’t even have a computer!” Then they hang up.

      I also get calls from people claiming to be my health insurer. You really gotta watch that one. We once got a call that said on caller ID that it was from a tire company, but it turned out to be a guy trying to sell some kind of health insurance. Doubtless he hoped we’d be dumb enough to give him birth dates or SS#’s, etc. He was in Pakistan or somewhere like that, too.

      What I really love are the ones where they say I owe the IRS money and better pay up soon by going to Target and buying pre-loaded visa cards or gift cards and then calling back to give them the numbers.

      Another one that’s going around is callers who say you were supposed to show up for jury duty and now may be arrested, but you can buy your way out by paying a fine (via gift cards, etc.).

      You’d think nobody would fall for these scams but unfortunately people do. There are also in-person scams. “Travelers” (aka gypsies) come around in groups, offering to do lawn work or roofing or tuckpointing, etc. One distracts the homeowner while the other slips in the house, or one asks to use the facilities or to get a drink of water, while the other keeps the homeowner occupied. Then they rip off jewelry or anything else they find in the house.

      Imagine how wealthy these people could be if they’d put their clever minds into doing something productive!

  22. Total Capture
    I think, and I hope I am wrong, that Trump cannot survive this most very clever trap
    His only defensive response could have been:
    I condemn without hesitation any and all white supremacist hate groups that were involved in the Virginia murder, and that would of course include the KKK and everyone associated with them, even in idealogy.
    I am sorry, nothing less will do.
    If the president wants to point blame at, for example:
    The Moslem Brotherhood.
    The New Black Panther Party
    Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam
    Black Lives Matter
    and many others,
    We can’t help him by finding evidence of dirty corruption. it is too late.
    I voted for this man, and I think he is a good man,
    but as of now he is finished. So Sad.
    Politics is a very dirty and very ugly game.
    It bears no respect for goodness.
    If somehow he survives this I will thank God
    and I will ask God to give him the insight that he
    needs to survive.

    • I thought he basically said that, at least once. The problem is that he keeps revising and refining his statements, at least in the ears of the media, who pretend they don’t understand English or nuances, when, of course, they do because they thrive on parsing. You’re probably correct that he should wait and then pounce on the racists on the OTHER side. I don’t think he’s done, but we shall see. He cannot let the haters and dividers win. We’re still going back to the kind of things we said when Obama was selected: It’s like we’ve gone through the looking glass where good is bad, truth is lies, reality is unreality. When did it become okay to rank hatred and criminal thuggery and EXCUSE the “lesser” of the evils? When did it become wrong to say things like ALL lives matter or that both sides who engage in violence are wrong? As predicted by Trump, there are already leftists arguing to remove statues to Washington (in Chicago, e.g.) and even arguing for why it would be sensible to tear down the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial, as well as taking them off Mount Rushmore. You cannot reason with totalitarianism. We cannot let them win. Their goal is complete and total destruction of our history as Americans. Destroy American exceptionalism and you’ve destroyed America. That’s their goal. They hate the USA. They want to destroy it and replace it with socialism (at best) and something akin to the Taliban or Mao’s cultural revolution (at worst, but maybe they can come up with something even worse. I put nothing past such mindless lemmings.)

    • Remember this story from Aug. 7?

      “Is Donald Trump even going to make it to the 2020 election? The rumors that the deep state is planning to make a big move to try to remove President Trump have become a deafening roar, and if they are ultimately successful they are going to unleash a time of chaos and civil unrest unlike anything this nation has ever seen before. …”

      Is THIS their plan?

    • Read that earlier and wondered whether it’s fake news and the unsolicited caller wasn’t even Bannon. I don’t see how he said some of what he said and expects Trump not to be p.o.-ed about it.

    • I’ve said before that they’ll probably try to make people MOVE THE GRAVES of the Confederate war dead, as well as the monuments.

  23. If this Charlotteville (hope I spelled that right) trap can ever be revealed to be a setup thing, then of course the truth must come out,
    but that will not help the President.
    The media will either bury it or just say, it doesnt matter if it was a setup, at the moment Trump chose the wrong side or at least didn’t choose the right side. It points out the worth of having previious political experience because
    this a master trap, so good that it doesn’t even matter if the trap is outed.
    I think there is only one thing Trump can do to restore his Presidency.
    He needs to learn from those Television Evangelists who get caught messin where they shouldn’t be messin.
    He needs to say “I am Sorry – I got it wrong” and he probably should do that ;live on air at one of those press conferences to short circuit the media twisting his speech out of shape.
    He shouldn’t have to do this.
    BUT I don’t think any other strategy will work.
    As far as all those other hate groups and there are lots of them, just leave it for this day.
    He can talk about them some other day.
    If my analysis makes you mad at me then please let me say sorry in advance to you. My only interest here is saving the man so he can do his job.

    • Did you see the story about Assange meeting with Rohrbacker and allegedly offering a deal to give Trump a smoking gun (so to speak) about the way the DNC emails got to Wikileaks? Kicker would be he would expect a pardon either first or in return.

      I think something’s up, though. The media, for some reason, are suddenly backing off this story. I read an editorial in a major progressive rag wherein they said to stifle free speech, even of “neo-Nazis,” would be a big mistake, anti-American, etc. (Basically what WE say.) Then there’s an editorial in the WSJ where the writer admits that the antifa and radical leftists are as dangerous as the so-called white supremacists. (I’ll tell you one thing–they’re FAR MORE NUMEROUS.) Basically the guy said Trump was right and the media hasn’t reported that and in fact under-reported about the violence of the alt-left. Then there’s an article in the Atlantic that warned about the alt-left/antifa, although I think that was published before the recent events. There’s just a slight shift in the wind. I don’t know why. And I was totally taken aback by how many DemoncRATS called for that black female state senator in MO who threatened Trump’s life … they called for her to resign. When’s the last time you heard any DemoncRAT NOT support another DemoncRAT, especially one who’s black and female? McCaskill is female and white and she called for the gal to resign. White male DemoncRATS called for her to resign. A black male senator called for her to resign. It’s nearly unprecedented! What’s up? I would say they KNOW now by internal polling that the way they handled this Charlottesville thing was totally WRONG and now there’s going to be repercussions for THEM. The media and the DemoncRATS, I mean.

      • Another interesting thing I read today: An editorial in the WSJ that encouraged shareholders TO FILE CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS against companies that “go political” and make stupid moves that hurt the company but make the CEO feel good (like resigning from a WH panel because of something Trump didn’t say strongly enough in their opinion). Stockholders in Target lost tons of money when their stock tanked because of the boycott because they stupidly got involved in the bathrooms for trannies issue. Those stockholders should sue, the article argued. They have standing. What was interesting was that the writer believes that CEOs make these moves because the media leads them to believe that progressive values are ascendant, believed and supported by most people, and so they figure it will be good public relations for the companies that will outweigh any blowback. Big mistake, though.

        There are also corporate laws that state that administrators in companies are bound to act in the best interest of shareholders and that moves they make are supposed to be directly tied to the welfare of the company–something that’s hard to imagine with regard to whether some man can use a women’s bathroom because he imagines he’s female.

        I think people who have lost their jobs or been otherwise hurt by the MEDIA engaging in doxxing and outing of them as white supremacists should also sue the media companies for damages. In some states, it’s actually ILLEGAL under state law to fire someone for engaging in political speech, in other cases for engaging in behavior that’s otherwise legal (such as peacefully protesting taking down statues). CALIFORNIA has several laws against doing this. I suspect the reason they have them is to protect LGBTQA+ people who once were fired for their behavior outside work and there was no protection for them in federal law. And possibly to protect LIBERALS who were protesting outside of their job activities. But now it’s coming back to bite them because they pass these laws and don’t consider that then conservatives and others who have different values might be able to avail themselves of the protection, too. Of course, Obama and Holder firmly believed and acted as if white people don’t have the protection of civil rights laws. We have a new sheriff in town, now, though.

  24. I need to add a little more information to the post above to make it understandable.
    For this plot, and I do believe it was a carefully prepared plot to neutralize the President, to succeed, the behavior of Trump would have to have been just as you might expect Trump to respond.
    If Trump had immediately come out and condemmed the “alt-right” whatever the heck that is, and condemmed the KKK, and condemmed all white supremacist movements wherever they might be found, than the plot
    would have failed.
    So for the plot to succeed Trump needed to act as predicted.
    Do you not think that the intelligence agencies of the so called “Deep State” have multiple panels of world leading psychiatrists, psychologists, behavioral experts, and psyco-active drug experts.
    Why would they not have these experts?
    How else can you get someone to waste their life in committing some useless murder?
    There’s a little game, you tend to encounter it if your employer decides to send you on some kind of “management training” course.
    The game typically asks you to act once your airplane has crashed in a very very remote part of the world. It could be deep in the Mongolian Desert or somewhere in Antartica. The premise is you only have time to take ten things off the plane (before it blows up) and you are asked to make a list of the ten things that will most likely help you survive this disaster.
    It is a given that no participant has deep knowledge of survival skills.
    Your responses as an individual and democratically as a group are compared against “expert” advice from survivalists.
    Here’s the really annoying thing.
    My first answers, as an individual, were very much poorer than the democratically polled responses of the group. I didn’t get it the first time but I did get it the second time I took that test. Even though none of us had survival training, our summed responses were better than our individual reponse, kind of like WOW.
    Here is my point: Trump has been isolated. He has no help in meeting this
    most deadly challenge hurled at him, Commercial business conflicts
    will not have prepared him for this.
    Twenty expert psychiatrists can probably outsmart one Donald Trump.
    In the face of a well resourced and determined enemy, the President has only one last chance to use the element of surprise,
    and that is why I say he should APOLOGISE.
    That will cut the legs off this plot.
    Sure the media will harp on and on and on.
    What took you so long? Et Cetera.
    Doesn’t matter.
    The plot will die.

    • I totally believe what you say–that the Deep State and the Shadow Government have been using psychologists or maybe even just instinctual malignant-sociopathic manipulative ability (similar to Obama) to push Trump’s buttons to make him jump. I’ve said it before. They’re using every tool at their disposal. The goal is to get him out. Whatever accomplishes that doesn’t matter, so they try everything. Go after his family. Isolate him. Go after his self-image. (That’s this current technique.) They know he’s proud of the fact that he’s NOT a racist and that his reputation is important to him, so they try to damage that self-image. Try to isolate him. You’re spot on with the idea that they want to cut him off from anyone who will help him run this government. You know that Obama didn’t really run the government. He was a puppet of all his advisors. He, above all, knows that, because he never did anything or ran anything in his life. He was a state senator and then a U.S. senator for mere months before he started running for president. He was just the means, the power was their goal, and by “they” I mean all these people who would have still remained in the Clinton presidency that wasn’t.

      I can’t envision him apologizing, though. And if he did, he would discourage a huge chunk of his supporters.

    • facebkwallflower

      I do not believe President Trump responded as was expected. They expected him immediately denounce as he did with reporter saying Duke announced support for Trump. Trump has a rather long track record of denouncing. He did not respond as expected. What is expected now of him is to, well, apologize. They want him to behave like a politician and apologize for what he said that he didn’t say. Like he apologized for the “P” tape. THAT was not expected and it actually hurt him. I love everything you said — great insight and in times past would have thought you were talking conspiracy nutjob stuff but we know the unreal is actually now real. But I got lost at the end with an apology; do think you are on the right track about the element of surprise, just got the wrong surprise.

      One thing I have learned, and the hard way at that, is NEVER apologize if not wrong. Don’t apologize to give another an out or to mend the family, or prove to others that everything is ok. Only apologize for a grievance you do, not for a someone’s perceived grievance you may have committed. It will always come back to bite.

      Gotta say, Dave, I love your comments. They make me THINK.

  25. Domestic Terrorism? Domestic Enemies? Hmmm, I’ll say.

    • facebkwallflower

      Another pic or two:

      • facebkwallflower

        Shoot! I don’t know what happened. Comment only picked up one pic link and posted the picture! And a big one at that. gonna try again. The pics in the tweet do not show same chins. However, there are pics out there where both ladies have changing chins. (heehee, remember changing ears?)
        Susan Bro, Heather’s mom Sandy Hook mom

      • I fixed your problem with the photos. Here’s one:

        What I find interesting is that the black-haired woman definitely at that time (2012) had gray hair. You can see the light roots in one of the photos. When she was on camera, in that video, she looked much younger than she does in the photo where she’s being escorted by those men. Was that photo taken in 2012 or more recently, if you know?

        It is a very uncanny resemblance. The twitter guy who posted the side-by-side shots says their voices are the same. They don’t sound the same to me, but someone’s voice can change over 5 years and so does their appearance, with or without hair dye. I have to admit that since the alleged perp seems to have completely dropped off the radar screen (the news); since nobody’s really SEEN HIM (other than allegedly on video as he was arraigned); since I haven’t seen the victim in any of the photos or videos, either (I read today that it was Fields’s car that struck her, so she ought to be visible); since a photographer was handily present to film Fields’s car going all the way down the street when there’s really no explanation for why he filmed that car in particular; since all the witnesses seem to be acquainted with or friends with the victim; since we know these people are neo-commies; since the media LIES about them being “peaceful” when they’re anything but; since the videos were edited to deliberately NOT show on the news the “peaceful protesters” attacking Fields’s car; and since the mother has done an about face, going from thanking the president to excoriating him–I am very, very suspicious of this entire narrative. As with SH, what sort of funeral was there? Was there a viewing? An autopsy? Why haven’t we heard one peep about Fields’s pov of what happened? Why didn’t he get bail and why didn’t his lawyer fight for it? There are certainly enough extenuating circumstances that would seem to put in doubt whether he’s any kind of threat to the greater community or a flight risk. Is he safer in lockup than on the streets? Is he in solitary? How are they protecting him, given the likely make-up of the rest of the people in jail with him? Are we going to, sooner or later, read that he somehow met a mysterious demise? Or took a plea deal? Or was just consigned to a mental hospital, never to been seen or heard from again (as if anybody’s ever seen him or heard from him in the first place)?

        I can’t tell about the two women. Would be interesting to see if their jewelry is similar. The hairlines are most definitely similar. The body shape. The chin. The eye color. Very much similar. Not to mention that they have very similar, if not identical, eye glasses.

        • They are ALL actors. We’ve seen it many, many times before.

          Grieving mom said at the funeral: they tried to silence her but all they did was magnify her. Who was she? What was she saying? And who deliberately took her life to “silence” her? crap.

          • Is it possible the first person who spoke was the real mom and the one at the service was the replacement, who would say the “right” things? I cannot see how those can be the same person. The nose, especially, is totally different.

    • So I watched the videos and looked at the photos to make comparisons but I don’t know and cannot possibly know if these are same moms. But what I did notice in looking at the White Rabbit’s Tweet above is there is a photo of the Charlottesville Mom and Daughter together… and if that photo of the two together is real, then the Sandy Hook mom is a different person. There’s something off with the “real” Mom and the “grieving” mom, too.

      Well, I give up on it anyway… I’ll never believe that Sandy Hook was a real event… just like the Stay Family bunk…

    • I’m always struck by how people react to the unexpected deaths of their young loved ones. If it were my child, I don’t think I’d be up to doing these types of things so soon. One thing that struck me while looking at the videos on the FOTM story is how both mothers speak about their daughters as if they’re still alive. They talk about things in past tense when they’re discussing something that happened in the past; and yet, they say things like “she is always the first one up in the morning.” Not “she WAS always the first one up in the morning.” (Again struck by the crocodile tears of the sister from SH, too. So bogus.) I find that over and over again with these types of things, how the parents or loved ones speak of the dead in present tense, as if still living. It’s not normal or natural. IF this all was staged, a sham, then it would also explain why the photographer happened to film that car before there really was any reason TO film it. And why he just happened to be in the right place. And why we don’t really see this victim in the videos. Why were there “medics” there but not cops? Why was that street supposed to be closed off, but it wasn’t? Was it supposed to be closed off because of the rally or because of the filming? I’m just curious. There is a lawsuit going on, by the women in the two other cars, so one would expect that there will be evidence presented unless, OF COURSE, there’s just some big huge settlement to set a precedent. Again, I expect there to be something that comes up to prevent any trial of Fields and he will go down the memory hole. Isn’t it interesting how the so-called neo-Nazis ALSO wore nice clean clothing that looked as if it came straight out of central cast supply? btw, the tiki torch thing was used in the astroturfed by Soros uprising in Ukraine. Those similarities are amazing, too. Watch that video at the end of the FOTM story and let me know what you think. About 6 and a half minutes in, there’s a photo of a woman with two children, a housewife, and she truly does look like the grown up version of the young girl whose photograph is used all over the media as that of the victim in Charlottesville. This is or is not the same woman as in the social media posts or the one who works at that university. The people search information has apparently been pulled from the web, but it does appear as if there are two different people by that name (or maybe not). I don’t know what to make of it. If the mother of two is NOT the victim, then why would she allow them to use her photo as that of the victim? But then, if she was the victim, why don’t the stories mention she has a husband and two kids? This makes no sense. Why did the original mother praise Trump and then the one who showed in all these media events suddenly slam him and refuse to take his calls? Seriously, would a grieving mother refuse a phone call from the president of the U.S.? What reason would someone have to be so cruel? Usually, I find that when people are struck by a tragedy, in my experience, they seem to become kinder and MORE forgiving. That’s not what we see here and it makes little sense, UNLESS you go with the idea that it’s a plan by the usual actors, perpetrated by those who pulled off the other events.

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